Posted by jeremy on February 1, 2011 9:39 pm.

… if the public can be deceived, so can you.

While experiencing tactics intended to demonstrate widespread hostility or derision towards a target, you saw the first flaws in the synthetic reality paraded before you - even if you didn’t realize it at the time.

Flaw #1: the surveillance.

You’ve been made aware you’re under surveillance. You only know you’re being surveilled because they’ve allowed you to know.1

How long have you been under surveillance? How extensive is the surveillance?

You only know answers to these questions that your harassers have provided. Do you trust them?

Flaw #2: the performances.

Increasingly obvious performances have been placed in front of your eyes, culminating in street theater - persons mimicking your private actions in full public view.

These performances are, quite obviously, staged. There’s nothing sincere or spontaneous about them; they’re arranged specifically for you to witness and remember.

Non-obvious performances

The performances you’ve watched and recognize as such aren’t dangerous, once you understand what you’re being led to believe. It’s the performances you don’t recognize that are dangerous, and are shaping your life right now.

Candid, or staged?

You’ve observed what you thought was candid behavior from persons who thought they weren’t being watched, or who ‘slipped up’. You drew conclusions from what you saw, or heard.

What if you were intended to see that behavior, or those mistakes?

Real or manufactured chain of events?

You may have received hints that a smear campaign was picking up momentum, for example, or that a conflict with another person was brewing, and what happened seemed to naturally develop out of those events.

Are those hints being fed to you by the very same people who arranged performances for you; are those hints and the subsequent events, themselves, performances?

Who’s really being deceived?

You imagine that the public is being systematically deceived about you, and to a certain extent you’re right. If your story should get widespread attention, your paper trail will tell damning lies about your history. The process works because the real explanation for the paper trail you’ve left behind is unbelievable, compared to the proffered explanation.

Are you, likewise, being systematically deceived about who’s after you, and why? Have you bought it because any alternate explanation is unbelievable?

If the public can be deceived, so can you.

On credibility

Targets of state-sanctioned organized harassment have all learned how important credibility is. Let’s review a few scenarios:

  • Tens of millions (or more) have been fooled about the prevalence of (depending on what you’re inclined to believe) networks of harassers, COINTELPRO operations, cults, etc.; and this has been going on for decades.
  • A few hundred thousand or so ‘harassers’ have been tricked into going after targets for years or decades, through smear campaigns and the like, and somehow not one of them has realized their mistake and spoken up about it.
  • A few hundred (or a few thousand) targeted individuals have been deceived.

Which is easier to arrange? Which is more credible?


If there are obvious performances put on for you, then there may also be non-obvious performances - which could become glaringly obvious later.

The non-obvious performances would, in some cases, imply the surveillance of you is even more extensive than you had imagined. They would also imply - in some cases - that because the non-obvious performances were so well-timed, the actors must be getting instructions in nearly real time.

You may not understand their methods yet, and only time will help you realize their objectives – but you’ve been presented with evidence that things are not as they seem.


  1. ^ As pointed out in “Behind your back: the psychological impact of unseen attackers”, if a surveillance team wanted to put you under surveillance without letting you know, it would be childishly simple to arrange.


  1. Re: Obvious and non-obvious performances  Elisabeth

    You are right. Thank you for all these extremely valuable information. I think these people are really, really crazy, really evil too. For us TIs to out-smart them is only a question of time. These evil dictators and their following dogs always think they are smarter than anyone else, they can fool and control millions of people, forever. History have always proved them wrong! Why these powerful modern mad men and women (in ALL COLORS) have to be any different from their ancient comrades?

    February 3, 2011 12:48:26 PM

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    • Re: Obvious and non-obvious performances  CT lady

      If they have obtained their objective ( the money and possessions they wanted) and have marginalized your life to the point of homelessness…….why do they persist? How do you remain a threat to a wealthy man who KNOWS you do not have the resources to file a lawsuit against him and who has “connections”……..6 years later?

      February 5, 2011 10:17:05 AM

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      • Re: Obvious and non-obvious performances  jeremy

        …..why do they persist? How do you remain a threat to a wealthy man who KNOWS you do not have the resources to file a lawsuit against him and who has “connections”……..6 years later?

        Perhaps you’re mistaken about who’s really after you. I know I was. And as with your case, my case was built around a person who seemingly had a pretty big incentive to go after me.

        February 5, 2011 10:28:46 AM

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        • Re: Obvious and non-obvious performances  jonjay


          Honestly, CT Lady has a major point. I am really starting to believe there is more to this than simple technology. I am starting to think it’s the way you perceive the world. If they are able to mind control someone with technology that is hooked to a machine, are you not able to interface with a machine. I know you hate when I reference movies, but what IF there are people with abilities being neutralized to sedate those abilities?

          I would suggest to all TIs, start perceiving the world differently. Start thinking you have power or some mental ability to manipulate your “enemies” to help you versus hurt you. The same studies that quote paranoid schizophrenia also mention that having a god complex is one of the first signs of insanity. I don’t say any theory is correct, but I can tell you that ever since I started chanting, meditating, BELIEVING I have an ability–crazier but positive things have been happening.

          Just try this for a week. Start believing that you have the control to manipulate others’ minds. Start believing that someone is out to get you because you are powerful. Do this enough, and for some reason, things start to change.

          February 5, 2011 01:44:01 PM

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          • Re: Obvious and non-obvious performances  jeremy

            I am starting to think it’s the way you perceive the world.

            There certainly is something to that, and that’s one of the points of this and the other articles in this series.

            what IF there are people with abilities being neutralized to sedate those abilities?

            Guess what? There’s a DSM-IV entry for TI’s who believe this about themselves: delusions of grandeur.

            Think back to what you’ve said on this site about how you came to believe you have special abilities, or that you’re special. You got all that from their statements to you, and from coincidences which might be confirmation bias, or might be something else which is entirely under their control.

            All the tactics are designed around getting TI’s to report symptoms from the DSM-IV. If you’re reporting an “insight” which mirrors another symptom from the DSM-IV, it’s likely that your conclusions have been engineered - by them.

            The way you perceive the world, indeed.

            February 5, 2011 02:31:03 PM

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            • Re: Obvious and non-obvious performances  anon

              Yep. fyi, conflating your modest life planning activities (like some modicum of normal life) with their own agendas (you don’t even want to go there) is common. They want to pretend to be all hands off like they’re just neutral observers and it’s a lot of hooey. I wish the truth about how extreme this all is could just be common knowledge, even though it’s not (yet). There would be a lot more understanding in the world, ppl would know what to attribute to what/whom, and ppl would direct their energies to addressing the right issues. On the plus side, they can’t help but show their hand and we can’t help but learn. Yep.

              February 5, 2011 07:14:53 PM

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              • Re: Obvious and non-obvious performances  anon

                Guess what? There’s a DSM-IV entry for TI’s who believe this about themselves: delusions of grandeur.

                Hmm. Just because there is a DSM entry doesn’t mean it’s being applied correctly. What I’d much rather see is this line of reasoning turned on its head, so as to ask: What is it that they found so “special” about us?

