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An Online Chat With Karla Turner

Second Series Part Three

(During the chat Karla's nickname is: "ThunderK")


4/19/95 6:22:04 PM Opening "KT Class 2 Log 4.19.95" for recording.

Course TA : Hi Mike. we're talking about Oklahoma City.

ThunderK : Hello, everyone.

Course TA : Hi Karla.

ThunderK : I found it hard to tear myself away from the TV news especially earlier, when announcements about FEMA's deployment were made. ga

Violet4u : Fine evening

UFO ll : does anyone think its connected w/ the world trade center

Violet4u : Iranian, but will wait to hear more news?

Phikent : Hi, sorry I missed last week due to kids and sping break

ThunderK : Glad you're here tonight, anyway.

ISCNIMikeL : Greetings, all. Just stepped out momentarily to start a log. Hi, Karla! ga

ThunderK : OK. First, though, let's wait maybe two more minutes for anyone else to arrive. And I want to thank those of you who responded to the material in the folder...

Course TA : I think we're all kind of stressed out today because of Oklahoma City

ThunderK : Yes, I agree...

JONWIL : 'Evening, Karla et al.

ThunderK : This type of scenario is much too familiar and has such echoes in many of the fringe rumors we have to live with in this field. Back to the folder, if I may. Has there been much chat about this event in any of our postings? ga

ISCNIMikeL : SOrry, Karla, not sure I understand your question. ga

ThunderK : Never mind, then...

Phikent : In my book the biggest news is the lack of news about Mexico sightings. ga

ThunderK : I was thinking of your recent class topic, Michael, about govt. issues. BTW, we're again under a storm/tornado watch in this area and I could disappear at any moment...

ThunderK : It's time to begin things now...

ISCNIMikeL : Karla, if you suddenly go off-line, we'll try to hold

the fort, but please come back soon so we know you weren't blown away in a tornado! :-) ga

ThunderK : OK. On with the show. If there are some changes occurring that affect our perceptions both externally and internally what mental or brain functions do you think might be involved and/or changed, too? Any responses? ga

ISCNIMikeL : ?

ThunderK : Yes,

ISCNIMikeL : Any work done on possible hypothalamus effects?

ThunderK : Not that I'm aware of, but the subject was also raised in our folder. I had hoped that you might know more about funding and research projects! ga

WhteLotus1 : !

ThunderK : Can you explain about these effects, Michael? ga

ISCNIMikeL : Obviously, the whole endocrine system remains laregly mysterious to medical science, and could be hugely implicated in the "internal and external" effects you mention but no, I myself have no knowledge, and wonder who does. There are so many fruitful avenues of possible research that have never been tried. ga

ThunderK : I agree! What specific effects could be involved with that system? ga

ISCNIMikeL : Are you asking me to speculate?

ThunderK : If you know more, please fill us in. ga

ISCNIMikeL : Hormones change consciousness. That is easily demonstrated. Neurotransmitters interact with hormones to produce prodigious effects of evidently "paranormal" abilities and it is not hard to imagine that an advanced race of beings would understand relatively simple and straightforward ways of manipulating the production
of neurotransmitters etc. But this is just a guess. ga

ThunderK : Great! Thanks...

ThunderK : And the abductors do often make vague references to changing 'enzymes' or 'energies' or 'blood' etc. so that it should be something testable in medical terms. WhiteLotus, ga

WhteLotus1 : With the shift in perspective, there is a raising of energy from the medula to the third eye and crown areas of the head/

ThunderK : What parts of the brain are involved in this, do you know? Also, what sort of energy is raised? ga

WhteLotus1 : well...the pineal esoteric little thing that it is...<grin> and the energy would involve the kundalini. ga

ThunderK : OK, thanks, although I admit to knowing very little about kundalini explanations. Toney, I think you're next. ga

Toneyterry : How about our perceptions of the aliens as being here for our good./Screen memories galore! How can we trust anything reported in these encounters considering thie ability to alter our perceptions in these

(Ed. note: Take a very careful mental note of Karlas' next response, it's a -vitally- important piece of information! Something we should -always- bear in mind in our own personal investigations. JV)

ThunderK : A tough question. I don't think we CAN trust much of the reported info, to be honest without some method of external observation and thorough investigation. But we can look at certain data that supports the idea of technological intrusions into the brains of abductees and look at what these affected areas are doing, in terms of overall brain function. For instance, the brain stem really has more control over brain activity than the medulla or the cerebral cortex and some of the abduction data points clearly to implants in this area. I'll say more about this in a moment, but Kent, I think you also have a comment. ga

