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Remember that grainy video of Clinton’s apology most mind control survivors, and many members of the Truth Movement, have watched and forwarded to friends?

It turns out he’s not really apologizing for MKULTRA in that video.

What the Clinton apology video is really about

The complete text of Clinton’s apology is available on the Department of Energy’s web site. Before I show it to you, here’s what Clinton is saying in the video:

Thousands of government-sponsored experiments did take place at hospitals, universities, and military bases around our nation. Some were unethical, not only by today’s standards, but by the standards of the time in which they were conducted. They failed both the test of our national values and the test of humanity.

And here’s a more complete transcript of the apology. As you can see, the video has been edited in the spots where the missing text is.

October 3, 1995
Old Executive Office Building

Let me begin with a simple thank you to everyone who participated in this extraordinary project and to everyone who supported them…

This report I received today is a monumental document in more ways than one. But it is a very, very important piece of America’s history, and it will shape America’s future in ways that will make us a more honorable, more successful and more ethical country.

What this committee learned I would like to review today with a little more detail than Dr. Faden said, because I think it must be engraved on our national memory. Thousands of government-sponsored experiments did take place at hospitals, universities, and military bases around our nation. The goal was to understand the effects of radiation exposure on the human body.

While most of the tests were ethical by any standards, some were unethical, not only by today’s standards, but by the standards of the time in which they were conducted. They failed both the test of our national values and the test of humanity.

In one experiment, scientists injected plutonium into 18 patients without their knowledge. In another, doctors exposed indigent cancer patients to excessive doses of radiation, a treatment from which it is virtually impossible that they could ever benefit.

The report also demonstrates that these and other experiments were carried out on precisely those citizens who count most on the government for its help - the destitute and the gravely ill. But the dispossessed were not alone. Members of the military precisely those on whom we and our government count most they were also test subjects…

The report I received today will not be left on a shelf to gather dust…1

And here’s a New York Times article from 1995, offering more context.

After reviewing 30 years of Government-sponsored radiation experiments on humans, a Presidential Committee has concluded that many were unethical and that the Government should apologize.

The committee also recommended that the Government compensate the patients for at least nine experiments in which they were subjected to radiation without their knowledge and the experiments were concealed from the public.

As far as many other experiments, the committee said there was not enough evidence to say whether apology or compensation was merited, but the search for such evidence should continue, the committee concluded.

The experiments took place in a period between 1944 and 1974. Several of the most egregious ones had come to light earlier, prompting Energy Secretary Hazel O’Leary to recommend a full inquiry, which lead to the President’s Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments, which worked for 18 months…2

The Human Radiation Experiments had the potential to be a colossal scandal. It was extremely fortunate that Clinton’s apology was overshadowed by the OJ Simpson jury trial verdict and the media circus that followed, just three hours later.

The underhanded methods used to keep damaging admissions from getting too much attention, or the associated ‘reforms’ from being effective in any meaningful way3, are worthy of their own article. The seeding of this (misleadingly) edited video may have been one of those methods.

For now, it will suffice to point out that a treasured piece of “evidence” of mind control experimentation, cited for years4 by dozens of web sites and a few big names in the Truth Movement, has turned out out to be disinformation.

Question everything.


  1. ^ "Remarks by President William J. Clinton in Acceptance of Human Radiation Final Report"; DOE web site. Checked 3-14-2011.
  2. ^ "Panel Urges U.S. to Apologize for Radiation Testing and Pay Damages"; New York Times, October 3 1995.
  3. ^ Executive Order 12975, the Order Clinton was referring to in his apology, established a bioethics advisory commission, supposedly tasked with preventing similar unethical practices in the future. Executive Order 13046, signed after Clinton was re-elected, abolished the commission as of October 1999.
  4. ^ The earliest reference I can find to the misleading labeling of this video is in December 2003, on (search for “Clinton” in the page).


  1. Debunking a counter-debunker  jeremy

    I’m being accused (not here) of being a disinformation agent because I’m calling this video what it is - propaganda, misleadingly edited to make it seem as if Clinton is directly apologizing for MKULTRA.

    The counter-debunker argues that mind control experimentation (specifically, TBMC) was mentioned during the HRE hearings, and Clinton’s Executive Order establishing his Bioethics Commission mentions “bioethical issues arising from research on human biology and behavior”. So, he concludes, the video is really about MKULTRA – and I’m drawing attention away from that.

    Anyone who is paying attention knows that the HRE, the MKULTRA experimentation, and the electronic mind control experimentation are all linked. The experimentation has been and is being conducted by the same organizations, with some of the same people, and there is likely a master schedule or grand plan unknown to outsiders.

    This doesn’t change the fact that creating a misleading presentation, to make it seem like you have evidence which you don’t really have, is disinformation. It’s a lie, and people will eventually see through it, and throw out the baby with the bathwater.

    Wishful thinking is not evidence. A person who points this is out is not a disinformation agent or an agenda-driven ideologue.

    May 24, 2011 03:56:08 PM

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    • Thanks (plus link)  D. for Citizens That Know

      Thank you for filling in the mysterious info about the Clinton video. This is a link to what was posted on Citizens That Know in July 2009-

      March 14, 2011 06:19:00 PM

      • Limited hangouts  johninSD

        Maybe a somewhat related topic is that IMO the Church Committee hearings were not a muckraking event with officials stumbling onto evidence they acted on to end at all. I suspect that with complaints mounting about COINTELPRO and MKULKTRA and related shennanigans they knew they couldn’t keep a lid on, holding the dog and pony show of public hearings that named NO names in their printed reports and thus saw not one person indicted, they were able to pacify the public into thinking the system had policed itself and satisfied victims into believing they had fulfilled their responsibility to inform the world so it supposedly didn’t happen to others.
        This simply allowed the programs to continue uninterrupted and still do so today, just under other names.
        Perhaps this is why I am somewhat leery of certain activists (not Jeremy or areyoutargeted) who have been promoting “another round of COINTELPRO Congressional hearings”. Specifically:
        why would anyone want a repeat of something that did nothing?
        I agree hearings may be the only productive route. I also realize without the teeth of criminal indictments handed down to participants there is no incentive for them to stop.
        At the very least if current claims say “we want to stop COINTELPRO” in a legal sense you just dismissed your case, in their eyes that ended long ago.

        March 16, 2011 01:26:56 PM

        • All the efforts will add up  D. for Citizens That Know

          It seems to me that if people are engaged in addressing a certain aspect of the atrocity that we face, it is fine to let them. Everyone is going to do what makes the most sense to them. All the work combines will hopefully change the overall dynamic of the ‘powers that be’ running amok and all of civilization into the ground…And using our hard earned income to do it with!

          Got to get the power and money out of their hands!!

          March 20, 2011 10:36:26 AM

          • More complete video  limsc

            Hi Jeremy,
            I have been on Peacepink most of the time, and this is my first comment.

            I actually found the clearer version of this video clip which lasts 25 minutes.
            The title is “Reports On Human Radiation Experiments”.

            The link is (

            April 21, 2011 06:51:57 AM

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