                Maybe the upcoming hearing will share a little light on the common threads. TI’s have offered up a wide range of possibilities and demonstrated many commonalities - be it one or a few from a list of things - running the gamut from truthers, hi-IQs, sensitives, people with alternative beliefs (religion, UFOs, u name it) plus the usual demographic nonsense. Here’s to having the review panel actually get somewhere with their inquiry, cause I know I’m not alone in saying I’m over the whole thing of having to defend my survival choices & my human responses to a completely despicable and unfathomable situation.

                February 5, 2011 08:44:46 PM

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                • Re: Obvious and non-obvious performances  jonjay

                  Well Jeremy, the question then presents itself, WHY would someone use advance technologies like HAARP and other types to target a single individual. I remember in 2004 speaking to a friend saying to him, I thought about a disaster …a huge one…and it happened. It was late 2004 (December) and it harmed thousands. Now, I am not saying I had the ability to cause this. But, what if I had the ability to anticipate this? Why would I, LITTLE OLE’ ME, be the focus of someone invoking HAARP to fcuk with me? If I am that important to have someone focus on me Jeremy, then this site is something that you may need to amp

                  No, I don’t believe I have superpowers, BUT, I think that the power of the mind in some individuals surpass others in terms of influence. It’s ironic that I went to school in the area that parapsychology was studied. Look it up. I promise you that what I am saying is true.

                  Now, I have to say this, Jeremy start looking up ancient phenomenon and compare it to today. Centuries before, there were witch hunts and today you have something a bit different. You have a government or entity trying to contain something they fear. Read about the conflict in Egypt and the secret police with ties to the CIA.

                  Today, I noticed military personnel riding beside me–but the harassment has stopped. You REALLY need to start thinking beyond weaponry and start thinking in terms of the complexity of your MIND. THINK of the world you are creating for yourself against the balance that keeps the earth on its axis. This sounds strange I know, but really think about your whole life experience and ask yourself how normal your perceptions are compared to your peers? You were right when asking how thousands of folks have decided to target you. However, the question is how do you KNOW and why were you ALLOWED to know that this phenomenon is occurring with you at the center. The fact is, you are not at the center–you are the controller based on how YOU perceive what is happening. This concept is highly abstract, but look up parapsychology and really give it some thought. I only say all of my assertions are theories–not fact. But really give my words some thought.

                  February 5, 2011 09:21:10 PM

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          • Re: Obvious and non-obvious performances  CT lady

            Unfortunately, I am certain who initiated the stalking- a prominent attorney who was my parents’ executor.He initially lied and said he did not have a copy of my late father’s will- it was locked in a vault somewhere.

            He also went into my Dad’s safe deposit box alone and when he returned with the contents, my Dad’s very valuable stamp collection was missing. Dad had left me a note a few weeks before he died that that was the most valuable item in the safe deposit box. We should have gone with the attorney, but we were naive and trusting and my parents had told me that we could trust this man implicitly.

            He used to threaten us late on the phone, especially after we told him we did not want to sell the house. He said “The wheels are turning and there is nothing you can do about it.” I read a letter to him that he had written us and he denied writing it and said I was “delusional.”

            He paid a cabbie to report our trips (cabbie told me later-in tears- said he was to be paid a handsome sum but was not). We were not permitted to purchase a car so had to take a local train or cab or walk miles to get into town.

            One of our first stops after giving up on keeping the house, though 2 realtors told us the contract was illegal, was in a Motel in Stamford CT. Prior to our checking in, my son and I were downtown looking at restaurants. We WITNESSED the attorney running from restaurant to restaurant- frantically.

            I was briefly hospitalized for an infection prior to our departure and the attorney walked in and read my chart and wanted to know where my son was staying. (Actually my son was staying on a cot in the room or sometimes with my late parents’ friends- but I lied and said he never stayed at the Hospital.) The attorney asked my discharge date and I stupidly told him. Then, he asked to confirm the date with the nurse.

            She became angry and said that that was confidential and he had no right to ask or to read my chart. In fact, I had placed the attorney on a “no contact” list but he walked right in. By that time we had a second attorney who told us that the first attorney had blatantly lied to him- later the second attorney chickened out after he realized the severity of the situation…..perhaps he was paid off. He told me his practice was being interfered with and threatening cars with tinted windows parked outside of his office and home.

            Finally we were given permission to purchase a vehicle for our trip. (The attorney pre-arranged with the Bank staff to refuse to wire us In fact, the attorney was visibly angry when my son updated his IDs.)

            My son had MORE than enough ID and the dealership staff were very friendly- that first visit. However, the transfer would not go through.

            We returned to the Bank in CT and no one would give us a straight answer. This was a small branch of the Bank where we knew the staff on a first name basis and my parents had banked there for some 30 years. That is where the executor kept my parents’ will money, and doled it out to us when needed (sometimes did not.) The staff eventually said that my son was considered an “impostor”- but to go down the following week and the money would definitely go through.

            I stayed behind in CT in a motel while my son went down the next week to get the car. This time, dealership staff were NOT friendly or welcoming to him. But the money went right through as promised.

            February 6, 2011 10:37:38 AM

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            • Re: Obvious and non-obvious performances  jeremy

              Unfortunately, I am certain who initiated the stalking

              Yes, we know who everything’s been pinned on, but just how responsible was he for what happened later?

              This is a point I was making in “Only time, and travel, will tell”. I’m sure he had lots of reasons to want you out of the picture. But was he an unwitting beneficiary of some other party (unknown to you) who was the real perpetrator?

              If it’s someone else - like a government agency - then that other party benefits from you imagining it’s all that one guy’s fault. And a hidden third party would explain where the funding is coming from - it’s coming from US taxpayers.

              February 6, 2011 10:53:51 AM

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              • Re: Obvious and non-obvious performances  jonjay


                You are right–TAXPAYERS. Here is an article about the defense budget that should be at the focus of this fight:

                Much of the harassment (public) and social experimentation I would venture to say can be attributed by the misuse of OFBCI, Community Initiative and other 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 funding. PLEASE read about this: and
                (The above organizations are why many of you will receive taunts about harming animals or molesting children because they are targeting you and paying folks to do it). It’s fraud.

                If you are very important, harassment probably comes from other things, but depending on the nature of your harassment, I BET most of us are victims of fraud or abuses of the 501(c)3/4 funding system in terms of harassment and social experimentation.

                February 6, 2011 12:30:19 PM

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                • Re: Obvious and non-obvious villains  jeremy

                  Yes, I know of “faith based partnerships”, USA on Watch, fusion centers, community initiatives, etc. I’m very aware of all this stuff. So is everyone else. They’re obvious villains for TI’s to identify.

                  Avoid confirmation bias. You notice stuff in these documents which sort of looks like some of the stuff you’ve experienced, and say, “See! This is it! Right here!” But only you can see that stuff. Everyone else thinks you’ve been over-sensitized.

                  You haven’t just been sensitized to colors, shapes, etc.; you’ve been sensitized to themes such as persecution, smears, guilt, and so on. The fact that you look at these manuals and see built-in targeting structure says more about you than it does about the manuals.

                  I reserve the right to do a complete about-face if it turns out millions of people are getting this kind of treatment, but from what I see it’s only in the range of a few hundred to a few thousand. There is no stalking/harassment/persecution infrastructure yet. We’re looking at something qualitatively different that is disguised as these things.

