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In this article:

  • Methods and objectives of the disinformation
  • Alien disclosure
  • “Blue Beam” (holograms)
  • Military and civilian psychics
  • Gang stalking, organized stalking
  • Murder by microwave
  • Conclusions

I’ve disassembled several obvious government-sponsored black propaganda campaigns, most likely emanating from the CIA1, and found common threads. It is a given that disinformation is meant to hide something. I intend to convince you that all these campaigns are trying to hide the same thing, and that all of them rely heavily on the victims of what they’re trying to hide, to promote them.

These black propaganda packages are supported by a few standard players:

  • Credible “insiders”;
  • Witnesses / victims with similar stories who don’t appear to have anything to gain from supporting the campaign;
  • Superficially authoritative third-party “researchers” and “investigators” who have confirmed there’s something to it.

All the players may be completely sincere. They may be reporting their experiences as truthfully as they are able. However, their experiences were misinterpreted, due to the highly deceptive use of clandestine technologies against them.

Methods and objectives of the disinformation

In all the instances of black propaganda I’m about to go over, targeted individuals are exploited, or misled, in at least one of the following ways:

  • A small number of targets or mind-control victims get very special attention, and their lives are sacrificed to advance the campaign;
  • A much larger number of targets are attacked with belief-modifying psychological operations2, and recruited into the campaign which most closely matches their new belief systems, as fervent supporters;
  • Targeted individuals are misled about the nature of what’s being done to them, enhancing the terroristic aspects of the program they’re going through, and discrediting them in the eyes of people who might be able to help.

Most people (including journalists3) are lousy researchers, especially when it comes to events that directly concern them; they fail to account for their own cognitive biases. These researchers may decide what the answers are in advance, and only search for data that supports those answers; they may simply observe that multiple sources are saying the same things, overlooking that the sources are all getting their information from the same secondary source. Also, many inexperienced targeted individuals who are otherwise reasonably intelligent and unbiased have not yet realized how difficult it is to discern correct answers when their beliefs are being exploited in a very misleading way2.

Disinformation directed at an audience doesn’t have to be believed by the entire audience, or even a majority of people in the audience, to be effective. As you’ll come to understand, dividing people into warring factions is a proven and winning strategy of political control, used at all levels of governance, and also used against targeted individuals.

Alien disclosure

Knowing, a recent movie starring Nicholas Cage (rumored to be in this stuff up to his neck), is about a small number of ‘chosen ones’ who are receiving telepathic messages. It turns out the messages are coming from aliens, who reveal themselves shortly before the Earth is destroyed, and save the chosen ones.

As of early October, 2010, the possibility of alien disclosure is being moved to the forefront of the public’s attention:

  • A group of insiders recently stepped forward with tales of UFO’s;4
  • A prominent and respectable scientist (Stephen Hawking) has recently expressed concern that we’re drawing unwanted attention to ourselves by searching for extraterrestrial life;5
  • The mainstream media is airing a flurry of reports of habitable planets outside the solar system;
  • A recent prime-time series about an alien invasion by reptilian humanoids with mind-control powers, complete with informants already in place, is re-appearing in November. Several related shows are airing or planned for release on broadcast television in the near future.6

The very word “disclosure” guides the thoughts of the audience. They are led to believe that the government has been in contact with aliens for some time.

Popular support for a staged (fake) alien disclosure operation is surprisingly high.7

How and why are witnesses created?

While unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) have been openly used in military operations for several years now, it is likely that the use of UAV’s in black projects goes back several decades. Any civilian or NCO who witnessed a UAV several decades ago would have classified it as a UFO. The CIA may have worked with the entertainment industry to ensure that if civilians did see UAV’s, they would assume they’d seen alien spaceships1.

Reports of alien abductions go back to the 1950’s, coincidentally at around the time the CIA was abducting individuals for mind control experiments under Project MKULTRA. Those mind control experimentees may have been brainwashed, or deceived, into believing they were abducted by aliens - in the hopes their testimony would be dismissed as evidence of delusional thinking.

In the present day, a very common psy-op used against targeted individuals is to suggest aliens are after them. A certain percentage of those TI’s buy it, and end up becoming unpaid pro-alien propagandists.

Victims of trauma-based mind control may get this treatment as well, but will also be subject to brainwashing and implanted screen memories. One way to keep them in line is to get them to believe their captors are shape-shifting reptiles from another dimension.8

This is probably the most successful black propaganda campaign stemming from mind control abuse, but the others follow the same pattern. The victims are discredited and misled by way of the propaganda, and are also used to advance it.

