The following was posted October 2, 2020 on Telegram, a social media app favored by many modern political dissidents due to its relatively-low levels of political censorship.


“I began to notice, for the first time, that there was something most peculiar about this fight for “freedom” they got me and millions like me into.  Whenever any country was in the hands of ANTI-Communists, we were told they were ‘tyrants and oppressors’ and we had to fight to get them out at all costs-as we did, Germany, Italy and Japan.  But when a country was in the hands of Communists- we HELPED them, and I heard nothing about ‘tyranny’. “  — George Lincoln Rockwell

Welcome to the real America, where you government sides with the communists..because they are communists.

The thing that should really worry you about the fact that communism, bolshevism, progressivism, whatever you want to call it, is steadily and pervasively overtaking the Free World, is that:

The people who are doing it are both physically and ideologically the descendants of the perpetrators of the most absurdly enormous genocides in human history. These are the descendants of people who ran governments that struck such absolute fear in their subjects that in crowds they were terrified to be the first to stop clapping. They would rat out their neighbors and lie on command just to appear cooperative and compliant. These governments would kidnap and disappear people in the night for saying a negative word about the party. They would condemn subjects to lifetimes of hard labor and starve to death millions and millions more.

And they're who rules you now.

Except they now also control 97% of the world's wealth and they have tools at their disposal like Facebook which catalogs every human being regardless of if they're a user. Tools like Google, which tracks every user's location, habits, and has the largest in history exhaustive database of every single road, street, and footpath on planet earth. Imagine what they can do now with these corporate tools they have at their disposal. Furthermore, underestimating this enemy is a dangerous oversight.

The noodle-armed trannies that we laugh at who fantasize about punching nazis, or the 75 iq black people who want to kill whitey, are literally the absolute least of our worries.These are the useful idiots which will usher in communism via overwhelming the ballotbox and without a doubt they will be slaughtered en masse just to make a point when this leadership decides to make themselves known. It has happened before and it will indeed happen again.

We have to remember that the gigantic technocratic machinery of the state actively monitors our thoughts, daily routines, and surveillances the entire modern world with extreme prejudice and an unlimited budget. To assume that the don't have huge quantities of information on every single soul in the west, particularly on every white racialist, would be a profoundly dangerous oversight. They monitor and record data about everything you do every day, all the way down to the characteristics of your face, the nuances of your gait, and the specifics of your retinas.

Who rules you is well funded and pervasive enough to quite seriously wait til the most boring, routine day of your life, and at the deepest stage of your sleep as revealed by the the information gleaned from your smart watch/smart bed/fitbit, unlock your doors with your smartlocks and disable your ring doorbell alarm, mob into your house, gas your dog and bag you, & you'll be disappeared into the basement at the ministry of love to endure undefined torture and nobody will even wonder what happened.

It is extremely hazardous to underestimate these elite technocrats and the sophisticated utilities that they have at their disposal.

And nobody is on your side.

The American government, formerly the most robust opponent to global communism, is overthrown and the enormous military forces backing it up will no longer defend you from it. It now defends israel and its interests exclusively. The interests of israel are literally global communism.

They intend to rule over a deracinated, disassociative, 75 iq mocha colored slave class and if they are allowed to do so the entire world will be reduced to a massive open-air slaughterhouse and no humanity will remain.

This is what we have to fight and destroy. And it's not a joke.

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