The following article is being presented due to its overall accuracy and the importance of the information in contains.  However, I specifically warn the reader that I believe that the last section, under the paragraph heading "Mass Surveillance" is factually incorrect and misleading for two reasons:

  1. It questions whether such surveillance is technically feasible, where I do not believe there is any reason for such a question.  
  2. It also speaks of a hypothetical "device" external to the body of the subject, where I do not see any reason for such speculation when technology implanted in the brain which makes this possible is an undisputed fact of modern science, even in the unclassified literature (see my Special Exhibits: Mind Control for documentation).

I present the article unedited as the author originally published it, so that the reader can judge for themselves.   However, I have "greyed out" the section of text I find factually misleading. JP


What information can be gathered through the use of mental surveillance?

Posted by jeremy on April 24, 2011 4:40 pm.

Russell Tice wanted to tell Congress about surveillance abuse at the NSA, but nobody in Congress had the security clearance to hear what he wanted to say.


One desired outcome of the psychological warfare waged against a targeted individual is the discreditation of the target. The targeted individual will be made aware of things that the general public assumes to be impossible, or that don’t happen to “nobodies” like him; the target’s insistence on facts his associates think they know not to be true helps discredit him in their eyes. Mental surveillance is one of those things that “everyone knows” either can’t possibly exist, or is never used against middle aged nobodies.

Mental surveillance, mentioned briefly in the Electronic Harassment section, has a few advantages over traditional forms of surveillance. It picks up high quality and real-time information about the person of interest’s location, focus of attention, and plans; it is an essential tool in psychological warfare campaigns directed at a single person.

To move this article along, I’ll assume what many targets have good reason to believe - that mental surveillance is computer-mediated, and that the target’s mental activity can be processed into human-readable form, enabling digital processing and play-back to the target or an observer.

Is this possible?


However, we’ll have to assume mental surveillance is more advanced - and therefore developed more recently - than electronic mind control.1

Don’t overestimate it

Some targets believe, based on the ability of their harassers to get at their past history and memories, that there is some sort of remote brain scan capability which doesn’t depend on the target thinking about his past. There’s a handful of alternative (and simpler) explanations:

  • The target might have been singled out a long time before his targeting was made obvious, and would have been under surveillance all that time.
  • Many people are under this kind of surveillance all the time, and when an individual is targeted, his record is turned over to the person or persons managing his case.
  • Information about the target’s background was gathered through conventional means, and he was interrogated subliminally about key events in his life (read on).

The basics

The simplest kinds of information picked up this way:

  • Sensory monitoring: If you see it, hear it, or feel it, your observer is picking it up. Every sensation you’re conscious of is processed by your brain. Not only are they getting what’s in your field of vision, but what you’re looking at, via eyeball tracking.
  • Conscious verbal thoughts: If you think sentences, not only is your observer getting those sentences, but they’re automatically converted into text for further processing.
  • Visualization: Again, if there’s a picture or movie in your mind’s eye, the observer is getting it.
  • Probing experiential knowledge: Concepts and images presented to the target will provoke a different kind of mental reaction depending on whether or not the target has experience with them. This method was used in India to convict a suspected murderer in 20082.
  • Position and movement of limbs: This should be obvious, but it deserves some special attention because of the anxiety caused by one kind of invasion of privacy - read on.

There’s probably not spy cameras in your shower

Commercial motion-capture systems can convert the movements of an actor into an animated model. The more advanced systems used on targets can do the same thing without any added sensors.

The position of your body parts relative to each other is known to your observers, even in darkness. You have a built-in sense for this, called kinesthesia or proprioception3. So if you raise your hand to scratch your head, this is known to your observers in real time.

The kind of picture they’re getting of you, if they’re even interested in that information to further your harassment campaign, is comparable to the rendering of a character in a video game. It’s an important capability, but it’s not the same as looking at you directly.

If you look at yourself in a mirror while naked, then yes, they have a picture of your body. But otherwise, probably not.

Subconscious verbal thoughts

Here’s where we begin to merge science with psychological operations. The ability to pick up subconscious thoughts will often be exaggerated, as an intimidation tactic, and as a way of tricking the target into revealing the significance of something his harassers noticed him paying attention to.

However, it is likely the case that stereotypical thought processes are associated with common phrases in most people’s minds. So as a target idly lets his thoughts follow the path of least resistance, those phrases are triggered, forming incomplete sentences, and picked up.

Subconscious verbal thoughts are apparently at a much higher rate of effective speech than conscious verbal thoughts. For example, I’ve been treated to a unique harassment episode (an “everything you do, we can do better” psychological operation belittling my interest in neural interfaces) in which several capabilities, including subconscious verbal thought monitoring and voice morphing, were demonstrated; my verbal thoughts were echoed and distorted before I could fully formulate them.

