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UFOlogy today, is a mish mash of many weird and wonderful ideas, speculations and theories abound like there is no tomorrow and one wonders can this subject get any more fanciful !! Admittedly we should not forget that speculation is fine so long as it is constructive and is done with the sole purpose of finding some answers. UFOlogy has seen many books all portraying our subject with these differeing ideas. Some authors would have us believe that we are being visited by 'beings' from Zeta Reticuli, whilst others would have us believing that we are being visited by Time Travellers, Parallel Universal 'beings' or whatever, the list is extensive. One things for sure, there is no denying that we have a UFO presence, that much we can say, but a presence is one thing determining what that presence can be, is another.

I am in total agreeance with researchers wearing as many 'hats' as possible and opening as many UFOlogical doors as possible, the truth of the matter is within all these avenues of possibilities an answer must lie somewhere it's just a case of finding it. I am in the fortunate position of being sent many UFO and paranormal books by publishing houses to review and recently I was sent a copy of a book which absolutely blew me away !!! Why ! well because it was so new, and was so shockingly important to the subject of UFOlogy that it just screamed out to be read by UFOlogists and sceptics alike. The book is entitled MILABS, subtitled (Military Mind Control And Alien Abduction) and is written by Dr Helmut Lammer and his wife Marion Lammer. It is my opinion, that this book holds a very big piece of the UFO puzzle and I hope that through this article I can at the very least, share some of the salient points with you. Of course for a more overall view of the book, one must purchase a copy oneself, but take it from me, it will be the best money you will have parted with for some time. Dr Lammer has a Ph.D in geophysics and works at the Austrian Space Research Institute as a planetary scientist. He has published many scientific papers in prestigious scientific journals such as Journal Of Geophysical Research, Geophysical Research Letters, and Planetary and Space Science. Dr Lammer is a member of the European Geophysical Society (EGS) and the New York Academy of Sciences. In his spare time, he writes for numerous UFO magazines and is the Austrian representative for the American society, The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and is also an associate member of the Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE). Marion Lammer studies law at the University of Graz, Austria, has a lifetime interest in Fortean phenomena and has helped her husband with his studies in his MILAB research. O.K. let's take a look at what Helmut and Marion Lammer have to say.


The main thrust of the Lammer's book is to inform us that 'not all is as it seems' ! We are informed that many UFO abductions are the result of Military personnel, men in business suits, or men in white lab coats each who are abducting individuals either 'to'

(A)To obtain as much information from the abductee as to what transpired during their abduction ie, to obtain any 'technology or advanced information as they possible can which could potentially be used by their country (America) to advance their own technology from the 'abducters'


(B) The American Government 'agencies' are themselves imprinting false and misleading information into the minds of the unsuspecting public to further the cause/belief that UFO abductions/aliens are a reality, this is to steer the public's belief away from what really is going on, ie, a new Stealth technology or advanced black budget technology to which they, (the Americans) do not wish the public to learn about, and they are more than happy for this technology to be camouflaged under the guise of 'alien abductions'.

Now, as we progress, both the above categories play an important role in the understanding of the MILAB scenario and it is my hope to paint a presentation of facts which you the reader can judge for yourself. So let us now continue on with what the Lammer's have to say about the above and I ask that you keep an open mind and try and grasp the importance of what this article is all about.

Now, what we have to bear in mind, and what is a proven fact, is that numerous UFO abductees not only report seeing small grey 'beings' during their abduction, but they have also told researchers the world over that they have also been 'interrogated' by what appear to be 'humans' who not only threaten them but implant devices into their head which cause them much distress. They describe being taken to Military Hangers in which strange UFO-like craft are housed. For instance, Brenda a Canadian UFO abductee, explains that she was abducted and taken to a Military Hanger where she was met by two 'men' in white coats who interrogated her for a period of time. This proved most distressing to her more so because these men used chloroform to knock her out. The main thing is though, she claimed to have seen advanced disc shaped objects in this 'facility' similar, it is said (by the author) to advanced disc shaped objects that are apparently being developed at Lockheed'' Hellendale underground research facility near Palmdale in southern California.

Another MILAB abductee, Melinda Leslie has also experienced both alien and Military abductions. One of which occurred at an aerospace facility in southern California near Lancaster. Not only did she witness men in Navy uniform during her abduction, whilst she was being examined by small grey 'beings' but she also claims to have seen a strange triangle shaped craft in a large hanger, and also a dark unmarked helicopter. Melinda remembers being forced to sit in a chair where she was forcibly given a strange drink and had a syringe inserted into her arm by a human in a lab coat. She was then asked repeatedly by a red haired Military officer to tell them all about her 'alien' experiences and that he wanted information about the 'aliens' technology. Leah Haley one of America's more noted UFO abductees, also talks about being taken by a helicopter to a Military base where she was interrogated by 'humans' in regards to her 'alien' experiences. She also states that she was given a shot in her arm and asked repeated questions by Military officers to tell them all about the 'aliens' technology.

