thewaveAt noon on Friday an auditorium decorated with Third Wave banners was filled with over 200 students. A group photo was taken. "There were the athletes, the social prominents, the student leaders, the loners, the group of kids that always left school early, the bikers, the pseudo hip, a few representatives of the school's dadaist click, and some of the students that hung out at the laundromat," depicted Jones. He noticed that in the auditorium the group behaved as a single entity. After everyone arrived & was seated, he told them to pay close attention to the television he had positioned at the front of the auditorium. He turned it on, but nothing appeared.(*)

After several minutes of anticipation, he told them, "There is no leader! There is no such thing as a national youth movement called the Third Wave. You have been used. Manipulated. Shoved by your own desires into the place you now find yourself. You are no better or worse than the German Nazis we have been studying. ... You thought that you were the elect. That you were better than those outside this room. ... You chose to accept that group's will and the big lie over your own conviction. Oh, you think to yourself that you were just going along for the fun. That you could extricate yourself at any moment. But where were you heading?" At that moment Jones flicked on the projector which showed footage of a Nuremberg Rally of the Third Reich.

"This is the final lesson to be experienced," stated Jones. He asked, "How could the German soldier, teacher, railroad conductor, nurse, tax collector, [&] the average citizen, claim at the end of the Third Reich that they knew nothing of what was going on? How can a people be a part of something and then claim at the demise that they were not really involved? ... If our enactment of the Fascist mentality is complete not one of you will ever admit to being at this final Third Wave rally. ... You can't admit to being manipulated. Being a follower. ... You won't admit to participating in this madness."

This is an example of a micro application of a formula which can be used on a massive scale. Jones accomplished this in a week, with limited resources. Being a history teacher, he had an idea of how this manipulation was done in the past, which is why he was successful. Now imagine federal or local law enforcement visiting this school & telling them essentially the same thing. But they have many more resources than Jones did. Anything that has happened before in history can be made to happen again, at any time, if the correct formula is used.(*1) If Jones had a few more weeks, then under the right conditions he probably could have convinced a percentage of his political cult to participate in murder.(*2)

Unfortunately, there exists a real political agenda that is not a hoax or experiment. It is advanced by the financial interests that have literally built Nazi & Communist dictatorships. And the public school system is one of their primary means of indoctrination into a global society under the United Nations. Unknown to most parents, students, & teachers, vast propaganda & definite brainwashing techniques are used.(*3) This movement is being carried out by UNESCO & funded by Tax-exempt Foundations such as Rockefeller & Carnegie, which have been known to fund subversive political movements, according to a congressional investigation. These organizations control the Department of Education.

Also in the works of the public school system are a variety of youth patrol programs. The Youth Crime Watch of America has been operating since 1979. It is now global with the creation of Youth Crime Watch International, which has chapters in North America, South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, & Asia. The program is partnered with Citizen Corps, the Department of Justice (DOJ), & the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), which makes it part of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). It has headquarters in Washington D.C. & Miami Florida, & is funded in part by the Department of Education.

They have national advisors, trainers, consultants, & annual conferences, as well as online training in the form of narratives, testimonials, video clips & group discussions. The YCWA website states, "With programs across the United States and around the world, Youth Crime Watch demonstrates that young people can make a difference in keeping their schools and communities safe from crime, drugs, and violence." The program recruits children from elementary, middle, & high schools. According to its affiliate program, College Crime Watch, hundreds of thousands of youths are now conducting Youth Crime Watch Patrols across the planet.

They describe the Youth Patrols as, "Young people work[ing] together in a formal structure, with help from adults, to patrol the campus of the school in pairs or small groups ... to help maintain order, enforce rules, and report crime or crime-threatening situations. ... [T]he patrol members ... [are responsible for] noting and reporting not just specific crimes or rules violations but problems that could lead to crime..." For an elementary school, a campus patrol may include a certain number of square miles surrounding the school.

In my experience with these youth stalkers, there usually seems to be a supervising adult in the area, although they may not always be visible. On some occasions I've noticed what appeared to be plain-clothed police officers. "A well-structured patrol," they contend, "[is] one that involves a wide cross-section of the student body, [&] builds a sense of unity and community among students.(*) This program seems quite similar to Jones' Third Wave, which was obviously based on communist & fascist youth brigade models.

Notice how the policies which Jones increasingly implemented for his cult were singularly not harmful, & even beneficial. It was only until they were combined & used in a slightly destructive manner that we (& he) began to see true nature of the monster he had created. Most students didn't even acknowledge that they had crossed a fine line. None realized they were being conned. It's obvious to me that the same dynamics can be seen in this global youth brigade. Because likewise, the students & adults are given only a tiny fraction the picture, which, from their perspective, is harmless, beneficial & empowering. This makes such a program particularly deceptive, which was apparently the intention of its globalist creators.

According to the YCWA site, each participating area has a core group, which recruits the participation of other students & "all" members of the community that they serve. "Everyone should have a sense of ownership," they describe. The group has ongoing Youth Crime Watch training with meetings twice per month. All key operational centers of the community are made aware of the program. "This can typically be accomplished by assemblies, pep rallies, utility bill flyers, Public Service Announcements, local radio or televisions ads, a press release, community events, poster campaigns, or other means," they state.

"The concept" they continued, "is to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate and take ownership in the site." In the book, the Hidden Evil, I indicated that it was clear to me that some of these citizens are obsessed with stalking (patrols), to the point where it appears to be a very big part of their being, possibly the centerpiece. Jones also discovered this during his experiment. The following quote sums this up perfectly:

"It's not a club, it's a lifestyle."
Youth Warriors Crime Watch motto of Huber Heights Ohio

Each time I go out in public & see children stalkers assisting adults in harassment skits, I see The Third Wave. And within them, I see the same attitude, the same demeanor, the same devotion to being a part of something bigger than themselves, that Jones spoke of. I see in them the same pride in helping to protect their community & country, through action. And I see them carry out harassment tactics with the utmost conviction. It's simple to deceive children, especially when you use the techniques that Jones did. He flattered them & told them how well informed & special they were, & conned them into thinking they were needed to promote positive change. It's really not much more complicated to deceive masses of adults. History is replete with examples of this.

The use of children in the Hidden Evil appears to be part of a multi-folded strategy by the psychopaths who run the NATO nations. One intended effect seems to be to disgust the target by using children to inflict emotional violence. Specifically, to show them how something that would normally be innocent, can be used to serve absolute evil without knowing it. Unfortunately, it is no exaggeration to say that the children who now participate in this global program of terror are engaged in evil. Their parents & them alike, are definitely responsible for an unknown (probably an enormous) number of suicides, miscarriages, stillbirths, nervous breakdowns, & acts of people "going postal." These people are, without question, the arm of evil. This is not to say that they are evil.

However, these students will eventually become adults. And when they do, they'll be Mobbing their coworkers in the workplace. Most will grow up harassing their schoolmates, neighbors & anyone else targeted by the financial elite. Most won't question it, & many will enjoy it. Some will be addicted to it after years of temporary power rushes through the act of vulturing. These children are the next generation of corporate-fascist stalkers. Their children too will probably be indoctrinated. In the form of the Hidden Evil, I've seen The Third Wave. And its members are helping to secure the reign of the Forth Reich.

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*2 Consider the Milgram experiments where Dr. Stanley Milgram was able to convince up to 85% of his subjects to deliver what they believed to be lethal shocks to an innocent person with a heart condition. See the December 1973 issue of Harper's Magazine, for the article, The Perils of Obedience, by Dr. Stanley Milgram. This experiment was repeated in other countries with similar results.
*3 See also A Revolution in Education.

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