This is an article I found on and wanted to repost. I am of Jewish descent so feel free to call me "anti-Semitic" if you find this article offensive.  FYI, Gab and Telegram are two of the best places right now (July 2021) to find pro-liberty / pro-nationalist news and information.   Check them out!




When we speak of Jews, it's not because we hate these people for no reason at all. It's not because of their religion. Most Jews in the West are secular. Jews are a race. This is a racial battle. Jews hate Whites. And they constantly work in their own interest to subvert & undermine their host nations. This is by their own admission. Constitutionalism isn't going to protect you from an enemy who doesn't play by your rules and looks at you as cattle who only exists to serve them. All politics are tribal. That's reality.

Jews are 2% of the population but are overrepresented in all Western institutions: Media, Education, Finance, Banking, bureaucracy, Entertainment. You name it.

All of the anti-White garbage in the West from wokeness to open borders to gay & tranny ideology to miscegnation was either invented by or pushed heavily by powerful Jews to attack Whites. They do this everywhere they go.

As for Hitler "slaughtering 6 million Jews"... 😬

Some homework:

• Nothing happens in a vacuum. Europe was under threat of being taken over by communism. Bolshevism was largely a secular Jewish movement. They slaughtered 7 million kulaks in Russia. Look up the Holodomor if you want to see what a real holocaust looks like.

• Post-WW1 Germany was a hellscape. Look up the Weimar Republic if you want to understand why the NSDAP came to power. Everything that is wrong with modern America can be traced to Weimar. It was a Jewish paradise.

• The 6 million number was pushed by Jewish media for almost 50 years before the Holocaust supposedly happened. Original Red Cross estimates put deaths at around 273,000. Mostly caused by typhus and starvation due to the Allies bombing supply lines.

• Look up the Haavara Agreement. That was Hitler's goal: the transfer of Jews to Palestine... even after world Jewry declared war on Germany. That's a lot of effort for a madman bent on extermination.

• Jews have been expelled 110 times from multiple nations. This isn't because they're hated for their religion. It's because they have a pattern of disrupting the interests of their host nations. It's a pattern. If everyone around you thinks you're an asshole and your response is that everyone hates you for no reason at all, then chances are you are an asshole and you lack self-awareness. This is proven by their behavior. Russian proverb: The Jew will always tell you what happened to him, but he'll never tell you why.

There's a ton you don't know. Good luck.

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