A Camp for Every Belief

One of the primary defense mechanisms which the Hidden Evil is equipped with, is one which prevents people from learning who is responsible for it. When I mention responsible parties here, I'm not referring to the people visibly carrying out the harassment, but its origin. In this regard, if you're able to narrow down the scope of suspects to a few organizations which are likely responsible, then they have lost one of their most valuable assets: concealment.

There are many sites & forums that have sprung up on the internet which are sponsoring a variety of explanations regarding who is behind this global program of terror.(*) Some blatantly or subtly promote the explanations which follow. All of these groups seem to recognize that government experimentation & Cointelpro operations did occur. And some members of these groups may think that the program still exists primarily for experimentation. But for the most part this article will focus on the "who" rather than the "why." Camps which promote beliefs which are obviously ridiculous will not be covered.

Not everyone that has studied this can be easily put into these categories. There are individuals who may subscribe to a variety of beliefs from multiple camps, & the result of this combination could be classified as yet another camp. Also, not all of the individuals who are perceived members of a specific camp may adopt its complete outlook. These are just generic names for some basic schools of thought which I've noticed are available to new researchers.

Vigilante Extremists

I realize the definition of the term "vigilante extremists" could be more extensive & specific, but within the context of this program, I understand it to mean this: People with little or no ties to the government, who engage in public harassment for a variety of reasons.(**) I consider this to be the first, & the one which, from my experience, seems to be promoted to many new TIs. The basic thesis seems to be that there is a global network of vigilante extremists that Gang Stalks people. And to date, members of this network have continually evaded police scrutiny in every single country which they occupy.

Or, a variation of the belief is that police in these countries are providing cover for them, & allow them to exist, because even though they occasionally harm innocent people, they do mostly good. Well, it's possible that there are groups of vigilante extremists, with no connection to the government, who Gang Stalk & attack people with non-lethals. But here are some questions which this camp hasn't given me suitable answers for:

  • Supposedly, one of this group's primary enemies is the government. Yet this global network is able to command significant federal, state, & local resources. They roam the streets of your neighborhood with impunity. They have the full support of all key centers of the community. How can an anti-government extremist group do this?
  • What about the number of people (all ages, & races, & from all walks of life) who now participate? How does an extremist group recruit all these people across the planet? Besides aren't these extremists "supremacists?" And if so, why are they recruiting Blacks, Asians, Hispanics & other minorities?
  • What about the cover-up by almost all doctors? Could an anti-government extremist network do this too?
  • Amnesty International, the ACLU & other organizations will not intervene. They've received many, many reports of people being Gang Stalked & tortured with non-lethals. This has been going on for decades. They all know! According to their charters, it is for reasons such as this that they exist. They state:
    • "Amnesty International is a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights for all. Our supporters are outraged by human rights abuses but inspired by hope for a better world."
    • "The ACLU works in the courts, legislatures and communities to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to all people in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States."
    So why haven't they exposed these extremists?
  • Who has the authority to issue an international stand-down in the media, congress, & human rights organizations? Also, the various governments seem to be following the exact same cover-up script. Can an extremist network arrange this?
  • What about the thousands (at least) of complaints that congress has received about this? If this were a network of vigilante extremists, wouldn't the various governments of the planet have vigorously investigated these complaints--if for no other reason than to identify a possible threat to their own survival? If they're an extremist network, then government officials would be one of their prime targets. Yet the leaders of the NATO nations show no obvious concern. Why?
  • Surely a network of vigilante extremists with military-grade weapons that are capable of causing the traceless murder of top government officials must be a threat to national security, right? Wouldn't it be mainstream public knowledge that this threat existed, just like the terror alerts which the public is bombarded with?
  • Even if they're pro-government vigilante extremists, aren't they still a threat to global security if they possess these weapons unchecked? Aren't they a severe threat to the planet if they're carrying out these operations unsupervised by any type of regulatory agency? Would the governments allow such a network to exist & not be in control of it?
  • If the various governments of the planet have intelligence agencies charged with the task of state security, why haven't they detected this global extremist group, which possesses silent, traceless, remote killing technology? Are we to believe that they're really this incompetent? Assuming that federal law enforcement has greater authority within the law than a vigilante network, wouldn't the FBI, CIA, MI6, & others have thwarted this group by now?

