Time for a Decision.


"The destruction comes in four quariens."

If you have read Dr Karla Turner's work, Taken, then you came across the above title line. The question everyone would automatically ask is, of course: What is a quarien?

This statement about the coming destruction is the only line that was heard by the experiencer in her dream, although there seems to have been more to the conversation. "... it seemed someone was talking to her mentally." The segment of text from the book is as follows:

One such event in October 1992 seemed related to some of her previous experiences. "I dreamed someone was talking to me mentally," she said, "telling me things. I couldn't grasp the exact words, but I heard one sentence like this: The destruction comes in four quariens. 'Quarien' is not a word we know, but I took it to mean four parts of some kind. Then I saw what I call a graph. I felt as though I was getting a gentle warning of the 'bad time on earth' like it is very near to happening now."


With all of the talk going on today regarding a coming cataclysmic event, one would think the entity behind this communication would have been - a wee bit clearer? If we look at the text above, one of two possibilities exist: One, it was only a dream. Two, it was a real experience and the line heard was exactly what the experiencer was supposed to hear. The question is then begged - why? It really makes NO sense.


The text above deals with an alleged communication with some being that obviously knows when this event is going to hit. As of last November, I too received a night-time communication time-frame that established a date of March 20-21, 2006, the Roman and Hebrew Equinox. I have been trying to verify this date ever since it came in. If quarien and my date are right, there has to be a way to define quarien and see if they match. As it turns out, there is, and they do.

ET contact / messages to everyday people are sometimes wrapped in enigmatic wording. In some cases the enigma is based solely on our lack of knowledge. There seems to be at times, a push on their part for us to exert a little effort - and dig up the meanings.

One such word enigma I looked into dealt with a phrase "to the apples we salt, we return." It was explained as being a phrase from their "old prophecy legends." Oddly, these old prophecy legends connected directly to us. Another was their term for earth, Saras. This term links to great cycles of time, which also connects to the coming cyclical destruction.

With the word QUARIEN we are looking at here, the person "hears talking" in a "dream." The idea that hearing (not seeing) is used in this case, will open the door to a mistake, and the need for a tiny correction.

Quarien is not an ET word, unless they create their plurals like we do - with the addition of an "S." This person says quarien, the word she heard, does not exist. This much is true, but, what if she - heard it wrong? What if the word wasn't quarien, but should have been quarion? There is a old word, quarion, created from the same root idea as our word quarter (25 cents / quarter of a dollar, one of 4 parts) and quart (4 quarts to a gallon, again, one of 4 parts).

I found the word in a set of books I have: Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial Words by J O Halliwell, 1901. Quarion is a second rendering of quarrier, and is a square-lump ("4" sided) candle, from Latin quadrus, square (Encyclopedic Dictionary, 1894). The base of the word is derived from the idea of 4. Commonization connects it to a candle with 4 sides. It is the base idea that is being tapped here, NOT the idea of the candle. It is like the word quarrel; a second meaning for this word shows a "square-headed bolt for a crossbow," c.1225, from O.Fr. quarel, from V.L. *quadrellus, dim. of L.L. quadrus (adj.) "square," related to quattuor "four" (see quart). Archaic sense of "square or diamond-shaped plane of glass" first recorded 1447.

Everything said here concerning quarrel is directly related, at the root, to four. Quarion defines the same way.

In the text we are looking at the destruction comes, using the root idea, in 4 4s. Like the experiencer said, 4 parts of some kind. Whatever the single quarion defines as, we should have our answer concerning the destruction when we times that idea by 4.

Now, this above "dream" came in October of 1992; the end date I am going to use is the one I have been looking into since last November: March 2006 / the equinox. The following breakdown should involve a created reference to 4.

There are 161 of our months from October 1992, to March 2006. It is out of this total the encoded concept behind quarion is created.

161 (this number itself adds down to 4. 1+6+1=8, and eight is four, twice) 161 divided by 4 is 40 1/4 months (this would be one quarion, reference to the square / four, and that which needs 4 parts to make the whole - 1/4). This code word encompasses all ideas of 4. So, by this interpretation, 4 of these quarions will lead us to the time of the destruction. Now, let's look at this a little closer:

A single quarion is 40 and 1/4.

40 is 10, 4 times.

10 is the symbolic number of the cycle, referencing the returning cyclical destruction [see Dr Paul LaViolette's work: www.etheric.com], which our 4th world is about to experience again. In other words, this will be the 4th recorded time this has happened, hence the end of the 4th world and the beginning of the 5th world.

