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    • Non-violent Direct Action
      I'm currently studying non-violent direct action material to enhance my efforts at raising awareness. This should be completed by August 2009. Click here for this project's status.
    • New Book
      I'm working on a book to be completed by May 2010, which explains the more sophisticated electronic weaponry that is now being used on the civilian population. Pending title, Nonlethal Weapons: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control. This will include:
      • Remote mind reading. A person's thoughts appear on a computer screen as text or images. A type of V2K technology that can target specific individuals based on their unique brain pattern (a bioelectrical fingerprint). This has also been called brain tapping.
      • The ability to see through the eyes of people.
      • Control of Animals for the purpose of attacking the targeted population.
      • Induced Dreams to produce nightmares & for control purposes.
      • Holograms used on the population to make individuals think they're delusional or make them appear insane.
      • Ability to determine future events using Remote Viewing with some degree of accuracy. This tactic, like others, is used to drive people insane.
      • Acoustic bullets & missles which are directed at structures that targets are in or around in order to startle them & let them know they're being harassed.
      • A technology that interfaces between a target & stalkers in his/her area via a remote super computer, which is used to maximize harassment. The harassment is accomplished by brain tapped informants who repeatedly reiterate information a target is thinking &/or referencing objects in the targets field of vision, which can be as accurate as the specific word a target is reading. This is a combination of brain tapping, remote mind reading, & a remote super computer.
      • HAARP & Scalar Wave technology being used on the general population to influence thoughts & emotions as well as weather warfare against both targeted individuals & the general population. Hurricane Katrina, & various recent hurricanes in Florida which do not follow any normal weather pattern, are examples of this.
      • Internet stalking, website spoofing.
    • Click here for this project's



    • Future Book
      A book to be published by May 2011, pending title, War on Every Front, where I'll explain how the general population in most developed countries is being attacked in a multitude of subtle but powerful ways, by a very cleverly designed system which appears to accommodate them. This includes:
      • A war against the middle class where all small & medium businesses will be eliminated.
      • How the deliberate break-up of family units was necessary so they may target anyone in the community & no one will stand up for them.
      • A microchipped population is the next step after the National ID card, which is a biometrics card that became law in April of 2008.
      • How the food supply has been tampered with to make us weak & sick.
      • How fluoride in the water supply causes mental retardation.
      • Massive population reduction which will result in the elimination of 2/3 of the people.
      • Their plans for land seizures & herding people into overcrowded cities, with the goal of reducing the food supply. All done under the guise of sustainable living mentioned in UN Agenda 21.
      • The merging of North American through NAFTA & SPP.
      • The systematic dumbing-down & indoctrination of the population in the public school system.
      • Other eugenics tactics include vaccines designed to cause mental retardation & death.
      • The scientific creation of AIDS, plaques & diseases.
      • Using HAARP & Scalar Wave (weather warfare) to beat the population into submission.
      • Using weather warfare, a deliberately created financial collapse, or another staged terrorist attack as a pretext for martial law activities. These activities include the execution of executive orders such as Rex 84 & Operation Garden Plot, which consist of FEMA takeovers of local governments, gun seizures, & work camps (concentration camps).

While all of these negative events seem to be accidental & unrelated, they're all deliberate, powerful attacks, emanating from the same focal point, which are intended to destroy the people's will & enslave them. Click here for this project's status.


  • Maintenance
    Website maintenance & updates, personal & project status reports continue.
  • Reports/Articles
    Reports & Articles will not be appearing every month as I focus on researching & writing, Nonlethal Weapons: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control.


  • January 14, 2008. Basic website design.
  • June 26, 2008. Infosheets, The Organizations That Run Your Government, & Informant Networks, available in PDF format.
  • September 1, 2008. The book is finally completed. It took longer than I thought it would. Now I have a better understanding of the process.


  • I have obtained a mini covert camera which I'll be using to record these state-sponsored Gang Stalking activities. I'll use this camera to explain the harassment skits in detail as they unfold. These clips will be posted on the site beginning in August 2008. Reason: At some point I plan to make a low-budget documentary on this, but for now I'll be concentrating on researching & writing.
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