The reason these questions aren't addressed properly is because they can't be. At least not when applying this method of reasoning. This explanation simply doesn't fit the traits of the phenomenon. It doesn't make sense. It's possible that the individuals who run these groups may have just not come across the evidence which suggests that these operations are entirely government-run. But in my experience, it's unlikely that they're that naive. So, what's the objective of the various groups which promote this belief?

In all likelihood these groups were deliberately created by federal agencies, & are run by their officers & informants. One reason this first camp exists, is because after a person realizes they've been targeted, those responsible would rather have them reading forums, attending meetings, & writing letters, than standing out on a corner with a sign during rush hour at a busy intersection. Another reason would be to prevent people from realizing how utterly pervasive this really is. It's also clear to me, that out of all the camps, they'd like most people to remain in this one.

When more people begin to realize that they're targeted (and they will), websites & groups belonging to this layer will be heavily promoted. Some may receive official recognition by a mainstream organization, so that new targets will know that they're "legitimate." Disinformation, perhaps of an increasingly professional nature, will continue to be released to promote this explanation. It contains some truth, but overall--it's a lie. On to the next camp.

Wrong Hands

Another belief which has been promoted is that the governments have these weapons, but that through carelessness they have fallen into the wrong hands. One state representative has now gone public claiming that this program does exist & that men, women, & children are being Gang Stalked & hit with non-lethals. But the implication is that the program is run by a tiny rogue element within the government.

This camp may also suggest that elements representing a political movement known as the New World Order have infiltrated the various governments. But they haven't yet gained control of the core operational centers of these governments. It is these rouge elements, they say, that are, without approval from the highest levels, carrying out these operations to further this New World Order.

Interestingly, this belief resembles the final two, particularly the use of the term "New World Order." But this camp's explanation implies that the New World Order is composed of only a few revolutionaries inside an otherwise clean system. This explanation makes more sense than the first. And at a glance, it's believable. Plus, it's more comfortable to entertain than the final two beliefs. This belief also better explains how such a massive program, which requires tremendous resources, has been allowed to continue for decades. But it's still not convincing, at least to me. Here are some points which this camp doesn't address properly:

  • If there is a small NWO faction within an otherwise legitimate government, why haven't we heard of this minor infiltration by the so-called, "true" government? Because if this rogue element is using violence to promote political change, aren't they terrorists?
  • How could these rouge federal entities command significant state resources & direct these citizen groups, every day, all across the planet, without ever being detected?
  • Can a few corrupted FBI agents order an international stand-down of groups such as Amnesty International & the ACLU? Could they also have prevented congress & other public representatives from the NATO nations from investigating & stopping this? If rogue elements could accomplish this, then they're no longer rouge elements because they've established almost complete control.
  • If NATO government officials are against this, why have they ignored these complaints? Shouldn't they at least be concerned for their own safety? After all, this is military-grade, silent killing technology. Furthermore, this global network of Gang Stalkers is essentially a political weapon, & whoever controls it obviously wields significant influence. So, shouldn't they be interested in learning of its origin & purpose?
  • The term New World Order has been used by people such as George H. W. Bush, Mikhail Gorbachev, & the pope. So how can there be simply a few government infiltrators promoting this New World Order agenda, when multiple leaders from around the planet have used this term?
  • This political movement, according to its proponents, includes the merging of all countries into a global system that will be controlled by multinational corporations. Isn't this is all happening now by way of NAFTA, & the SPP? First there was the European Union, & now the impending North American Union & the African Union. This movement will also include, according to them, the erosion of the constitution, piece by piece, & a reduction of freedom. Hasn't this already happened by way of the US Patriot Act, & the suspension of Posse Comitatus & Habeas Corpus?

The evidence I've seen suggests that this explanation implausible. Furthermore, the term, "New World Order" is used in a manner which suggests that it's limited in scope. The blatant twisting of the term's meaning is obviously part of a deceptive strategy to derail people who aren't too familiar with it.(***) This substitution of meaning removes the upper level suspects of this program from the equation. And in all likelihood it has been done because they (& the term) have been linked to this global program of terror. I'm not an expert on the NWO, but it seems to me that not only are the controlling factions of the NATO governments fully complicit in its inception, they're just about there--arguably they are.