                  February 6, 2011 12:48:11 PM

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                  • Re: Obvious and non-obvious villains  jonjay


                    I don’t know what is happening for sure. However, there ARE some folks who victims of just plain ole’ harassment and abuse. Given the RIGHT STALKER, the WRONG person, they can really organize some serious harassment. Jeremy, these groups ARE out here. They know the tactics. I sent a message just today to a friend who tortured me for years asking if he had seen your site and and he did not respond. I know he is involved because when he met my other friends, they mysteriously new each other and my friend called me later in a rage that I set it up. I was like “Huh”? When I asked my “friends” who later turned out not to be, NO one admitted what was happening. NO ONE. The “secret” trust me stays a secret if they have you isolated enough. There ARE cults–they just don’t identify as cults. Not all of my harassment is the same thing. Much of it was plain ole shunning, mobbing, etc.

                    But like I have said Jeremy, my belief system is torn apart given the participation of family and the cruelty of the irony of all this. Therefore, outside of just writing my representatives and justice organizations, I am focusing on my spirituality to help me through this. What else can I do. Because when I hear some folks talking about this stuff even to ME they sound crazy. And that, sir, is TRULY me calling the kettle black.


                    February 6, 2011 02:40:37 PM

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            • Re: Obvious and non-obvious performances  CT lady

              While my son was filling out the paperwork at the dealership, a group of young Hispanic men surrounded the new Nissan Maxima (2006). It was then that they placed the GPS (and probably audio) monitoring in the vehicle. The GPS was located under the rear tire well when the car was put on a lift in another State.

              (I forgot to add that the attorney 1.) had our addressed changed to his supposedly so that he could pay the bills, but this gave him the ability to monitor anyone we called. 2.) Was angry when my son updated his ID prior to the trip from hell
              3.)Was so connected almost every attorney we called to take a case against him immediately refused 4.)Even tho a realtor’s name was listed in front of the house, interested buyers were told to contact the attorney. He did not return their calls. He had prearranged to sell the home to his Russian maintenance men who worked in his office. They were to renovate the house- then a Russian lady was to move in.
              5.) Our second week after Dad died, the attorney confronted us with some kind of withdrawal slip from the Bank of America. “Someone” had withdrawn $700 from the account and then had immediately deposited it. My son was friends with this guy and their names were similar. The Bank manager who removed the money had his name penciled in at the top of the slip. With a few strokes of a pencil, the name could easily be changed to that of my son. The attorney was accusing my son of doing it. Obviously it was a “test” to see if money could be removed.

              The next day, the fellow was missing from the Bank and no one would tell us where he had gone. We later located him working at a branch outside NYC- my son called him up and the fellow threatened him and told him to NEVER call again.
              5.) The attorney was ALWAYS very curious about my son’s father and what kind of relationship they had. When the attorney found out that they were estranged, he seemed pleased. He then assumed a “fatherly” role toward my son.
              6.) When we stayed in the Motel in Stamford, our cat’s hind leg was shaved and the fur placed on the pillow. My son was threatened with a gun while he was in the restroom in the snackbar- he stood up on the seat and screamed for help.
              We did not have a cell phone. I asked the receptionist to call 911 and she totally ignored me. Another patron called and 2 Stamford cops arrived. They refused to look at the room or the cat or take fingerprints or anything. They asked US to leave for “causing a disturbance.” Later when I contacted the Stamford Police regarding the incident, the Officers (real or not) had not filed any report whatsoever.
              7.)When my son was hospitalized in another State for a severe infection, the attorney called him pretending to be his father (that is how the attorney got through.)
              8.)My first day at a homeless Shelter in Norwalk CT, an individual was asking for me by name saying he owed me five dollars. No one owed me any money. I was out at the time.
              9.)When I went to the probate office to start my grievance, I noticed that a list of lies the attorney had told us, and I had kept in my late parents’ desk- was in the probate file. He must have stolen it when he helped us move. (He actually did!)
              10.) On a prior visit to the Probate office, the attorney had signed some form “Grand Commander of the State of CT.” When I inquired about it, clerical staff ripped out the page and took off with it and I never got an answer.
              11.)When I got my grievance together, he arranged for a gentleman to steal the paperwork from my locked locker (luckily I had a copy stashed with a friend.) The attorney lied on his response- even got the address of the home incorrect- but my grievance was dismissed.
              12.)There are too many other details which clearly point to the executor as the prospective “executioner.” He wanted us DEAD and almost succeeded.

              Why does he persist now, 6 years later?

              February 6, 2011 10:58:39 AM

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              • CT lady's persecution  jeremy

                Let me throw this out there. A lot of money is (or was) at stake, and someone had the opportunity to take that money for himself if he just went after you. Someone - the real people after you - approached him and made him an offer. Go after you, and they would make sure you wouldn’t be able to retaliate.

                So this attorney guy, and a few of his buddies, have effectively been bribed with your money to go after you. While this is happening, the real perpetrators are throwing stuff at you. You think it’s all coming from the attorney - a useful distraction.

                He’s a patsy - an evil patsy, but still just a patsy for the real perpetrators.

                So he’s probably getting strung along, maybe there’s still money coming to him and obstacles are being thrown up making him think if he just does this one more thing to you, the money’s all his. They’re encouraging him to dig his own grave.

                In effect this attorney is a paid perp/patsy who doesn’t realize how he’s being used, or how he’s being set up for a fall.

                February 6, 2011 12:53:56 PM

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                • Re: CT lady's persecution  jonjay

                  So Jeremy,

                  Are you saying that CT Lady is being used as bait? Why don’t you think the attorney was just in a criminal racket and she was just a victim of this? It sounds reasonable enough.

                  February 6, 2011 03:11:55 PM

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              • Re: Obvious and non-obvious performances  jackvane007

                I know many of the people who were participants of my stalking were unwitting and were not aware at all of what was happening or that they even had a part to play in it. I think it’s true that most people within US society are fairly narcissistic and are scarcely aware that even their conscious actions affect others much less the very idea that they may be prompted to take action unconsciously.

                The mindset of the average US citizen believes that they are in control, they are in charge and they alone are masters of their destiny. The very idea that they could be manipulated into doing the bidding of others is borderline insanity and therefore dangerous thought. They just won’t let themselves go there. The truth is if they consider this, they have to reconsider everything about what they thought their lives really are.

                This illusion of control is what keeps so many people resistant to even considering the idea that gang stalking or targeted harassment exists, much less that they themselves are pawns in the game. Because society tells us through school, church and government that we are free, we believe it, and anything that counters this is discredited and held to ridicule simply because it doesn’t hold to our world view.

                Even today, when the signs of sinister manipulation are in everything from the air we breath to the airport safety are being blatantly wagged in our faces, people still won’t allow themselves to consider that they are not in control. This type of mass psychosis is all the cover one needs to manipulate citizens to being unwitting participants in the harassment and degradation of others. It’s perfect cover really, and leaves everyone scratching their heads and pointing fingers at everyone except the guilty.

