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Due to the evidence I provide on this site & the research I'll be doing in the future, the media may be used to portray me as a lunatic or a hater. I may also be framed for a crime, for which several of the millions of informants that currently unofficially work for the state, will portray themselves as unbiased witnesses. These individuals will appear to be upstanding citizens. Friends or family who are blackmailed may also be used in these setups.

Prominent targets (informants) working in tandem may be used to portray me in an extremely negative manner. If I attend TI events I may be routinely represented as an informant whose objective is to destroy the overall effort to expose this. The logic used may be that I could not possibly have amassed the information I present in a few years, & therefore must have help from the inside.

There a few reasons for this. First, I provide evidence that this originates beyond the visible government & is part the maintenance of a dictatorship, which will eventually become visibly brutal & tyrannical. I name the supra-governmental Think Tanks that have allegedly created this. I can explain this subject in a rational manner using evidence which contains facts. And because my research will continue during future years, it would seem they would like to have more control over my progress than they currently have.

My opinion is that when targets are profiled, their personality traits are considered, & those who won't be a good victim, (i.e., join a support group, be content with weekly meetings, an occasional rally, accept the information that is given to them, etc.), are targeted for intensified harassment, so they may be recruited or destroyed.

I've had conversations with informants posing as targets over the phone. And in addition to attempting to maneuver me into an argument, they also implied that I'm lying or mistaken. I've also notice that they'll use what appears to be a type of victim reversal tactic, where they respond to my statement as if to imply that I verbally attacked them or that I'm accusing them. One informant indicated that I should not have or promote my website because there was already one devoted to this.

At some point in the future, an informant posing as a TI, possibly a man with leadership traits, may appear. He will provide new compelling evidence regarding this program, some of which is correct. The person will then be maneuvered into a leadership position by other leaders in the TI community, who will give him the, "OK." These leaders are informants. Know that this is part of a strategy to discredit me, but specifically it is a strategy to discredit this material. Controlling the opposition by installing your own leaders is standard protocol. Destroying opposition which can't be recruited is too. If this occurs, it is damage control.

I've had what I consider to be covert offers of bribery & it has been communicated to me that I'll receive less harassment & can continue in some capacity, as long as I do it their way. So, in addition to being persecuted in public by the state & hit with non-lethals, I'll also probably be attacked by fellow targets, more so than some other targets. See also my status updates.

Possible Framings of Mark Rich


I originally attributed these incidences to random strangeness or bad luck. When they occurred, I had not noticed that they may have been part of a larger pattern. But after learning something about how things work, & analyzing them within the context of this new understanding, they take on a different meaning. They include possible framings & staged accidents. Some of this is speculation.

First Incident

Once incident occurred while I was walking on Boylston Street in Boston, shortly after I was Mobbed out of employment. I don't remember the exact date, but I do remember that around the same time I was made aware that I was being harassed by a blitz attack which also occurred on Boylston street.

I don't remember if this frame-up happened before or after I realized I was being harassed, but if I had to guess I'd say it happened before. I think it happened sometime in January before I was aware of the harassment out in public.

Anyway, I was walking on Boylston Street heading toward Hollywood Video & was on the same side as the video store. I think I was in the block between Exeter & Fairfax when it happened. I saw the result of what seemed to be a physical collision between one man carrying a bag who presumably swung his bag into a girl of about 5 or 7 years old with blonde hair who was walking in the opposite direction of the man.

The man looked at the girl, paused for a moment, didn't apologize or change his facial expression much, & continued walking toward me. The man was middle-aged with dark brown hair, & he was with another man, one about 18 who also had dark brown hair. They walked past me.

There was with an older woman late 30s brown hair who may have been her mother. The woman bent down, looked at the girl & said something like, "are you OK?" The girl was not crying but was frowning & looked like she was about to cry. I think she was also touching her head as if to indicate it was hurt.

I was maybe 15-20 feet away from this supposed accident & did not see the actual contact because there were people blocking me, but from the body language of the man & the reaction of the woman & the child it was implied that he had hit her in the head with his bag. The woman said nothing to the man who supposedly hit the girl with the bag; I don't even think she looked at him as he past her in an effort to indicate that he was rude or that an apology was in order.

Now that I think back, I think this lack of response on her part was part of a deliberate strategy to maneuver me into doing something. This also makes sense considering that the people who run these groups knew that in addition to other self-defense material & courses I've taken, that I had purchased a multitude of woman/child self-defense instructional tapes & books, & considered giving a class at one point. They were also aware that I was a member of a kid-safe network & was considering giving a class or handing out material on that as well.

Considering the arrogance & rudeness of this man, I changed my direction & walked toward the men, not knowing exactly what I'd do, but to extract some type of apology from him. I caught up with them either at Dartmouth, or Clarendon. Just as they were passing a church on the left. I tripped the man who I thought hit the girl in the head with the bag & gave him & his friend a stern look as they looked back. After that they moved from the sidewalk to the church to the left & stared at me as I moved forward. They wore articles of clothing which indicated a membership in a religious group.

Now that I consider this event, knowing what I know now, I'm pretty sure they maneuvered me into this event by exploiting my interests, in order to recruit other citizens to harass me out of Boston. I think it was probably filmed & used to portray me as a "hater." I think this, & probably other staged events, are now being used to motivate these groups. Although I have probably been targeted in some manner since High School (or earlier), I think this & other recent events are used to bolster support for a campaign which was already arranged against me.

It's obvious to me that when they can't find something about you damaging enough to recruit these citizen squads, they'll use a faction of the group (perhaps unknown to other members) to frame you & portray you as a "threat to community peace," "hater," "prone to violent outbursts," etc. Now that I know that they most definitely are using children in these skits, I think that was a staged event.

Now that I understand that there are countless men, women & children, who are willing expressions of a thoroughly diseased society (unpleasant truth, but truth), I'll have second thoughts when I think they're playing the child card.

Second Incident

Looking back, this event makes sense. But at the time it didn't. A girl that I met at a gas station on my way back from a camping trip probably tried to frame me for an attempted rape. This was sometime in either 1997 or 1998. I think she said she was from Vermont. On the phone she seemed OK, & said she was coming to Boston for an interview. How convenient I thought. So we arranged to have dinner & she invited me back to her hotel which was on Pleasant Street in Malden.

Back at the hotel she would entice me to make a move on her, but then stop, change her attitude drastically, & go cold. I'd stop then, & she'd entice me again. She repeated this several times. Sensing there was something wrong with this girl I ended up leaving without anything happening. Now that I look back, I'm pretty sure I dodged a bullet.

For months afterward I remember having a strange feeling about that episode. It didn't make sense, but I attributed it to just being one of those strange events. The reason it didn't make sense is because the feeling I had gotten from that experience was that she wanted to frame me. But I didn't entertain this idea much because it seemed illogical that a stranger would try to frame someone. There's simply no reason.

Now that I look back, I think she tried to get me to "cross the line" so she could report it as a rape or attempted rape. I'm certain this was a staged event. I think these people tried to get me incarcerated. Interestingly, in the summer of 2005, a relative who now participates in the harassment against me, used a metaphor to describe how he was blackmailed into becoming an informant as a result of a being framed for an attempted rape. My study of this group & its controlling faction at the top, leads me to believe that this is probably common practice.

Third Incident

This occurred on Russell Street in Malden on December 24th at around 4PM. A man on a bike turned the corner from Charles Street onto Russell & was approaching the vehicle I was driving from the front. There were snowbanks on the sides of the street, & I noticed that the sidewalk to my left was clear to the point where there was no ice or snow & the cement was showing. I didn't glance over to the right sidewalk. It is not uncommon for them to have people on bikes who will crowd your car, especially in areas with obtrusions which maximize the crowding effect.

I continued down Russell after acknowledging this man's presence & deciding that it may be part of a standard crowding stunt. Even though he could have been on the sidewalk which had no snow or ice that I could see, he stayed on the street. This indicated to me that he was probably part of a crowding tactic. I decided to continue ahead because I concluded that even though this was the case, there was also plenty of room on my right for him to pass.

After he passed me he started hollering & swearing. Immediately I knew it was a setup. I turned the corner in the direction he originally came from & stopped at a light at the corner of Highland Ave & Charles. I saw him approaching in my rear view. He rode up in front of the car & put his bike in front of it to block the car in. Then he started cussing again, saying this such as, "I live here," "This is a neighborhood," "You almost hit me," etc. As he was saying this I told him I knew he was from a citizens group & that he was trying to frame me.

