Posted by jeremy on September 13, 2010 9:11 pm.

It’s time to review what’s happened since you were made aware you were targeted, and question everything:

  1. Which makes more economic sense: hundreds or thousands of people recruited to harass a single target for years on end; or a much smaller number of operatives, plus the use of electronic mind control technology on people around the target? If you believe the former, why hasn’t a single recruit been caught, or spoken out?
  2. You’ve seen and heard what they want you to see and hear, and you’ve read online and printed explanations, which may have been sponsored or influenced by the very same people behind your campaign. Do you really know what’s going on?
  3. Targets often report that they were targeted as a result of a run-in with the wrong person. Was that run-in engineered? Is the whole situation a confluence of interests, where the real perpetrators behind your campaign want to pin the whole thing on someone else, while the apparent instigator wants to appear more powerful and threatening than he is?
  4. You may have come up with ideas to test the forces behind your campaign, and received confirmation that you were correct. Were those ideas your own; or were actors/equipment moved into place so you could witness them in action, and then the ideas were placed in your mind?
  5. You may have witnessed apparent supernatural events or exhibited apparent psychic powers starting at an early age. Did it really happen, or were those experiences or abilities imposed on your senses through the use of electronic mind control?
  6. How many of the people you ran across in your campaign were really in on it? Do the individuals interacting with you even understand the double meanings uttered or well-timed actions taken in your presence?
  7. You know what a smear campaign looks like. If people around you were being electronically influenced to act as if they knew unflattering information about you, could you tell the difference? How?
  8. They may have been going after you for decades. Is your life being thrown away to advance a government-sponsored disinformation campaign?
  9. Is your conscious mind in control of what you do and where you direct your attention, or is it only a witness that invents explanations, after the fact?

I can’t answer these questions for you; they aren’t meant to be answered. The answers you come up with may be countered by convincing lies later this week.

You need to wake yourself up, and then wake other targets up.

Spread the word.

  1. Re: Time to wake up  Alice

    I lived this all my life. i would know some thing before it happened, but it always happened,some times weeks, months or a years later. It always happened just as I saw it. Even as a little girl. What i have of my memories, they don’t really start untill about age 5yrs, before 5yrs it’s only bits and pieces. After learning about mind control, I relized it wasn’t me. Even today I can still do it. I think it’s part of the program. I also wander if when I get that strange feeling I’ve seen this before, isn’t part of it? This bothered me,I really focus on it, then I remembered pits and pieces of dream. I think that’s programming to. I can’t prove any of this, I know what I lived through. Al

    January 30, 2011 07:23:44 AM

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    • Re: Time to wake up  victim2

      “Go ask Alice”

      My experience which started in 2002 after “911” is assaults of constant chemical agents and then coupled with constant electronic assaults. some of which appear to be or are interdependent.

      January 30, 2011 11:01:26 PM

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    1.   cindy

      It’s more difficult to say what is motivating the people who are involved in the mind game surrounding the harassment. For me, I know that my sister is behaving like she has an implant. The reason I say this is because she has been pushed & pulled, forced to cough & prevented from blowing her nose after that. They applied pressure to her lower back while she was standing in front of the sink to do the dishes in my house, as they have done to me. There should be no easy way for them to be tracking her inside & outside of my house. She verballizes & believes that she has back problems & they continue to hurt her because she believes the source is a bad back, a bad bed….yet I have seen on several occasions where she has done things that didn’t hurt her back, like stand in front of her own kitchen sink!

      September 14, 2010 12:49:30 PM

      •   Justin

        Yeah. Time to wake up.

        So far I have come across an arson fire, three murder deaths, and a case of lesbian bed death.

        September 15, 2010 05:54:04 PM

      •   Disillusioned

        Now that I can remember my past I get it. I am awake. Others do not know the reasons why they are stalking me otherwise I am sure they would not continue…especially the minority groups. Life is the most precious thing we have. Respect life no matter what. No one has a right to take it from anyone else!

        September 16, 2010 07:41:38 AM

        •   Justin

          Why was Bethany Storro wearing sunglasses in a dark alley? I don’t know, but I just woke up in the middle of the night with arc flash in my eyes, and I didn’t see anybody welding the other day. I don’t generally like to wear glasses when somebody’s arc-welding in the room, because when I look away, the arc still reflects off the back of the lens into my eye. I’ve been wearing contact lenses, which do protect against UV, but the whites of my eyes are still burned.

