Other Examples

Other incidents which are believed to have been False Flag Operations using the Problem-Reaction-Solution formula, include:

  • The sinking of the USS Maine in 1898 as a pretext for the Spanish-American war.
  • The explosion of Japanese railway cars in 1931, which was done by Japanese officers as an excuse to seize Manchuria, which was occupied by the Chinese.
  • During the Gleivitz incident in 1939 German leadership fabricated evidence that they were under attack by Poland as an excuse to invade the country.
  • On November 26, 1939 the Soviet Union fired artillery on their own village of Mainila near the Finnish border as an excuse to attack Finland four days later.
  • In 1954 Israel bombed US & UK interests in Cairo. This was blamed on Egypt to provoke a war between the West & Egypt, & eventually came to be known as the Lavon Affair. Israel took responsibility for this in 2005.
  • The attack of two U.S. war ships by North Vietnamese vessels (Gulf of Tonkin Incident) may have been staged in order to involve the U.S. in the Vietnam War, which resulted in the death of 58,000 troops.

Questionable Event

Oklahoma City BombingThe Oklahoma City Bombing which occurred at 9:03 AM on April 19, consisted of the destruction of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, which killed 168 people. To the right we see the damaged federal building. The catastrophe was immediately labeled a domestic terrorist act, committed by right-wing extremists & militias. The following is only a brief summary of some major inconsistencies.

After mainstream news reported that multiple unexploded bombs were found in the building, the damage was attributed to a single ANFO bomb, weighing 1200 lbs. Then the FBI increased it to 4000, & finally 4800. An analysis of video footage from mainstream news outlets, such as KWTV-9, KFOR TV-5, & Channel 4 News, clearly reveals that two additional hi-tech bombs were found un-detonated. WorldNetDaily explained, "initial news broadcasts by KWTV-9, KFOR TV-5 and Channel 4 News all feature reports confirmed by state, local and federal officials that a total of three bombs had been placed inside the Murrah building." This confirmation was verified by a Department of Defense Atlantic Command memo, a FEMA Situational Report (SitRep), a U.S. Forces Command log, & an Oklahoma Highway Patrol radio log.

But, continued WorldNetDaily, "Within 24 hours, federal officials ... were saying that the explosion had not occurred within the building itself but instead the damage had been caused by a "car" parked in front of the building, loaded with the ANFO bomb. Soon afterward, the "car" became a Ryder rental truck and the explosives grew in size, to about 4,500 pounds." "Also," described WorldNetDaily, "independent engineers, explosives experts and military analysts conducted studies of the available evidence, many concluding that the government's "single truck-single bomb" explanation was technically impossible." Note the word, "impossible," not unlikely, but literally, "impossible."

On May 15, 1995, in an article entitled, Feds 'Fib' On Oklahoma City Bomb Says Ex-High Level FBI Official, The Spotlight magazine described, "A very high tech ... barometric bomb was the cause of the explosion that destroyed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19. ... That is the conclusion of an FBI veteran with 28 years of service." His name, explained the Spotlight, is "Ted L. Gunderson of Santa Monica, California," & he "dismisses as a cover-up U.S. Justice Department claims that a simple bomb, concocted from fertilizer and fuel oil, was responsible for the blast." According to Gunderson, the builders of the bomb, "would need to possess knowledge of research classified at the very highest level."

General Benton K. Partin has a lifetime of explosives experience. He personally delivered a letter entitled, Bomb Damage Analysis Of Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, to 56 members of congress. In his letter he stated, "The media and the Executive branch reported that the sole source of the devastation was a single truck bomb consisting of 4,800 pounds of ammonium nitrate, transported to the location in a Ryder Truck and parked in front of the building." But, says General Partin, "It is impossible that the destruction to the building could have resulted from such a bomb alone. ... The Murrah Federal Building was not destroyed by one sole truck bomb." General Partin described that explosives had to have been placed inside the building at the supporting columns. The general also reported how unfortunate it was that no independent investigation could unfold because the debris was immediately hauled away, & covered in a landfill guarded by wackenhut guards. He urged congress not to rush into passing any "anti-terror" legislation.