He of course asked me what I was talking about, then started yelling again & banged on the driver's side window. When I saw him approaching that side I locked the door. I told him not to touch the vehicle, or me, & he eventually moved away from the car, still screaming, "This is a neighborhood," "You don't do things like that here," "I live here," etc. There were at least several cars in back of me at this time. He moved away from the vehicle & I opened up the window & told him I knew what he was part of & that he frames people for crimes.

At one point after I said these things he removed his outer hat to reveal an article of clothing which indicated his connection to a religious organization. The body language used, with facial expression & hands pointing at the article, was one that suggested he was telling me that he was authentic & would not be part of something like that, by his very membership in that organization.

He threatened to call the cops multiple times. I gave him a thumbs up to indicate that I must have been careless & he decided to go away. The vehicle I was driving had multiple signs. Two on the back, one which said, "911 was an Inside Job," & "Gang Stalked by Pawns of Corporations." Then two more on the sides & one on the front which said basically the same.

My interpretation is that this was possibly another setup, not to have me jailed, but to stir up support for stalking me. Possibly another incident to help portray me as a dangerous hater of certain peoples who must be driven out of neighborhoods. Or this may have just been an intimidation tactic to make me think I was being setup. It wouldn't surprise me if it was photographed or filmed. Later that evening, in addition to carrying out the standard harassment tactics, multiple relatives told me to "be careful driving." This phrase was emphasized when they spoke it, & one relative told me twice.

Fourth Incident

This occurred mid to late 2004. While at The Point in Boston, two men, both white males, mid 20's were seated to my right. A conversation started, & these two people indicated that they were from out of town. Both didn't seem like bad guys, just lowlifes. At one point the one closest to me told me he was upset because he forgot his cocaine. The conversation continued in some manner, & a few minutes later, the same man asked me if I could get him some cocaine. I said no. He then asked me again multiple times in different ways, such as, "are you absolutely sure?"

This episode occurred when I was employed in Boston as a PC support technician. Later in the evening, a fellow employee (in the same department) walked in & said she saw me through the window & decided to stop in. After we ordered a round of drinks, she told me several times that, "whatever happens outside of work, stays outside of work." She was obviously trying to convince me to let my guard down. We ended up playing pool with the two men who previously sat to my right.

We left the point & went to a hotel lounge where, during our conversation, she repeatedly cleared the air with phrases such as, "OK, when I was younger, such & such happened to me." These phrases contained what appeared to be very personal information, which, most people wouldn't share with another, unless they were very good friends, & we weren't. It was obvious to me she was appearing to open up to me. I also concluded that she wanted me to do the same. I would later learn, from another targeted individual, that these are common tactics used. The logic is that when their informants divulge their personal information, you feel compelled to do the same. This tactic was used repeatedly at the lounge.

By this time I suspected that her encounter with me was not a coincidence. We left there & went to a dance place. Eventually she went to the bathroom & returned with a guy. I think this may have been an attempt either degrade me or make me feel jealous. Possibly, the intended effect was meant to be amplified if I had divulged very personal information about myself.

When I returned to work, I noticed that she was now participating in the Mobbing. At that time I didn't know what it was called, but did recognize it was happening. Interestingly, I think it was weeks earlier, I initially thought she was being harassed too, but now I think it was part of the setup to get me to trust her. She told me that she had been receiving harassing calls from some insurance agency provided by the employer. She indicated that this agency was disputing a bill but also had personal information about the nature of her doctors visits (mental health), which she said it should not have had access to.

The conversation eventually turned toward the topic of how drugs are unnecessarily prescribed on a massive scale, & that these mental problems may be barriers for us to naturally evolve through without prescriptions. The very next day, a memo was sent (possibly to multiple departments) which was entitled, something like, "Are you watching your mental health?" Because of the timing & the fact that the exact subject of the memo pertained to a conversation I had the previous day, I immediately recognized this as a Mobbing tactic. That same day, the memo was forwarded to us two more times, once by my immediate manager, then again by his.

Looking back, I think that was a probably two attacks, first an attempted framing for a cocaine charge. Also a stunt to get me to trust someone, who would eventually be used outside of work to gain information. This may have also been an attempt to humiliate me. I've noticed these types of attacks are used consistently. See Julianne McKinney's report, MH&MC, which describes scenarios where new friends are used on targets in an attempt to degrade them by ending the relationship under humiliating circumstances.

There were multiple other former fellow employees who I would later encounter out in public, during, what I considered to be circumstances which indicated they were also Gang Stalking me. Some of them participated in Mobbing. On one day I ran into 4 former employees on the same day, in multiple parts of Boston & Malden.

I've had multiple instances of children running into me, which may have been filmed too. Since February 2005, I have been researching these groups & related topics. Based on this research, I can only conclude that there have probably been many other staged events that they have created over a period of years for character assassination & recruitment.

A Family of Targets

One relative (a sister) had an aneurysm in her 20s. In 2004, she told me she was being harassed by multiple people in the workplace. This happened at several places, one after the other. At one point she said she thought some children she worked with were being coordinated by staff members to frame her for a child molestation charge. Since I was being Mobbed at the time, I had some experience with this type of harassment, & had eventually learned that framings in the workplace & the use of children to harass people are common.

I told her to record everything. She said there was a lawyer friend of hers she'd contact. Apparently this "friend" told her he didn't handle such cases. This same sister has had recurrent problems with her digestive system, which multiple doctors have not been able to diagnose. Note McKinney's reference to a pattern consisting of targets experiencing digestive trouble which doctors can't diagnose.

In 2004 or 2005, another sister told me she was nervous about riding the trains into Boston in the daytime. She said she was uncomfortable in crowds. I gave her some breathing exercises to do. Now that I think of it, she has probably always been uncomfortable around lots of people. She has been a live-at-home housewife for almost two decades.

I think she had a couple of part time jobs during that time, but they were short lived. I'm pretty sure that (like many) for decades she has been unconsciously aware that the streets are filled with corporate-sponsored groups who attack you emotionally. Now that I think back, at some point in the 80s she needed an ambulance after fainting while walking to a store.

One brother told me that he hated crowds, & would not go indoors to another brother's graduation from Boston University. He was noticeably nervous while he sat in the vehicle during the event. 10 or so years earlier, a different brother showed symptoms of emotional trauma, for a period of possibly several months (difficult to say exactly how long it lasted). But I remember him going through a turbulent period in his life. He's the same one that used the metaphor to convey to me that he was recruited after being framed for an attempted rape.

At one point I saw him collapse on the staircase. I remember at the time that he didn't appear to be under the influence of anything, & that this collapse looked like it was the result of some type of stress. When I look back, I'm sure he was exhibiting signs of PTSD. I'm certain that he ran into these groups, & was eventually recruited. He now, along with most of the family, (including the ones I just mentioned) participates in the harassment campaign against me. He is also apparently brain tapped when I'm around him.

About 7 years ago, a relative (not in the immediate family), who, from what I understand, was in reasonably good emotional health, suffered emotional problems after moving to Penn State University to work on his doctoral. He became severely depressed. I wondered why. One other relative said the reason was that he missed his family. But he had been away from home before when he attended BC. So I tend not to believe that. He returned home from Penn State in rough shape & obtained employment at multiple places. From what I understand, he left them all after a short period of time. Now that I think of it, he was probably Mobbed out of all of them.

One relative of mine told me that this person said something like, "they're mean people in there," when he referred to a place he had just resigned from. I was also told, jokingly, that this relative was "hallucinating." He has been in at least one major accident & may still be recovering from depression. Most probably, his father, mother & other relatives, were forced to harass him, & possibly still are. His parents & siblings would deny it, but I'm pretty sure he was Mobbed & Gang Stalked & may still be targeted. His father has actively participated in the harassment campaign against me.

I have since learned that Penn State contains a non-lethal research lab, which is run by the USMC, & is the top non-lethals academic research center in the country. I've also learned that holograms which are intended to cause visual hallucinations are in the DoD's arsenal. If any of the individuals mentioned above were identified & asked about this information, they would outright deny it. Most of them are now harassing me & at least three of the ones I mentioned are brain tapped. It would appear that the agencies that are running this have stopped or reduced their harassment & are now using them to focus on me.

