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When a targeted person or audience isn’t aware of an agenda, mind control techniques - the non-invasive, non-traumatizing varieties - are at their most effective. There are many such techniques that bypass a naïve target’s awareness, and don’t have anything to do with technology: deception, inside knowledge of a trap that’s being set for the target, and predictive programming are among them.

Ideas may be the most potent tool of manipulation. If a person weren’t aware of an underlying agenda behind his ideas, there would be no reason not to act on them, much less question them.

It would never occur to him that the ideas weren’t his own.

The hidden mind control infrastructure

Subliminal commands are only detectable indirectly, by way of the coincidences they create… making a decision spontaneously is the same as letting your handler make it for you.

Apparently, a secret mind control infrastructure has been developed, making it possible to send commands directly to the subconscious of anyone at will1, allowing for mind control that is undetectable to people around the target, not to mention the target himself. Because the recipients aren’t aware of the instructions they’re receiving or the significance of what they’re being asked to do, they are puppets in the hands of people sending them commands.

An important point is that individuals controlled in this way who receive commands that seem “reasonable” will not be aware of them, yet what they see will be noticed, and remembered. This is one of the many reasons why it’s so important for targets to not over-react to other peoples’ behavior.

How do I know about this, if it’s undetectable?

Subliminal commands operate at the subconscious level. You can’t be consciously aware of what you’re being told to do subliminally, and you can’t see others being commanded in this way. Subliminal commands are only detectable indirectly, by way of the coincidences they create; only the target of those coincidences would notice them all, and understand their significance.

I’ll be getting into exactly what kinds of coincidences suggest the use of this mind control technique, in the final section of this article.

What can a recipient of subliminal commands be made to do?

The recipient can be made to do anything which doesn’t set off his mental censors. You can think of your mental censors as the parts of your mind that tell you, “Don’t do that, it’s dangerous/wrong”; these censors include your moral judgement, your expertise in a given situation, and aversions.

One very common subliminal tactic which would not ordinarily set off any censors is distraction. If there is no external reminder, a target may be distracted from an important goal or duty indefinitely. A target who is socially isolated would have no reason to be reminded of the goal he’s being distracted from.

Some general strategies used against targeted individuals which seem to enhance the effect of subliminal commands are to put them in situations where they have few censors preventing them from making ruinous mistakes due to a lack of expertise2, or surrounding them with known reprobates who are naturally inclined to be nasty to strangers. Also, the target may be led to believe through several years of psychological warfare that certain people around him are attacking him, and be subliminally urged to assault them3.

Can you resist this?

It may not be possible to resist subliminal commands used against you directly, without the use of shielding. You can resist them indirectly, by avoiding spontaneous decisions that might lead to personal harm; making a decision spontaneously is the same as letting your handler make it for you.

These are some good rules for anyone to follow, which are mandatory once you’re targeted:

  • Think before you speak or write;
  • When operating dangerous equipment (such as an automobile), don’t let yourself be distracted, even for an instant;
  • Carefully research major financial decisions - if you don’t understand something, don’t throw money at it;
  • Develop frugal habits to keep other financial decisions from bleeding you dry.

You can fight the use of subliminal commands on others around you, discreetly, by making them think twice before they speak or act. If someone you interact with regularly is behaving in an obviously inappropriate way, scold him or draw others’ attention to those actions (shaming him).4

I’ve seen targeted individuals tricked into fighting with each other by being made to trigger each other. To overcome this kind of manipulation, they have to meet halfway, by frankly discussing these issues. In the long run, targets have to overcome their triggers; it is not reasonable to expect everyone in the world to memorize long lists of common phrases or words that are forbidden in the target’s presence. In the short term, when targets are recovering from the physiological changes in their brain caused by targeting5, others who understand the process should respect the recovering target, and tread lightly.

What are the signs of subliminal commands?

Coincidences created through the use of subliminal commands are detectable, even if the commands themselves aren’t. Some very commonly used tactics are listed below.

