A revolution in education occurred which took place over the span of multiple decades. This was one of the most important revolutions in history, yet there was little mention of it in the mainstream. To accomplish it, foundations such as Carnegie & Rockefeller, used the Problem-Reaction-Solution formula, which consisted of the creation of problems, followed by solutions (changes). These changes were facilitated by local Change Agents. The Change Agents introduced a new system of education, which has been used in communist dictatorships.

Charlotte Iserbyt was the Senior Policy Advisor at the U.S. Department of Education during the 1980s & was trained as a Change Agent to help promote this change. In her book, The Deliberate Dumbing-Down of America, she provides evidence in the form of a timeline, which contains a paper trail dating back to the 1930s, consisting of mainstream news, congressional records, & publications authored by these institutions. Her evidence shows undeniably that the major Tax-exempt Foundations caused a drastic change in the school system, by way of legislation, incredible funding, propaganda, & deception.

Iserbyt stated, "Principals who resisted innovation eventually ended up being forced out of the system undergoing radical change." "Their trials and tribulations, " says Iserbyt, "were known only to them, and what they underwent during the change agents' activities in their schools could be described as inhumane treatment." Is it possible that this inhumane treatment included Mobbing? Probably. The Change Agents were equipped with information on how to identify resisters, sneak in controversial methods using Semantic Deception, & manipulate naive school boards.

Iserbyt describes a Change Agent, as, "[a] term used by many people, including President Clinton, leading educators, and social engineers, to identify individuals, highly trained in the group process and in the Delphi Technique." The Delphi Technique is a method used to manipulate a group, large or small, during a Q&A period so it arrives at a predetermined conclusion. She continues, "These people are designated to bring about controversial change in education, in the operation of our local and state governments, and at the federal and international levels." After resisters were identified, Change Agents would use other educators who had embraced the new system to pressure them into conforming. Non-conformists were forced out of the industry.

Interestingly, this new method of teaching which Iserbyt speaks of, coincides exactly with the Reece Committee findings during the 50s. Congress investigated these major foundations, & discovered they were funding subversive political movements, which favored a one-world government. These movements were accomplished using "vast propaganda," & behavior modification, backed by heavy financing. The Commission on Industrial Relations also studied them under the Congressional Act of August 23, 1912, & discovered that they posed so "grave a menace" to our way of life that they should be dismantled.

The Reece Committee concluded that the Tax-exempt Foundations, & their interlocks have significant control over public education, which "has been accomplished by [using] vast propaganda, by supplying executives and advisors to government and by controlling much research in this area through the power of the purse." They discovered that the primary objective of these charitable groups is to promote a "world government."

According to Iserbyt, instead of focusing on conveying knowledge, public education is now mostly about changing a person's fixed attitudes & beliefs. The new system is based specifically on the works of behaviorists such as Ivan Pavlov & B.F. Skinner. Pavlov & Skinner are best known for their behavior modification tests on rats, pigeons, & dogs. In some cases, communist educators from Russia & China were literally flown into the U.S. to help with the re-structuring.

On August 1, 1977, the Washington Post ran an article entitled, New Curriculum Shifts Teaching Methods in District, stating, "the new curriculum is based on the work in behavioral psychology of Harvard University's B.F. Skinner who ... trained pigeons during World War II to pilot and detonate bombs and torpedoes." The post quotes Washington D.C. Assistant Superintendent, James Guines, who stated, "If you can train a pigeon to fly up there and press a button and set off a bomb ... why can't you teach human beings to behave in an effective and rational way? We know we can modify human behavior. ... This is the biggest thing that is happening in education today."

Iserbyt essentially states that public schools are factories, & compares the educational process to an assembly line, whereas, at the end of this line (graduation), you'll find a predictable product--an indoctrinated person. This appears to be a process of mental castration where students are conditioned to be small-minded, which makes them easier to control. This new system has an emphasis on "global interdependence," with little tolerance for independent freethinkers. This means the financial interests that funded this revolution want everyone completely dependent on the global state in their New World Order. This is obviously for control purposes.

Iserbyt wrote, "I had experienced traveling in and living in socialist countries. When I returned to the United States I realized that America's transition from a sovereign constitutional republic to a socialist democracy would not come about through warfare (bullets and tanks) but through the implementation and installation of the "system" in all areas of government... The brainwashing for acceptance of the "system's" control would take place in the school--through indoctrination and the use of behavior modification, which comes under so many labels..." She warned that this, "war has, in fact, become the war to end all wars ... [if] citizens on this planet can be brainwashed ... using dumbed-down Pavlovian/Skinnerian education, to accept what those in control want."

This revolution apparently took place as part of the installation of a world government & according to Iserbyt, the "brainwashing" is part of a plan to achieve a type of "global feudalism," which will be managed by behavioral scientists. "[T]he carefully laid plans to change America from a sovereign, constitutional republic ... to just one of many nations in an international socialist (collectivist) system (New World Order) are apparent," proclaims Iserbyt. "Only a dumbed down population ... could be expected to willingly succumb to the global workforce training planned by the Carnegie Corporation and the ... Rockefellers ...which is being implemented by the United States Congress." This global school system is managed by UNESCO.