Although any mention of brain tapping may seem like impossibility, understand that Voice-to-Skull technology (the wireless & receiverless transmission of sound into a person's cranium) has been a scientific fact since the mid 70s. More evidence for brain tapping, which allows the transmission of sound to a specific individual, based on their brain pattern (like a fingerprint), will be presented in future reports. This technology allows multiple informants in the same room to receive different simultaneous instructions remotely, without each being aware of another's message. It is definitely being used by the agency when coordinating my family, & I'm certain it is being used in harassment campaigns worldwide.

About a year ago, the sister who said she thought she was being framed for child molestation charges told me she was thinking about opening up a daycare center. That's a significant change for someone who was concerned about being framed for molestation, wouldn't you say?

The other sister who had been a homemaker for almost two decades has started working part-time & appears to enjoy it. During my December 24th 2007 visit back to the Boston area, I noticed that the people running this program used her new job as a theme which was apparently intended to say, "Even she's working & making money, & your not." This "work" theme was heavily used along with other tactics while I visited my family for Christmas. Details on this will eventually be posted in the harassment log.

I've concluded that both of these individuals are brain tapped. Also, both of them recently sold their houses, both for apparent financial reasons, & both (I think) within the same two-week period. One sister moved into an apartment near a military base. This apartment is located in a building complex which is named after re-occurring theme used in this harassment campaign.

These sisters aren't close, & didn't coordinate that to happen in a synchronized fashion. I interpret this as another sign from the organizers of this program. I suspect that they're preparing for a possible move by me into their living quarters. So they reduced the size of the living quarters. All of your finances, & potential places to stay are cataloged & used to prepare for future harassment. Apparently they didn't like the existing conditions & decided to change them.

At this point I'm sure that multiple members of my immediate family have been targeted over the years. I'm also fairly certain that they weren't aware of it for most of the time. This probably began because of my father's connection to both the postal service, & the U.S. Military. See Julianne McKinney's account on how the families of military men were originally targeted by this program. Now looking back, things are making sense. It would seem that the harassment that my family has received over the years has been recently postponed because they're now being used to target me. Unfortunately, now that they know part of the secret, they can't tell it. But so do I, & I am.

Electronic Isolation

Almost all members of my immediate family are braintapped (receiving wireless instructions) from a federal agency. The entire scenario of them repeatedly commenting on my thought patterns & actions appears to be based on a combination of technologies such as Augmented Cognition (AugCog) & Microwave Hearing (V2K), which are basically mind-reading & the wireless transmission of spoken words. This is accomplished by coaching my family to comment or perform acts based on my thoughts & actions. I'm often mocked & insulted during these exchanges, by multiple family members working in unison, presumably at the direction of federal operators. This scenario occurs the entire time I'm in their presence. The obvious goal is to electronically isolate me.

Mind Reading

The reason which is given to the public for the DoD's mind-reading research is to help pilots & soldiers better adapt to combat situations. Specialized sensors are built into helmets to monitor brain activity. The recordings are sent by wireless means to a type of EEG which is connected to a computer program that determines what the person is thinking based on these thought patterns. The system is wireless except for the sensors which, according to the articles below, are built into a helmet. However, other evidence which I've seen (& will produce in my upcoming book) indicates that the sensors themselves are miniature & can remotely acquire these brain waves. Some types of remote microsensors & nanosensors which they claim to have are the size of a spec of dust, or smaller.

In January of 2008, Aviation Week released an article called, Darpa Pursues Neuroscience To Enhance Analyst, Soldier Performance, in which they stated, "The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa) is researching how computers reading brain waves may one day speed up the ways intelligence analysts detect targets in satellite images. ... The system monitors the pilot's use of conventional controls but also takes readings from electroencephalogram (EEG) sensors built into a helmet to measure brain activity." The information is then sent to a computer, which they describe as "a tool that processes brain waves, of which the human being isn't even aware." Once the information is decoded it is turned into "actionable information."

A similar article appeared in September 2006 from The Economist, entitled, Computers that Read Your Mind. They announced, "The new field is known as "augmented cognition," and it employs sensors to infer the mental state of someone using a device. ... Augmented cognition" they say, "focuses on deducing a cognitive state with the aim of somehow enhancing it." This is all done in real time. This means that the computer or operator responding to these decoded thoughts can comment the second they occur--even, before they consciously occur.

This "actionable information" which they describe includes comments or what can be described as a type of coaching. This coaching can originate from the computer itself, which responds by referencing answers from a kind of algorithm/database that includes specific instructions based on an individual. Or it can be an actual person (operator) who makes comments. What this amounts to is basically a type of wireless communication that takes place between people using sensors & computers. This is all done in real-time, as the person has a thought.

The effort to create a mind-reading computer dates back to at least the mid 1970s, as revealed in Time Magazine's July 1974 article called, Mind-Reading Computer. Other articles of interest include: Mind Over Machine, by Popular Science in February 2004, CNN's August 2008 article called, Military Wants to Study Mind-reading, & another one entitled, Computer to Read Minds, which appeared in the October 2007 issue of LiveScience Magazine.

Microwave Hearing

The wireless transmission of spoken words by pulse microwaves (V2K) is a scientific fact which was demonstrated in the mid 1970s at the Walter Reed Army Research Institute. "The microwave auditory effect," describes Wikipedia, produces sound, "inside the human head without the need of any receiving electronic device. ... These induced sounds are not audible to other people nearby." They mention that Russia has studied it for use as a nonlethal weapon, & that much of the U.S. Military's research for its use as a nonlethal weapon has been classified.

In November 1976 the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner revealed this in their Mind-Altering Microwaves article, where they wrote, "A newly declassified U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency report say extensive Soviet research into microwaves might lead to methods of causing disoriented human behavior."

The Examiner announced that the DoD was in possession of "anti-personnel" technology called, "microwave hearing," which could produce "sounds and possibly even words which appear to be originating intracranially." NATO also recognizes microwave hearing as a nonlethal weapon, which is described in their report, The Human Effects of Non-Lethal Technologies. "It is not believed to be harmful," they explain, "but some consider that it might be annoying."

Use of Themes & Symbolism

Themes & symbolism are used extensively to convey messages to me. Presumably, they originate from entities of the DoD. This is done using the internet, friends, & family, as well as public stalkers for instruments of message transmission. Themes are commonly used during MOOTW as part of PsyOps to communicate with adversaries in order to change their behavior.

See the Joint Chiefs of Staff's September 2003 report, Doctrine for Joint Psychological Operations (3-53), as well as their Joint Doctrine report, Military Operations Other Than War. Although these two reports don't mention the domestic use of PsyOps as part of MOOTW, the School of Advanced Military Studies at the US Army's Command and General Staff College does, in their May 2003 report, Deterring and Responding to Asymmetrical Threats.

Possible Storm Attacks Using Weather Modification


I have reason to believe that in addition to other state-sponsored attacks, artificial storms are also being used to attack me. Weather modification has been accomplished by the military. And the existence of electromagnetic instruments such as HAARP, which can allegedly cause storms, is a fact. Its website basically portrays it as a project which exists to study the ionosphere for the betterment of mankind. But HAARP is a fully functional tool of the military.

Other evidence suggests that it was built for additional purposes, including weather modification. I won't be explaining how weather modification works using HAARP or chemicals here--this will be covered in my upcoming book, Nonlethal Weapons: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control. Here I'll give a few pieces of evidence which shows that the weather can be controlled. Then I'll explain why I suspect I'm being attacked this way.

Background on Technology

In 1931 a book entitled, The Scientific Outlook was published by Lord Bertrand Arthur Russell. Russell was an insider connected to British royalty. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1950, & received a citation from the UN agency UNESCO. In his book he mentioned how science will be used to control the climate. Another book called, Between Two Ages, was published in 1970. Its author, Zbigniew Brzezinski of the Trilateral Commission, wrote of controlling the weather to produce storms as part of a strategy in secret warfare to make nations (& apparently people) compliant.

Basic weather warfare was accomplished during the Vietnam War using chemicals delivered into the atmosphere. This produced clouds & rain which disrupted enemy movements. Wikipedia describes, "Operation Popeye was a US military cloud seeding operation ... during the Vietnam war to extend the monsoon season over Laos... The operation seeded clouds with silver iodide, resulting in the targeted areas seeing an extension of the monsoon period an average of 30 to 45 days." The "continuous rainfall slowed down the truck traffic," & the operation was considered "relatively successful."