The left over 1/4 would represent the 1st of our 4 seasonal periods: The Spring Equinox. The equinox ties to the information I was given during the night between November 20th and 21st that said: 16 months. Sixteen months ties to the spring equinox from that time in November, exactly.

It should be noted that this method will not work for December, 2012. That date gives 242 months; divided by 4 = 60.5. These are not 4 based numbers. Also, as was pointed out in an email to me about this, if the idea of quarion is taken as leap years, 4 quarions would put the destruction in 2008, one leap year shy of the 2012 date. You can do the math for 2008 yourself, it does not fit.

A single quarion represents the ancient information and the modern time period. Four of these represent the arrival of the event: "The destruction comes in four quariens" (quarions). If a single quarion is 40 1/4 months, and it is October of 1992 at the time this was told to the experiencer, then 4 quarions would be (reversing what was said above) 4 x 40 1/4 = 161 months = March of 2006. The only piece missing is the day. It should be noted that we do not know WHEN in October 1992 this "dream" happened. Like my information that came in the night, "16 months," this quarion calculation could have been exact to the day as well. We will never know.

There is a richness of ideas here that fit the overall picture of the history of the event when March of 2006 is used. This will be the fourth recorded cycle of the event - the death of the fourth world and birth of the fifth.

Now it is time to make a decision.

Another dream (or information drop as I like to call it) has come in. Michael Bradford had a disturbing dream on the night of June 8th, but not half as disturbing as the actual arrival of the event that it represents. Here we find the same idea as above - unknown terms - look them up.

Dear Jim,

I found your website after a particularly disturbing dream about The Eye of God; a subject which I was previously unaware of. I know how this may sound but it is nevertheless the truth.

Although the details of my dream were somewhat fantastic, I was astonished to discover that many details were similar to what I learned about "The Eye of God."

In connection with this dream was another word, one which left a strong impression on me. The word was rubicon.

Obviously this dream left its mark on me; enough so that I did some research on the subject on the net. Essentially rubicon is latin for beyond the point of no return, if I am correct in my understanding of the word.

To get to the point, I am not one who usually believes in "dream signs." I must admit I was astonished by the accuracy of this particular dream though. Your website was the best resource that I found on the net about "The Eye of God" and it all seemed so familiar; call it deja vu for lack of a better word.

I was hoping you may have had others contact you with similar experiences. Hopefully you don't think me just another crackpot. Dreams of fiery catastrophes from the heavens; of something coming from the stars incinerating the earth; something named "the Eye of God" when I have never heard of such a thing, seem too much of a coincidence. Please contact me if you have ever spoken with anyone else with these dreams. I thoroughly enjoyed your site.



Michael's remark about never having heard such a thing before, echo's the statement made by the contactee in Dr Karla Turner's work Into The Fringe; the contactee was told that it was time for the human diaspora - and he too had no idea what the key word in the statement meant.

Michael sent a second email that went into more detail:



These are the details of my dream:

I remember seeing the discovery of an ancient artifact resembling my attached rough sketch in shape, design, and color.


It was not discovered by westerners but by people of middle eastern descent, people who believed the artifact possessed supernatural powers. People who believed it would somehow bring about the destruction of America.

At this point the word "rubicon" was flashed along with "The Eye of God," in such a manner as to attach it significantly to the artifact.

My role appeared in the next sequence of this dream; somehow I had gained knowledge of this artifact as a significant threat. I was in the military (I served for several years so this felt natural in my dream). Somehow, this artifact was being smuggled into the U.S.

Next I found myself in the presence of this artifact as it was supposedly about to be used as a weapon. I had the overwhelming feeling of "being too late." As the event began to unfold, knowledge seemed to be revealed to me. The knowledge of the source not being the artifact, only connected to it.

The source was from space, the sure knowledge of this became stronger as the night was replaced with light, the color of starlight only as bright as the sun; then brighter still, until the earth itself began to burn. My last thought before my incineration was that this was our world's destruction, not America's. Then the horrible realization of the "predestination" of the event, for lack of a better word. This was part of the plan - was meant to be. At the very end of the dream, just before I awoke, the word "rubicon" once more flashed through my awareness. Then I woke up, very disturbed and with the memory of this dream burned in my mind.

I haven't had such a powerful dream for years. When I was much younger, I kept a dream journal in an attempt to perfect the art of lucid dreaming. In those days, I learned to remember dreams much more vividly. These days, I hardly ever remember dreams.