(Pure Gold! File it away. JV)

Phikent : I'm not sure of physiological definitions but, External energy (quickening) sources seems to transform the whole body into a thinking-perceiving mechanism with synesthesia and a kind of "whole" perception. ga

ThunderK : Please relate this to the abduction experience and/or the transformation theory. ga

Phikent : I think these two experiences might be connected. ga

ThunderK : How? ga

Phikent : Okay . When stimulated I think one begins to move through doors such doors reveal entities of different levels. Thus an abduction may be nothing morte than an "entry" ga

ThunderK : An entry of the entities? Or the abductee's entry into something else? ga

Phikent : The human enters their space or becomes capable thereof. ga

ThunderK : Yes, Violet, ga

Violet4u : How would the back of the head be stimulated?

ThunderK : More, Violet? ga

Violet4u : I wish i knew...

ThunderK : I meant, was there more to your comment. I didn't see a 'ga' at the end. ga

ThunderK : If you're asking about the stimulation of the back of the head...

Violet4u : In prayer the back of my head becomes stimulated..wanted answers in the abduction

ThunderK : were you referring to my comments on implants or to Kent's remarks? ga

Violet4u : experience

ThunderK : Please explain! ga

Violet4u : implants yes

ThunderK : OK. Toney, I'll get to you next...

Violet4u : It becomes warm and i get a surge in my cells the only way i can explain it

ThunderK : The brain stem controls almost everything our state of consciousness, waking/sleeping levels our 'attention' to all sensory input our interpretation of sensory input and our motor functions. We know from human medical experiments that the external stimulation, as Kent noted, of certain brain areas can cause 'virtual reality' events and experiences, not only in a human brain, by the way but apparently similar effects are seen when brain areas are stimulated in monkeys and apes. Toney, ga

Toneyterry : We seem to be talking about "hard facts" how can we get this Brain stimulation activity sort of on the agenda for our "scientific community" to look at? ga

ThunderK : Again, I've asked this same question repeatedly! And now that some monies have been promised for research, this would certainly be a worthwhile area of investigation. Kent, ga

Phikent : there might be more to this energy phenomenon . Another thing - the entity, Earth, seems to be quickening too (increase in base frequency which is measurable at last). This might account for the appearance of the ultra-terrestrials - because the whole planet begins to resonate at a "doorway" threshold.

ThunderK : Maybe that is similar to what I've called a 'wobble' effect in both the planet and the population! Michael, ga

ISCNIMikeL : The physician in Toronto who's studying effects of temporal lobe stimulation (forget his name) gets such strong "out of body" effects etc that he's claiming such stimulation might account for all perceived experiences of abduction. No aliens. Just stimulated lobes. ga

(Michael is refering to 'Persingers' work with the 'electrical stimulation' of certain brain centers via the use of a (helmet) he had designed for the purpose. His experiements and findings have been hotly debated ever since. JV)

Toneyterry : !

ThunderK : Would that it were true! However, so far it hasn't proven to fit all the known reports, so don't get too hopeful about that theory, or about the 'allergy to electricity' theory, either. Toney, ga

Toneyterry : But could the electrical discharges of geo-force cause enough brain activity ? ga

ThunderK : That's the debated point. It's more theory than evidence right now, though. Yes, Slav, ga

SlavkoM : If memory serves, think I read that Persinger's methodology was called into question? ga

ThunderK : I'm not sure about the methodology but the parameters were highly hypothetical, and I recall a number of dissimilarities with many abduction experiences. Any other comments/questions at this point? ga

ISCNIMikeL : !

Toneyterry : !

ThunderK : Yes, Michael, ga

ISCNIMikeL : The Learning Channel did a program on abduction a few nights ago in which a British woman, very smart and not much committed to the "alien" part of abduction went to see Persinger, got into his experiment room, had weird experiences (all shown on TV) came away saying that, while very interesting, it didn't seem likely to do away with the strangeness of abduction. ga

ThunderK : Thanks! If anyone has an available tape of that program. I'd really like to see it. Let me know! Toney, ga

Toneyterry : I think his theories (Persingers) could explain "some" lights in the sky. But thats about

ThunderK : Maybe a few other things, too, but certainly not the physical aftereffects that crop up so often in abduction scenarios. And of course it doesn't explain the peripheral activity such as crop circles and animal mutilations. Yes, UFO 11, ga

UFO ll : some one spoke about the neocortex, is the that the outer layer of the brain? ga

ThunderK : It is a rather recent development, I believe although my knowledge of brain structure is admittedly limited. Why do you ask? More, UFO 11? ga

UFO ll : i was reading about it...and i was wondering what i was reading about. ga

ThunderK : OK. When we consider the fact that all of our perceptions must be 'processed' by a physical structure like the brain then even our most spiritual experiences are also similarly processed. So there must certainly be a question about any intrusions into the part of the brain that does the processing, wouldn't you think? ga

SlavkoM : ?