On May 18, 1977, The United Nations presented a weather weapons treaty at the Geneva Convention. The treaty is called, the Environmental Modification Convention (ENMOD), & it prohibits the use of technology to alter the environment (weather modification). This was apparently presented in order to prevent the destruction of mankind. However, this treaty only prohibits the "hostile" use of such technologies, which means that if the definition of words are re-arranged (semantic deception), then it can be used for nonlethal purposes. It also doesn't prevent a nation from using it against its own citizenry.

Dr. Nick Begich & Jeane Manning wrote the book, Angels Don't Play This HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology, where they describe weather modification using HAARP. Wired News published an article called, New Document Reveals Military Mystery's Powers, on December 10, 2007, which stated that HAARP can be used to light the sky with "megawatt power" at the "flick of a switch." There are many other examples of the existence of weather modification.

The August 1996 document, Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025 by the Department of Defense, states, "In the United States, weather-modification will likely become a part of national security policy with both domestic and international applications." The words "Owning the Weather" in the title of this document should be a concern to all citizens of the planet.

Although they claim this isn't operational, the tactic of using the weather to attack enemies, as we now know, is decades old. In this document they make references to the creation of storms, clouds, fog, & even precision guided lighting strikes using lasers. They wrote that one way this can be accomplished is by ionizing the atmosphere, using presumably HAARP (which is fully functional). They also talked about spoofing the target's internet connection so they'll make inaccurate decisions based on false weather reports.

"Such a capability," they describe "offers the war fighter tools to shape the battlespace in ways never before possible. It provides opportunities to impact operations across the full spectrum of conflict and is pertinent to all possible futures." Full spectrum of conflict includes Low-intensity Conflict (LIC) & MOOTW.

There are various references to nonlethals & PsyOps being used in this category of conflict in books & articles published by the military, such as the Naval War College's May 17, 2004 article, Transforming How We Fight Through Effects-Based Operations & Non-Lethal Weapons. Others include a June 15, 1998 publication by the Strategic Studies Institute (U.S. Army War College) called, Nonlethality and American land Power, & a book entitled, An assessment of Non-lethal Weapons Science and Technology, by the National Research Council.

According to their information, MOOTW means basically the use of nonlethal weapons & PsyOps in & among the civilian population. It is a combined effort between the various federal & local agencies, including FEMA & federal law enforcement. MOOTW appears to be the military's term for what I call, The Hidden Evil. They basically describe the decline of the old kind of warfare, such as country against country, & the increase of select targeting of individuals & groups. These individuals will be singled out of the civilian population & hit with PsyOps & nonlethals. Ideally, according to their literature, the target will be unaware that they're even being attacked. Another interesting point is that these nonlethals will be used in combination.

Continuing with the DoD's weather warfare article: "[It will be for] disrupting those [operations] of the enemy via small-scale tailoring of natural weather patterns to complete dominance of global communications and counterspace control..." I interpret the phrase "small-scale tailoring" to mean literally a weather attack sent to a specific city or even street. Remember, this is the domestic use of weather warfare. Finally they state, "weather-modification offers the war fighter a wide-range of possible options to defeat or coerce an adversary." This means it will be used intimidate people, or to transmit what they call a "show of force."

So, weather modification is a matter of pubic record & has been used against enemies during war. According to the DoD document, weather warfare will be conducted on the domestic population including small-scale attacks to intimidate people they consider to be threats to national security. Other evidence I've seen suggests that nations such as Russia have been manipulating the weather for at least decades to accomplish military objectives. Hence the UN weather weapons ban.

Previous Events in Maine

In the summer of 2007 there was a type of hurricane that came through this area. Many trees were uprooted or ripped apart. Some were cut in half. While surveying the neighborhood, I noticed multiple downed telephone lines on the semi-paved road which connects to the driveway. The segment of damage on this road that included the downed poles spanned for what seemed to be 3 or 4 hundred yards to the left of the farm.

From what I remember, these poles had fallen in mostly grassy areas or on the road, & not on any housing structures which were situated farther back. The only pole I noticed that damaged property on the road is one that fell on the mailbox of the farm. Although this may have been a coincidence, my suspicion is that weather warfare has reach a point which allows the precise destruction of targets. The DoD's reference to lasers being used for lighting strikes adds to this suspicion. This small detail may have been one more message to convey that this was an attack against me.

While I was in the area of the downed poles, I saw a couple of men in the middle of the road talking. They seemed to be city workers. At this point I suspected this may have been a weather attack that occurred as an extension of the state-sponsored terror arranged against me. To test my suspicion, I engaged in a conversation with them, & I said something like, "It's too bad they couldn't have prevented this. They have the technology to steer or even create storms like this." They didn't respond, but the expression on their faces, combined with other non-verbal cues conveyed the message, "That's right. You'd better watch it." This led me to conclude that they either knew it was an attack or were told to imply that it was prior to the encounter.

This was about as far as I walked in that direction. I walked about the same distance to the right. After surveying the area on both sides, which allowed me to observe the side & backyards of some of these sparsely spaced houses, I concluded that there was no damage that came close to what occurred on the farm. I also noticed no downed poles or damaged structures on Rt. 3 several days later. Although the farm host mentioned that one of his friends on the other side of town was hit hard, the damage I was able to observe seemed to have been confined to a small area.

Another interesting note about this storm is that the farm host, just a couple weeks (may have even been a week) earlier, said that he wished the trees in a certain area of the farm weren't there so he could plant an orchard. After the storm, he said something like, "Now I'll be able to plant that orchard." The host & multiple other common guests that have visited the farm implied that it was an attack during conversations with myself & the farm host. More recently, a couple weeks ago there was another storm which uprooted a tree near the house.

Previous Events in Malden

Another suspicious storm occurred while I was living on Wentworth Street in Malden. It was the summer of 2005, & happened after I had learned about HAARP. From what I remember, there was initially no thunder or rain, just lights in the sky, which, based on the window (positioned on the west side of the room) from which I first noticed the lights, the lights & path of the storm seemed to originate from the north.

At first, I thought that someone was flashing a light in the window. The lights, flickering on & off occurred for what seemed like a half hour. After a period of time, I heard very loud--if not the loudest--thunder I've heard in my life. It sounded like explosions. It was so loud, that by this time at least several car alarms went off in the area around the house. So far there was thunder & lighting, but no rain.

Around the same time that the explosions of thunder occurred, I noticed that the lights changed. And at this time I was looking out a different window facing south, which also allowed me to view the street below. I refer to them as "lights" here rather than lightning because they resembled no lightning I've observed. They had a couple of qualities which attributed to this. First, they were extremely bright & seemed to encompass most of the sky that was observable south window. Secondly, they flickered on & off at what appeared to be a perfectly steady tempo. Thirdly, the length of time that each flicker illuminated the sky seemed to be longer than what I've previously noticed.

In addition to the illumination being longer than normal, all of the flickers illuminated the sky for what appeared to be the same amount of time. For example, first there would be one flicker lasting a period of time, then a dark sky, then another flicker which lit up the sky for the same amount of time as the previous, then a dark sky, etc. In addition to the flickers lasting the same period of time & being longer than normal, the timing between the flickers seemed to be consistent as well.

In other words, they seemed to be on a timer. It was as if someone was flicking a switch on & off. This lighting phenomenon was completely unnatural as far as I could tell. After the thunder subsided, the lights continued to flash in this manner for 15 minutes or a half hour. I noticed that after it passed, there was very little rain. When I looked out the south window, I could see that the only drops on of rain that this "storm" produced were so few that they were noticeable on an otherwise dry ground.

At this time they knew that I was somewhat aware that the weather could be used for warfare. Sensing that this was an unnatural phenomenon, I recorded some of it on video using a small portable camera that I purchased to record the public Gang Stalking. Foolishly, I erased it to free up space on the card prior to copying it to another media. One reason that I didn't bother saving it was because I didn't want to think it was that in-depth--that they would resort to something on such a scale to get my attention & let me know how far up it went. I didn't want to entertain the possibility that such a major attack from "the government" could have been directed at me.