This capability is also used to alert the target’s watchers to every single word he notices or reads, in real time.

Subliminal interrogation

Using the above techniques in combination with well-timed stimuli, the target can be interrogated without even realizing he’s being interrogated. These stimuli may be strategically-placed objects the target’s attention is drawn to, messages placed in television or radio shows, web pages the target views, or even subliminal messages delivered directly to his mind.

Mass surveillance

The preferred location for a mental surveillance device is far away from any possible sources of RF interference or tampering, but positioned so as to be able to read a target’s thoughts no matter where he goes. Once the surveillance device is built and put into place, it is in position to surveil not just targeted individuals, but everyone in range. Why wouldn’t the owners of the device want to watch as many people as possible?

While it is not clear that real time mass mental surveillance and processing is feasible today, it’s worth pointing out that the really valuable information picked up from surveilled persons’ thought processes (meta information indicating what is significant to each person) is at a much lower bit rate, at most a few kilobits per second per individual, which is well within the processing and data warehousing abilities of the NSA and other major intelligence agencies. (Text stricken and greyed by JP 8-14-2013)

Just as Echelon has been data-mining the world’s phone conversations on a large scale for decades, so too would mass mental surveillance pick up valuable information on a large scale. Most people take it for granted that this kind of information can’t possibly be gathered. The assumption of guaranteed privacy makes the information all the more valuable, and this assumption also intensifies the shock when a target realizes it isn’t private. 


  1. ^ In “Radio silence on mind control research for 30 years”, I point out that researchers were getting spectacular results with electronic mind control in the 1960’s, but all they had to monitor mental activity with was EEG monitors. Translating cranial electrical impulses into human-readable form seems to require lots of processing power. (Note that the NSA has always had the most powerful computers.)
  2. ^ "India’s Novel Use of Brain Scans in Courts Is Debated"; New York Times, September 15, 2008.
  3. ^ Wikipedia's page on proprioception
  4. ^ "Inside the Puzzle Palace", Reason Magazine, January 2006.


  1. Re: What information can be gathered through the use of mental s  SARROUB

    Thanks for your remarkable article. I have just something really important to let you know about ‘memories’.
    you contest this ;
    “Some targets believe, based on the ability of their harassers to get at their past history and memories, that there is some sort of remote brain scan capability which doesn’t depend on the target thinking about his past”.

    As a old TI, over 8 years - I can assure you that ‘they have ability to get at my past and memories!… They know things about my life it’s impossible to know otherwise. Believe me, I’m very sure of this.

    Best regard
    Mourad Sarroub

    April 25, 2011 05:08:32 AM

  2. reply  |  quote
    • Re: What information can be gathered through the use of mental s  rich

      You are absolutely correct with your analysis. Every last piece of it. I am impressed that you are able to be so organized if it is happening to you currently. The videos you shared were particularly impressive. I did not know public research was available that showed visual brain images captured like the one with the cat. What’s not public is that it’s real-time, HD, for the NSA and CIA, and includes anything you think about, or visualize (picture an orange in your head).

      Regarding Mourad’s comment:

      I’m only a 1 year veteran, but I tested the hell out of what was happening to me, as is natural, and a subconscious reaction when attacked. While I was never in control, the brain observes, and records it’s experiences, as it (I) is allowed to. What I learned is that you tell them everything about your life within 6-8 months time. It’s amazing the amount that you think on a daily basis, and what memories are triggered by regular daily events, without the extra encouragement they experiment with from time to time. You can’t hide information, because you have to have thought of it to determine what it is that you don’t want to tell someone, and by that point the cat’s well out of the bag. In fact, they can speed up or slow down your thought process at will, so the ball is certainly not in your court.

      I think the only way you could hide a fact, is by never thinking about it, which would mean (a) you got lucky, (b) they aren’t good at their jobs… yeah right! This is definitely David VS Goliath. The hardest part for a TI is the fact that you operate on probabilities for everything. Am I tired, or are they making me tired? Do I have a headache, or did they give me one? You know it’s possible, because they’ve done all manner of abuse to you, completely remotely. Then again, is it remotely done, or did I get some implant at some point? Probabilities keep you sane and from believing something that might not be the case, but they can frustrate you to the point of insanity just as easily.

