Did you notice how both Trump and Biden seem to just loooove Dr. Fauci so much, even though they can't seem to agree on much else -- isn't that funny?  Trump supporters at one of his rallies a few months ago chanted "fire Fauci" repeatedly, and Trump replied that he might do so "after the election."  But Trump didn't fire Fauci.  And Biden announced he'd keep Fauci on the payroll.  Biden and Trump don't agree on much, but they agree on how great of a guy Fauci is, Kary Mullis be damned.

Anyway, to the point:

brandy vaughan1. On December 1, 2019, Brandy Vaughan, the anti-vaccination activist who created LearnTheRisk.org, made this Facebook post stating that she had no intentions of commiting suicide and that if anything happened to her, it would surely be foul play.

2. On December 7, 2020, Brandy Vaughan died at age 45.  As expected, the C.I.A. (via the "local police" and the "private media") has assured us that it was from natural causes

Because lots of people die of natural causes at age 45, especially those who question vaccinations.  Totally believable. No, any viewpoint dangerous enough to the system to earn its own special label for use in ad hominem attacks by military/intelligence influence operatives (in this case the usual term of attack is "anti-vaxxer") is also a viewpoint the expression of which is likely to lead to the whacking of the expressor of such viewpoint.  Another whacking by the C.I.A., because who else would it be (a rhetorical question)?

Just like all of the other murdered and silenced dissidents mentioned on this site, like Jim Keith, Stephen Knight and others.  I write this as someone who has years of legal education and has been trained to split hairs between facts, law, opinion and argument.  In the law there's a concept called a "presumption."  Presumptions apply when a certain set of facts tend to imply something else, and the jury will be instructed to find that that something else actually in fact happened, if that certain prerequisite set of facts exists.  Well, I say that when a political dissident focused on lightning-rod subjects like vaccination  is found dead "of natural causes" at age 45, just a year after they for some reason found it necessary to post on Facebook saying they were worried about getting killed and wanted to make clear they weren't planning to commit suicide, we can safely presume they got whacked by the C.I.A., regardless of what their God-damned traitorous police and media say to the contrary.