                And that leads me to my question: why? The whos and the hows are just theatre and our obsession with finding out who they are is just more cover for them to keep going. Finding out “who” is responsible for what is happening to us and trying to bring them to justice is the ultimate scape goat. I too believe this is the desired effect and the equivalent of prompting an attacking dog to chase his tale to the point of exasperation. In my experience when a TI thinks they’ve finally figured out the identity of the puppet master responsible for orchestrating their demise, they are at the end of their rope: homeless, alone, sleep depraved and wretchedly desperate.

                The hows and whos also seem to lead to turmoil and infighting amongst ourselves preventing any alliance or unity. TIs gathered together for any length of time will ultimately viciously attack each other and insist that the other is a provocateur. If there is someone watching us from a secret underground control room, they must revel in the ruckus with great enjoyment.

                To me the why is the ultimate question, and the only question that counts. I’ve heard allot of commentary on this, but the one that holds the most weight with me is the idea of our awareness. The notion that those who can “see” the order behind the chaos be it something sinister with clergy or a rogue group of cultists within government, it’s the fact that the person has the ability of site beyond the norm that prompts their targeting.

                I was raised on a cattle ranch. When you work cows, that is when you heard them from the pasture to the pen for the purpose of calf separation and doctoring the sick, there’s always one or two that give you a problem. Sometimes they break from the heard in the pasture, and you have to give chase, rope them and drag them back in line. Others, act out while running the herd through the shoots.

                They will pick their heads up and look over the others. Once they realize they are being herded into something that appears dangerous or unpleasant, they rare up and will break through the fence. This can ultimately lead to the whole heard breaking out and cause damage to property and to personnel during the process. Those problem cows are hated and despised by the cowboys and are usually victims of the whip the prod or the dog. These problem cows are usually first to be shipped off as well.

                So I think the best thing to concentrate on is our abilities of site and awareness and how we can use them for the common good of those who blindly march to their own slaughter. I’m curious to know from others why they think they’ve been targeted. Why are you here?

                February 6, 2011 02:34:45 PM

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                • Re: Obvious and non-obvious performances  jonjay

                  Dude, very very insightful. Great analogy with the cattle ranch examples. Funny, your words sound very familiar to me maybe because many are in my thoughts

                  I agree with you. It’s why I only bark now when I have to. Technically, we are slaves in a sense but without the title and support structure of our peers since many TIs forums are infiltrated by sadists or ignorant folks who don’t understand what is happening. You obviously live in reality now. Do you have family or friends targeted? IF so, do you reach out to help them and explain what is happening to them or just watch and let them fend for him/herself? I struggle with this question knowing that others are targeted. I give hints enough not to make myself sound crazy, but in the end, I realize that it’s something that cannot be explained. All I can do now is meditate (not and work towards my OWN reality with goals and hope the that balance of the universe will allow me some sense of peace.

                  February 6, 2011 02:55:38 PM

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                  • Re: Obvious and non-obvious performances  Truth

                    The notion that those who can “see” the order behind the chaos be it something sinister with clergy or a rogue group of cultists within government, it’s the fact that the person has the ability of site beyond the norm that prompts their targeting.

                    Jackvane007, I also think truth seers and truth seekers are the main motivation behind the stalkings. The government operates on nothing but a web of lies, deceit and misdirection. Many can not see or choose not to see the bigger picture for what it is and the direction the world is being directed towards by the NWO oppressors. Targets know about how bad the corruption in government is and we have the moral courage to call them out on it. You can see why we are a threat to them and their plans over the long run but not an immediate threat. If that were true then we would be dead already. The truth seeking is something to breed out of the herd over the long run. I think there is a component to this that links us and is probably genetic in nature and the way our brains work that keep us more aware than the rest of the herd that they are seeking destroy or control as much as possible. How many targets are wanting to have children and raise families after their targeting started if they did not already have children? Aren’t most targets single anyway? Who wants to have a relationship with you when you are a target and you have to tell your potential partner the burden your life bares as a target. I imagine a lot would run for the hills upon hearing that.

                    February 7, 2011 01:36:18 AM

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                    • Re: Obvious and non-obvious performances  Truth

                      The notion that those who can “see” the order behind the chaos be it something sinister with clergy or a rogue group of cultists within government, it’s the fact that the person has the ability of site beyond the norm that prompts their targeting.

                      Jackvane007, I also think truth seers and truth seekers are the main motivation behind the stalkings. The government operates on nothing but a web of lies, deceit and misdirection. Many can not see or choose not to see the bigger picture for what it is and the direction the world is being directed towards by the NWO oppressors. Targets know about how bad the corruption in government is and we have the moral courage to call them out on it. You can see why we are a threat to them and their plans over the long run but not an immediate threat. If that were true then we would be dead already. The truth seeking is something to breed out of the herd over the long run. I think there is a component to this that links us and is probably genetic in nature and the way our brains work that keep us more aware than the rest of the herd that they are seeking destroy or control as much as possible. How many targets are wanting to have children and raise families after their targeting started if they did not already have children? Aren’t most targets single anyway? Who wants to have a relationship with you when you are a target and you have to tell your potential partner the burden your life bares as a target. I imagine a lot would run for the hills upon hearing that.

                      February 7, 2011 02:19:38 AM

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                    • Re: Obvious and non-obvious performances  CT lady

                      I am trying to keep an open mind. However, as I think I mentioned earlier, a gentleman leaving the attorney’s office said,“I hope he doesn’t do to you what he did to me”. The guy was on the verge of tears.

                      Prior to my Dad’s death, and prior to Dad’s mind being cleared up by the dialysis he desperately needed, the attorney had him sign a will COMPLETELY UNLIKE any of the other wills my parents had ever signed before. In effect, he added a codicil stating that he could not be sued for any reason in any court in any State. That indicates PREMEDITATION to me….

                      Also, when reading the probate files, he said he had to be appointed “ON AN EMERGENCY BASIS” as there was a credit card MISSING from my late father’s wallet. There was NO CARD MISSING. And what was the “Grand Commander” BS? I have since learned it is a term that Masons’ use to designate a high ranking Mason….

                      Perhaps he really did need the funds….he had run for Office as a Republican (but was really a Democrat) and had lost- about a year before Dad died. Perhaps he owed a Russian contingent some money- the Russian mob is quite influential in certain areas near where the attorney lived. However, he had plenty of other, wealthier people to defraud.

                      Most of his clients were elderly and many of them were millionaires,,,,,,( a number of them were in retirement/nursing homes).My folks had money, but not THAT much… He could have pulled a Bernie Madoff and conned some of his impaired clients in their 80’s and beyond. Why pick MY parents?

                      On one visit to the attorney- my son was in PA- I needed grocery money. The attorney told me there was none available due to some glitch and to come in the next day. The next day he wrote me out a check for $1000 (which is ridiculous.) What do you think was up with that?

                      Once I was talking to his secretary and she mentioned being on the same medication I was on- which happened to be a controlled substance. Well, my Doctor routinely refilled my prescriptions as my son and I traveled across the country.

                      With no warning, suddenly a pharmacy could NOT fill my prescription because they said they “lacked my doctor’ DEA number- the pharmacy in CT did not have it.” I was upset and called my doctor. She was outraged. “Of course they have my number!” was her response, and she not only gave it to the out of State pharmacy, but called the one in CT as well (it was a mom and pop type of store not a major chain.)

