8 April 2013

President Peter Maurer
International Committee of the Red Cross - ICRC
19 Avenue de la paix CH 1202 Geneva, Switzerland
Tel: +41 22 734 60 01
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Dear President Peter Maurer and the International Committee of the Red Cross - ICRC


An Announcement To The Whole World By Chinese Victims Of Directed Energy And Psychotronic Weapons



First of all, please permit us to introduce ourselves to you. We are some of the Chinese victims from dozens of regions and cities across China , who have been cruelly harassed tortured and persecuted in a covert way by the means of secret remote control on human body & brain. Among us, there are corporate employees, teachers, students, retirees and other intellectual workers and physical workers. Our suffering period ranges from several months till over 30 years.

Thanks to Internet that builds a bridge for us to know each other, and it is same sufferings bring us to work together.

A group of secret criminals who abuse their powers, arbitrarily use "the means of secret remote control on human body & brain", illegally manipulate our bodies and brains covertly, and also cruelly torture and harass us psychologically and physically and persecute us days and nights so that a lot of victims live a very miserable and horrible life.

Secret criminals utilize the weapons of "secret remote control on human body & brain" and remotely influence us, and consequently our bodies suffer from "physiological diseases and physiological behaviors" caused artificially from their weapons such as aching, itching, coldness, hotness, trembling, unwell feeling and unhappiness, and so that our brains suffer harassments and tortures from "acoasma and hallucination". Besides, criminals do all they could to shamelessly steal and indecently spread our privacy in our brains in a abnormal psychology and crazily do all they could to intimidate and humiliate victims. All these vices do a great harm us psychologically and physically. Therefore, some innocent victims was forced to hospitals especially for being forced to accept mental treatment, some innocent victims were forced to suicide because of intolerable secret tortures and insults, and others died of "strange fatal diseases" yielded by criminals secretly in a special trap.

Such secret crimes as the wide abuse of their powers, the illegal use of "the means of secret remote control on human body & brain" and illegal violation of fundamental human rights, have resulted horribly in atrocity or the unprecedented anti-human catastrophe of human rights technically. These crimes not only challenge severely Chinese constitution and laws, but also human conscience, the UN Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is NOT permitted by all the human beings at all!

Owing to the above-mentioned cases, Chinese victims jointly lodged "a collective complaint to Chinese President Hu Jintao" (please see attachment 1) on 3rd Dec. 2007, and emailed it to the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee, every ministries of the State Council, major news media and the legal community who we asked to deliver the complaints to Chinese President.

Subsequently, we jointly announced " An Open Letter to the Head of Chinese Secret Institution" on 5th May 2008. (Please see attachment 2)

Chinese Goverment has the undisputed responsibility to take an immediate investigation into the secret criminals who abuse their power, and to sternly punish them according to the clause of "the State respect and protect citizens' human rights" set out by Constitution of PRC China. However, unfortunately, so far we have not received any response on the issue.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UN General Assembly passed and published Resolution 217A (III) on 10th December 1948) stipulates in the following relevant clauses that:

Article 3 Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

Article 5 No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

Article 6 Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law.

Article 12 No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

Article 19 Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

China is one of the creators of the United Nations, a permanent member of the UN Security Council, a member of UN Human Right Council and one of the signers of UN Covenant on Human Rights. Therefore, China should seriously observe and enforce the relevant rules of UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

At present, the quantity of victims are increasingly rising around the globe. Thousands of victims strongly demand for an investigation into the sinful Hi-tech crimes which covertly violate human rights worldwide. A large quantity of the stated facts reveal that these secret fascist criminals are the common enemies of all the human beings who use Hi-tech means to arbitrarily secretly violate human dignity and fundamental human rights. The crazy secret Hi-tech crimes heavily threat and violate the fundamental rights of human livings in the world.

Challenged by the unprecedented worldwide catastrophe of human rights and the severe crimes of damaging human beings, we urge an immediate actions in union and bravely fight against the gangs of secret fascist criminals! We must disclose the horrible crimes which are covertly damaging human beings, and put them into the Judge Courtroom in International Criminal Court!!

Journalist and elites worldwide have the responsibility to provide supports for victims, the lawyers worldwide have the responsibility to stand by and offer a legal aid to victims.  UN Human Right Council has the responsibility to safeguard human rights and to protect thinking right, sleeping right, health right and living right of all the human beings. International Criminal Court at Hague has the responsibility to carry out an investigation into the crimes denounced by victims, and to charge these secret fascist, the criminals who severely violate fundamental human rights with the Hi-tech Crime and the Antihuman Crime through and according to the relevant legal proceedings.

We, Chinese victims, support resolutely the global campaign of " Ban the abuse and torture of secret MIND CONTROL/PSYCHOTRONIC WEAPONS/Remote Human manipulation" through our practical actions. We strongly appeal for the United Nations to immediately stop the abuse of the means of the secret remote control on human body & brain which are used to cruelly harass and torture and persecute covertly common citizens.

We strongly urge the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to do his solemn duty to protect fundamental human rights of the whole world, and hold a urgent international conference on the ban of abusing "the means of secret remote control on human body & brain" so as to protect the validity of the UN Charter and UN Declaration & Covenant on Human Rights. Also, we demand for European Commission for Human Right to immediately put Article 27 of A40005/1999 into practice.

We strongly urge global news media to stand out to support justice, and to take a deep careful investigation into the secret Hi-tech crimes, and to expose truly the sinful facts of secret fascist criminals to the global people.

