Posted by jeremy on November 18, 2009 8:36 pm.

“…to implement a free society… mind control resistance techniques will have to be integrated into educational systems.”

Let’s suppose that the libertarians were to get their hearts’ desire: a drastically smaller government, with lower taxes, and true freedom (as the libertarians envision it) for all individuals. I maintain that without a major attitude shift, a Libertarian society would end up being at least as oppressive as what we have now.

There’s a blind spot in Libertarian philosophy, exemplified by Russ Nelson’s October 31st blog entry:

Poor Tom! He fantasizes that once the tools of coercive collective action are created, intellectual such as himself will be in charge of directing the action. And yet, when you point him at collective action gone wrong (e.g. Jim Crow laws, or the War in *, or the War on Drugs), he’ll just tell you that the wrong people (e.g. George Bush) are in charge.

Libertarian philosophers make exactly the same mistake. They assume reasonable people such as themselves will be making the day to day decisions in the world they want to create.

In fact, most of the people of America (and indeed, the NATO nations), including libertarians, are in the grip of mind control: televisual and New Media neurolinguistic programming that blocks off avenues of thought and that guides the mind towards corporate/NWO-friendly solutions for whatever problems individuals or society might be facing. They might recognize their news and entertainment sources are misleading them, but they can only discuss what they’ve heard with other mind control victims. Most libertarians are rebelling against some tiny aspect of the mind control they face in their lives, but the big patterns are unchallenged.

The mind-controlled libertarians are unable to recognize that much of what they imagine “free people” would choose to do with their time is the product of this mind control programming, plus the heavily corrupted institutions they interact with. They are likewise unable to recognize that the institutional corruption they rightly despise goes all the way down to the bottom of the ladder.

The gang stalking that targeted individuals experience is implemented at the neighborhood level: police informants, civilian snitches, and neighborhood watchers/stalkers all contribute. Based on how seamlessly our stalking continues as we move to different areas or even different countries, we are forced to conclude that there is a chain of command that leads all the way up to an international organization. If one of the “links” (such as the United States government) were downsized or even removed, I see nothing to indicate that the gang stalking experience would be changed; we would simply be persecuted by Libertarian Party members instead of Republicans or Democrats.

Dismantling the shadow government won’t be enough to stop the flocking and herd behaviors that gang stalking feeds on. A massive deprogramming effort, similar to what some MKULTRA survivors go through, will be necessary at the societal level in order to even begin to implement a free society. Not only that, but mind control resistance techniques will have to be integrated into educational systems.

It is often said, and I agree, that anarchists and libertarians agree on 95% of political issues. I would say that the remaining 5% of disagreement is over what the individuals in a free society would do with their freedom. I don’t think that if my preconditions for a free society were to come about, free-thinking individuals would do what the libertarians think they should do.

That’s fine by me.