Chapter 20 of Barbara: The Story of a UFO Investigator


Have I told you more than you wanted to know? There are only a few more things to reveal. If you’ve had UFO contacts you can either drive yourself crazy by wondering “if you’re crazy,” or you can begin to actually do something for yourself. Paralysis and lack of action can only keep you glued to that one spot in your life, the spot which is causing you such pain.

My suggestion is that you put yourself into a positive frame of mind and try one or all of the following suggestions:

o Keep living. The aliens are very little interested in older people. Age brings some protection.

o Put positive music or pleasant tones all around your house. Put up wind chimes, listen to lovely music from the CD or record player, or play the instrument that you always wanted to play. If you always wanted to master the piano (or any other instrument) but never learned, begin lessons now. Have a sweet sounding doorbell installed. All these sounds are positive sounds and aliens don’t care for positive sounds. They have little interest in calm, harmonious frequencies. Crashing, ugly, dissonant sounds are more their style.

o Do whatever is necessary to cure and change the bad habits which connect you to the alien lifestyle. If you are engaged in habits or afflicted by addictions which are detrimental to your well being, then please understand that you are perpetuating the alien connection with each indulgence in each wrongful choice. This means tobacco in any form, alcohol to excess, marijuana to excess, crack, crank, heroin, cocaine, opium, or uppers, downers, or any other medical drug which is not specifically prescribed by your doctor. Huffing and sniffing chemicals are also verboten if you want to cut your connection to the UFO world.

Indulgence also covers: eating to excess, eating and vomiting and purging, or not eating at all. It can also mean eating foods that are bad for you even though you aren’t overweight, anorexic or bulimic. You have to know what is bad for you as well as what is good for you. If lettuce makes you sick, don’t eat it, no matter what books and articles tell you about the value of lettuce (or any other so-called healthy food.)

o Keep well away from any scenes or thoughts of child, parent, or spousal abuse. Abuse in any form is a signal of a UFO connection.

o Go to church, temple, mosque, or synagogue gatherings where positive energy abounds. Pray, always keeping the frequencies of your daily life on a calm, harmonious, balanced level.

o Avoid much time spent in meditation. Meditation can sometimes become an invasion invitation to aliens.

o Create as much positive reality for yourself as you can. Take up art or crafts or handwork or hobbies that offer serenity within yourself. Practice creative activities which enrich and enhance. Think of drama, music, dance, writing poetry or prose, painting or sculpture, all of which can take you away from disturbing scenes or memories in your everyday life.

o Read. Spend some time in libraries and bookstores. If you relate to particular authors write him or her fan letters or “thank you” notes.

o On the internet look for web sites that offer help. There is little help here but it can’t hurt to look.

o Search for help from family or members of your community. Look for people who have had encounters. They, more than anyone else, will understand your problem and will, perhaps, be able to offer advice.

o Look for support groups that will keep you from feeling so alone. When you look for a group or a competent person who can help you, you must realize that experienced help is best... and they are very hard to find since there are so few of us.

o Enjoy the smallest beauty which you see or hear or smell or taste or touch, while on your daily work or business rounds, even if it be only a quick glimpse of a hummingbird feeding at a trumpet vine, or a child laughing in a playground or an echo of a few notes of music.

o Understand that rigidity doesn’t help. The oak breaks in the strong wind, the willow merely bends.

o Step out into the sunshine for a few minutes each day.

o Uplift the frequencies in your life, taste, fragrance, tactile feeling, emotional feelings. Remember that what we look at can affect us. In other words: You must use all your senses to your own best advantage.

o Eliminate activities that destroy and degrade. Fighting, cursing, violence, drug use, racial hatred and molestation of others, rape or cruel sex of any kind, abuse of any kind… all are meat and drink to the watching aliens. If mother and father fight while the children watch, that fight is opium to the aliens who are privy to the destruction. All pain and cruelty is a euphoric drug to these beings. They live on our anger and fright and pain.

A battle in Bosnia or Iraq or anywhere at all, is delectable to the aliens. They must have our darker energies to function. Sexual pain, war, brutality, hatred, fear and anger are all craved food for the intruders.

o When people can wake up to the importance of their families, and man and wife can love each other, when countries can stop fighting, when races can live together in harmony, when we can refrain from being a resource for them we can disconnect from them. When we decide to do that, we will lay down our guns and decide we are not going to feed them anymore.

o There is a distinct possibility that they created us for their own self-serving agenda. They could be our creators and we could be their resource, you know, but must we be their puppets?

It’s time we become powerful, strong human beings in our own right, rather than pawns in the hands of the intruders. We can each take charge of our own lives when we resist the temptation to cooperate with those UFO creatures who seem to love the darker side of our civilization. We can waken to the facts and quit feeding them what they long for.

o Begin now to turn off any negative frequencies or activities or fantasies, which you know will bring negativity into your life.

o Concentrate on nature, gardens, plants, flowers and herbs, which you can plant or which you can simply enjoy as the creation of someone else.

o Participate in activities that bring you joy.

o Soften your voice and lower your tone.

o Stand ready to do good and heroic deeds for other people, even for unknown persons, no matter how small or how large the deed may be.

o Stand ready to do good and heroic deeds for yourself. Treat yourself well in ways that uplift your spirits.

o Clean, groom and protect your body from harmful contacts.

o Do the same for all living beings under your roof, including your animals. Teach your children to display kindness toward all other living beings, especially those who are in your family’s care.

o Look for contentment, especially in small things… a cup of hot tea, jonquils in the spring, a really good book.