Name: Dianne
From: United States, CA

Message (without smileys): Just want to thank you for your site , and I have listened to all the youtube vids I can find on Dr.Karla Turner's work. I remember one story where a woman heard helicopter blades, but no one else could hear them, or see a helicopter. There was also a drawing at the end of one of Dr.Turner's videos.
Tonight as I was walking home from the store, I saw the oddest thing. It was dark and a very light rain, about 8:30pm my time. There was a black smallish helicopter flying, only it had no lights, no sound, no pilot I could see, and very closely behind it was a regular helicopter. They were about 2 car lengths apart, and maintained that distance during the minute I saw them. The larger lighted helicopter was about five feet above the smaller black one, and stayed that way. It was like it was "herding" the smaller one. The small black helicopter had no blade at the top and it reminded me of Dr. Turner's video drawing. It was small , say three quarters size of the full size one that followed it, or even smaller. It was entirely black, and I couldn't see a cockpit or pilot or even a window, it was total black. I didn't see any tail appendage or wheel either, it almost looked wooden, it wasn't shiny or metallic looking at all. The one that followed it seemed very normal, lots of lights an sound, and I could see the cockpit and it had clear windows. It was pretty noisy and it made the noiseless lightless one even more strange. I live near a Naval Landing Field so I see lots of helicopters and I've lived here three years, and normally these helicopters will not fly in rain or cloudy weather, but tonight lots did. I haven't ever seen this before, and because Dr. Turner thought this was important to note in her video drawings I am sharing it. Her picture of the small black helicopter looked alot like what I saw. I was so shocked by the soundless small helicopter I didn't even think to take a picture. The whole thing was over in about 60 seconds, as the helicopters traveled to where ever they were going they faded from view.