In his book, How The World Really Works, Alan B. Jones states that this new system is designed to, "produce socialization, which would in turn enable a "comfortable merger" into a whole which could readily be controlled by the elites at the top." "Comfortable merging," he described, "required the ... dumbing down of American society, and ... suppression of individual initiative... We see such suppression and dumbing down both being advanced in our public schools," he said, "by the ... National Education Association."

In a Congressional Record dated Tuesday, September 4, 1962, Representative James Utt of California, wrote, "I have long contended that UNESCO posed a threat to our American youth by imposing international control of our curriculum by an international organisation which does not embrace ... liberty and freedom." Utt quotes an article on UNESCO written by Paul Harvey, who stated, "UNESCO is the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation. It is an organisation with thousands of publications too vast to enumerate. UNESCO booklets are distributed through the National Education Association and the PTA to teachers and students."

"UNESCO literature," he continued, "is issued through YMCA groups, churches, radio and TV programs, newspapers, magazines, civic groups, [&] government agencies, but mostly directly and indirectly, its philosophy of one-world government is aimed at the classroom. Twelve persons connected with the administration of UNESCO have been identified in sworn testimony before congressional committees as Communists. Eleven have been connected with Soviet espionage. Six others refused to appear before Government loyalty boards."

Working through universities, which they control by tax-exempt grants, the financial elite used professors, & other authors to publish articles & books praising this new system of education. On August 8th, 1927, The Christian Science Monitor reported on the World Federation of Education Associations (WFEA) meeting in Toronto Canada. The commissioner of education for the state of Maine, Dr. Augustus Thomas, stated, "If there are those who think we are to jump immediately into a new world order, actuated by complete understanding and brotherly love, they are doomed to disappointment. If we are ever to approach that time, it will be after patient and persistent effort of long duration."

In the December 1933 issue of Progressive Education, appeared an article entitled, A New Definition of the Educated Man, by Dr. George Hartmann, Professor of Educational Psychology at Pennsylvania Sate College. In the article Dr. Hartmann wrote, "There are some purists who will be frightened by the indoctrination which must inevitably follow if this recommendation is effective... Such an objection is silly... How any one with the least pretensions to higher education can fail to be thrilled by the ultimate prospects of a single world government ... and the enlightened practice of eugenics ... is a riddle which can be explained only by a blind, exclusive regard for the immediately practicable."

A book entitled Conclusions And Recommendations For The Social Studies was published in 1934 by Professor Harold Laski. The book was the result of a $340,000 study funded by the Carnegie Corporation, which was conducted by the American Historical Association. Professor Laski wrote, "The Commission could not limit itself to a survey of textbooks, curricula, methods of instruction, and schemes of examination, but was impelled to consider the condition and prospects of the American people as a part of Western Civilization merging into a world order. The implications for education are clear and imperative: the efficient functioning of the emerging economy and the full utilization of its potentialities require profound changes in the attitudes and outlook of the American people."

He continued, "Organized public education in the United States ... is now compelled ... to adjust its objectives, its curriculum, its methods of instruction, and its administrative procedures to the requirements of the emerging integrated order. If the school is to justify its maintenance and assume its responsibilities, it must recognize the new order and proceed to equip the rising generation to cooperate effectively in the increasingly interdependent society." Once more, there is an emphasis on "interdependence," on the system for control purposes. There are plans to eliminate any type of independent thinking instilled by parents.

Matthew James, author of the book, Homeschooling Odyssey, prepared his daughter by teaching her to read before the first grade. But after her enrollment, he noticed a negative change in her behavior. James eventually ended up reading material taught in grades one through three at the school she attended. He noticed that she & the rest of the children were under attack by a stream of poisonous material which was obviously part of a hidden agenda to instill feelings of hopelessness, destroy their self-confidence, & alienate them from their parents.

Using symbolism & themes, the teachers would get the children to identify with the human-like animals in these books & alter their beliefs & attitudes by the lessons learned in the fables. When individual thinking or action was expressed by these animals, it was almost always connected with physical or emotional pain. James wrote, "The young reader, vicariously, would live through the identical experience and learn the identical lesson in peer-dependence." He explained, "Animal dads, moms, and grandparents were portrayed over and over as mean, stupid, unreliable, bungling, uncaring, impotent or incompetent. Relationships with their children were almost always dysfunctional ... [&] communication and reciprocal trust were non-existent."

Lord Bertrand Russell, a Nobel Prize Winner with ties to British Royalty, wrote in his book, The Impact Of Science Upon Society, that "Education should aim at destroying free will so that after pupils are thus schooled they will be incapable throughout the rest of their lives of thinking or acting otherwise than as their school masters would have wished..." "Influences of the home are obstructive" says Russell, "and ... [it] is for a future scientist to make these maxims precise and discover exactly how ... to make children believe that snow is black." He added, "When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of education for more than one generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen."

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