I told you that much of my dream was quite fantastic. But there were too many details that were accurate, knowledge that I did not have beforehand, for me to believe that this dream did not have some real meaning.



When I read this account I went for a drive for about 45 minutes, just thinking. I came home and it took me another 12 hours just to sit and write this.

We need to look at this piece by piece. Let's start with rubicon:

Why would this term be used? Although it is a figure of speech, it isn't something found in common discussions between people. I can honestly say I have never heard it used once. Like the example of diaspora above, it seems to create a need on the part of the dreamer to LOOK IT UP.

Rubicon was an actual event that became a little known figure of speech. The base idea connects to a limit, that when passed or exceeded, permits NO RETURN and results in IRREVOCABLE COMMITMENT.

Now, how does this idea fit the archetypal information? Dr LaViolette's work has spelled everything out for all of us. The work I have done has also spelled things out for all of us. Now, whatever you do, whether you decide to listen, or whether you decide to blow this all off, you stand before the river Caesar stood before, the Rubicon, and now you must decide - to cross "the river" or not. The details in Caesars campaign and the details of our plight are different - but the base idea IS THE SAME! MAKE A DECISION!!!

Ancient History Sourcebook:
Suetonius (c.69-after 122 CE):
De Vita Caesarum, Divus Iulius
(The Lives of the Caesars, The Deified Julius), written c. 110 CE

XXXI. [49 B.C.] ... Then, overtaking his cohorts at the river Rubicon, which was the boundary of his province, he paused for a while, and realizing what a step he was taking, he turned to those about him and said: 'Even yet we may draw back; but once cross yon little bridge, and the whole issue is with the sword."

XXXII. As he stood in doubt, this sign was given him. On a sudden there appeared hard by a being of wondrous stature and beauty, who sat and played upon a reed; and when not only the shepherds flocked to hear him, but many of the soldiers left their posts, and among them some of the trumpeters, the apparition snatched a trumpet from one of them, rushed to the river, and sounding the war-note with mighty blast, strode to the opposite bank. Then Caesar cried: "Take we the course which the signs of the gods and the false dealing of our foes point out. The die is cast."

The essence of the story of Caesar as it pertains to us today is simply one of decision. Stay on your shore, or move forward. This idea of decision is linked in the dream to the (coming) EYE OF GOD! What is the EYE OF GOD? It is the arrival of the blue star / galactic superwave that Dr LaViolette has made his life's study. In Mike's dream, this symbol / artifact seemingly has a three-fold meaning: One, it has the qualities of a BLUE EYE (see LaViolette); two, it is the ancient symbol of the cross in a circle; three, it looks exactly like the cross-hairs of a rifle's telescopic lens - the abstract idea of something taking aim at you from FAR FAR AWAY - like about 23,000 light years.

If you find this a little strange, let me make it stranger. It seems this is not the first time this symbol has been seen. According to another dream that was just emailed to me, one this young lady had either last spring or summer, she can't remember exactly, it seems to be attached to ideas of some kind of end times - placement - for the way you lived your life. Everyone stood within a four quadrant circle exactly like Mike's circle, with a robed being standing in the center. Everyone was given a robe that was either black, white, or two shades of gray, meanings that break down into standard ideas of good, bad, and somewhere in between. Each had their own quadrant in the circle. In the email she told me:

It was the end of time, and multitudes of people were gathered at a beach. There was a "Christ/God like" person in a long robe sorting out souls into "quadrants" (this was the "word / thought" that described the place the individuals went to). Some wore black robes, some white, some light gray and some dark gray ... but they gathered them up in the quadrants with a visible axis like Mike's diagram ... as the masses were going thru changes, some will be collected (they are the ones that changed enough to go with the "god figure," where I don't know coz then I had woken up). The Christ like figure was in the center of the axis, arms outstretched ... the light gray robes and the dark gray robes still had to go through a change in being like some sort of refinement of personna before they were considered. All this happened along the shores of a beach. Oh - almost forgot ... the white robes were more good, black more bad ... there was a close up of the robes which broke down into particles, like the changes are to happen down to the smallest part of our being. All stuff aside, what got me was the quadrant references and the God like figure in the center of the eye of god.


As far as the rest of the pieces of Mike's dream, it needs to be understood that this is a visual presentation and is on a level that Mike can understand. He does not know about the Eye of God, and so, it is presented to him in a way he can remember and understand.