ThunderK : Yes, Slav? ga

SlavkoM : I'm not sure processing of perceptions and spiritual experience are the same. ga

ThunderK : But doesn't every experience have to be processed in order to be perceived? ga

WhteLotus1 : !

SlavkoM : Sure, but are spiritual experiences processed in same manner? ga

ThunderK : That's my point if it is an experience, it has to have an entry into our perceptive field and the brain is, so far as we know, the only processor. Comment? ga,

SlavkoM : Are we talking about experince as external or internal? ga

ThunderK : Either. ga

SlavkoM : But source could be different, right? ga

ThunderK : Sure! ...

SlavkoM : Then proicessing might be different. ga

ThunderK : I'm not talking about the source, only about the processing of the data coming from the event, either internally or externally. And there are those, both in psychology and physics, who would tell us that the separation of 'internal' and 'external' events is illusory, anyway. Yes, WhiteLotus, ga

WhteLotus1 : Are you using the word process in regards to "conceptual thought"?

ThunderK : In regards to all assimilation of stimulation, whether external/physical or internal/ psychological / spiritual. We lost WhiteLotus, so Kent, please ga

Phikent : about these realities. The problem with investigating these "expanded realities" is that after a certain physical-bound threshold the investigator can no longer take the notions or "proof" and "explanation" along with. In fact, upon the return the brain grasps for straws and imposes screens which filter the limited picture. ga

ThunderK : Perhaps the brain IS imposing the screens but the other possibility is that the screens are externally manipulated and imposed, which I would venture may be closer to what is actually occurring. Anything further, Kent? ga

Phikent : no ga

ThunderK : OK. To bring us to a point of closure, let's look at a couple of things. First, the history of human consciousness is one of continued evolution with some strong evidence for a noticeable change having occurred within historical time, perhaps as recently as 5000 years ago and all of the related fields of study agree that such evolution surely continues today. So the idea that we might be the specific generation(s) to feel the impact of another noticeable shift in perception is not out of the question. And as always, with a question of such magnitude we can't afford to examine all the possibilities to explain and understand it, including any evidence of external stimulation. For the final class, let's try to forge an overview of these possibilities especially to consider what effects, if any, the 'millennial' situation may have on our sense of some transformative activity. Any final questions or comments? ga

SlavkoM : ?

ThunderK : Yes, Slav, ga

SlavkoM : What do you mean by evolution of consciousness? and shift in perception? ga

ThunderK : OK, for instance, our historical records provide evidence that within the past 5000 years the human species developed the ability to perceive and 'process' the concept of certain colors that had not been hitherto 'available' to us. And for the most part there has been a noticeable shift as well in the species' response to its environment, which has to have become the dominant perception in order for our overall misuse of the planet's bounty to have occurred. Yes, Toney? ga

Toneyterry : Yes, a comment/ Why is it the more I learn about this phen. the less I actually know.? It Just keeps changing. ga

ThunderK : One possibility, the main burden of our education right now is in 'unlearning' so many of the 'givens' we have accepted but which now don't serve to explain the realities that have shifted beneath and around us? ga, Toney?

Toneyterry : Yeah, But could my confusion about the phen. be how shall I say "Anticipated"? ga

ThunderK : You may be right! Final discussion postings will be available in the folder by Sunday evening and I REALLY hope that more of you will jump into the conversation! Thanks to our TA this evening, for taking care of business and thanks to you all for coming together and trying to get at the big questions. If there is nothing further, let's call it a night.

Course TA : Thanks Karla for a great discussion.

WhteLotus1 : Thank you.

ThunderK : You're very welcome!

Violet4u : must learn to adapt to changing "shift's....Thanx and a smile....

Phikent : thanks much!

UFO ll : see you karla :)*Goodbye*

Toneyterry : Thank U Karla

EGilson432 : Thank You

ThunderK : I agree completely. Things aren't going to be the same again, it seems. Bye, all!

SlavkoM : Good night and good show!!!*Goodbye*

Phikent : *goodbye*

Course TA : That was a great discussion. I wanted to comment on several things, but as TA, can't do so very well. Goodnight Mike. You'll be hearing from me soon again. Bye!

ISCNIMikeL : Had to step out for a while, but got a log so will reread everything.

4/19/95 7:31:42 PM Closing Log file.