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Masonic laws tend to include provisions such as "once a mason, always a mason." This is to remind people who leave the lodge that although they are no longer members of the lodge, they still remain "masons" who are honor bound by an inescapable moral "obligation." This official masonic distinction between MEMBERSHIP in the organization and STATUS as a mason is important to understand.

... the candidate is advised that nothing he is about to promise will in any way interfere with any duty he owes to God, his country, his family/neighbor or himself. ...
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biting-lemon-3If a person takes an "obligation" based on such an assurance, and that assurance is fraudulent, then he is not obligated at all.

Q: "What makes you a mason?"
A: "My obligation." 

 If a person is not obligated, then he/she is not a mason, according to masonry itself.

I was told by a Scottish Rite mason that "the only thing that matters is the obligation. All that other stuff about helping people etc., that's all bull****." In retrospect I think that is interesting, because since the assurance on which the obligation is based is fraudulent, therefore no one is actually obligated.

Since status as a mason is determined solely by the condition of being obligated, there is no such thing as a mason. And if "everything else" is BS, I don't know what that tells you.

There may be all kinds of folks that belong to masonic lodges, and participate in masonic rituals, but there is no such thing as a mason.

The preceding series of research exhibits (numbered 101, 102 etc.)  is designed to demonstrate both 1) why the assurance is fraudulent and 2) turning to Christ Jesus is important.


ronayne masonic oaths null and void

 ronayne masonic oaths null and void excerpt