These are but a few of the many references that are made by the author in regards to individuals being forcibly taken by Military people in order to try and extract some details to better the minimal knowledge of the Military chiefs. We are also told that the husband of the late Dr Karla Turner (a noted UFO researcher) also recalls an abduction in which he too was forcibly taken by Military personnel to an underground facility where he too was drugged and repeatedly asked all about the 'aliens' technology. Although some of these UFO abductions in regards to Military precenses being seen on board strange looking objects have been reported elsewhere, it has only been tentatively as if the authors of previous UFO books really didn't know what to do or make with them. I would probably say that some, if not a lot of other UFO authors, have in point of fact, kept these vital facts away from their readers not knowing whether there were any truth in them or moreover, it may well spoil the thrust of the book they were writing. Thankfully these stories are now surfacing. Karla Turner referred to them numerous times and told many people that we should start to sit up and take notice of these accounts, Dr Lammer states, "The presence of human Military and/or civilian personnel inhabiting the same physical reality as the alien beings exceeds the mindsets of the sceptics and the open minded researchers by several orders of magnitude. A more truer statement has never been said. Dr Scott Jones believes that it's quite possible that the Military machines interest in UFO abductees may well be due to them (the Military) gaining important ground as to developing brain implants, virtual reality implants, holographic image projection and cloaking devices but more so for genetic research. This all sounds incredible and seems like something out of Star Trek or Deep Space Nine, but the facts are, that more and more UFO abductees are coming forward with stories of not only meeting up with 'aliens' but seeing and being interrogated by their fellow human beings. Of course as things stand, this would all appear to be hidden from the U.S. Congress and may be masked under the secret 'black budget' projects. During the 1980's, a lot of money we are told, was being used for top secret Military projects, the major one being for (SDI) Strategic Defence Initiative. It's not that hard to imagine, that a certain percent of the black budget programme, went towards the procedure of finding, locating, abducting and interrogating helpless UFO abductees to try and elicit from them, what the 'aliens' were up to. Now this all presupposes that we 'have' an alien presence, and this is what makes this book so darned important. The evidence contained within this book, clearly shows that there is indeed, without any shadow of a doubt, an alien presence on this planet who's programme is decidedly targeted towards a genetic programme of sorts. Let us now take a look at some of the other important issues contained within this book.


The Lammers present the reader with case after case of experimentation by the people we have been led to trust, Military chiefs on not only the people of the United States, but on citizens of Canada and other countries. These experiments from many years ago, were nothing to do with UFOs or the search to understand alien technology, it was to find out various things about what the human individual could endure. Covert operations have been deployed on countless thousands of people for many years, even our own Ministry of Defence has carried out secret radiation experiments on humans during the past 40 years. In America, nerve gas, LSD, and various biological agents were used on people without their permission. We often talk about the attrocities that the German Army committed during the second world war, the experimentation on the Jews both children and adults, filled us with horror, and to think that the people we elected to serve and protect us are still experimenting on our minds and bodies of citizens today should make everyone everywhere stand up and protest from the highest tower. Whilst I appreciate that mankind must learn what biochemical agents can do to someone, to use it on people without their consent is immoral. Dr Lammer tells us that horrific psychological experiments were conducted on American soldiers at Edgewood Arsenal Maryland, eight former Nazi scientists worked at Edgewood for the Americans between 1947 to 1966 developing and testing lethal nerve gas and psychochemicals on humans. Dr Ewen Cameron led a CIA funded laboratory at McGill University during the 1950's where people were used as guinea pigs for brainwashing experiments. People were given huge amounts of hallucinogens, some were given electro-convulsive therapy, and others were subjected to sensory deprivation. More importantly, Dr Lammer tells us that a panel appointed by the Clinton administration in 1994 to look into these matters, found that four hundred documented Government backed bio-medical experiments involving humans were undertaken between the years of 1944 and 1975. How much more has gone on that we don't know about ! I'm sure we'll never really know. Mind control victim Claudia Mullen testified before the advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments in Washington D.C. during March 1995 where she explained that she was taken by Military people over a course of many years, and subjected against her will, in experiments concerning Chemicals, radiation, drugs, hypnosis, electric shock, sleep deprivation and even sexual abuse ! Another witness, Delora, recalls that he father who was a career Navy Officer, was stationed at an ammunition depot in Shoemaker Arkansas, and during those early years whilst he was stationed there she remembers flashbacks of being with both her parents inside a Military bunker where she saw 'aliens' performing experiments on humans. Delora knew that this bunker housed chemical and biological weapons which may have been an interest to these 'aliens'. She also claims to have seen a number of humans suspended in gas or liquid filled capsules. Delora holds the opinion that those people that were contained inside these capsules were clones and being used for secret bio-warfare or chemical warfare experiments. American UFO researcher Dan Wright who is head of the MUFON abduction Transcription Project has a number of records on file which detail this description of humans being witnessed in large tubes or containers, some of his cases, feature humans who somehow had to 'breathe' the strange liquid that was found inside these containers. This puts me in mind of the famous Scottish A70 UFO Abduction, where one of the two witnesses, Colin Wright, found himself enclosed in a large glass or Perspex container. He was naked and was strapped to a chair when suddenly this glass or Perspex started to frost up. Colin doesn't recall the container being filled with any fluid, but certainly recalls the situation very vividly and with a certain amount of fear.