This camp, the prior one, & some members of the next one, seem to share the belief that the system is basically good & still contains mechanisms which can be worked with to resolve this. So, the leaders of these camps may engage in performances for their members, such as working with congress, representatives, or establishment-controlled organizations. Prominent TIs (informants) have been installed to accomplish this. Similar to the first camp, they'll engage in discrediting, disinformation, & disorganizing, (the Triple D). Also, these camps seem to imply that although the police are allowing this to occur, they're not working with federal law enforcement on the street level to direct these groups. I've found that the first couple of camps, & parts of the next one, are essentially catch-nets.

Full Government Support

No one wants to believe that their own government is deliberately & systematically murdering & torturing people on a massive scale. And that they were meticulous enough to block all standard escape routes. Because--this blocking tactic itself implies extremely brutal intentions. Unfortunately, this is the case.

Although this may seem like the final camp, some advocates of this tier may conclude that the program stops at the highest level of the visible governments. Probably, some of these people are genuinely not aware of any higher controlling organizations. In addition, like the first couple of camps, it seems that a portion of this camp has been deliberately setup as a "last stop" to ensure that accountability for this evil stops at the visible government.

The CFR & Bilderbergers have absolutely no allegiance to any nation. They're globalists. Therefore, if necessary, they'd rather have the blame placed strictly on the puppet governments which they control, than have the spotlight shined on them. Informant TIs of this camp too may be working with politicians to finally get legislation passed to prevent these atrocities.

New World Order

The term, "New World Order" has been mentioned a few times as being connected to this. Before I started to study this, I heard that there was a very wealthy & influential group behind it. But no specific information was given as to who "they" were, or how they were connected to it. The manner in which the term is used here is not the same as in the second camp, which was done to minimize its scope of influence. If the term is used in the context which I've found to be proper, I'd say that this is similar to my personal conclusion. This camp acknowledges full government support & sees the program connected to a political movement. According to the information I've encountered, these last two explanations are the only ones that logically answer all of the major questions.

My Finding (Think Tanks directing NATO governments)

Although it's similar to the previous one, I listed my view separate because I haven't come across information which openly details how this movement, the Think Tanks, & the Hidden Evil are connected.(*1) In fact, my research was driven by my dissatisfaction with the information that was available from the various camps at that time. My viewpoint regarding who's responsible is basically this: This program exists with the complete support of all participating governments, which are acting on policy set by supra-governmental groups, which control them. They include the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, & Bilderbergers, which are interlocked with the Tax-exempt Complex, Federal Reserve & other central banks.


Identifying the true cause of a problem is an important step toward a remedy. With the limited resources that are available to you, you may never be able to attain the absolute truth regarding a phenomenon. But the higher your level of your understanding of a subject is, the better you'll be able to explain it, & the more effective your actions will be. In the future there will probably be an influx of people interested in learning about this, consisting partially of those who've realized they're targeted. "They" have taken this into consideration. Therefore, many more sites & groups will appear, some of a professional nature. And each will be advocating one of the major beliefs previously explained.

New politicians may suddenly appear to "save the people" & lead a charge to expose these extremists & rogue elements, thus finally putting an end to this evil. Essentially, there will be a group for every major belief, already waiting for these people. And these groups will be all too willing to gobble them up & contain them. What's the best belief? Well, in the end, you must decide for yourself. But don't end your journey at the first camp you see.

* Mine is one of them. But I let you know on the first page exactly what I think this is, why it exists, & who is behind it. Then I provide my supporting evidence.
** I personally used the term "vigilante" for a while, but concluded that it was inaccurate. I've noticed that some people who have realized that this is fully government sponsored use it, just as I did. So this may just be a labeling issue, & not all who use the "vigilante" term may belong exclusively to this camp.
*** It's possible that those who imply a diluted definition of this term may just have a shallow understanding of it. But my conclusion is that those who use it in this manner within the context of this program, have deliberately distorted its definition because they're informants spreading disinformation.
*1 During my initial study of this subject, I noticed a pattern of the same organizations appearing, such as the TC, BB, & CFR. Thinking that they may have been responsible, I focused on them more & concluded that they were. Interestingly, at some point after this conclusion, I heard Eleanor White hint that they were responsible on a Road to Freedom show. At this time I'm not aware of any group or site which openly names these Think Tanks as being responsible.

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