Media mirroring

The classic TI example of media mirroring is: you say an unusual phrase, and a character on the television or radio immediately repeats it.6 Alternatively, you might be having a conversation while on the road, and scenery repeats themes from that conversation; a newly erected billboard, or a passing commercial vehicle with an unusual advertisement, for example.

The explanation is simple, and economically efficient, but shocking. Your harassers had advance knowledge of the media events that you were about to witness, and made you speak about them first, by ordering you to at a subconscious level.

Numerological coincidences, created by you

There are many ways your seemingly innocent actions create numerological coincidences. You might take actions (such as glancing at the clock) at significant times; or you might make purchases that add up to those significant numbers. What tells you something funny is happening is that they occur far more often than chance would allow.

You were made to create those coincidences, by way of the subliminal instructions you received.

Taking credit

You witness highly improbable occurrences that seem to require enormous commitments of manpower or money, or decades of planning, to arrange. You may even have been “warned” about those occurrences in advance.

These incidents weren’t created by your harassers, although they’d like you to think so. They are taking credit for events they had foreknowledge of, by moving you into place to witness them, as if you were a video game character.7

“Covert hostility”

People you encounter are acting in ways which suggest they know far too much about your personal life, but seem to be sneaky about it; they use loaded phrases/gestures with double meanings, or casually re-use unusual phrases you uttered in privacy, word for word. These people don’t know nearly as much about you as you think they do.8

The sheer sneakiness of the behavior is the giveaway; all those people are simply not clever or trained enough to hide their participation in the stalker network you naturally imagine they belong to. You’re not getting messages from hundreds or thousands of people; you’re getting messages from a tiny handful of stalkers or even one stalker who’s making people in your vicinity act out, using subliminal commands. Your stalkers are being sneaky about it, because the persons being used in this way can’t be allowed to know they appear hostile to you. They have to believe your reactions to them are uncalled-for.

I’ve coined a phrase to describe widespread “covert hostility” of this sort: high-tech stalking by proxy.9


  1. ^ Note that while it is fashionable to state that the mind control infrastructure involves the use of satellites, the jury is still out on what form the mind control infrastructure might take.
  2. ^ A target may be blacklisted from an industry where he has years or decades of deep experience, for example.
  3. ^ I call this tactic criminal persuasion, and argue for leniency in “Responsibility for actions taken in response to subliminal commands”.
  4. ^ “Installing censors in your harassers’ minds, and outing operatives”; 8/27/2010.
  5. ^ “Extreme harassment episodes” (9/30/2010) talks about the tactics used to alter a target’s perceptions at a sub-rational level.
  6. ^ “Personalized psychological warfare via radio and TV”.
  7. ^ “Taking credit”; 9/14/2010.
  8. ^ “The privacy issue”.
  9. ^ “High-tech interstate stalking by proxy: understanding the crime”; 9/8/2010.


  1. Re: Totally undetectable mind control: subliminal commands, expl  Turner

    They’re doing this more than I thought… Even just 2 years ago when watching the special features on a DVD during the “making of” section the director was explaing some a character description and then I said to myself not alloud but under my breath (my lipps did move) the lable of that type of person something I don’t usually say then the Director on the screen said it. I thought I came up with it and said it before him, but NO IT WAS the stalkers using the device on me… Alot of times this has happened now that I’ve read your above info instances are really standing out this will help me block these evil doers as I have been just ignoring coincidances Knowing that its could not be and most likely my co worker/any individual involed did’nt think to say/do what they did, but there are some I know have to be recruits or being recruited. Like the ones who REALLY look for a response from you as the rest of the individuals keep working/go on their way Thank you Jeramey your site is helping us all & I want to help more & will continues to share to expose this evil

    God bless us all

    April 12, 2011 04:55:53 PM

  2. reply  |  quote
    • Re: Totally undetectable mind control: subliminal commands, expl  Roxanne

      Me too. I feel like a cyborg.

