E-mail received 9-24-2008
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Hi Elton

I'm just wondering if you and your wife ever got to the bottom of the 'alien abduction' mystery before she passed away? I've just read through your 'into the fringe' book and your experiences are very similar indeed to that which my wife and I began experiencing 9 years ago.

It all began when we started looking after my wife's brother who was a severe alcoholic. Grey creatures began pulling me 'out of the body' when I was asleep. I would wake up half way across the room and on one or two occasions actually got pulled out of the house. With my occult knowledge I recognised this as an astral, or 'out of body' experience. At the same time, my wife would wake up like a 'corpse' in the morning with a kind of deathly appearance, and we were permanently drained and stressed from that point. I had to give up work with exhaustion as I couldn't think straight. People who sat next to my wife at work began having strange experiences then, almost as if it was spreading itself around. One woman had lights turning themselves on even though she was in the house by herself. One guy who sat next to my wife had objects moving by themselves...a screwdrivew that he put on the table suddenly appeared outside on the grass etc.

To cut a story short, I joined one of the mystical orders after being advised by a guy I worked with (he was quite high up in the masons). One of the seniors in my order said that the alien abductions were most likely 'elementals', which are invisible creatures that reside on the psychic plane just outside of our field of vision (similar to demons)...they can see us, but we can only see them if we are clairvoyant. They aren't aliens as such..they have been on the earth longer than we humans have apparently. Most of them are harmless but some of them can be mischevious and downright nasty, just like humans can. Although they wouldn't tell me any more than that, when I've asked for help from the order, my wife and I usually get better within a couple of days (not always though). It's as if the members of the order can put some sort of protection around us or something...I haven't been in long enough to know how to do the protection myself unfortunately.

Interestingly Dr John Mack said that the only thing he found in common with most abductees is that most of them had an alcoholic parent. Our problems started, as I say, when we got involved with my wife's alcoholic brother. Also another point is that my grandmother was an alcoholic and died when I was four years old. Prior to her death, we had strange things going on in the house, like strange noises and toys on the floor moving by themself. This all stopped when she died, however. Seems like there was some problem in my family years earlier, but it re-surfaced when we got involved with my wifes alcoholic brother.

I'd be interested to hear how your researtches have developed.