                      I am almost certain that the attorney called the pharmacy,paid them, and told them to give me difficulty filling my medication. There were arrangements made later to have my medications stolen by staff at the homeless shelter……

                      Sadly, one of my first weeks after leaving the homeless shelter in CT and moving into an apartment with a friend in a new State, a Spanish gentleman delivering food to a local bodega approached my friend and I and offered us raisins. (Odd.) When we declined, he said, “I have the REAL THING INSIDE MY TRUCK!” (It was the medication which was the controlled substance which the attorney knew about……)Too many coincidences for him not to still be involved……6 years later- actually-7.

                      Perhaps the executor was being bribed. I learned later that, tho married and on the “ethics board” of his Church, he was an alcoholic and abused cocaine. Another attorney in the firm clearly had NO respect for him when they encountered each other, yet later my parents’ executor was made “partner” in the firm……

                      On the other hand, he appeared to have NO financial problems, ate at the most expensive restaurants,wore fancy suits, vacationed in Europe, travelled luxury class, belonged to several country clubs etc.

                      My son and I were left 2 memberships in a beach club which had initially cost my parents $200 to join, but by the time they died each membership was worth $200,000. My son showed the attorney around the place. The next week they were supposed to attend a meeting together. The attorney failed to call and cancel with my son and attended on his own……..

                      After that, some of my parents’ friends whom I had known for some 30 years were “aloof” toward my son and I. My gut tells me that the attorney said something damaging about us……

                      Attorney 1 currently owns a NUMBER of homes and recently purchased a home worth $1,750,000 in a very exclusive area.
                      As far as what my parents left to my son and I- he managed to obtain a very high percentage of the money. He arranged that neither my son nor I could attend the final probate meeting and ask questions (like bills for meetings never explained.)

                      He even billed us for appointments with my son and issuing checks to my son when my son was out of CT and had Amtrak tickets to prove it.

                      The panel “hearing” my grievance did not even care about that FACT- which is legal malpractice.

                      A State rep- or a man who said he was one- called us prior to the trip and urged us to “go after” the attorney for corruption. This call was made prior to the sale of the home and the trip from hell.

                      A bill sent to us instead of the attorney (an error) for the prospective buyers indicated that they made arrangements to insure the home itself for virtually NOTHIG- but to insure the supposed CONTENTS of the home for a very large amount, thereby equalling the value of the home. The sham realtor for the sale told my son and i not to worry about the home being sold- the Russians did NOT have the money to purchase the home and were actually leaving the US and returning to Russia……The attorney wrote to us (and of course billed us for sending us the letter-“The deal is shoddy but their (the Russians) money is good…..” “Once they make a large payment in January I will authorize you to purchase a vehicle.” The latter statement was a blatant lie.

                      The attorney lied about many things. He lied about where his kids went to College. He lied to attorney #2 about the payments made to my son and I- said he ONLY PAID US IN CASH. WELL,HE ALWAYS PAID US IN CHECKS! Then he finally relented and faxed Attorney 2 copies of the checks…..but he dragged it out to make more money for himself.

                      First he had the fronts faxed- only later and under pressure did he have the backs of the checks faxed to the new attorney. Before we had a chance to review them, a group of youths on a train platform grabbed my son’s briefcase containing the copies…….this HAD to be prearranged by Attorney 1.

                      Though Dad died in early September, Attorney One did not begin to file appropriate papers until around April. I called the Probate office and asked what was going on. The woman I spoke to called the attorney and reminded him he needed to get working on things. WE WERE BILLED FOR THE CALL THE WOMAN FROM THE PROBATE OFFICE MADE TO THE ATTORNEY REMINDING HIM TO DO HIS WORK! Absurd.

                      The attorney read that a guy my son knew in town committed a crime (gas and go w/out paying). The attorney BILLED US FOR READING THE ARTICLE IN THE NEWSPAPER! He drove by the house and charged us over $60.00 for - as he put it- “checking on his assets.”

                      Well, sorry to be so long winded. One final detail. While I was staying in a Motel in a State in the midwest, my son made a trip to visit his girlfriend in PA. Near to her apartment, a stalker vehicle was in front of him and another behind him- s very small town in PA. Well, the 1st vehicle pulled to the side of the road and said something to a local cop parked there. Shortly thereafter, my son was pulled over by the local police. They told him that they were impounding the car and were going to tear it apart to search for “contraband.” When he asked why, he was told sheepishly by one cop, “THE BIG MAN ORDERED IT.”

                      Well, my son was not charged with ANYTHING- civil,traffic or criminal. Cop said his wheel rubbed against the curb. Anyway, they took the car and left him stranded in PA on a country road. I called the cops and they told me that they were going to “tear the car apart” on a “tip.” They said that there would be a civil hearing and we would have the opportunity to have the vehicle returned to us (plus all our stuff that was in it.)

                      As we continued to pursue the matter of the hearing, no one seemed to know anything about it. We had contact numbers and were never contacted. There were NO charges of any kind against my son. Not even a ticket. Finally I was told there was NO RECORD of the incident at all………So there went a $35,000 vehicle filled with personal belongings… charges, no hearing, no record of the incident. Personally, I think it was either just plain harassment OR and effort to plant contraband in the car OR the attorney wanted the car seized so that the monitoring devices could be removed. What do you think?

                      Sorry so long.

                      February 6, 2011 02:55:45 PM

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                      • Re: CT lady  jeremy

                        There are lots of details I’m sure you’ve omitted. Rendering judgement without knowing the facts can be dangerous. (I’m not asking for the facts in your case; I can’t untangle your story on top of everyone else’s.)

                        But it’s obviously not about the money your parents had because the effort they’re expending doesn’t make sense; plus, as you mention, there were much better pickings available. So I think it’s safer to assume that “the money” is actually a distraction from something else. However, that doesn’t mean the people involved haven’t profited from this operation.

                        You’ve probably bumped up against a nice little pocket of corruption there in CT, sort of like what Tammy’s struggling with in OH… and yep it’s true, the crooked attorneys/judges in these corrupt towns are never wanting for anything. To protect their little rackets, all they have to do is bring the hammer down on a person when they’re told to. Whoever told them to or suggested they do it is, in my opinion, the real perpetrator and the real source of your problems.

                        February 6, 2011 03:26:41 PM

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                        • Re: CT lady  jonjay

                          OK…I HAVE to reply to this. Just because it APPEARS that more money is being spent to achieve a criminal goal does not mean folks are not going for their own self-interest regardless of the cost to others. These networks of participants are paid for by taxpayers. Money is obtained from victims of deliberate money laundering and companies participating get tax incentives and relationship links to other industries. The retaliation against a victim does not always mean there is money spent by the direct offender of a crime. You think Al Capone cared if he is used taxpayer money to create a smear campaign to discredit witnesses who may have testified against him? Linking everything back to a conspiracy is like people asking why did Tiger sleep with so many women while being married. IT“S BECAUSE HE CAN. He was a young man with hormones raging and more money than God. For some crazy reason he was labeled a sex addict, sent to rehab and humiliated over and over again in front of MILLIONS! There is no conspiracy. There is no mental illness. In the old days, this was called ”You cheated, I’m leaving you, taking you to court for half you idiot."