          My impression of this news story is that it is not a hoax but that Bethany Storro is not coming clean with the whole story. There was at first a claimed female assailant, which suggests jealousy as a possible motive. A love triangle does not necessarily involve a man, and neither are all sexually motivated stalkers male. I just don’t buy the story that she did it to herself.

          Her assailant was also claimed to be black. Unfortunately, blacks are still ending up in prison in disproportionate numbers for committing acts of violence in response to so-called “microinsults”. Discrimination is still a problem, but it’s time to lose the inferiority complex and the hypersensitivity that goes along with it. Laws such as affirmative action and the Swedish “hets mot folkgrupp” constitute a “white glove treatment” that serves to perpetuate feelings of inferiority and hypersensitivity among minorities and feelings of resentment and hatred among the majority. You cannot legislate racism away. You have to treat people with respect if you want them to respect you. Minorities give off mixed signals when they use words such as “nigger” and “faggot” as terms of affection among themselves, and yet interpret these same words as terrible insults when used by outsiders.

          Mixed signals are indicative of a red light district.

          September 21, 2010 07:24:05 AM

          •   cindy

            Justin, this light flash you are seeing & your eyes or head hurt…I have had the same thing happen to me in this house…my sister saw a light flash too at the same time while visiting. I was woken up to the reality 3 wks ago with an electonic transmission that took place behind my left eye. It came in through the pupil & went back to the retina, did a short back & forth at the retina & stopped. It was like a mini printer inside my eye that I could hear & feel. I believe I have an implant & discovered it only after I prepared & wore the microwave proof clothing & v2k cap, etc. They were beaming into the steel on the cap & hurting my head & eyes. I could see a camera in my eyes through my eyes. They even burned the paint off one of the discs. Speaking of SUNGLASSES: mirrored or not, they beam through it all. LADY GAGA has the right idea on the sunglasses if you google it. Also, I have seen my perps outside of their homes doing yard work, but wearing a floppy hat & dark sunglasses. hmmmmm. That’s what I wear inside my house. So, this is another explanation why I think everyone, including our personal perps who know we are good people & still continue to target us, have implants. They target people who know & tell, full time & those who don’t know only get targeted some of the time.

            September 22, 2010 02:27:05 PM

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            •   Justin

              The full story:

              I was stuck in traffic behind a raised drawbridge, so I shut off my engine and got out of my car to see what was going on. The bridge operator panicked and started dropping the bridge, and a little boat started racing full speed ahead to get out from under the bridge. I involuntarily made a hand motion to take it easy and lower the bridge slowly. The bridge started coming down, and the lady in the car ahead of me shined an invisible UV light that burned my eyes. Then I got back in my car, started it up and had it in gear by the time the bridge was back down.

              September 22, 2010 10:58:44 PM

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              •   batvette

                You mention this strange light, before I found out about being targeted (but I was well into the weirdness starting up)I would have instances at night at home where I could swear someone was beaming a laser into my apartment. I have those floor to ceiling vertical blinds, you know they are okay but light can get through edgewise. I would turn off all the lights and just faintly see this purplish light, and it wasn’t static- it would move, slowly, back and forth, as if it were intelligently scanning my apartment. I’d play cat and mouse with it, standing perfectly still in the dark, or moving very, very slowly, or hide behind a piece of furniture. It did seem to be scanning my apartment for my presence and would stop when it hit me- and I knew it was real because when it hit me in the face or I crossed the beam looking at it, my night vision was gone for a few minutes as if I stared at the sun.
                Not long after it dawned on me to use a night vision monocular I have, it’s older, not sophisticated and Russian made, but it does what it’s supposed to- amplify light, and does so farther in EM spectrum bandwidth than the eye could see. I started going to sleep on the couch with it and would see these faint beams like lasers crossing the room, moving around. Yet I never determined their source.
                Needless to say I began using a couple layers of sheets over the vertical blinds, and with everything else going on, stopped thinking about it.
                Gut feeling at the time I still kind of believe- the probability of a surveillance device using invisible lasers that can retrieve information- of light, images of where it’s been- modulated on a carrier beam- that scatters inside a dwelling, possible through the window to whatever will reflect and return the collected images.
                No too fantastic to imagine.