After that, (it may have been a week or two), a symbolic message/attack was communicated to me at a Copy Cop center on Boylston Street in Boston. While at the counter, a man to my right placed a picture on the counter to my right. It was a drawing of a person in a room with a window. Outside the window was a dragon in the middle of a street. My experience with other "coincidental" encounters led me to conclude that this was one of their messages to convey that they, (the dragon) were the storm, & I was the person in the room. And that they were there to attack me. This theme of the dragon is commonly used by them & will be discussed in future writings.

Recent Events in Maine

-November 12, 2008-

For about the last week it has rained or drizzled every day. Prior to that, for nearly a month, it rained/drizzled & was cloudy most of the time. Over the course of the summer there was also a 2 or 3-week period where it mostly rained. During this rainy period it was subtly implied by the farm host & his visiting parents that these were attacks against me. It has also been communicated to me electronically that this is weather warfare directed at me.

On multiple days I noticed what seemed to be low-level, dark, rain clouds that basically surrounded the farm. Looking beyond the treeline I'd notice that they appeared to be 10 or 15 miles around the area (it may have been more or less, it's difficult to tell). Although their formation did not always form a circle which encompassed the farm, they basically seemed to be above it. These storm clouds would sometimes overlap the other types of non-rain clouds.

Though it may not be significant, I also noticed that it would be raining more in one area than another. Yesterday there were some snow flurries in what seemed to be one small area of the farm for only a few minutes. These flurries were synchronized with the loss of electricity, which occurred for the second time in the last week. It also occurred last Friday evening while I was in the house.

A few days ago (Saturday or Sunday), while it was drizzling I remember looking at the clouds & once again noticing they seemed to be primarily above the farm & spanning out for ten miles or so. This realization was synchronized with several V2K attacks as well as what appeared to be an acoustic bullet of some sort which loudly struck a barrel near the area I was in.

I've also noticed a particular type of small to medium-sized white plane. This high-flying plane leaves a trail of a white substance which, judging by the size of the plane in relation to the trail, appears to be at least a couple hundred yards long. This substance doesn't resemble the exhaust of other jet planes, which is much shorter, disappears quickly, & is more grayish in color. Instead, it is a solid white trail which is notably long. Also, whenever I've seen these white trails, they seem to be produced by the same type of plane, flying at what looks like the same altitude each time.

My understanding is that these trails can serve multiple purposes. One includes the dispersal of metal particles which transform that area of the sky into a conductor, which aids the transmission of storms from electromagnetic weapons such as HAARP. In some cases, the substance alone could be used to induce rain, as was demonstrated during the Vietnam War. "Cloud seeding," says Wikipedia, "is a common technique intended to trigger rain... It is used in several different countries, including the United States, the People's Republic of China, and Russia," by spreading "dry ice or silver iodide," into the sky by aircraft. "Some companies are dedicated to this form of weather modification," it states.

-November 17, 2008-

This morning I noticed yet another tree was knocked down near the cabin I stay in. This is the only tree on the farm that had fallen, presumably the evening before or in the early morning hours. This tree happened to be knocked down in a manner which positioned it directly across the path from the cabin to the house. I checked it to make sure it wasn't one of the ones which was already damaged from the storm last year, & just fell due to gravity or other factors. It wasn't. I was a perfectly healthy tree that had been cut off at about 5 feet high. The inner portion of the tree was white, which distinguished it from the exposed inner portion of the other broken trees in the area, which are grayish.

I don't know if the wind, lightning or "other" broke it apart. I noticed no storm the night before & no other vegetation or structures on the farm were damaged; only that single tree. It leads me to wonder how this tree was broken off at 5 feet; like some type of force just cut it in two. If this was weather warfare as well, it may have been a follow-up to my writings a few days ago (November 12), when I began my description of the weather attacks that I suspect are being waged against me. I've noticed these follow-up tactics are used often when I'm explaining an event.(1) It happens in a way that I'll be attacked using the exact same technology which I'm in the process of explaining. This illustrates the arrogance of these people who have access to this technology.

I haven't checked any data on the weather for Palermo, but there must be a public weather record which either confirms or denies this pattern. If these storms have been recorded, then the record may also show what area they occurred in, as well as how common the amount of rainfall is for this area when compared to historical data. If there's no record which shows an increase in rain, then it's possible that these are micro storms, which are used to avoid any detection that may arouse suspicion due to a drastic increase in rainfall.

It would probably work to their advantage to keep these storms isolated to a small area to avoid detection. But I wouldn't be surprised either way, because my study of the military-industrial complex leads me to conclude that they will target a large area/population in order to intimidate or neutralize a single person. So, there may or may not be a record which supports this. The DoD's mention of spoofing information regarding weather reports in conjunction with their attacks should also be considered.

-November 27, 2008-

Another Storm occurred on the evening of Tuesday, November 25th. From the portion of the farm that I've observed so far, a total of 5 trees were downed in the production area. And possibly another 3 or 4 were in an area in the woods near the house. These other trees in the woods were either toppled during this storm (the one about a week ago), or the one about a month ago, because the color of the separation points is whitish. So they didn't fall during the major storm we had about a year ago which destroyed many trees.

There are a few interesting points about this storm. First, I described in my post on November 17th that a single pine tree fell which blocked the path to the cabin I stay in. I explained that this single tree may have been an arrogant "show of force" in response to a posting I made on November 12th, where I described that these incidents are a possible form of weather warfare against me. I wrote that these follow-up tactics are often used in other areas of these campaigns, done presumably to "rub it in."

So, this last storm, which occurred a little more than a week after my previous post, caused 3 of the 4 trees that were downed in the production area to block 3 paths. First, another large pine fell about 20 feet away from & parallel to the single one that fell on the evening of the 16th. This produced another barrier on the small path leading to the cabin. This tree is pictured below. To the right of it you can see a portion of the cabin.

Downed Tree

Beyond this path through a small section of woods to the cabin, there is a clearing. And beyond the clearing there's the beginning of a different path which leads to the house. The next tree fell in a manner so that it was perfectly positioned straight across the beginning of this path to the house. Below you can see this tree which blocks one of the major paths on the farm. To the left of it you can see two other trees which were broken during past storms. In the background is one that was cut off at about 15 feet, & in front is a smaller tree that was broken in half.

Downed Tree

Interestingly, the act of using a temporary or permanent barrier to block, delay, & inconvenience a target, is mentioned as a nonlethal tactic in publications such as, An Assessment of Non-lethal Weapons Science and Technology, by the National Research Council. "Barriers have been used as non-lethal weapons devices for many years by the Services," they describe. "Existing and potential non-lethal mission uses of barriers and entanglements are extensive. Barriers can be used to ... delay adversaries from gaining access to an area ... and to serve in many other applications where delaying an adversary's action is required."

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization's, (NATO) August 2006 report called, The Human Effects of Non-Lethal Technologies, defines "physical devices" & "barriers" which are "designed to deny access, restrict human movement, or prevent escape." Their glossary of terms of non-lethal technologies advocates deterring targeted people using physical obstacles. They state the purpose of this tactic is to, "prevent or discourage from acting by imposing fear or doubt regarding the consequences of the action or by creating a physical obstacle."

Downed TreeThe 3rd tree (pictured right) fell in a diagonal position which completely covered another major path which runs parallel to the path to the house. To the left & right of it are downed trees & branches from a previous storm. According to the New York Time's February 1997 article, Weather Wars: Pentagon Plans Weather as a Weapon, the Pentagon planned to produce synthetic lighting using lasers. Is it possible that these downed trees were struck with this or a similar technology?

During this storm, 5 trees were damaged, 2 of them fell over the two paths leading to the house, & one fell next to a tree that was already blocking the small path to the cabin. The other two trees that were damaged include a pine, which fell in a field across from the workshop (about 30 yds away from the house), & a small apple tree which didn't fall but had some branches damaged by the large pine that blocked the beginning of the path that leads to the house.

So in essence, only four trees fell in the production area & three of them blocked three different paths. What are the odds of all but one of these trees in the production area falling on main paths? Again, another important consideration is the timing of these events in relation to my previous post regarding their possible use of storms to attack me.

I thought I'd start taking pictures for these events. The pictures themselves prove nothing & can easily be attributed to a natural occurrence. However, I think it's best that in some cases I record these events with this type of documentation, because over a period of time it may contribute to a pattern which will be easily observable.