The Lammer's explain that this concept about 'fluid breathing' more or less began in the mid 1960's when a certain Dr J. Kylstra, a physiologist at the state University of New York at Buffalo, found that salt solutions could be saturated with oxygen at high pressures. He went on to perform experiments with mice and was able to keep them alive for 18 hours, however, his eventual use of this practice did not work when he applied it to humans ! Other researcher's began to take an interest in the work of Dr Kylstra and a number of people began their own experiments (mostly on mice). We learn that the early 1990's proved successful, scientists kept dogs alive for around 2 hours in a perfluorocarbon container. After removal, the dogs were apparently hypoxic but returned to normal after a few days. UFOlogists will of course recall another famous American UFO witness by the name of Betty Andreasson. Betty claimed that she was placed inside a large tube filled with liquid of which she was told was to cushion the large force of the gravity during the UFO's acceleration. The Lammers also go on to explain that during the 1960's a Dr Robert Goodwin experimented with human embryos by keeping them alive in artificial womb like steel containers. However, pressure applied by the scientific community and also members of the public forced him to abandon these experiments. Clearly then this business with UFO abductees reporting tubes and containers which hold some form of liquid and which they have either been placed in there themselves, or have seen others in there, is something which is a major part of the UFO abduction phenomenon. But of course why ! What real purpose does these containers hold ? Is it as was told to Betty Andreasson 'to cushion the G forces of acceleration', or does it hold a more sinister purpose ! Is it really for the benefit of the UFO abductee !! It's frustrating that as we approach the Millennium, we are no further forward in answering these and other questions, than we were when the modern era of UFOlogy first began.

One might say however, that we do have the answers, and those answers are all to do with the genetic interbreeding programme that seems to be part and parcel of the make up of the 'aliens' agenda. They may be modifying the genetic make up of humans for their own purposes, introducing their own DNA to create some kind of hybrid species, a species which will be adaptive in all environments which can stand high pressures, breathe liquid with ease etc. However, and I've said and written about this many times before, why oh why is this abduction procedure 'still occurring' ! Haven't they (the aliens) got enough genetic material by now ! They have been abducting the people of this planet for nigh on 50 years if not more, and here at the close of the century, they are still taking people from their homes and environments and subjecting them to clinical and medical procedures without consent. As a researcher, this angers me as I'm sure it does to most people, but more so because, if there truly is any truth to what these UFO abductees are telling us, ie, that the Military chiefs of this world know what's going on, and are assisting in this, then this is the biggest deception, this is the biggest lie, and this is the biggest shock. As human beings, we expect those in power to look after us and to think that those we elected to serve us can betray us in this way, well it just beggars belief.

The Lammers present case after case after case, of factual data which informs us that the Governments of this world have not been treating their citizens with any respect, far from it, they are abusing our trust, abducting us for medical procedures which can cause lasting harm if not death, all in the name of science. We quite rightly concern ourselves about the plight of the animal kingdom, it's also about time that we should equally be concerned about the plight of humans as well ! During the Cold war scientists were using mind control on helpless victims by inserting devices up their nostrils in order to control them, a procedure all to reminiscent of alien abductions. In the authors studies, they soon came to realise that there were around 3, 'human' agendas associated with the 'alien abduction' scenario. They found that one group of humans were interested in UFO abductees purely for mind and behaviour projects, sensory deprivation and liquid breathing experiments. Another group were interested in biological and genetic experiments, indeed a number of MILAB abductees, clearly recall seeing other human beings enclosed in tubes filled with liquid, they also tell of seeing genetically altered animals ! All these were witnessed in Military Underground research facilities. A third group the authors explain, are solely interested in the actual alien abduction phenomenon itself, purely for information gathering purposes.