                          Take racism, the system instituted to maintain power against blacks. This technically did not benefit everyone. However, the elite who created this institution benefitted. And they knew then it was a growing menace just like now the government knows CointelPro, centralized government and technology is a growing menace. However, it’s now an institution, you think the folks who benefit from it are NOW going to get a conscience because we are being tortured?

                          I swear we all are reading too much into this and making ourselves seem crazier in the process. NOT everything is a social experiment. NOT everything is mind control. Not every ailment is cause by chemical, implants or other weaponry.

                          Again, using slavery as an example, there were benefits of being slaveholders during slavery. Some victimization that occurs is caused by a spinoff of an unjust institution. For example, slavery existed for the financial benefit of the South. Tactics were used to reinforce this institution and degrade individuals subjected to this institution. Some folks got out of line and killed slaves out of sheer sadism. Other times, punishment was just too harsh due to someone having a bad day. As far as pleasure and culture, slaveholder sons were raised to loose their virginity by sleeping with slaves who had no say over their bodies. Black women were used as nannies, etc. These were all INDIRECT circumstances of an institution based on lies and torture.

                          How do you think poor whites were rallied to fight a war in which they didn’t benefit from maintaining the system. More specifically it would have benefited Southern Whites in terms of competition for jobs. Were there ADS and mind control weapons used in 1860 to convince thousands of poor White men to fight for a rich man’s war? Today, you still have some idiot person out there hating me because I am black while he still spends his time harassing me versus improving his own circumstances.

                          An institution is an institution. Ideology has been present since the beginning of time. Today, it’s just that many of the defining factors of discrimination and torture are just not there the way they were. Just because technology, psychological warfare tactics have improved, it doesn’t mean the ideology as the basis of degrading and controlling the masses has changed.

                          I swear when you guys focus on mind control and the “thousands” of folks keeping a big secret or try to loop EVERY single event to one driver, you are going in the wrong direction. I say all this for myself as well. Once a target you always a target until something drastic happens. The characteristics that made me a target within my family are the same ones used by mobs of people who thought of me as different and worthless once not under the constant control of my family. Once raped mentally, you are always raped mentally over and over again until you just accept it or some drastic happens.

                          Sorry for my tone, but it frustrates me when the obvious is ignored. Here is a social experiment: Let’s use a greedy elite in positions of power, a population dumbed down by a poor educational system. Let’s incorporate perfected psychological tricks based on years of human testing NOW deemed unethical. Also include the control group of a society with 5000 cults, hundreds of fraternal organizations, MILLIONS of civilian spies/informants and thousands of corporate/government/academic institutions working collectively on the war on terror. Finally, add technology to now track your every move, listen, record conversations, read/intercept/delete/falsify emails.

                          What do you have as an outcome of THAT SOCIAL EXPERIMENT?

                          I’ll tell you what we have–TIs like us are creating blogs, conference calls, etc. all for the sadistic enjoyment of the lesser beings (middle management of these networks) who have orgasms to our demise knowing there is no due process of law, no sympathy for abuses inflicted on victims and no accountability regarding our treatment. You think a police officer doesn’t ever become a police officer to feel a sense of power? You think it’s hard to recruit 10% of a police force that is dedicated strictly to criminal racketeering based on false ideology?

                          People have been dying for years from this very circumstance we as TIs are under, and just because we all got caught up in the fantasy presented on current media that we had freedom doesn’t change reality. Just because we don’t have a hospital full of African women in the Congo who have been raped by machetes used by soldiers to assert dominance, doesn’t mean our brains/minds/freedoms are not the recipients of like torture daily. It does not mean that that same psychosis that would make a soldier rape an 80 year-old woman in front of her family is not applicable to our law enforcement.

                          There is NO way you are going to ever be able to establish a TI community given the fact that there ARE some mentally ill TIs. There are folks like me who suffer from PTSD and no telling what else based on all of my abuse. There are folks who are victims of abusers of the institution that employs them to follow rules of ethical behavior. Then, there are folks who are the actual victims of the system itself. Either way, good luck in bringing these folks together.

                          February 7, 2011 07:14:46 PM

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                      • Re: Obvious and non-obvious performances  jackvane007

                        Thanks JonJay. If it sounds like I’m being critical of those who ask who the perps are and how are they doing it, it’s because I’ve been down that road and it nearly sucked the life out of me, and I mean spiritually and physically. I don’t actively diagnose other people’s situations, or at least I try not to. I guess I’ve come to the realization my grandfather did years ago when he said, “ the more I live the less I seem to know. “ I find it highly presumptuous to assume I know what someone is dealing with simply because it seems familiar.

                        The human mind is hard wired to organize items be them rocks or bits of info into a logical pattern. Although I may know someone who seems to be targeted by his boss for being a whistle blower, who also fights with a neighbor over a noise issue and has a bag lady who shouts obscenities at him when he comes and goes from his house, doesn’t give me the right to tell them they are victim to some grand conspiracy. Maybe they are, or maybe they are just a jerk and people just don’t like them.

                        So what’s the strategy – what works for me? I think when I realized that the laws of physics are not just related to the physical properties on earth – they are also related to social and what I believe to be spiritual within human civilization. That is that for every action there is a reaction. The most severe problems that occur in the lives of TIs isn’t the targeting, it’s their reaction to being targeted.

                        The entities involved in prompting these attacks count on one thing to be successful: the TI’s reaction. Targeting is only effective if the TI reacts to the targeting. Take that factor out of the equation, then their efforts of harassing someone in the shadows fall flat.

                        The challenge for me personally, is to maintain strict control over my reactions and realize that those reactions that are the killer, not the perps. So if someone is aggressive towards me, and I react, then I become a powerless link in a chain. My destiny has been shaped by the perp, a mindless git who runs around causing chaos for no known reason.

                        By reacting I give my life over to them and essentially tie strings to my body and willingly give them to the puppet master. However, if I can consciously say, “I know what you are doing, and I won’t be moved.” When I make the conscious decision not to react, then I have become like God.

                        I have truly become master of my universe and even if they shoot me with beams, torture my family or try to ruin my life, they will lose. They will have had to expose themselves by essentially dancing without a partner in public. Secondly, they will have to move on to someone else who will give them the reaction they need. Again, it’s the reaction that’s the power center here.
                        Now, I wish I could tell you that I am disciplined enough to maintain this Zen like control over my life all of the time. To be honest, I cannot do it even some of the time. My human need to react to fear with aggression, violence or sheer cowardice gets the better of me at any given moment. But, because I am conscious that my reaction is the endgame so to speak, I can curb it before it snowballs. I have found that although I might say something in reaction, I am able to calm down and pause before taking any further action. My goal is to recognize that I am essentially the cause of someone else’s effect before I do something stupid to worsen the situation.

