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Video running time:  3 minutes 22 seconds



"Bill Hicks was such a joker!  It sure is a pity that he died when he was only 32 years old.  But lots of people die of cancer in their early thirties, right? Stephen Knight, for example. Yes, this is something which is completely normal and should not cause you to become alarmed.

Anywho, if you want to learn what really happened in Waco, Texas, that the state-controlled American media never told you, then you need to watch this must-see documentary by William Gazecki."


Video running time:  2 hours 15 minutes

This whole documentary is required viewing for everyone. If you absolutely can't make time to watch the entire film, then just skip ahead to the one hour, fifty-nine minute (01:59:00) mark, and watch the expert analysis of the FLIR (infra-red) helicopter footage which shows what happened when the Branch Davidians tried to flee the burning building.

waco expert found dead

waco experts died


Local Cops Keep the Press Away 



ATF Flag Raised On Site As Symbol of Military Conquest



A few Davidians survived ...


Watch the "Rules of Engagement" documentary above. It's very important and you will not view this incident the same way after seeing it.  This was not a bunch of crazy cult members committing mass suicide like the state-controlled American press reported. This was a deliberate massacre of American citizens perpertrated by the federal government.