We strongly urge global legal community to stand out to offer a legal aid to all the victims and support justice based on the UN Charter and UN Declaration & Covenant on Human Rights.

We strongly urge UN Human Right Council to take an urgent investigation into these secret fascist criminals who arbitrarily use "the means of secret remote control on human body & brain" which have been crazily violating fundamental human rights.

We strongly urge International Criminal Court to take an immediate investigation into our complaints, and to charge these secret fascist criminals who heavily violate fundamental human rights with the Hi-tech Crime and the Antihuman Crime, and to make a historic great contribution to guarantee the fundamental human rights of all the human beings!!

With best regards,
Yours Truly





长期以来, 一帮滥用特权的秘密罪犯,肆无忌惮地使用"秘密遥控人体和大脑(精神)技术",非法秘密控制我们的身体和大脑(精神),日夜不停地实施种种惨无人道的精神骚扰和肉体折磨迫害、阴谋暗害,致使许多受害者每天生活在无比痛苦的、生不如死的恐怖状况中。



为此,我们中国受害者于2007年12月3日,联名写了一封"致胡锦涛主席的集体控诉信" ( 见"附件一"),并用电子邮件发送给了中共中央和中国国务院各部门,以及全国新闻媒体和法律界人士等,要求转呈给中国国家主席。

接着,在2008年5月5日,又联名发出了一封《致中国"秘密机构"头头的公开信》( 见"附件二" )。


《世界人权宣言》(联合国大会 一九四八年十二月十日 第217A(III)号决议通过并颁布) 的有关条款规定:







我们强烈要求联合国秘书长 潘基文先生从维护"联合国宪章"及有关"人权宣言和公约"的尊严出发,履行自己维护全世界人民基本人权的神圣职责,紧急召开"禁止使用秘密遥控人体(大脑)技术武器"的国际会议。我们要求欧盟人权委员会立即开展其A40005/1999第27款的工作!







   我们是一些被"秘密遥控人体和大脑(精神)技术" 折磨迫害的受害者。网络使我们相识,受害的遭遇让我们走到了一起。









中华人民共和国宪法第三十三条法定:凡具有中华人民共和国国藉的人都是中华人民共和国公民。 中华人民共和国公民在法律面前一律平等。



中华人民共和国宪法第五条法定:中华人民共和国实行依法治国,建设社会主义法治国家。 国家维护社会主义法制的统一和尊严。 一切法律、行政法规和地方性法规都不得同宪法相抵触。











敬礼! 受害者:(签名)





"Lida"技术:脉冲射频发射器,可以导致严重的疲劳和昏睡,或者失眠。可以穿墙瞄准目标发射.LIDA技术在1950年代由苏联发明,后来在各国得到了发展。声音直达大脑(Voice toskull)技术:可以传送说话声和其它声音,直达目标的头部,旁边的人听不到,可以穿过墙壁发射。该技术可以在没有脑控芯片的情况下实现。(该技术的美国军方代号是"V2K"。)


意念传输:(Thoughts Transmission)通过无线传输特定的脑控波曲线到受害者的大脑,实现意念的传输,一般需要有脑控微芯片植入在受害者的大脑。意念传输也叫潜意识(subliminal)传输,例如"受辱感",能破坏人际关系。默念传输:(SubvocalTransmission) 通过电磁波传输来影响受害者的说话器官和抑制思维器官,来影响受害者说话。这种话不经过大脑的思考说出,特别细心的受害者能够发现。这种传输可以通过脑控激励芯片(又叫脑控钉)或不用脑控激励芯片进行。受害者的主要特点是说话不经过思考或者说错话。武器化的微波技术:可以导致一系列的身体的伤害反应,可以悄悄地,穿过墙壁进行。穿墙雷达扫描技术(例如机场安检。)高级无线计算机控制技术:通过探测主板的特定的电磁辐射和向特定的线路端子发射X波段电磁脉冲,实现输出和输入。相当于别人的计算机通过串口连到了你的计算机。在没有无线网卡的情况下就能够实现无线遥控计算机。潜意识"无声的声音"(Subliminal"Silent Sound") 设备:可以传送催眠式建议到受害者,但受害者耳朵听不到,声波的频率介于超声波和人可听声波之间。

(二)受害者们总结的常见的身体症状和经验:(在读取和破解脑波阶段,受害者们通常没有严重的症状,但是他们至少有一颗芯片在身体里面,部分只做控制试验的受害者们身体里没有芯片。)*头皮发麻。头晕, 头痛。

* 无理由的极度疲劳,腿肌及关节的酸痛。

* 梦境制造和操纵,剥夺睡眠。

* 电击感以及肌肉的振动和抽动。

* 不通过思考的说话 (subvocal transmission),语言能力受到影响,经常结结巴巴。

* 没有道理的出现心跳过速和过缓。* 记忆力减退,记忆消失 。

* 强迫肌肉收缩和舒张,由调制神经信号所引起,会导致身体和四肢移动。/模拟脑波产生情绪突变。

* 烧灼皮肤,身体的不同部位出现烧灼感或出现不明切口。

* 脸色变暗,头发变稀。 (与信号发射有关)* 与声音交谈,听见声音(Voice to skull, 美国军方代号V2K。)


* 物体振动,如门、窗户、床和椅子(由声波脉冲或芯片模拟所引起。)。*电子产品的被控制现象,包括计算机、电视机、汽车和家用电器。(例如电视机自动打开或关闭,由电磁脉冲波所引起)

中国受害者签名: With best regards,Yours Truly

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