Weapons which can silently kill people from a distance & leave little trace are in the hands of psychopaths. Directed Energy Weapons provide the financial elite with a new method of murdering people who are troublesome to their rule. They no longer need to resort to having people, "accidented," "suicided," or blatantly murdered the old fashioned way. Instead, they can make their enemies die of, "natural causes," such as heart attacks, strokes, cancer, or aneurisms. These weapons can also be used to impede the progress troublesome people by producing an alzheimer-type effect on the target. This technology offers a clean way to neutralize someone. There is no apparent crime, therefore, no crime scene, no investigation, no suspicion, & no suspects.

Although the development of these weapons has been mentioned in the mainstream news & can't be denied, the public still seems to be unaware that a significant leap in weaponry has been made. Just as the invention of gunpowder produced a drastic change in warfare, which society needed to adapt to, so too do these weapons. We know that Think Tanks such as the Council on Foreign Relations have funded research into these weapons. And the invention of this technology has been nothing less than a revolution in warfare. Janet Morris, who helped create them for Think Tanks such as the CFR, describes them as a "revolutionary strategic doctrine" to be used as part of a New World Order.

Dr. John Alexander, who has also worked with Think Tanks researching this technology, has stated that it should be used against internal threats in this New World Order. But, not just the creators of these weapons are advocating their use on the civilian population. A spokesperson for the military has also declared that they will be used in this manner. So by their own admission, this military-grade technology will be used on their civilian enemies. As demonstrate in the book, the Hidden Evil, they've already begun.

Therefore, when an outspoken critic of the Federal Reserve, IRS, UN, 911, Tax-exempt Complex, multinational corporations, Think Tanks, or WTO suddenly dies of an illness, there are some questions that his or her friends/family may want to ask. Some include: When did they develop their illness? Is there a long family history of it? Were they experiencing health problems before they died? If so, what type & for how long? Did they experience any harassment from neighbors? Did new people move into a house or an apartment next to them. Were they audited by the IRS. Did their healthy pets suddenly die? Did they experience any break-ins, vandalism, or thefts? Did they experience frequent car trouble? Did they complain of harassment at work, or recently loose their job?

Even if it's determined that the potential target did not experience any Gang Stalking related attacks, it doesn't necessarily mean they weren't murdered by a DEW hit. It's possible that the security forces that murdered them on behalf of the elite, wanted to leave no trail whatsoever. In many cases a conclusion may not be reached as to whether or not a murder occurred. And there's not much that can legally be done if it's determined that a murder did take place. However, it's probably a good idea to keep records of these things, so potential future generations can know that they happened. It is my personal opinion that these weapons have been used to murder at least thousands of people for decades.

Because the creators of these weapons have declared they will be used as part of a political agenda, it would be logical to conclude that opponents of this agenda will be targeted. So, a paradigm shift appears to be necessary. Opponents of this political agenda, or any of its related factions, may want to consider the possibility that these weapons will be used against them. Fortunately, independent media outlets have covered this topic in recent years. I hope that they continue to do so because their help is needed now more than ever.

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