      April 12, 2011 06:50:26 PM

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    • Re: Totally undetectable mind control: subliminal commands, expl  Turner

      There is a whole lot more examples that i’ve forgotten details about but FORCED SPEECH was used on me to say something out loud at work and that incident added with some other little incidents is how I was Fired come to think of it that is Fired from a couple of jobs these past years see these stalkers are working off of our routines, favorites, and things we usually think/say to others or in our minds. They can’t have me they can not wear down this Saint share this with all

      God bless us all

      April 12, 2011 05:03:30 PM

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      • Re: Totally undetectable mind control: subliminal commands, expl  joc

        Hi Jeremy.

        I was driving in my car thinking about how I liked a version of a song on the radio done by another artist better than the one playing. The dj comes on and says, “you tolerate version x of this song but you really like version y.”What a bizarre thing for him to say on the radio and it mirrored my thoughts exactly.

        How on earth would they do that? Was I influenced to think that at that time? How could they get the dj to say that? How could they pull that off? I don’t get it.

        April 17, 2011 06:02:58 PM

      • reply  |  quote
        • Re: Totally undetectable mind control: subliminal commands, expl  jeremy

          Well, of course, it could be coincidence. But I’ll assume you’re getting way too many coincidences of this nature to write it off as chance.

          This is something I’ve talked about in the article, above: media mirroring. Most of the media mirroring TI’s complain about seems to happen on the TV, but radio media mirroring does happen. Basically, if you assume the controlling organization has its fingers in not only you, but major media outlets - that is, they have foreknowledge of things that are going to happen in broadcast media, or in the case of radio stations, even have some control over the DJ - then it makes a lot of sense:

          • They knew the DJ was going to say that, or they knew a commercial interruption was coming up and they made him say that.
          • They made you think about the subject shortly before the DJ came up.

          The implications are unpleasant, but there they are. I’ve had ideation along certain lines shortly before several major events which suggested that my handlers had foreknowledge of those events. It’s not clear how much control they have, but they can get you to think about stuff without making you aware that the line of thought isn’t your own idea.

          April 18, 2011 05:51:18 AM

        • parent  |  reply  |  quote
        • Re: Totally undetectable mind control: subliminal commands, expl  joc

          I would not have thought it was anything other than odd except I HAD ALREADY BEEN LOCKED IN A HOSPITAL FOR A MONTH WITH PEOPLE RESPONDING TO MY THOUGHTS IN REAL TIME. They knew a lot about me and seemed to be trying to effect my subconscious mind. Now I sometimes wake up with people saying things in my head, though it always stops as I start to wake up. Any clue what they are saying? What is the objective here? What could the goal possibly be. They’ve already socially isolated me and made me unable to work. What else could they want? Suicide? It’s been 13 years and I’m getting more active socially and trying to find a way to represent myself to the world as a TI and get the message out that were not insane.

          April 18, 2011 02:37:49 PM

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          Archived comments (no replies allowed)
        1.   Colin

          Spiritual (psychological) warfare. It’s battle for hearts and minds.
          You’re getting there Jeremy, and they’re getting impatient. And more confident…they’re nearly ready to tell all. They think they can justify they’re actions and avoid prosecution. It’s got bigger than them.

          October 14, 2010 07:30:18 AM

          •   joejimbob

            Mind control doesn’t require technology. Religions have been controlling people’s minds for thousands of years, simply with threats of death or torture AFTER death. I grant that modern techniques probably use technology, but religions have this gig DOWN.
            How else do you explain the Catholic Church’s legacy of child rape, in plain sight and accompanied by reams of their OWN documentation–and yet, no Bishop or Cardinal has been jailed!

            October 14, 2010 02:40:39 PM

            •   jeremy

              Couple of things here. First, you’re right, there are many forms of mind control (or covert coercion) which have nothing to do with technology. In the case you’re talking about, the simplest explanation is that they’re protected by intelligence agencies now. Intelligence agencies love working with child molesters; those guys are blackmailed, and will do anything to avoid being exposed. A web of blackmail is a big part of the reason the corruption currently bringing America to its knees has been unchecked for so long. I’ve written about this tangentially in the past, and may address it more directly in the near future. In the meantime, check out the The Hidden Evil website, created by another targeted individual who has done a lot more research into the factors behind corruption than I have.