      April 25, 2011 07:06:16 AM

    • reply  |  quote
      • Re: What information can be gathered through the use of mental s  Alice

        Hi Mourad
        I believe you, I’ve been through the same. I had no memories of most of my childhood, Then My grandmother spoke of me missing, the area was hunting for me and a cousin, when she spoke of the old truck and a well. I remember there were men in suites (what some called the men in black). Othere memoeies came back, then one night my baby sister was suppose to be sleep walking, the banged on my grandmaothers door, saying help me the men are after me again, over their, my grandmother pulled her in the house, they search for these men. There was no one around, they told her it was just a bad dream and she was sleep walking. But for a dream why did we both have lost memories of our childhood, And when little things are spoke of, why do when we remember do we have the description of the same men, who came and took us away. I was (from what my grandmother said)two years old. I wish I could remember my past then I might remember where we was taken and what was done to us. As you can see I’ve lived this all my life, and I don’t know why. I didn’t become a ware of this until 1996 or 1997. I was born in 1968.

        April 25, 2011 07:25:06 AM

      • reply  |  quote
        • Re: What information can be gathered through the use of mental s  CT lady

          How are they obtaining the information? Remote viewing? You refer to a surveillance device. How does the device pick up detailed information about what you are thinking/feeling?

          April 25, 2011 01:14:38 PM

        • reply  |  quote
          • Re: What information can be gathered through the use of mental s  jeremy

            This article doesn’t answer how it works, but what effect it would have. I’m being intentionally vague about what form the surveillance might take, because there’s no proof this sort of thing is happening. No… really… before anyone else chimes in, there’s no proof. There’s just proofs-of-concept like the cat video above.

            Later, I’ll get into what leads a target to believe his mind is being read.

            That said… “remote viewing” is a pretty obvious military psy-op. (I just put a note up about this in the Radioactive Waste section of the forum.)

            April 25, 2011 01:51:55 PM

          • parent  |  reply  |  quote
          • Re: What information can be gathered through the use of mental s  Carol Baldwin

            This information has really opened my eyes today… & although my comment is really ‘sync & trigger techniques’, today it all clicked somehow, especially after reading this email. Someone will usually call or be here before my ‘brain pill’ kicks in. Since I’ve so many trigger words to project an unwanted feeling - their goal is accomplished. I will then be tricked when going to a store with people appearing like perps & I will make a comment which, of course makes me look bad. Then on the internet, ie: today ads for Mothers day, & after that another ad underneath will focus my eyes that says, ‘Dumped’. Then I get a call from a young man who kept apologizing because no courtesy van is available anymore. This all in 1 morning because they know I have plans for a relative to really help me. I get home and people are waiting to laugh and make implied comments against me. Thank you, Carol B Have they really ruined my plans, maybe, or to induce whatever paranoia they want to? (My relative knows what is being said somehow)

            April 25, 2011 03:14:09 PM

          • reply  |  quote
            • Re: What information can be gathered through the use of mental s  Roxanne

              I have had the experience of my attention being focused onto signs and other environmental things I wouldn’t normally pay attention to.

              April 26, 2011 04:49:55 AM

            • parent  |  reply  |  quote
              • Re: What information can be gathered through the use of mental s  Turner

                Come to think of it “Me Too” and its now that I recall this for sure thats what it was. See we must keep exposing this evil down to the details of whats happening to us… That is one of their tac-tics when they’re busted they’ll call another perp on the scanner or over the wire less network(maybe even just a cell) and have that perp pull up as if they were metting them there and I know alot of these vehicles are not what the sign/advertisment on them are its a cover/LIE to fool us as they try to look inconspicuous “its A Perp” but ofcourse they have their cover story down and will even have a fake customer to pop up, back them up and then we’re supposed to look Crazy/doubt ourselves like “oh maybe i am paranoid…” we’re NOT. And yes we know every single vehicle is not a stalker, but most of them are and I live in a small “military town” it seems here alot of people are easier or to recruit or it could just be the same amount every where cause the NWO’s agenda is to control EVERY BODY! That the perps/stalkers don’t seem to understand/know so is That up to us to teach them/save them too save us all. Has God chosen some of us TI’s to expose to the recruits just whats going to happen to them after they’ve been used up stalking us? For once they KNOW the Truth they have No excuse…

                God bless us all

                April 26, 2011 11:11:29 AM

              • parent  |  reply  |  quote
              • Re: What information can be gathered through the use of mental s  lkjohnson

                I had an event that leads me to think they are viewing thoughts, and acting on them. I heard sounds in the living room,and it woke me up. I put my hand on my gun, with intentions, of confronting the intruder, then I went to sleep and woke up hours later. The amt of adrenalin runing through the body at the time would not have allowed sleep, and I know it was not a dream. I had left something out that was taken so I know someone was really in the house. How did anyone know I put my hand on the gun, when I had fluffy bedding and a down comforter, so even with a camera it would not have been seen? How was I so incompacitated so quickly? I know targeting starts way before the big show, so its hard to determine a time frame.

