This report won't explain Mobbing or the Hidden Evil in detail, but instead will focus on their similarities.(*) Mobbing, which takes place in the workplace, is an almost perfectly concealed program used to destroy a person's inner self. The program was obviously created by a team of experts such as lawyers, psychiatrists, & others well-versed in the behavioral sciences. The Hidden Evil is a program used by the financial elite to single people out in communities across the planet, & literally torture & murder them with the help of a very naive populace. Mobbing is so similar to the Hidden Evil, that they appear to have originated from the same source.

In the workplace, participants are recruited & directed by credible workplace leaders, such as Human Resource personnel.  For public stalking, participants are recruited by representatives of the state.  Both groups are fed lies to gain their participation in a covert program of psychological terror.  Both are told that the programs are legitimate & necessary to remove "troublesome" people from the environment. I've personally noticed that some stalkers participate in both public Gang Stalking & workplace Mobbing.

Both programs often target independent, intelligent people. Also, for both, a triggering event is used as an excuse to set the harassment in motion. After a person is singled out, a bogus investigation is conducted to justify the harassment. And in both cases the targeted person will not be aware of the investigation, or the claims being made against them. Both can be directed against anyone, rather than a specific group, gender, race, creed, or nationality. The programs are cleverly designed to represent the target as the one at fault. Due to the nature of the attacks, targeted people may not be aware of what's happening to them as their lives are destroyed.

Both use covert attacks, which are designed to isolate, confuse & force a person into submission. Attacks are done frequently over a long period of time by multiple people. Lies, rumors, ridicule, discrediting, & framings are used. The symptoms targets experience in each program are identical. Both may result in the death of the targeted person, through illness or suicide. Targets may also commit violence or "go postal" as a result of ongoing harassment. Hidden cameras may be used so the harassment of people may be broadcasted via closed-circuit TV. The broadcasting is apparently done for the enjoyment of those "in the know." Mental health professionals are used to discredit targeted people. Both represent the removal of the target from the environment as the target's choice.

People who participate surrender themselves to something they believe is powerful in exchange for protection, approval, & temporary empowerment. Both are functional examples of the "heard mentality" in a group setting. Some participants seem to enjoy harassing others. But some are forced to participate to ensure their own survival. Both are apparently a hidden epidemic, which the mainstream news will either not cover, or be used to cover-up. Current laws do not apply to either of them. Both programs exhibit traits which suggest that the controlling faction is made up of psychopaths.(**)

The protocols for Mobbing & the Hidden Evil are so identical, that it would seem that they were created from the same blueprint. In the book, The Hidden Evil, I provide evidence that supra-governmental Think Tanks created a global program of Gang Stalking, as part of a political movement. These Think Tanks are part of what has been called the Military-Industrial Complex, which is essentially a corporate-government merger. The data provided in the book also suggests that multinational corporations run the NATO nations.(***) Functionally, this could be called Fascism. The Mobbing protocol used by Human Resource departments worldwide, is probably also a creation of Think Tanks, for use by the Military-Industrial Complex. Mobbing & the Hidden Evil may in fact be different aspects of the exact same program.

* For information on Mobbing, see, Mobbing: Emotional Abuse In The American Workplace, by Noa Davenport, Ruth Distler Schwartz, & Gail Pursell Elliott. See also Emotional Abuse in the Workplace: A Silent Epidemic? by Noa Davenport.
** More evidence which connects psychopathy to Mobbing will be provided in a future report. Also, in a separate report, I'll supply evidence which dispels the common myth that psychopaths & APD types are more intelligent than the common person. Although they themselves like to believe & promote this fable, studies show the opposite is true.
*** For more evidence which explains how Think Tanks run the NATO nations, see, The Shadows of Power, by James Perloff, The Invisible Government by former FBI man Dan Smoot, Trilaterals Over Washington by Sutton & Wood, & The Bilderberg Diary, by James Tucker.

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