According to former FBI man Dan Smoot, the East German dictatorship was a deliberate creation of the CFR. In his book, The Invisible Government, Smoot says that this was done to test any policy that the CFR would eventually implement in the United States. East Germany had one of the biggest citizen informant networks in history, which included Gang Stalking programs sponsored by the MfS.

Smoot, wrote, "In the closing days of World War II, the American Ninth Army was rolling toward Berlin, meeting little resistance. ... Some twenty or thirty miles east of Berlin, the German nation had concentrated its dying strength and was fighting savagely against the Russians. Our Ninth Army could have been in Berlin within a few hours," says Smoot, "probably without shedding another drop of blood; but General Eisenhower suddenly halted our Army. He kept it sitting idly outside Berlin for days, while the Russians slugged their way in..."

Although General Eisenhower took credit for halting the troops outside of Berlin in his book, Crusade in Europe, he later claimed he was just following orders when he entered politics four years later. Regardless of who gave the orders to halt the troops, someone made the decision to give part of Germany to the communists. George F. Kennan of the Council on Foreign Relations was a political advisor to Ambassador John G. Winant who was the United States Representative on the three-member European Advisory Commission, which was charged with deciding the zoning fate of Germany.

By this time the CFR had already established control of the U.S. Government. Apparently there were some zoning disagreements between Britain & the U.S. Smoot says that at one point, Kennan of the CFR bypassed Winant & went to Roosevelt to persuade him to accept a zoning agreement that would isolate Berlin 110 miles inside communist territory.

Smoot quotes a New York Times article that appeared on June 18 & July 2 1961, written by Arthur Krock who stated, "George F. Kennan broke the deadlock by going directly to Roosevelt and persuading him to accept the Berlin zoning agreement." "We gave the Russians control of the eastern portion of Berlin-and of all the territory surrounding the city," wrote Smoot. And so East Germany was created. This seems to be another little detail that was left out of our history books.

Apparently the Wall Street/CFR interlock wanted to copy their Russian dictatorship, which they also built, to East Germany. In his book Wall Street & The Rise of Hitler, Professor Antony Sutton wrote, "Wall Street political power was sufficient even to control the appointment of officers responsible for the ... government of post-war Germany.

The reason, says Smoot, is because, "George F. Kennan and Philip E. Mosely and other men associated with them in the Council on Foreign Relations ... wanted to set Berlin up as a perpetual excuse for any kind of program which the Council on Foreign Relations might want the American government to adopt." He says, the "Berlin problem," was deliberately created, "to justify whatever programs the various governments involved" would "want to pursue."

According to this information, East Germany was an experiment, which resulted in one of the most oppressive dictatorships in history. It's perfectly clear to me that this global Gang Stalking program is almost an exact replica of the one used during the East German test. Smoot's analysis supports two statements outlined in the Hidden Evil book. First, that the Hidden Evil is based on the East German prototype. Second, that it was created by the CFR & related Think Tanks.

Entire families were recruited as informants. Their connection to the Ministry for State Security (MfS) was kept secret until after the Berlin Wall came down. Gang Stalking was rampant. Family members & friends of targeted people were recruited into harassment campaigns. Blackmail, intimidation, framings, character assassination, staged accidents, blacklisting, & sabotage, were common tactics to destroy internal enemies of the state. Microwave weapons were also used.

An important point, is that the GDR did not just consist of a sub-culture of informant Gang Stalkers. Instead, it was part of the culture. It was the norm in their society. In her book, The People's State, Mary Fulbrook refers to it as a, "Participatory Dictatorship." If part-time informants are included, about 1/7th of the population was recruited. Referencing government sources, mainstream news has declared that the United States will have more than double this amount. As goes the U.S., so go the rest of the NATO nations.

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