                        So that beckons the question should we act out on those trigger hands of treachory, and my answer is yes. However, they are not a knee jerk reaction. They are a cool and calculated response to promote understanding and hold the guilty accountable for their own actions. I have to tell you that this blog gives me hope to carry on. That responding instead of reacting is right and renders good results. This blog is the most tranquil, organized yet effective source of information for the TI community I have ever seen, and if there is any reason why I feel very strongly that it’s because the author has achieved some power over his reaction, and he has become the cause instead of the effect.

                        February 6, 2011 03:46:42 PM

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                        • Re: Obvious and non-obvious performances  A TI

                          I just do the best I can to tune them out and completely ignore them. It’s hard sometimes, but I can still see them in my peripheral vision, and they start to get rattled when you do so. You can tell they really start to feel like fools, like “why am I doing this”?

                          But I’ve noticed that if I start to pay the least bit of attention to them during my “ignoring”, they start to get their confidence back. It’s an all-or-nothing deal, pretty much. I just tell myself, it isn’t my fault if they fail doing something illegal in he first place.

                          They do have customers shouting demeaning insults the one gas station I pass sometimes. And it always occurs on this one girl’s watch who works there. So I’m thinking that she had something to do with the harassment, but that may be just yet another one of many misdirection mind games the perps play. An example was when they had me thinking the Free Masons had something to do with with their misdirections. I’m not sure who’s “doing it”, but I think that’s not important. Just important to know they are perps, they are hidden, and well-connected, and they are playing mind games and enlisting the help of gangstalking fools to get me to react with violence towards them.

                          February 6, 2011 10:04:38 PM

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                        • Re: Obvious and non-obvious performances  anon

                          They are a cool and calculated response to promote understanding and hold the guilty accountable for their own actions

                          Agreed. Many of us have also gone down the road of, “I won’t dignify that with a response.” But the Zen masters have a word for that when misapplied with the wrong opponent (someone acting in bad faith): Idiot Compassion (no kidding, that’s what they call it). Because zombie lies thrive in a vacuum. So it becomes a matter of choosing your battles and your reputation is worth it. All you can do is speak truth to power and sometimes you have to stand in your truth alone until others are persuaded because they know you as someone else than how you are being represented. Not only that, but they question the legitimacy of anyone who needs to operate solely in the shadows, without the disinfectant of sunshine. And so, the fight for individual justice becomes one of social justice, one in which everyone has a stake. And so, we move into being a cause for social justice, much bigger than any one of us individually.

                          February 6, 2011 06:54:25 PM

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                          • Re: Obvious and non-obvious performances  CT lady

                            Possibly yes- a nice little pocket of corruption.But it has to be more to have continued to this point.( A fellow I came across on the internet was writing a book about corruption in the Courts in CT….well…..he started being gangstalked…..)

                            I suspect that we were “easy prey” for the executor. My Dad was ill when he signed the final will. The executor lied about the missing credit card so he could be appointed on an emergency basis-not giving my son and I time to check around. He referred to my son and I as “country bumpkins” and said we would never fit into the social culture of the “Gold Coast” of CT. But we did. Every summer we visited; we went to my parents’ friends home; we made our own friends; we went to the beach club….So right from the start he was trying to dissuade us from keeping the house. Then he kept telling my son that he and his girlfriend would not want to live with “Mom” and he told me that I would not want to live with a younger set and their friends….How very wrong he was. But that was divide and conquer strategy.

                            Immediately he tested out whether someone else could withdraw money from the account. The guy succeeded. Interestingly, my son took a trip with 2 guys to Spokane Washington without me along. Well, eventually they stopped at a convenience store. One of the guys went inside. The guy who stayed with my son told him to get the h-ll out of there ASAP as the other guy had a gun and was going to shoot my son.

                            The potential shooter did come out of the store “packed” and my son and the other fellow took off. Here is where things get a big wiggy. The guy with my son said that he had taken a liking to him and did not want to participate in the “hit.” When my son asked him about the hit, the guy told him that the price on his head was about $50,000. He then told my son that the hit had been ordered by “ A Big Man out East” and that if my son ever returned to Spokane he would most certainly be shot. Then, what puzzles me to this day, the guy who saved my son told him that the description they were given of my son did not match what he looked like. My son was 6 foot 4 with bright blue eyes and dark brown hair. The description given was of a guy (similar age) 5 foot 10" with brown eyes and brown hair……the latter EXACTLY fit the description of the Branch Manager in CT who had withdrawn then deposited $700 into the account and then had been moved to a new office. His father was a Major CEO of the Bank of America in NYC…..

                            Did they want to eliminate my son and then have the Branch manager withdraw all of the remaining funds from the account with no one being the wiser? Recall, the attorney was PISSED OFF that my son updated his ID. I believe the attorney intended for my son and I to be John and Jane Does…..There were too many REAL attempts on our lives throughout the trip.

                            The gangstalkers did the usual stuff. Mobbed us on the highways and tried to run us off the road. Harassed us in every Motel we stayed in and told management “something” which always resulted in management wanting us out of the Motel or Hotel ASAP…They watched us while we were still living in CT in my late parents’ home. (When my son and i went our separate ways after the trip- both of us continued to be stalked and harassed- in 2 different States.)

                            We had the usual hordes of lasers and night vision gear aimed at the rooms we stayed in.We had guns pointed at us. We had cops and firemen harass us, as well as various gangs. Our cat was killed. Even my 90+ year old Aunt in NC was followed by the stalkers when she went to the grocery store. Someone from out of state parked in her spot- no one had ever done that in some 20 years.

                            Obviously ALOT of effort and money went into gangstalking us and making our lives a living hell, for a very long time indeed. It continues to this day, though not so intense. I can understand the attorney NOT wanting us to show up for the final accounting and ask questions––but we did not show up.

                            What I want to know is why has he persisted for so very long? He wants both of us punished- homeless/jailed/sick/labeled mentally ill/out of work etc.

                            The only “threat” we present to him at this point is what we know. HE know there is nothing we can do about it. He got what he wanted and almost succeeded in getting rid of us- once in a cement mixer.
                            Cops all along the country went along with him……

                            Can one individual be so powerful and connected that s/he can order this kind of torture? And then brazenly participate in it himself- like calling my son pretending to be my son’s father…..

                            Could one man have such a Huge ego and such amorality that he would continue the game just for the power trip? Certainly there have to be some people who cannot be bribed….And jeremy- he had better fish in the sea than us……

                            February 7, 2011 12:31:08 PM

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                            • Re: Obvious and non-obvious performances  downcastmysoul


                              Do you still believe the whole world is unknowingly controlled by this, Jeremy? I was under the impression you thought that it was a huge technological matrix that controlled the world and that the targets were the ones that the anger was focused on, but that everyone was a “ti” to a point. Do you still believe this?

                              I had to give up my blog. The perps have been putting me through hell. I think this whole system comes directly from hell and that if you don’t go along with evil, or, if they think you aren’t capable of it, they target you.


                              February 9, 2011 11:18:29 AM

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                              • Re: Obvious and non-obvious performances  jeremy

                                Do you still believe the whole world is unknowingly controlled by this, Jeremy? I was under the impression you thought that it was a huge technological matrix that controlled the world and that the targets were the ones that the anger was focused on, but that everyone was a “ti” to a point. Do you still believe this?