Another interesting point is the inclusion of a person that had been previously associated to the concepts of "storm," "damage," & "attack." He was associated with storm/downed trees according to the post I made on November 12th, when I wrote, "the farm host mentioned that one of his friends on the other side of town was hit hard." This person made an appearance on the morning of the 17th. The same morning after the single tree fell blocking the path to the cabin. I find this significant because his farm was the only other one reportedly damaged by the major storm which I explained, & because he has, on average, only visited the farm about every few months.

Then I saw him again while he was walking on the side of the road while I was out surveying the area the day after the last storm (the evening of the 25th). This is another common tactic used repeatedly in other areas of this program, using anchors, links, & triggers in order to project themes. For a person who visits the farm, at most only every few months or so, I saw him twice in the last month, both times just after a storm which destroyed trees. The logic here seems to be that because I associated him with storms & downed trees in my previous post, they knew I linked him to these storms.

These are Neuro-linguistic Programming attacks as part of PsyOps. Explanations of representational systems are outlined in books such as, The Structure of Magic I: A Book About Language and Therapy, & The Structure of Magic II: A Book About Communication and Change, both by Richard Bandler & John Grinder.(2) Interestingly, the RAND Corporation advocates using experts in NLP such as Richard Bandler as part of psychological warfare in MOOTW, as described in their book, In Athena's Camp: Preparing for Conflict in the Information Age.

In their book they also speak of the use of representational systems & "pacing" the moves of their enemies in this new type of state-to-person warfare. Rand & the military also refer to this as Netwar, & 3rd Wave War, meaning, conflict that occurs in & among the civilian population using non-lethal weapons, advanced technology, & psychological warfare (PsyOps). The subject of representational systems will appear later in this event.

Continuing my explanation of the man associated with the downed trees: he appeared both times to reinforce the idea that these were deliberate attacks against me. Due to my previous experience with this person regarding events which they (the people overseeing these operations) were aware of due to me previous post on the 12th, my symbolic representation system of him can be summed up by words/symbols such as, "storm," "damage," "deliberate attack using weather warfare."

So, knowing that this was my representational system for him, they simply made him appear after both other incidents on the 17th & 26th to reinforce my suspicion. More specifically, this symbolic communication from them using NLP can be summed up by the statement, "Yes Mark, these were attacks against you."

Another interesting note is the theme of "windows." Multiple references to windows were made when I wrote on November 12th about previous events in Malden. One included a dragon that was associated with a storm being visible from a window. They seemingly capitalized on this reference by having the farm host overuse & emphasize the word when explaining the plans for the storage barn. I think this also happened on the 17th, the same day the man showed up who had been associated with the storm attacks.

This was obviously done to get my attention & link it to the recent writing I had done. The association here was dragon=window. Then on the day of the last storm, the 26th, several windows were placed to the right of the back doorway, which produced a blocking effect. This was obviously done to get my attention as part of another symbolic message that the storm was an attack from them (the dragon).

The storm produced power outages which lasted from Tuesday evening to Thursday morning. This is the third power outage that has occurred in the last month. The last one, which was a physical problem on the farm, is still in the process of being fixed, & the building of the new barn has been hassled by the absence of electricity in the workshop. There are a few considerations regarding this loss of electricity. According to the farm host, who visited the town hall, this road (Banton) was the only one in Palermo that was hit. He said a single tree had fallen on the line where Rt. 3 intersects with the road. While out surveying the land I noticed that he was correct, one tree had fallen about 100 yds from the corner of Banton & Rt. 3. This was presumably the reason power was out for the entire road.

Downed TreeTo the right is a picture of the single tree which fell near the intersection of Rt. 3, which cut off the electricity for the entire street. What are the odds of this being the only street without electricity? What are the odds of this happening within the context of events, such as my writing a week earlier of possible weather attacks? Was this another arrogant "show of force" on the part of the people of wealth who control the DoD?

I drove for about 2 miles in each direction on Rt. 3 & noticed no downed poles or trees on the sides of the road. I then drove to the opposite end of Banton, & besides some downed trees from the large storm about a year ago, I saw only small branches & twigs on the ground. This was the same time I noticed the man on the road that had previously been associated with storms/downed trees. The farm host later stated that in total about 37 thousand people in Maine were without electricity, but that the sections hit were intermittent & not consolidated in a single area.

Throughout the day it was communicated to me electronically by V2K & other methods that this storm was another attack against me. Messages which were not part of my own deliberate verbal thought process included, "It's your/my fault." Another unnecessary thing that occurred was the loss of food in the freezer. He knew that it had been without electricity for hours. I'm not sure what time the electricity went out the evening before, but my guess is that it had been at least 12 hours total before the generator was started in the early afternoon. This resulted in spoiled food which I'm sure could have been avoided.

In addition to the damaged trees which blocked several paths, & the power outage, another factor which occurred was the onset of chronic pain in an area of my lower body. This physical pain was intensified by even simple movements. The onset of this physical pain began the night of the storm when my bowels also became liquefied. Without going into detail, it was communicated to me electronically & through NLP (representational systems) that these were electronic attacks.

Other noteworthy things that occurred are these: In the morning, I grabbed one of the two cereal bars left in a box & noticed it was chewed through, apparently by a mouse. Although there are mice & one was even caught that morning, this hasn't happened for a while, possibly a year or more. The evening before, just after recording the biography of a nonlethals expert who had dealt with explosives, I went downstairs, opened the oven & observed an exploded potato. This has never happened. What are the odds that in the 3 years since I've been here that a potato explodes right after I recorded information on explosives? Later in the day, more emphasized references were made by the farm host regarding "explosives" & "highly explosive" while hooking up a propane tank to the cabin.

On Friday the 12th, I had a conversation with the farm host regarding these power outages. He basically said that in the last few months we've been without electricity much too often. The tone he used indicated that he was getting tired of these repeated outages & accompanying rain. Also, comments were made regarding, "other people" who aren't in a position to cope with these outages. It was inferred that the storm/outage was an attack against me, & that I should stop/submit so that bystanders don't have to suffer.

Later in the day, a conversation, which was obviously intended to be overheard, took place between the farm host & what seemed to be one of his friends. Typically when these conversations take place, they have their informants almost yelling over the phone so that they'll be overheard. In this case I was upstairs & the host was downstairs. References similar to the following were made: "It's been storm after storm after storm...," & "we're without power again." The tone of these sentences conveyed a message of giving up, & submission.

The overall intended message of his handlers during these conversations was obviously to tell me that the host has had enough & I should stop before further disruption/damage is caused. The day before the host told me that he had never had so much rain on this farm in the 20 years he's been here. From Friday to Sunday it was frequently communicated to me by electronically means that this was another attack.

Two days before, on Wednesday, we fixed a separate physical electrical problem which caused the workshop to be without electricity for about 3 weeks. So it worked for two days until we were without electricity on the entire farm for the weekend. The problem was apparently a cable extending from the house to the workshop which needed to be replaced. While we were fixing it, the host told me that the exact cable has been working fine since he's been on the farm.

-December 17, 2008-

Another storm & electrical outage occured. On Thursday December 11th an ice storm hit parts of New England. This time the entire city of Palermo was without electricity, according to the farm host. The information I was able to observe revealed that other cities in these states experienced the same electrical outage. The outage lasted from Friday morning until Sunday morning.

-December 23, 2008-

Another electrical outage occurred today for about ½ hour. A few days ago there was a snow storm. So apparently that storm was the plausible excuse for the outage today. At one point during the outage I saw the farm host & he said, "I hope it's not out for long." Less than 5 minutes later it was back on.

What are the odds of all these electrical outages occurring in such a short time period? Is this normal? I experienced similar outages at the previous farm when no storms occurred. Plus multiple outages on this farm prior to these events. In addition to the DoD using existing conditions to conceal their weather attacks, as stated in their article, are they also using certain conditions as an excuse to shut of the electricity of dissidents in certain areas? It's clear to me that they are--& have been.

This is not only happening to me, but in all likelihood many others. Lord Russell, mentioned earlier, described in another one of this books, The Impact of Science on Society (Simon & Shuster, 1951), that if the rulers of a nation were to shut of the power supply of dissidents they would experience severe discomfort. He described a situation where electricity had been shut off in his house due to a storm, then stated, "if we had been deliberately cut off for being rebels, we should soon have had to give in."

In another book of his, Authority and the Individual, (Beacon Press, 1949), he described, "Central power stations, distributing electricity over wide areas have become increasingly important... All of these modern developments increase the control over the lives of individuals possessed by those who govern large organizations..." I'm positive that these tactics are being used on a large scale.