              Second, while institutional/prejudicial mind control is important, that’s not really what this article is about. It’s about the subversion of free will at the individual level. Targeted individuals reporting the kinds of experiences I describe in the final section of the article know someone’s messing with them, but they need a unifying theory to explain those experiences. This article is about that unifying theory.

              October 14, 2010 03:23:26 PM

            • parent
          •   jake maverick

            excellent article, well written…but there can only be one solution to this!

            November 20, 2010 08:47:37 PM

            •   sarroub

              I’m a target individual from France and I’m so pleased with help you dispense. Referring to “subliminal command”, let me tell you about my son end his family.I noticed a while ago - that they try to give me directives against any logical behavior. My family and people whom I knew were manipulated without their knowledge and often used to make me carry out. I am especially afraid for my son, because I noticed to the announcement of certain words, he changed behavior and became very aggressive.
              I also learnt all the horrors of the project MONARCH and I am afraid.

              November 22, 2010 08:41:29 PM

              •   DANIEL J SWIECA

                Sarroub HI
                I know people talk of subliminal commands an triggers that threw the years on the early an low end of learning to manipulate people like puppets has been in the public domain for a long time. On the high current end of E/H no subliminals are needed to robitise anyone, it’s obsolete. There is controled movements, not theory for me and many induced emotions capabilities also not theory for me. with this technology. the theory part is these qualities transmited are from the perps themselves an the victime mimics them. This is not just say there is a random frequency for sorrow. The victim mimics the perps emotions of sorrow. THE VICTIM OF THE SO CALLED PARANORMAL THE PERCEPTION OF BEING TOUCHED THAT SO MANY TALK ABOUT IS THE PERPS BEING PHYSICALLY TOUCHED AN SENT TO US LABRATS. BUT PEOPLE IN THE PARANORMAL END DON’T KNOW THAT OR ARE INTERESTED IN IT BECAUSE THEIR MAKING MONEY OFF THE THEME. The certain word anouncements you noticed were a game for you to follow. To reinforce old thinking TO SHOW NO ADVANCEMENT. The high tech players are disinformation specialists an mind game players. What they show you hides really what they do. FOR TI’S WHO ASK WHY YOU? YOUR ALIVE AN BREATHING THATS THE ANSWER. BEST OF LUCK TI’S IT’S NOT JUST US TI’S ALL ARE IN THIS SICK GAME.

                November 26, 2010 07:53:46 PM

              • parent
                •   jeremy

                  Daniel, the difference between overt muscular control and subliminals is that the overt muscular control is obvious. Subliminals are potentially much more dangerous, because you don’t notice them.

                  November 27, 2010 01:03:48 AM

                • parent
                  •   DANIEL J SWIECA

                    Jeremy above I agree to your comment up to a point meaning at what stage a victim is of this hell. If a person is completely mind controlled overt muscular control isn’t obvious, victim doesn’t know their walking talking, seeing. Example like bing eating or have sex unknowingly. logically can’t be explained by a simple frequency but by victim mimicing perps movements. It’s out in public domain. if one is to say impossible. No doubt pills are being made as i type for it, when none are needed. NOW THERE MAY BE A DIFFERENCE OF DEFINITION OF SUBLIMINALS BETWEEN US JEREMY. I would take subliminals as unknowing commands for a reaction in a lower stage of this hell. if one were to ask which is more dangerouse i would say their equal. For ti’s as an example of a goodness front played an unknowing experimented lab rat to show how smart perps are. go to there is the goodness front played, her thinking mind does not know what her body is doing. her heart is raced to 180 beats a minute for 12 hours. her body collects water. the goodness front is for nothing wrong could be happening. SMART MOVE ON PERPS PART. There was no goodness front for my heat induced heart attack.

                    November 27, 2010 02:38:25 PM

                  • parent