“Blue beam” (holograms)

Someone took a report about a girl-shaped decal on the road and turned it into a hologram-themed hoax which several bloggers fell for. The moral of the story: thoroughly track down sources for incredible claims.

Interestingly, the alleged Blue Beam project is being trotted out as “evidence” the government is planning to stage an alien invasion. Is the Blue Beam project, itself, disinformation? And if so, what is it meant to hide?

I’m not trying to say that it isn’t possible to project holograms under carefully controlled conditions. However, Blue Beam - allegedly involving the projection of ultra-realistic images into mid-air with three dimensional fidelity to be viewed by hundreds of millions simultaneously - is something else entirely.

Besides, how effective can this planned hoax really be if everyone knows about it?

There are many mentions of Blue Beam in 90’s books, but only a handful of sources. The very first reference comes from a 1993 book by Norio F. Hayakawa; his own words suggest he was targeted, and treated to a military-grade psychological operation.9 Several books reference a report by Serge Monast in 1994, titled “Project Blue Beam”.

Based on what I’ve turned up, it appears a handful of seeds were sown around the year of 1993, and have since blossomed into pedigreed conspiracy theories. Blue Beam is now being propped up by the testimony of some mind-control victims, who are certain - they just know! - that their augmented reality experiences are the product of holographic technology; and their reports of ‘holograms’ which can somehow be projected into shielded rooms help discredit them.

The timing of the initial revelations related to Blue Beam is suspiciously close to a significant legal filing related to the use of mind-invasive technologies.10 I’m not going to comment on the merit of that filing; what I am suggesting is that these two events are linked; that there must have been some sort of leak in the early 90’s, which spawned at least one cover-up / disinformation campaign - including Blue Beam - related to it.

Military and civilian psychics

‘The Men Who Stare at Goats’ is allegedly based on a true story about military psychics. Are the alleged psychics, themselves, mind-control victims?

A virtual army of deceived mind control victims is available to throw support behind any evidence suggesting their beliefs about psychic powers are true. What they don’t want to believe is that the “evidence”, itself, comes from mind control victims.

It pains me to point this out, as I’ve had to do over and over again, but mind-control technology can be used to create the appearance of genuine psychic powers - including telepathic abilities, using a person-to-machine-to-person link, and remote viewing, by way of a person-to-machine-to-camera link. Even precognition can be simulated, by transmitting key details of a significant upcoming event to a target’s mind by a controlling agency that has foreknowledge (probably because it’s responsible for the event). More incredible experiences, such as what Duncan O’Finioan is talking about11, can be implanted in the mind in the form of false memories8.

Ultimately, these reported abilities don’t pass the sniff test: the alleged psychic abilities are either “unreliable” (under the control of a handler), or they don’t work to the benefit of the alleged psychic. For example, why can’t a psychic with the ability to predict the future ever do something useful for himself or significant others, like pick winning lottery numbers?

TI’s who have experienced apparent psychic episodes fight furiously against the notion that their abilities were induced through the use of mind control technology. The perceived reality of their experiences becomes the core of their identity; an attack on their interpretations is an attack on them. Targets who have been made to believe they are psychics are among the most ardent supporters of CIA-sponsored disinformation.

Induced psychic abilities help with the ongoing cover-up of mind control technology abuse. If the victims should be discarded through the process of targeting later in life, their assertions they are being targeted “because of their psychic abilities” will help discredit them.

Gang stalking, organized stalking

The gang stalking echo chamber

The top-ranked sites for search terms related to gang stalking are very selective about who they link to. Gang Stalking World, for example, only links to sites owned by the author, or to a select few sites which support his manpower-intensive theories about targeting and which do not link to other targeting-related sites.

Multi-Stalker Victims doesn’t link to anyone - the owner says she considers credibility very important and she wants to control the message. You know, messages like this one.

Many targets believe that vast networks of stalkers are available to turn against individuals like them, and try to warn the general public. This is an enormously effective disinformation campaign, as I can testify; the highly uneconomical nature of this claim helps to discredit targets, and at the same time, the fears many targets are living under are intensified by these beliefs.

I’ve previously discussed how these terms mislead targets12 and how to more accurately categorize what targets of organized harassment campaigns are going through13. Nevertheless, these terms persist, like cold sores on the face of the TI community, because explaining the real nature of organized harassment campaigns requires a lot of sophistication, and certain terms roll off the tongue very naturally12.

