Posted by jeremy on September 19, 2009 9:51 pm.

Rachael makes a very good point today, that the ongoing attacks have the effect of sapping your vitality. Part of this comes from the psychological damage from the gang-stalking and betrayal that many targets experience in the early stages.

When you’re gang-stalked and you don’t understand what’s going on, your fight-or-fight reflex kicks in, and you become incredibly stressed. Stress does physical damage to your body; it depletes your reserves. Not only that, but when you’re in fight-or-flight mode you crave sugary and starchy foods, which may be useful in running away from a cave bear or hunting a wooly mammoth, but is counterproductive in psychological warfare. The quick energy from sugars and starches won’t get you through years of gang stalking, and your dietary preferences will deprive you of vital nutrients, amplifying the downward spiral in your health.

Long term stress also enlarges the amygdala in your brain, at the cost of the hippocampus, which has the effect of making you more irrational and reducing your learning ability.

I have long suspected that the political climate of perpetual fear in the United States is crafted with long term objectives in mind, in addition to the obvious short term political goals. In essence, I believe this climate has the effect of lifelong low-level targeting on the majority of the United States’ population, reducing the populace’s ability to reason and diminishing its vitality. People who are not afraid because they can see through the bullshit tend to be much healthier and smarter.

It’s common for tactics to escalate. If you learn to cope with your current tactics, new ones will be adopted. There isn’t an easy answer to this dilemma. “Keeping you down” is a major goal of the harassers.

I favor safe houses, or better yet, entire safe communities, as a way of providing the essential security that is denied to TI’s. You have to have your health and basic physical security before you can start reaching for higher goals.