Project Description

What does it matter the statistics, we know the prison population greatly has a misrepresentation when it comes to the number of black men in society and black men in prison or jail. There are more prisoners with no rights today than there were in times of slavery. But its alright though as long as you got your Lexus or Benz or whatever brand that subconsciously helps you feel that you are like that other man because you driving what that other man is driving. Or are too concerned about whether your flat screen is large enough and if you have the latest smartphone or I pad. Too busy to understand the times we live in where freedom, freedom from abuse, manipulation and exploitation is rare. And why we must come together as one people, live a race first way of life being righteous within that context and build rather than beg.  Why not Build Mega-Communities rather than Mega-Churches. The place to get started is The Black Bail Out.Org and the time is now to become a part of the solution.