"The Partin letter," described Sam Gronning, a licensed professional blaster, "states in very precise technical terms what everyone in the business knows: No truck bomb of ANFO out in the open is going to cause the kind of damage we had there in Oklahoma City. In 30 years of blasting, using everything from 100 percent nitrogel to ANFO, I've not seen anything to support that story." Dr. Frederick Hansen, professor of physics at the University of Oregon has a career which includes professorships in engineering, aeronautics, & chemistry. "I agree with Gen. Partin," he proclaimed. "Everything considered, it is hard to avoid the conclusion that only an explosive detonated right at the column could have sheared it."

Oklahoma City BombingOn the left is an aerial view of the Murrah Federal Building. Notice the size of the chunk removed from the building in relation to the cars in the area. Explosives experts are convinced that it is impossible for a fertilizer bomb to have caused such damage. "In the case of the OKC Murrah Building, the failure pattern demonstrated to me that individual charges were placed on each of the failed columns inside the building," echoed Dr. Ernest B. Paxson, a U.S. Army explosives engineer, with 30 years of civilian defense-related projects. He continued, "a 4,800 pound ANFO truck bomb ... might blow a hole in the curtain wall closest to the truck, but it would hardly touch the supporting columns of the building."

Samuel Cohen, a physicist & creator of the Neutron Bomb, is also an expert on explosives. In a letter sent to Oklahoma State Representative Charles Key, he wrote, "It would have been absolutely impossible and against the laws of nature for a truck full of fertilizer and fuel oil ... no matter how much was used ... to bring the [Murrah] building down... The damage could not have resulted from a van parked outside. I don't care how fancy an explosive was used." Cohen expressed that it could only have occurred with high-tech explosives placed strategically within the building. "I believe that demolition charges in the building placed at certain key concrete columns ... [did] the primary damage to the Murrah Federal Building."

Multiple employees of the courthouse next to the Murrah building declared that a bomb squad van was in the vicinity as early as 7:30 AM. The occupants of the van, according to witnesses, were wearing dark shirts with white-silver lettering, which read, "Bomb Squad." Why were they there an hour & a half before the explosions? And multiple witnesses reported hearing at least two explosions. Also, during the investigation, the FBI refused to interview these types of key witnesses. Why? In addition, the Oklahoma Daily Gazette obtained hotel receipts which proved that Danny Coulson, the head of the FBI Anti-Terrorism Task Force, checked in to the Embassy Suites Hotel in Oklahoma City at 12:20 AM, on the morning of the bombing. What was the FBI doing there nine hours before the blast?

This tragedy triggered a public outrage, & the Omnibus Counter-Terrorism Bill (S. 390/H.R. 896), was the solution. The Spotlight described, "the leadership of both political parties may be exploiting the outrage and grief of the nation in the aftermath of the tragic bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City by trying to quickly push through Congress a trilogy of Orwellian legislation which threaten to curtail the civil liberties and constitutional rights of Americans. … This will authorize the U.S. military for the first time in our nation's history to counter domestic violence, and will increase surveillance on groups and individuals..." One year later the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996 (AEDPA) was singed into law by President Bill Clinton. "Domestic anti-terrorist bills were stalled in Congress before the bombing," added WorldNetDaily, "but sailed through to become law shortly afterward."(*)

* A documentary on the cover-up of the Oklahoma City Bombing, entitled Cover Up in Oklahoma, by Jerry Longspaugh, can be downloaded here 330MB MP4. For more information, visit http://www.akdart.com/okc.html; http://www.rense.com/general10/30.htm; http://www.apfn.org/apfn/okc_coverup.htm; http://www.constitution.org/ocbpt/ocbpt.htm

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