                                I don’t think I’ve ever believed this. When I was starting out, I was working off the Hidden Evil hypothesis - legions of informants, and so on - but I never really thought the whole world was being centrally managed in this way. No matter how clever we think we are, at the end of the day we need raw materials, food, energy; and it’s also basically impossible to get by in the US without money. Whoever controls those inputs controls us, without fine-grained management like what TI’s experience.

                                I know they want us to think they control literally everything, but their real power comes from the Soviet-style central management of resources (kept hidden with financial games, but becoming more apparent as government power expands), their secret surveillance infrastructure, tactics designed to identify/divide/distract any meaningful resistance, and the complacency/stupidity of the general public. All these things are engineered on purpose.

                                TI’s just get more personalized attention.

                                I had to give up my blog. The perps have been putting me through hell. I think this whole system comes directly from hell and that if you don’t go along with evil, or, if they think you aren’t capable of it, they target you.


                                I’m really sorry about that. Yeah, the whole thing is like Hell. I’m not sure which is worse- not understanding it, or understanding it completely and not being able to do anything about it.

                                February 9, 2011 12:11:48 PM

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                                • Re: Obvious and non-obvious performances  A TI

                                  I think that in a way, they do control the world. It seems like everyone is under a some sort of spell. I believe there are certain rich and powerful that want to control the world, and they are achieving their dream. It seems like everyone I meet is going along with this. I know much of it is illusion, that they have people around the target to give the illusion of 100% compliance. But I am seeing a very high proportion of the general public who has sold out, thinks this is a good idea, or just plain doesn’t want to get involved. For all practical intents and purposes, anyone avoiding the target because they don’t want to get targeted, is still as good as a perp. Remember that doing nothing to stop the enemy because you fear them is the same as conspiring with the enemy.

                                  February 10, 2011 10:39:30 AM

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                              • Re: Obvious and non-obvious performances  downcastmysoul

                                Where is the quote that stated that it was even WORSE for “good” people to remain silent than even to be on the side of the perps? Someone from the WWII era. Silence is compliance and acquiescence. Needed sp check for that one. LOL. Hitler’s dream is coming true. Targeting is Nazism for the new millennium, nothing more. Nazism is satanism in practice. It all goes back to the fact that the devil wants to control the whole world and needs compliant people to do that. Any renegades must be silenced or destroyed. I have been silenced after going thru 6 months of hell starting last July. I gave up my blog and have been “forbidden” to go to Talkshoe ti chats by the v2k perps and also “forbidden” to follow my favorite blogger Zeph Daniel on pain of even worse happening to me. I have also given up listening to rock music and having a fantasy life because it is sin. Now, the perps? want me to give up reading novels as well and are trying to make it seem like it is God’s Will that I don’t read to take my mind off all this misery. I am not entirely sure whether it’s God or perps. I have had to go back on pills to control the almost unbearable anxiety that took hold of me. It got so bad I could not sleep, hardly eat, and could not sit still nor concentrate to even read the novels I love. They have neutralized me and my blog. I was very active in denouncing the use of drugs for any sort of relief and am now a hypocrite.

                                February 11, 2011 12:00:26 PM

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                                • Re: Obvious and non-obvious performances  A TI

                                  It is definitely not God who is forbidding you to read. To me, it seems logical that the perps require us to give up pretty much everything intellectual, so our minds become mush. Devoid of any thinking capabilities, we have no choice but to obey, obey, obey. They don’t want us to think logically, and to see through the bullsh*t they throw at us. So they will intimidate us until we give up keep our minds in shape, causing our minds to rot, and make us easier to control. Just use your thinking to battle the perps. Using your inner voice, tell them: “God told me to do just the opposite of what you evil rats are telling me”.

                                  February 11, 2011 08:06:53 PM

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                                  • Re: Obvious and non-obvious performances  victim2

                                    I also found an anon poster that said this as a quote from Edmund Burke.

                                    “It is not enough in a situation of trust in the commonwealth, that a man means well to his country; it is not enough that in his single person he never did an evil act, but always voted according to his conscience, and even harangued against every design which he apprehended to be prejudicial to the interests of his country. This innoxious and ineffectual character, that seems formed upon a plan of apology and disculpation, falls miserably short of the mark of public duty. That duty demands and requires that what is right should not only be made known, but made prevalent; that what is evil should not only be detected, but defeated. When the public man omits to put himself in a situation of doing his duty with effect it is an omission that frustrates the purposes of his trust almost as much as if he had formally betrayed it. It is surely no very rational account of a man’s life, that he has always acted right but has taken special care to act in such a manner that his endeavours could not possibly be productive of any consequence.”

                                    The poster adds: This is also a quote from the game Castlevania: Symphony of the Night by Alucard Draculas halfblood son. the exact quote being “Always remember, that the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

                                    February 13, 2011 07:42:56 PM

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                                  • Re: Obvious and non-obvious performances  Tybro

                                    I agree with A TI in that paying attention to the antics of the perps calls attention to ourselves in a painful way but I will say that “not” paying attention to an elaborate “freeway skit” with vehicles or someone in a store following you and no matter where they show up you turn away can make for an even more painful reaction from perps as its like they are embarrassed that you won’t watch their performance and you will pay for it with more painful electronic harassment than you may have ever experienced! This seems to be occurring more and more to me and I’m wondering as more strategies are tried by TIs’, myself included, to counteract perp behaviour and tactics that perps are making us PAY for outsmarting them or trying to? Also I’ve noticed the level of EH has risen sometimes beyond standing the pain and as I’ve read that others are experiencing this also I"m wondering if the perp community or gov’t controllers are not shifting tactics to compensate? Thank you for these discussions as I come away strengthened!

                                    February 11, 2011 02:45:48 PM

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                                    • Re: Obvious and non-obvious performances  A TI

                                      I think they have monitored the levels of psychological pain and stress from us, and try to strike a balance from the impact from observing in-person stalking, and the E-H harassment. As an example, on Thursday, I was getting heavy in-person stalking, but I was not letting it bother me. But after I got home, I was getting on and off painful “stimulations” of the genitals, and they were doing “jabbing” sensations, as well as crescendos of constant low-level painful stimulations that waxed and waned into the early morning hours. There was also some electrical stimulations going through the body as well, to accompany this.

                                      February 11, 2011 09:24:19 PM

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                                      • Re: Obvious and non-obvious performances  A TI

                                        I find your anaysis very enlightning. Even on the internet hidden out in some corner of the library using a friend’s nimber, they monitor my internet use and track me. They are aware of every search term I use.

                                        February 13, 2011 11:29:34 AM

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                                    • Re: Obvious and non-obvious performances  anon

                                      (not a post)

                                      J, Have you received an email from K requesting $ to help him get back stateside?
                                      I’m heading to work and won’t be able to correspond with him again until after 5.
                                      Is the msg a hoax? Just thought you should know.

                                      February 14, 2011 09:09:53 AM

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                                      • Ken's email  jeremy

                                        It’s a scam - not Ken’s fault - a virus of some sort. Several people (not just TI’s) have been hit by this one. The virus sends emails to people in the infected person’s address book requesting money be sent to the UK.

                                        February 14, 2011 11:43:36 AM

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