There is NO artifact. This is not real life, it is, for lack of a better word, a story. The idea of an artifact / Eye of God brings great age, being very old, been around for a LONG time, into play. The attachment to the middle east shows the area where, as I have said over and over, history changed more than 5000 years ago; people now attached supernatural beliefs to the (actual) Eye of God. It became more than it ever was supposed to be; it became a being that smiled on them (or not) as every god of every religion in every place on the globe smiles on, or punishes, the area of its local believers.

I find the military aspects of Mike's dream, things going the way they are in the world, odd, to say the very least. "People who believed it would (the original idea, now a being) somehow bring about the destruction of America." I refuse to comment deeply on this as I am appalled at the very conduct of some humans on this planet. But, the word that comes to mind, and is connected to the Middle East is Jihad - the Holy War. They believe the eye of their God is upon them and is with them as they try to bring down the ungodly infidels.

Mike's being brought into the presence of the artifact begins to show the unveiling and the revealing of truth:

I had the overwhelming feeling of "being too late."

The knowledge of the source not being the artifact, only connected to it.

The source was from space...

The sure knowledge of this became stronger as the night was replaced with light, the color of starlight only as bright as the sun; then brighter still, until the earth itself began to burn. My last thought before my incineration was that this was our world's destruction, not America's.

[The idea of NIGHT is here and needs to be touched on. In this dream, the NIGHT became like day. In Dr Turner's work she spoke of the NIGHT OF LIGHTS and the arrival of ships. In another dream on these pages, night is also referred to. In Landi's contact with the Nordic she was shown an ominous sky - at night. In my "16 months" info drop, exactly 16 months would be - IN THE NIGHT between the 20th and 21st of March. Scary as is looks, it seems there is yet hope - hope connected to the idea of the Rubicon scenario; as if - before the end comes, MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!! In the dream, Mike was too late. He couldn't make up his mind, because he had never heard of any of this.]

At the very end of the dream, just before I awoke, the word "rubicon" once more flashed through my awareness. Then I woke up, very disturbed and with the memory of this dream burned in my mind.

Rubicon - ie., MAKE UP YOUR MINDS! Either hang out on the shore, or cross the river - but make a decision, Hammer-Time comes. What is the decision? It is not in Mike's dream. Like the idea of rubicon, Mike has to search for this too. If all the data concerning "the Eye of God" is looked at, we find that missing piece to be the arrival of the Star People at the time of this coming destruction. If you wait until the last minute to make up your minds, - bye bye.

What is going on in this dream, as well as scores of others, was once known about. Even though humanity was caught up in the lies that were given by the priests and the ruling classes through the ages, it seemed things would be revealed exactly the way they are being revealed today - in dreams.

And it shall come to pass afterward, I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:

Now follow the context ... these next lines are the types of visions and dreams and prophecies.

And I will show wonders in the heavens [in these dreams - follow the context] and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD come. And it shall come to pass, [that] whosoever shall call on the name of the LORD shall be delivered ....

Mike's dream concerns something that is VERY ancient - hence artifact. It BECAME something else in history, and people came to believe "... the artifact possessed supernatural powers." As it turns out, this "artifact" will expose itself for all to see. It was always coming, hence in the dream simply "meant to be ...." We have lost the knowledge of all this because it was taken from us over 5000 years ago, but we can come to an understanding: "Somehow, this artifact [the understanding behind it] was being smuggled into the U.S.."

Now the event is upon us. Data shows the equinox, March 20th (or the Hebrew 21st) 2006, as the time of the red zone. From that time - watch the sky carefully. With the coming of the ominous sky comes the Star People (When you see the sky looking like this, know that we are coming. [Mellas]) By that time you should have made up your mind.

Personally, I think "16 months" (see my pages) meant exactly that, and it is going to come during the night between the 20th and the 21st. The ancients sacrificed on the equinox - there had to be a reason. The god of light winning the battle over the god of darkness looks to have had a deeper meaning than "YAY - IT'S SPRING - PARTY DOWN!" I have read about periods of fasting too - why? Because people were happy it was going to get warmer? I don't think so.

Look, people do not want to hear this. I'm a people and I don't want to hear it. However, the time has come for a decision. If you don't want to hear it - just say so. Stay where you are and that is all you have to do. No one is shoving this down anyone's throat. Free will must reign. You stay on the beach on your side of the Rubicon ... I will stay on mine. Who knows - maybe I'm wrong about all this. I sure hope so. But, if I have learned anything about myself over the years, it is that I STINK at gambling.


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