                John in San Diego

                September 23, 2010 01:38:43 AM

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          •   cindy

            I really love all that is covered in this section! When you say that not one recruit has been caught…there was that woman who got caught slandering the other woman at work & home & when she was supposed to go do her minimal jail time, she drove her car off Snoqualmie Pass. I think it’s very strange that I googled her & found no news about her condition - whether she lived or died, nothing…why? It seems to me that mind control is operative in the news media as well. For years I have seen political leanings in the news, newscasters projecting a certain angle on many stories or polical things, making certain people look a certain way. I think there are more people with implants that don’t even know it & news people are not immune to implants or are they protected from being beamed in on. I think that’s why the gang group calls their harassment covert. In my opinion & in my case, once I identified the continual assault as gang stalking, it was no longer covert. They want everything to be a big secret, but anyone with above average intelligence can see that certain things don’t add up. For me, things didn’t add up in my house when I was growing up as there seemed to be no other explanation for things other than to say my house was haunted. Now it all makes sense.

            September 22, 2010 02:06:35 PM

            •   cindy

              In my experience, the perpetrators want you to think it’s because you did something. It all started when I asked a bad tenant to move out. Several years before that, it all started because I noticed that a mystery neighbor poisoned my cat. Also, my business has been affected. They want me to think it’s a competitor. This is all BS. They want you to think it’s because of something else to take the focus off from them. I didn’t do anything wrong & neither did you.

              September 22, 2010 02:43:56 PM

              •   Jon McKinney

                My psycho/sociopathic ex-brother-in-law began stalking me in 1992 simply because he BELIEVED I DID SOMETHING TO HIM–-which was total B.S. then and REALLY TOTAL B.S. NOW. Some twised individuals just have to blame THEIR PROBLEMS AND F–UPS ON OTHERS, BECAUSE THEY ARE MENTALLY UNBALANCED AND CANNOT ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR OWN STUPIDITY, MISTAKES, OR ARE JUST PLAIN “OUT TO LUNCH”.
                Unfortunately for me, this goofball is hooked up with a major organized criminal outfit that ALL SEEM TO THINK ALIKE.
                So, now, instead of having one douchebag following me, I’ve got him, his family, and an unknown number of confederates following me for no good reason OTHER THAN HIS ORIGINAL MENTAL ILLNESS. I realize your situation sucks, but so does mine, and so does everyone else’s who has this problem. All I can say is you must find a way to deal with it, and don’t let it consume you or drive you bats. (easy for me to say, right?–-well good luck, and if you want to reply, I’ll give you some other advice I’ve learned over the years). Good Luck, and CIAO, Jon.

                September 22, 2010 09:01:21 PM

                •   Carol Baldwin

                  Jeremy, Your thinking is sharper than ever before. Thank you for your site. Also - as a heads up to others - be careful, they actually did take away my conscience about myself and my life for a few years…so, after years & years of research, torture and tears I finally realized how -and how long it took them to do this. So, it is possible-because these no good evil sobs know human nature and know how this happens naturally -and can inject this with high-tech manipulation and manuvers. My last personal handler many years ago received a corvette, & house with a jacuzzi for finally (so they thought) really ‘do me in’. I see others now as ‘mind controlled’ as never before…..about me-it is now obvious what they’re doing. A nose and teeth can be fixed and even a person’s body - but a brain is much harder to get back…

                  September 23, 2010 09:28:33 PM

                  •   bethm

                    to cindy i can guarentee i dont have implants but a lot of the e/h stuff that goes on changes frewuencies all the time i get the same thing with my back and head and eye mainly my orgnas and whole spine and its what i believed to be hitting your nerves,, with what could be high tech, maybe lasers / masers and i got the thing as well with everynow and again i see a stange smallish light source that maybe transmits, surveloience, but rread on jeremeys blog about this to,it scans you, and in fact i assume from what ive read already that possibly most of the world this happens to, and cause i remember is a satelite, but thats the only thing this particular thing does is just scanning, from a long way away…………………………………………………………. besides if you had a implant or your sister she would have that all the time even when she went out.

                    October 2, 2010 09:44:00 AM