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intelligence agency defined

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Who controls your technology?  Intel.

intel inside laptop

intel overview

intel defined

intel defined 2

in q tel

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Who controls your technology?  AMD.

amd athlon

making good men better since time immemorial 

nvidia vs amd

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Who controls your technology?  Alphabet.

 google cia 5

google cia 6

google cia 4

google cia 3

google cia 2

google cia 1

google nsa

First two amendments to U.S. Constitution

google buys youtube

youtube alters algorithms after mass shooting

youtube gun censorship

  lunduke google blocking voting apps

At the same time, extreme "leftist" organizations are complaining that Google is censoring them as well:

google censoring leftist websites

Video running time: Approx. 10 minutes


Jeff says:

They'll censor anyone, especialy activists, who are a thorn in their side.  "Left-wing" or "right-wing" labels don't matter and are themselves disinformation concepts in a very real way. 

The whole point of this article is to suggest that Google shouldn't be censoring anyone, since it's effectively an arm of the state.   But we're not supposed to know that -- that's the point. I suggest that the citizenry needs to be made to catch on and raise a huge ruckus about this sort of thing. 

youtube suspends chinese dissident

google pirate bay

google amp

Further reading: Google: The New Censorship

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Who controls your technology?  Microsoft.

windows10 spying cant be stopped

microsoft spy features windows 7 8

Many years ago, I came across an article that discussed how Windows XP (the extremely-popular operating system released by Microsoft in August 2001) was designed from the ground up to spread user data all over the hard disk drive, and in numerous ways to generate all kinds of forensic evidence about what a user had done with their computer. If anyone can find a copy of that article, please send it over to me using the "Contact" link at the top of the page.

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tuxWill the free software movement (e.g. GNU/Linux, etc.) set us free?

Jeff says:"Don't count on it!"

linux backdoor

debian owned by nsa
Click here to read entire article: "Julian Assange: Debian is Owned by the NSA"

is systemd an nsa attempt

Jeff says:

In addition to the above, the licensing structure of the free software movement -- particularly the "GPL version 2" license - has a tendency to build upon itself and create a vast culture of free software from which more and more people will benefit.   A growing number of people have begun to ditch their expensive Macs and the in-your-face spying of Microsoft Windows 10, and are switching to the various "flavors" of Linux which are available for free and can revitalize old computer hardware. 

This is obviously unacceptable to the powers that be, so they need to counter this trend by convincing the public that freedom is evil and that, when it comes to technology, the only people who would want to use free and open software systems are communists and terrorists!  Yeah! To further this objective, loyal collaborator-minions have been placed into key positions throughout the free software movement and have already begun to dutifully carry out this important agenda. For example, the Mozilla Foundation -- a key bastion of the free software movement and maker of the popular Firefox web browser -- is already working to sabatoge the movement from within by literally associating itself with communist- and terrorist-associated organizations:

lunduke mozilla donates 100k to antifa

When the general public begins to hear more and more stories like this one, they will be ever-more-strongly convinced that they ought to keep using the proprietary (but familiar) computing systems from the likes of Microsoft, Google, and Apple. 

stockholm syndrome

Personally, I'm hoping that those Italian guys behind the Devuan project (a version of Linux without the "systemd" problem discussed in the preceding news clippings) find success, but I'm not holding my breath.

The coming war on general purpose computation
Click to read "The Coming War on General Computation"

mussolini quote


State Action Doctrine and Intelligence Agency Dictatorship Part I: Pushing the Envelope in Controlled Media

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For behold, the wicked bend the bow,

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