Dark unmarked helicopters, have been a growing trend within the confines of UFOlogy of late. A large number of UFO witnesses (but more so UFO abductees,) claim that their lives have been subjected to harrasment by low flying unmarked helicopters that have buzzed their homes morning afternoon and night, and when they complain to the local or national airports, no one can provide them with an answer a to where or who they belong to !!! Debbie Jordan, Budd Hopkins star UFO abductee, claims that her life has been a misery since she had her UFO abduction, for since that time many large dark unmarked helicopters have stalked both her and her family. Debbie was quoted as saying. "Even when I am outside and obviously watching back, it doesn't seem to bother them, they just sit there in mid-air about 60 to 90 feet above the ground whirling and watching. They are completely without identification and are always low enough so that I could easily see the pilot if the windshield were clear glass. But the windshield is smokey black, and with a finish that makes it impossible to see who's inside".

What I, as the author of this article finds hard to believe, is that this form of harrasement is necessary !! For surely the pilots of these helicopters are drawing much attention to themselves by doing this ! If they are so interested in these unfortunate UFO abductees, then this form of behaviour surely shouldn't happen and could be done in their usual 'covert' way. Of course we can't forget the fact that these black unmarked helicopters, have been seen many times over the pastures in which cattle mutilations have been found, and more recently, dark unmarked helicopters have been witnessed flying above the wheat fields of England where many strange crop circle formations have been found. Clearly then, there is great interest by these shady 'agencies' in the lives of the UFO abductees, and the crop formations in Southern England, not forgetting the obscene and tragic animal mutilations that have been discovered in unusual circumstances with each passing year. In their book, the Lammers present many cases where dark unmarked helicopters have made the lives a misery of many a UFO abductee.


Probably the most important aspect and significant if not disturbing part of the Lammers book, is their presentation of facts which clearly show that certain American Government 'agencies' have been working side by side with the 'greys' for a good number of years now. This aspect of UFOlogy, has of course been speculated on by many UFOlogists for a number of years now. And this is why perhaps UFOlogists and the general public at large never obtain a statement of sorts from the American Government admitting what's going on. They 'know' whats going on, 'they' are part of it. The abduction of humans from this planet is part orchestrated by the Military chiefs of this Earth in order to obtain information from these visiting 'intruders' which may further and advance the cause of potential warfare capabilities of those who learn the secrets first of people from other worlds.

The above of course sounds incredibly fanciful and full of speculation, but can there be any real truth in this ! The Lammers again present an incredible amount of information to say that this is so. The MILABS book will clearly change your perception about what UFOlogy is all about, it certainly changed mine. I was sent this book to review, believe you me, it's impossible to review a book of such a proportion in so little words, hence I chose to do a slightly more worded version, and even so, this will not do it justice. At the end of the day, where would UFOlogy be without the sterling work of a number of UFOlogists like the Lammers and the late Karla Turner who are bringing these Military/Alien cases to our attention.


The finding of implants in the bodies of UFO abductees is a well known factor in UFOlogy. Strange small metallic devices some round, some small and slim, have been found in the nasal cavities in abductees, and also other parts of their bodies as well (sometimes even their big toes !!) Why would a sophisticated intelligent race of beings want to track and monitor a person in this way is beyond this writer's comprehension. If they (the aliens !) can ghost into someone's bedroom and abduct someone of an evening, it seems unusual that they would need to know where people are, or do these devices perform some other kind of function ? The Lammers present the reader of the MILABS book with an in-depth look at the implant phenomenon. They tell us that the Military have been implanting electrodes into the bodies of unwitting subjects as early as 50 years ago and some horrific tales can be found in this book. I present the following paragraph (with permission) to illustrate the point.

During the 50's and early 60's, neuro scientist Dr Jose Delgado invented the stimoceiver, an electrode capable of receiving and transmitting electronic signals via FM radio waves. Such a device, implanted in the brain via the sinus cavities, will act as a powerful stimulant when activated by FM radio waves. One can speculate, that the stimoceiver has since been modified to receive stimulation from microwave pulses, and is capable of wielding a great degree of control over the implanted victim's response mechanisms.