A decade-old disinformation campaign, which has been dying on the vine due to the increasing obviousness of certain falsehoods, promotes the idea that actual extremist “gangs” with no connection to any government organization are responsible. That campaign has recently been demolished.14

Related black propaganda continues to push manpower-intensive theories of targeting. For example, targets are encouraged to place the blame on fusion centers. While fusion center infrastructure is troubling, and may be exploited in some targets’ campaigns, the concern that they are at the center of a nationwide Stasi-like organization appears to be premature.15

The top search results for gang stalking or organized stalking are sites that lead targets to believe one variation or another of these manpower-intensive theories must be true. For example, Gang Stalking World takes it for granted that a Stasi-like organizational structure is behind what targets are experiencing, allowing targets to believe that any signs of hostility exhibited by a person are proof that person has been “recruited” or “threatened”.16 A targeted individual who acted on this belief, and accused mind-controlled patsies of being “in on it”, would end up ruining his reputation by his own hand; meanwhile, the web sites he got his belief from would simply egg him and others like him on, saying the incredulous reactions of accused parties just shows how extensive the cover-up is.

Even Mark Rich, whose efforts I respect enormously, concedes these theories are unproven in his book, but pleads: “after absorbing [my] information, ask yourself; does it ring true to you?” Mark Rich goes on to acknowledge, on his web site, that several relatives are “brain tapped” but fails to make the conceptual leap that the technology might be usable against anyone at will.

The ultimate explanation is unbelievable, especially to newly aware targets, so this disinformation campaign will continue to live on until the technology and perpetrators behind targeting are exposed.

Murder by microwave

Inducing fear of damaging radiation in a target is nearly as potent as the damaging radiation itself, and far less risky for the perpetrators.

Most targeted individuals who are complaining about electronic harassment which leaves no traces behind are probably getting attacked with mind control technology. The sensations they feel may be coming from direct stimulation of their pain centers or central nervous system; these sensations can be adjusted in real time based on whatever the targeted individual does, which leads to some targets believing things that defy common sense as well as the laws of physics2.

However, getting targeted individuals to believe they are actually getting attacked with damaging weapons helps to terrorize them. A personal anecdote may help explain how effective this strategy is:

A year ago, while in Canada, I made contact with a targeted woman living in Quebec, and ended up meeting her. She sounded young over the phone, but in person I could see she’d been prematurely aged. There’s no mistaking the effects of real, long term, chronic exposure to microwave-frequency radiation that significantly heats a person’s body tissue; I saw the before and after pictures, and observed that at age 40 she had looked young and healthy, but just seven years later she looked like an unhealthy 70 year old, and had several chronic health problems. She also confided she thought her parents had been attacked, using the same kinds of weapons.

Having absorbed this example of what long term radiation exposure does to a person’s health, I headed back to my base camp, distressed at what I had seen. Shortly afterwards, I was electronically attacked and urged to submit to overt mind control, which I briefly gave in to. Then I shook it off, and was “punished” with the sensation of microwave radiation - which, in the light of what I’d recently witnessed, was terrifying.

In retrospect, I understand that the whole episode was a psy-op.

Two well-known targeted individuals help spread the belief that targets are being attacked in damaging ways, even when there are no obviously visible effects. One, a regular on the conference calls, repeatedly mentions his attacks at the hands of people using “surplus microwave equipment” and frets out loud about the “damaging effects of electromagnetic radiation”. Another howls to anyone who will listen about microwave attacks coming from fusion centers17, advancing two psychological operations for the price of one.

Getting targeted individuals to believe they are being attacked with invisible and damaging microwave emissions also leads them to waste time and money on countermeasures and detection equipment.18

This disinformation campaign has paid lots of dividends.


Mind control victims have, in effect, been put to work as unpaid propagandists. As a result, keeping up with the torrents of disinformation related to targeting is a full time job.

The organizations responsible for the underlying propaganda will never stop pumping out disinformation. It’s not reasonable to expect a few heavy lifters to unravel all the misleading claims related to clandestine operations. Sitting back and letting trusted authorities explain the world to us is how we got into this mess in the first place.

Acting on misconceptions can be ruinous. Witnesses, victims, and curious onlookers who don’t accept the responsibility of unraveling the truth underlying widespread beliefs - no matter how preposterous they seem - risk being preyed upon by the parties spreading misinformation.

Your mind is the ultimate defense against propaganda. You just have to be willing to use it.


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