There are a variety of possibilities regarding these repeated storms & outages. Here are just a few of them:

  • They are completely natural occurrences. The fallen trees which blocked the paths were a random coincidence. But they communicated it to me electronically that the storms are attacks. The ongoing electrical outages that occur too are random &/or can be attributed to other factors which I'm not aware of.
  • The storms are a natural occurrence which they take advantage of in order to manipulate the weather in my exact area electronically &/or chemically to produce the effects. The DoD document also described how they would use existing conditions, such as naturally occurring storms, & amplify these storms in order to conceal their attacks. Although this explanation does explain some of the electrical outages, it doesn't account for all of them.
  • They've created these storms in the perimeter of the area I'm in (for about 20 or 30 miles around the farm), & as an added PsyOps attack they'd like me to think (by spoofing my information) that thousands of others in this state have been inconvenienced due to my reluctance to submit. The loss of electricity is also caused by them.
  • They have literally inconvenienced thousands in order to send a "show of force" my way. The electrical outages are a natural result of these storms, or they're deliberately shutting off the power in some areas using the storms as a cover. These outages & the ones that have occurred with no storms are additional deliberate attacks intended to invoke submission.

At a minimum, they want me to think that these storms are attacks, which itself is an attack. But due to other events surrounding this specific situation, my experience being targeted by the system as a whole, as well as my study of the people who run the system, I estimate that the third or fourth possibilities are likely. While it may be difficult for some to entertain the idea that a government would send a storm attack to an individual with no military force, political audience, or capability of posing a threat to the existing system, consider the following:

One mind
Applying standard logic to determine whether or not these are attacks from a government won't work. Obviously, a government consisting of an authentic democracy or constitutional republic wouldn't waste their time or resources on such an attack. Plus they would morally object to it. This doesn't make sense unless you consider that a small group of ruthless psychopaths run the country & most of the planet. This is a clan of wealthy people who are a single unit. So rather than looking at this from a perspective of a large government, containing multiple independently functioning bodies which provide checks & balances against tyranny, it helps if you view this planet as being run by a single mind.

It is a satanic & psychopathic mind
These people are psychopaths. They like to have power over everyone. They demand that all people submit to them. If their system (which among other things is a detection mechanism) identifies a person or group that doesn't yield, then these individuals are attacked viciously. Their entertainment includes having agencies within their "system" detect people on the local level, & then using technology & institutions in the system to torture & murder them. If you want to know what specific families & organizations they are, look at the membership lists of the Order of Skull & Bones, the Bohemian Grove, & the Bilderberg Group.

After considering these factors (& others if you are aware of how the system works), then what you may arrive at is simply this--one mind is using technology to attack another mind. There is another psychological factor here too. It's the intended potentially devastating effect of having to consider that a colossal entity is attacking you. The "show of force" is a psychological attack intended to crush your spirit & get you to submit.(4) It is a military tactic.

The MOOTW Operational Plans and Interoperability Directorate, put out by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, says "Show of Force Operations" include "operations, designed to demonstrate US resolve ... in an attempt to defuse a specific situation that if allowed to continue may be detrimental to US interests or national objectives. ... Show of force operations are military in nature but often serve both political and military purposes."

One question I sometimes ask myself is that if I'm being attacked this way, are others in the independent media who have access to airwaves or a large audience also being attacked. I've heard that some are being targeted with different degrees of the Hidden Evil. And my guess is that they're attacked with storms & outages as well, but they just don't know it.

Another thing I wonder is that if this single mind perceived me as a potential threat, wouldn't it simply have killed or framed me? Because, if it can order the assassination of presidents & high political figures & orchestrate the cover-up, it should have no problem having me killed. Here are some possibilities:

  • They still need to keep most people believing the system is legitimate. Physically killing me will confirm what I've written.
  • They like to function in a covert manner, below detectable levels. So they are killing me, it's just longer than the murder that most people are accustomed to hearing about.
  • They'd rather have bloodless tyranny where people willingly submit.
  • The mocking & controlling behavior of the psychopathic mind is motivated by a demand for submission. The submission brings them feelings of glee consisting of a type of mini celebration which they undertake after the act. Physically killing someone before they submit removes that factor & potentially robs them of what they seek.
  • They enjoy what they consider to be a game of destroying people. It's amusing to them. And because they control the system, they know they risk little in being exposed or stopped.
  • For those who don't willingly comply, they'd rather use non-physical coercive persuasion, intimidation, blackmail, etc., plus long-range nonlethal weapons, which can be plausibly denied. As far as NLWs are concerned, age, weight, history, health, etc. may all determine whether or not someone can be given a heart attack or stroke, while maintaining plausible deniability.
  • There have been a couple of episodes in my life (& incidents) that I now suspect were caused by them. If they did cause these events, then they came close to killing me. In other words, they've tried to kill me using The Hidden Evil.
  • They have tried to frame me, on at least one occasion that I'm aware of & probably many more which I'm not. It has been communicated to me often, (through symbolism & electronic means) that I'm not their typical target.
  • They want to see how far I can get exposing & stopping their system, by attacking me only in covert ways without physically killing me. In other words, they want to see how much suffering I can endure. This seems to be a variation of the "game" scenario. I've often wondered if at some point they'll cut their losses because the risks are beginning to outweigh the advantages. It should also be noted that they've communicated to me repeatedly that they will kill me &/or that I should kill myself.
  • They'd like to kill me or have me framed, but there are now circumstances present (which I'm not aware of) that are preventing them from doing this. These circumstances may include the existence of people who know more about this system/program than I do, & have created these factors.

The suspicious storms & ongoing electrical outages, synchronized with implications that they were attacks, the knowledge that this technology exists & has been used in warfare, plus the admission by the DoD that it will be used domestically & internationally to coerce potential threats to national security, lead me to conclude that if they aren't attacking me with storms, they at least want me to think they are.


1. For instance, while I was writing the phrase, "acoustic bullet" when explaining the one that struck the barrel, a loud "ping" occurred on the wall to my left. Then after I finished writing the phrase, another one hit the area of the floor in front of my feet. This is standard practice when I'm recording their tactics; I'm bombarded with the exact tactics I'm writing about. Once more, this illustrates the arrogance of these people.
2. I don't have these books with me at the time of this writing. The information regarding representational systems is in either one or both of them.
3. While explaining this statement I received first painful pulses in my right & left ears, then a V2K follow-up in the form of "Mark, Mark," then an involuntary stimulation of my right pectoral, then more pain in both ears, followed by a V2K hissing noise. This all took place in the scope of a few seconds.
4. Just as I wrote the word "submit" I received several of the electronically induced bursts of pain to the already painful area previously mentioned, which they in all likelihood originally caused.

Use of Holograms

Holograms, which are known to be in the DoD's nonlethal arsenal, have also been used to attack me. See Soldiers Magazine's 1997 article, Getting the Whole Picture, which describes how the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) has been working on weapons that allow them to project holographic images into a person's home. Also see the Defense Science Board's (DSB) February 2004 Task Force Report, called Future Strategic Strike Forces, which describes techniques to project sound & images to specific points in space. The DSB is an advisory board to the DoD.

These documents describes that the DoD has the capability to project these holograms into people's living rooms as part of PsyOps. So far, on every occasion that they've been used, they have only appeared for a split second. They seem to be intended to get the TI to doubt what they believe they saw. So projecting these holograms for only a split second appears to be the protocol for their use. Apparently the logic is that the longer it lasts, the more certain that the TI will be that what they saw actually appeared. Furthermore, if the TI can physically inspect the projection & realize it's a fake, the DoD would then lose the tactical advantage of this psychological attack.

I've noticed that their use is synchronized with other attacks. For instance, on one occasion while I was in the kitchen I saw a telephone line (from a phone that actually exists in the kitchen) extended across the kitchen. This hologram appeared for less than a second. The day before, the exact line, which this particular projection was obviously based on, was strung across the kitchen while being used by the farm host during a time I usually made lunch. This produced a blocking effect. The projected hologram also appeared in the same location as the actual phone line did the day before. It should be noted that the use of permanent & temporary barriers for blocking appear frequently in non-lethal literature.

