Updated March 17, 2008

One approach to stop this global epidemic, or at least have it stopped on an individual basis, is to contact congress & hope they believe you when you tell them you're being Gang Stalked & tortured.(*1) The apparent logic of this method seems to be that if enough people contact them, & are able to convince enough of them that the weapons exist & are being misused on civilians, then they'll finally investigate. However, both a spokesperson for the military & a member of congress have stated that high-power microwave devices which, "tranquilize, impede, immobilize, harass, shock, upset, chill, temporarily blind, [&] deafen," will be used on the civilian population.

So, we know that they know the weapons exist, & that they're being used on civilians. We also know they've received many complaints of this. If the system was what it appeared to be, then asking congress to address this issue would work. But it's not. Also, there's an old saying, you can't wake someone up who pretends to be asleep. Congress & the rest of our pubic servants already know. And from what I've learned, the system is nothing like what it seems.

It appears that this approach is based on the widespread myth that congress, for the most part, is in control of the country & that they truly represent the people. And, that although they make lots of mistakes, for the most part, they really do care. The idea that congress or the people are in control of this country is an absolute fantasy. If congress were to conduct an investigation while the Federal Reserve still existed, it would definitely be a whitewash. Just like all of their other whitewashes.

Back when a few of these public servants still did conduct authentic investigations, they told us that the financial elite not only infiltrated them, but that they were beyond prosecution.(*2) Also, after the Federal Reserve System came into being, they told us that the United States Government had literally been overthrown by international bankers, & that a puppet government was installed. These are public records which seem to have conveniently fallen out of mainstream textbooks.

In a Congressional Record dated December 22, 1913, vol. 51, Congressman Charles Lindberg declared that the Federal Reserve, "establishes the most gigantic trust on earth... When the President signs this act the invisible government ... will be legalized."  He warned, "I have seen these forces exerted during the different stages of this bill" & "The money power overawes the legislative and executive forces of the Nation and of the States." On June 10, 1932 Congressman McFadden, echoed "When the Federal Reserve Act was passed, the people of these United States did not perceive that a ... super-state controlled by international bankers ... acting together to enslave the world for their own pleasure," was created." He added, "[The] truth is-the Fed has usurped the government."(*3)

The uncomfortable fact is that most of our congressmen are mere puppets for multinational corporations. The same could be said for the state representatives of other NATO nations. Many of them have repeatedly passed anti-freedom legislation to help further this corporate-fascist political agenda, which includes the absolute control of every individual. Right now they are laying the legal groundwork for a global dictatorship (they always make it official by passing laws), & they're just about done. If congress abolished the Federal Reserve, & the central banks of other NATO countries were closed, then, maybe, they could begin to be trusted to conduct an honest investigation. But that won't happen with the current political design.

Congressman BoydTo the right we see Congressman Allen Boyd being celebrated at the Swift Creek Middle School in Tallahassee, Florida on January 11, 2008. The ceremony was sponsored by a global youth crime watch program, which boasts hundreds of thousands of recruits, who conduct "youth patrols." Are we to believe that congress is naive enough not to attribute the thousands (at least) of complaints which they have received of people being Gang Stalked by children, to these youth brigades? This seems unlikely. Furthermore, it so happens that Congressman Boyd was one of the 404 representatives who voted in favor of HR 1955, which targets domestic dissent & shuts down free speech on the internet. All done under the guise of fighting terrorism. Clearly, Congressman Boyd, & all but a few others in congress, are actively assisting the financial elite in their creation of a "legal" dictatorship.

The financial elite want everybody of any significant political influence under their thumb. They have teams of individuals who focus on them until enough incriminating evidence is gained. Then they become, "one of the gang," which means they're a heavily corrupted minion of the New World Order. The few who won't be compromised receive physical or character assassination. This is how they operate.(*4) In reality this is a deviant system that is run, literally, by psychopaths & satanists. It has only the appearance of legitimacy, which is typical of a society under psychopathic rule.

During a relationship where one party wants to bring about change, if a successful resolution is to be reached, then both parties need to be honest. If one is not, & has a hidden agenda which includes an effort to deceive or placate the other party, then a resolution can't be reached. This type of deception is compounded when both parties share the same hidden agenda & know it, but put on a charade for a group they're supposedly helping, in order to deliberately mislead them.(*5) This is not to say that congress shouldn't be contacted. Personally, if I were to contact them again, it wouldn't be to try to convince them of something they are fully aware of, & are helping to cover-up. Instead, my letter would be something like this:

I know you know exactly what's going on. And I know you'll probably lie about it. I know you don't really serve the people. And I know you're not really in control of the government. I know you've probably gotten at least thousands of complaints of people being tortured & Gang Stalked. And I know you're helping to cover it up. But allow me to let you know something. At some point in time you will be known for your actions. The truth will come out-all of it. Your active participation in the cover-up of this holocaust will be known. You won't be known as a great man or woman, but someone who sold humanity out for a paycheck & a pension.

You can send most of your politicians the same letter, because it applies.

*1 I personally did this before I learned that they already knew & were providing cover for it. It was also before I began to learn that the planet operated nothing like what I was taught.
*2 See, Foundations: Their Power And Influence, by Rene Wormser.
*3 See, The Shadows Of Power, by James Perloff. Also, in the book, the Hidden Evil I describe that abolishing the Federal Reserve is probably the single best thing to concentrate on in order to stop this global holocaust. And in future articles I'll provide more information on this.
*4 See, The Franklin Cover-up, by former Senator John W. DeCamp, for how children are routinely flown into Washington D.C. to compromise politicians during cocaine-sex parties. See also Trance Formation of America, by Cathy O'Brien.
*5 Some of these leaders are obviously informants who, at the direction of their handlers, are deliberately stalling & placating these groups. At some point they may work with various statespeople in order to, "get to the bottom of this." Or, in other words, to whitewash it. More on this topic will be covered in future articles.

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