                April 26, 2011 12:10:39 AM

              • reply  |  quote
                • Re: What information can be gathered through the use of mental s  Roxanne

                  This event implies they were reacting to your own thought, not just planting thoughts.

                  April 26, 2011 05:04:50 AM

                • parent  |  reply  |  quote
                  • Re: What information can be gathered through the use of mental s  lkjohnson

                    I am not aware they are planting thoughts, it is always a possibility, and if they are it is subtile, and not perseptible. Reacting to my thoughts is the only conclusion I can come to. That is so creepy! The people that prowl in my house do so frequently, and must feel assured they will walk out. I do have something that I thought was a satellite, and now think it may be a drone, that is visable at night at my house. It has followed my car at night to the store. So it has a capability for surveilance, and maybe it has other functions that explain this story. The U.S. Air Force has begun flying unmanned aircraft equiped with surveilance system, called Gordon Stare, and can report 65 images at a time. The system consists of 9 video cameras mounted on a drone, and can report physical movement in an entire small town.How it is being used is unknown for security reasons.This was developed for use in Afganistan.

                    May 1, 2011 03:26:43 AM

                  • parent  |  reply  |  quote
                • Re: What information can be gathered through the use of mental s  Alice

                  I know that for months now, I’ve been hit with some thing, this causes over heating of the body and sweating. Then it’s gone. I’ve woke with my heart racing and body shaking, for no reason. Two weeks ago my TV began to static for no reason ( flat screen samsung) then one morning it started again, then I heard voices come over it. She’s sitting on the love seat. I was. I began to laugh, if they knew or had a brain they’d know that I know. Every time they point some thing at my apt. I know, I feel it. I hate to say this but I’ve began F*cking with them. Girls got to have some fun. Now I’ve developed a cough with heavey muscus. I know it’s shit they point at me.The thing is I’m so senitive I know when they point any thing at me. I do know that micorwave dishes has side effects. One is roting your teeth in you mouth, this has happened to me. I’ve also had cancer from then shit they point at me. Yet I’m still standing, I guess I’m just to bull headed to give up.

                  In the last two weeks I’ve developed small pin like sore in different areas of my body, again side effects of what’s being pointed at me. This began when the over heating of the body began. They look like small burns. They will never get what they want by hurting me. I would think they know this by now. I guess not. No their not good at their job, sloppy is more like it. I don’t think they care, they think their untouchable. If they think you can control another with pain and mistreament, they should look at history, it has never worked in the past, it wont work now. I have found out it is illegal for them to experiment on other people,unless it’s in your own country. This doesn’t give them the right to do this to us. But as history has proven over and over again. A government that does these things falls.

                  Any one who trys to help or stop what is happening to us their self becomes a target. I don’t let any one get involved. However, I found that when two of my friends who have seizures who come around me start having unexplained seizures, It’s this tech their pointing at my apt.? I’m not sure how but I hope some one can give me an anwser. These people have done nothing. Chris have three back to back, Heidi have a grandmal.If I can find out what can cause that then I can research it.One night Heidi spent the night at our house, she had four in a two hour span. I’ve noticed my room mate has begin to for get little things like locking the front door. now he’s been having trouble sleeping.He also began conplaining about being tired all the time, wants to sleep a lot. These are side effects of what’s being pointed at my apt. So as you can see I’m not the only one being effected.My room mate is also complained about body pain, joint and other areas. This happens to me, they come and go, out of no where as fast as it start it stops. I developed an ear ache, a larg knot appeared behind my ear. I mean it hurt bad. then as soon as it started it gone. ear infections don’t do that without meds.. Then one night ( six months Later) my ear began to bleed, a blood vesel ruptured, the doctor said, there was no infection.How it happened is beyound me. There was no pain or anything. He could not explain what caused it. He never seen anything like it.

                  Amy came to me years ago telling me she was being attacked by forces she could not see. Of course being in OTO, she believed she was being spirit attacked. I told her I did not think so. She told me things she had seen and been through. At the time I found it impossible to believe. There’s no way, this was signs of a mental break down or worst. I was in great fear for her. She left the state of Ohio, it got worst I beg her to return I wanted to help. She did. Then it started with me, every thing she told me that happened to her, I lived through. Then only did I understand it.I told her I was sorry I tought she was having a mental break down, it’s real, I know that now. Now I don’t question, unless trying to understand it, I have never again called some one a liar when they tell me what’s happening to them. The story which happen to Amy and me go’s back to a night that her and I witnessed. I think we got to close to their tech., this is why we are paying the price. It’s a long story. i think it go’s back to that night. This is when my and her hell began. If any one has anwsers to what this could be, please let me know. I have friends who are being effected. They’ve done nothing.

                  April 26, 2011 05:24:55 AM

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