Holograms of insects have been projected into the house on multiple occasions. They usually appear on walls & ceilings for less than a second. This is obviously an attack related to the use of a variety of living insects that have basically infested my dwellings. The use of living insects as nonlethal weapons too is suggested in various military literature. Since I've been on this farm, the house & cabin have gone through various cycles of infestation, from mild to what seems to be heavy. So far the farm host has been oblivious to this.

One night while walking to the cabin I looked up & noticed what seemed to be a rectangular space ship about 100 feet above me. It was completely silent, & only appeared for a split second. I noticed this probable hologram while on the path next to the barn. This is another example of the tactical use of these weapons. Because in this case, it was synchronized with an activity I was engaged in the night before, which included standing at the door of the cabin & looking up at the stars.

Air Craft HologramInterestingly, a May 1996 report by the US Air Force entitled, An Application of Value-Focused Thinking to Future Air and Space Capabilities, advocates projecting holograms (including ones of space ships) as part of PsyOps. Pictured left is an illustration of this capability from Air Force University.

Other Events

A car was stolen in 1996, which was brought back & parked in front of my house, exactly where it had been stolen. At the time I thought I was lucky they didn't permanently steel it, but wondered why they wouldn't want to keep a Mustang 5.0, which was in excellent shape.

A Ford Gran Torino I had experienced repeated clogging of fuel filter. After multiple tows, filter replacements, & AAA canceling my membership with them, a mechanic told me there was some sediment in the gas tank & I needed a new one. The car was fine for the first week or so that I had it. I wonder if something wasn't put in the gas tank?

See the reports, Enhanced Degradation of Military Material, by the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), which is a 1998 FOI obtained by Sunshine Project, as well as An Assessment of Non-lethal Weapons Science and Technology (The National Academies Press, 2003), by the National Research Council (NRC). These publications explain how fuel contaminants can be used to clog fuel lines, thereby increasing maintenance of machinery & burdening declared enemies with excessive repair costs.

I remember being provoked into confrontations on trains going to & from work over a period of years. This may have been part of the program too. I was assaulted sometime in 2005 at an internet café when a man grabbed my wrist.

My mother was hit by a car while walking across a street where I used to live. It was a severe impact & took her several years to recover. In high school (I think I was a senior), I was hit on RT. 60 when I was almost on the sidewalk. I don't know how this guy didn't see me. My sister was hit by a car on the Fellsway in Medford. This was another severe impact which shattered her pelvis. These three car accidents all happened over a span of about 20 years. So this is partially speculation & may be a natural phenomenon.

Sometime in 1997 or 1998 an accident occurred near the Revere Cinema. It involved a car full of people in their late teens & early 20s. It was early in the morning & there were not many of cars on the road. They were coming out of the theatre, & crossed multiple lanes on the side they were on, over a divider in the middle of the road, & into the area I was in which also consisted of multiple lanes. It was a direct impact into the right-hand side of my car. How could they not have seen me when they had to cross all those lanes in order to do so?

I remember these kids indicating to the cop that I should be given a sobriety test. I did just come from a gathering & had a few drinks. From what I understand, if it's known that you've had some alcohol & have been in an accident, even if the other person was clearly at fault, you are at fault & can have your license taken away. I think they rammed into me on purpose to get me "noticed" by the police. Fortunately for me, the officer wasn't part of their plan. To comply with their request he asked me to recite some information. After a while when he was satisfied we were all allowed to go. Now that I think back, I'm pretty certain that it was no accident that they rammed into me.

Then another accident occured after that (same car) in a video store parking lot as I was driving through. In the lot, a van pulled in front of me too quick for me to stop & I hit it. Technically I caused it, but I remember it appeared suddenly out of nowhere. Two women immediately got out of the van. Both were in their early 30's. One with brown hair & decaying teeth started screaming loudly & swearing almost continuously until the police arrived. Her bogus yelling began immediately after she got out of the van.

She & the cop had been having a conversation & it turned out they knew the same people. One police officer (there were 2) kept asking me repeatedly if I was on drugs. I wasn't but had a single beer (didn't even finish it) at a steak house in Saugus. It's interesting how these two, presumably staged accidents, happened at times when I had some alcohol. At the time I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but intuitively I thought that they caused the accident. I think this too was a staged event.

Sometime earlier, possibly a year or more, there was another accident on Main Street in Melrose, where a Buick regal I was driving was hit by another car driven by an elderly man. The car was totaled.

Now that I think of it, out of the 7 cars I've owned, 5 of them have either been in accidents, stolen, or experienced what appears to be standard sabotage (grounded fuel gage, sugar/molasses in the gas tank). These are only some of the things I remember.

Probable Creation of Medical Condition

Added on October 18 of 2009

I have reason to believe that in the beginning of April 2009 the DoD disabled my colon preventing me from making a natural bowel movement. My colon's ability to move waste out of my system had ceased abruptly. I think this was in retaliation to my activities on April 4, 2009 in Boston.

According to The Revolution in Military Affairs and Conflict Short of War article put out in 1994 by the Strategic Studies Institute, biological & chemicals weapons will be used on civilians in this new type of warfare. The weapons will be used under conditions which offer the military plausible deniability.

Multiple other publications have revealed that the US military will be using biological weapons on civilians in this new type of warfare. See for example, the Georgetown Journal of International Law April 1, 2005 article Tangled Up In Khaki And Blue. Also see the Biological Weapons Might Not Be Color Blind article by the Village Voice on January 26, 1999.

These biological attacks include infecting people with viruses that cause disease & injury. Under the Biotechnical heading, the US Air Force Academy's 1997 Nonlethal Weapons: Terms and References describes disease organisms as: "nonfatal diseases targeted toward troops and civilians." Also advocated, has been changing the genetic structure of targeted individuals, families, & ethnic groups.

The Human Genome Project (HGP) was an international effort to identify & map all of the 20,000 to 25,000 human genes, as well as the 3 billion chemical base pairs that compose human DNA. The project began in 1990 & was headed by the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) & the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). The project was completed in 2003. According to the DOE, all gene information is now stored in a database. For more information on this, see the DOE's site at www.ornl.gov as well as the BBC's article Human Genome Finally Complete of April 14, 2003.

Despite the positive intentions given for this project, the technology will be used for destructive purposes. "HGP and proteomics have greatly enriched bioinformation" announced the U.S. Army Military Review, in their July-August 2005 report, Ultramicro, Nonlethal, and Reversible: Looking Ahead to Military Biotechnology. It makes possible, not just attacks against ethnic groups or families, but individuals too. "If we acquire a target's genome and proteome information, including those of ethnic groups or individuals, we could design a vulnerating agent that attacks only key enemies without doing any harm to ordinary people."

Genomics allows for the precision injury of tissue or organs. "We can choose military biotechnologies with different pathogenic factors to achieve various military goals," advocated the Review. "A military attack, therefore, might wound an enemy's genes, proteins, cells, tissues, and organs, causing more damage than conventional weapons could." What the Review is suggesting here is the changing of the physical &/or functional characteristics of an organ.

These biological weapons can be sprayed in the air or placed in a person's food or water supply, according to the Omega Foundation's 2002 report Future Sub-Lethal, Incapacitating & Paralysing Technologies, & the Israel Planning 'Ethnic' Bomb as Saddam Caves In article, that appeared on November 15, 1998 in The Sunday Times. The International Committee of the Red Cross has even stated that these weapons can be delivered remotely with little detection in their 2005 report, Preventing The Use of Biological and Chemical Weapons.

In addition to creating this physical health problem, the DoD has demonstrated the ability to remotely regulate my bowel movements. For instance, as I experience difficulty making a bowel movement after an enema treatment, typical V2Ks include, "give it up," & "it's up to you." Presumably, they're referring to my protesting activities specifically, & my decision to expose them in general. Just before a movement occurs, I'll here "ready," & "here I come." After it occurs, "thank you," & "you're welcome" will be transmitted.

Interestingly, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which is the scientific research division of the DoD, has also expressed an interest in biomolecular devices to accomplish the remote control of a person's biological systems at the organ, tissue, & cellular levels. This was explained in their February 8, 2006 funding initiative entitled Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences, under the heading of Applications of Biology to Defense Applications.

In April of 2009 I visited the ER of the Maine General Hospital in Augusta as well as the Sheepscot Valley Health Center in Coopers Mills, Maine. My conclusion based on my experience at these places is that both facilities were prevented by the DoD from offering my adequate treatment. This is explained further here.