The following are two quotes from Dr. Turner's third and final book, which was co-written with psychic Ted Rice:

It was during this time, not long after the neighborhood incident, that Ted received a surprisingly clear communication from a source he couldn’t identify. He’d always assumed that such messages came from the spirit world, but now with an awareness of extraterrestrial involvement he wasn’t sure. In spite of its nebulous source, the message was quite specific, about a book that Ted was directed to write. In past readings that other psychics had done for him, he had repeatedly been told that he would be involved with the production of a book. Some of the readings, all the way back to the 1970s, indicated there would be more than one book.

But Ted had never felt the urge to write a book, at least not until this new message. Now the idea caught his fancy. He felt a compulsion to write about his life and experiences, but being no writer, he was frustrated and uncertain of how to begin. So, as he’d done in the past, Ted put the whole thing in the hands of his spirit guides. He told them that if they really wanted him to write, they would have to provide him with the proper equipment and inspiration.

“I don’t even have a typewriter,” he told them. “If I’m going to do this book, then I want a word processor.”

He let the thought go with that, but later, when a friend of his died and bequeathed Ted a word processor, that challenge to the spirits came back to him. A vivid dream soon followed, in which some unidentifiable entities showed Ted the very book he was supposed to write. The next morning, he told a friend about the dream, convinced that it was important.

“They’re serious,” he said, “they really must want me to do this book. Not only did they show it to me, they even told me what to call it - THE LIGHT WORKER.”

But even though the spirits were insisting and the equipment had been provided, Ted delayed starting on the book. His doubts about the nature of these entities tempered his enthusiasm for the project. Instead of writing, Ted put his energy into the psychic readings at the bookstore, yet he continued to think about UFOs and aliens and to discuss them with his friends.

Source: Dr. Karla Turner, Masquerade of Angels, pp 19-20.  Published 1994.

Later, near the end of the story, we read:

“Yes, I know this work is only just beginning,” Ted replied. “And it’s not a matter of just my own destiny any more, knowing that my friends and many others have had experiences, too. The truth is, the alien agenda has consequences for everyone. We know so little. It’s like we’re groping in the dark, and things just can’t go on like this.”

“It would take great courage, though,” Barbara reminded him, “to get beyond the fear and penetrate all the illusions that mask the aliens’ ultimate intentions.”

“And even greater courage to stand up before a disbelieving world and reveal the knowledge that I’ve endured so much to gain,” Ted added.

“You know, the aliens, or spirits or whatever they were, kept telling me to write a book, to call it ‘The Light Worker,’ and I think that’s what I should do. Only I can’t call it by that title and play into their hands promoting their goodness and kindness. I’ve got to call it something else, something that will be closer to the truth as I see it.”

“I’m sure you’ll come up with the right title,” Barbara said, taking her leave.

Source: Dr. Karla Turner, Masquerade of Angels, p 254. Published 1994

The right title ended up being Masquerade of Angels, implying the deception Ted and others found inherent in the alien agenda.   

Interestingly, the host of Coast to Coast AM, one of America's largest radio talk shows dealing with UFOs and the paranormal, and a regular contributing author to UFO Magazine, published his first book in 2007 ...

worker in the light

Later, when I was researching this website, it came as no surprise to me when I learned that George Noory's co-host for the Coast to Coast A.M. radio show was exhibiting signs of C.I.A. mind control during a live radio broadcast. For more on that, see Mind Control 201: Brain Implant Bloopers.

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