We then learn that this implant technology was developed after World War 11 and by now, as we approach the millennium, I'm more than sure that this technology has superseded it's expectations. The Lammers speculate that the Military Intelligence community are or have more than likely been using this technology for secret Government projects, some of the photographic plates contained within this book, clearly show the implants on the X Ray skulls of various individuals. The Lammers uncovered a pre-classified 1960's Government document pertaining to a secret project called MKULTRA which clearly showed that the CIA was interested in expanding implant studies onto humans, they speculate, could the various Military Agencies that implant various humans, be using the 'alien' cover story to mask their own clandestine endeavours ? This is entirely feasible and may account for a high percent of abductions the world over. This is not to say, that the actual 'alien' abduction phenomena is not real, it may well be, but we have to consider the fact, that the Military Chiefs would be more than happy to use the 'alien' abduction cover story in order for the public at large to be kept in the dark about their secret and unsavoury actions.

Of course there is another way to look at the implant phenomenon, and that is that the Military Chiefs may be inserting these implant devices, to monitor the 'real' UFO abductees respiration, muscle tension and physiological data. There is no denying the evidence by UFO abductees, when they say that they have witnessed Military personnel, either on board a strange craft, or in an underground cavern whilst they have been 'operated' on by 'beings' which are clearly not human. Admittedly implant technology has it's medical benefits, (for a whole range of reasons) one can safely say that a pacemaker is one of the biggest implants that we have in the human body which serves a very useful purpose, but what we are talking about here is entirely different. We are talking about the implanting of devices (without consent) into the bodies of terrified victims by humans and 'non humans' alike. The one main aspect of the Lammer's book, is the continued reference to the fact that many UFO abductees are taken to underground facilities where they see both humans and 'non humans' alike. They (the UFO abductees) also witness strange disc shaped craft, large dark unmarked helicopters. They are interrogated by Military personel, sometimes viciously and with mind bending drugs, all in a desired attempt to find out from these poor unfortunate abductees, what the 'aliens' have told them. I found the following paragraph quite illuminating in regards to the overall theme of the Lammer's book.

"Perhaps the Military split the personality of some abductees with known mind control techniques like sensory deprivation, spin programming, flashlights, electric shocks, rape, in order to create 'Manchurian Candidates' for information gathering purposes during alien abduction experiences".

The Lammers then pose 2 interesting questions to the reader.
1.Are MILAB abductees Military programmed 'Manchurian Candidates' who spy for a secret Military task force in alleged 'alien crafts' ? Are they so called 'Trojan Horses' inside 'real' UFOs during an alien abduction experience ?
2.Is their alien abduction experience a synthetically programmed screen memory for hiding secret spy or Military missions ?

What we can deduce from all this, is that the Military people are clearly involved and very much concerned about the alien abduction phenomenon as they have been for decades now. The CIA FBI and NSA, have in the past denied their involvement in the UFO study, but thankfully under the Freedom of Information Act passed several years ago now, it was plain to see from the documentation released, that the above agencies were indeed, very much involved with what's going on, and are surely now 'still so' ! In closing this article, I must say that I am deeply concerned about not so much the threat from the 'non humans' in all this, (although that is still a concern) but the threat and deceit from those people of whom we elected to serve and protect us. They are abusing their trust, they are abusing their positions to learn what is going on, but ultimately they have now become a 'big part' themselves in the UFO problem. It seems inconceivable that we have a situation such as this, it's like something you would find in a 1950's B movie or back street American comic shop, but this is 'real', this is 'happening', and it's happening now. I think we should be deeply concerned about what's going on, this is a crime against humanity. But like any crime, we require proof, and this subject is so bizarre that the stories told to us by these unfortunate UFO abductees may not be believed, but slowly we are turning the screw, this monumental book has untold possibilities for the community, no longer are we talking about strange lights in the sky, we are now on the threshold of an alarming twist in the UFO enigma, a twist that is unsavoury and demands action. It's bad enough having to deal with UFO abductions at all, but to have the Military involved (who deny everything) just begs for action to be taken.

I don't know what comes next, it is my hope and the hope of many others that something can be done about this, that the tables can be turned (so to speak). As we approach the new century, I am concerned and intrigued at what might happen next within the confines of the UFO subject. It's been with us for many years now, what lies ahead ! I expect that there are more twists and turns to follow and whatever happens next, I hope that for the sake of humanity the new experiences will prove beneficial to us, and may lead us into a better world, a world of which may find us sharing with people not of this Earth.

(c) Malcolm Robinson, Strange Phenomena Investigations England.

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