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There have been numerous news items over the last few years about major television news reporters suddenly beginning to speak in complete gibberish during live television presentations.   The writers of these stories always think that something very strange and mysterious is going on, and speculate as to what that might be.  Did the reporter have a stroke on air?   Were they being hit by secret microwaves?

There is a simple black-and-white answer.   As I have documented elsewhere in this series, state security services have been covertly implanting citizens with classified "synthetic telepathy" neurotechnology.   My research indicates that the technology was perfected no later than the mid 1960s, and possibly by the 1940s.

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A significant portion of the civilian population ALREADY has government implants in their brains which allows remote control of the mind (verbal thoughts,  perceived images and sounds, nightly dreams, motor commands).  I don't know the exact numbers, but I have reason to believe that young children in average families have been implanted, so it logically follows that people in positions of public influence like these news reporters would almost certainly be "owned" in this very physical way.  The only thing I'm not really sure about is whether these incidents were caused by malfunctions in the neurotechnology, or were deliberately instigated by the remote operators.

I used to have individual videos published of each instance of the reporters having on-air meltdowns, but all of these events have now been included in a compilation video, so I am posting that here instead.    The most interesting thing about this compilation is that whoever edited it together added some text to the very beginning of the video:   "This could be the early steps of humanity evolving into something else in 2012."   Spiritual evolution and 2012 mythology are both extremely common disinformation themes, as I have previously documented (see MC301).  

This tells me that the compilation video was probably put together in at attempt at damage control.   Since the story involved television broadcasts that had already been viewed and possibly recorded by millions of people, it could not be simply erased from history.  So a version of the story was deliberately put out with the disinformation text added at the very beginning to throw viewers off track. 

Interestingly, the video concludes with an example of this happening to radio co-host Ian Punnett of Coast to Coast AM.   Coast is a widely-syndicated late night talk radio program in the United States which heavily promotes disinformation topics.   Host George Noory introduces the segment in question by saying "next hour, [...] we talk about one of Ian Punnet's favorite subjects, cryptozoology."   I think it is quite telling that an journalist associated with this particular type of program subsequently became a victim of the technology himself.

Video running time: 5 minutes


The next two videos are evidence that my explanation is correct.

Video: Michael Mosley has areas of his brain turned off
Running time: 1 minute


Deactivating speech centers of the brain

Video running time: 4 minutes


 News Anchor as Robot - Dees

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