If Not…Then Why All This?


If There Is No Such Thing As
Alien Abduction…
Then Why Is Any of This Happening?


The Military’s Harassment, Surveillance and Re-abduction
of Alien Abductees: 
Evidence for the Reality of UFO Abduction

         In what may ultimately prove to be some of the greatest evidence for the reality, importance and meaning of the UFO abduction scenario, alien abductees are apparently being targeted by human “military” agencies.

         If there is no such thing as alien abduction, then why is this happening to people who have nothing in their lives to warrant this kind of interest by the military, other than that they claim to have experienced an alien abduction?

         The harassment, surveillance and re-abductions suggests that there must be something very important about alien abductions and the abductees, or why all the time, energy, resources, and money being spent?

         If abductions are real and happening anywhere near the scale suggested by the abduction researchers, and therefore more then likely a matter of National Security (as in Dave Jacob’s theory), then of course the military would be interested in the abductees. 

         These may be covert intelligence agencies and not the military, or at least a very covert “black world” aspect of the military. 

         I am not slamming the military!  Or, in the words of fellow researcher Helmut Lammer; “I do not mean the whole US military community; I mean only a small covert task force which is in the “need to know” and operates in an Unacknowledged Special Access Program (USAP), financed by a black budget.  Therefore, I am not against the whole military and related agencies, but I think that the public has the right to know what is going on in USAPs.”

What Is Happening to the Abductees?

         Extensive harassment and surveillance

Þ    Black Helicopters

Þ    Black helicopter harassment only cases

Þ    Harassment only cases (many abductees have harassment)

Þ    Phone interruptions and phone confrontations (if they wanted just to monitor, you’d never know it, so, they obviously want people to know)

Þ    Direct face-to-face confrontations and warnings

Þ    Being watched and being followed (with witnesses)

         Re-abductions by human military agencies

Þ    Abductions by humans only or by humans & aliens together

         Abductions by aliens with uniformed humans also present

         Underground bases

         Medical procedures performed

Þ    Implants removed or put in

Þ    Exploratory surgery

Þ    Removing of possible alien fetuses

Þ    Genetics & possible cloning

         Mind control

Þ    Drugs

Þ    Fear and intimidation techniques

Þ    “We will make you talk” 

Þ    Rough you up a bit

         Psychic exercises and testing for psi abilities

         Interrogations and intimidation

Þ    You wont talk

Þ    You will talk… but, like this…

Þ    What do you know?

Þ    What have you seen?

Þ    What did the aliens tell you?

Þ    What did the aliens show you?

Þ    Tell us about the technology

Þ    How did you do it?

Þ    How do they make you feel?

Þ    It / this never happened!

What Are Some of the Opposing Views?

         Its all mind control

         Its all demonic activity

         Its all alien screen memories

         Its all false memory & sleep paralysis

         Its all just another wacko conspiracy theory

All of the above ignore some part of the evidence

What Do the Abduction Researchers Say?

         David Jacobs

         I support much of his core “Threat” theory. I’ve spoken to him regarding this subject and we agree to disagree. What he generally believes:

         From his book The Threat:

          Abductees mistake human-like alien hybrids dressed in military uniforms for US military personnel and that these aliens bring abductees to abandoned military bases or unused areas of active bases where they examine and interrogate them.  Therefore, according to him, there is no evidence that the military is involved in abductions. (So this also explains all the harassment evidence as well?)

         From the 1998 MUFON Symposium:

          Only abductees who are not well known claim they have military experiences.  (Never mind that it was the best known abductees like Debby Jordan, Leah Haley, Katarina Wilson, Ana Jamerson and Karla Turner who were the first to bring this subject to the public’s attention and NOT the researchers!)

          I feel Dave Jacobs is miss-interpreting some of the strongest evidence in support of his own theory.

         If his theory regarding the aliens as a possible threat is right, and if the number of experiences are anywhere near what the researchers claim them to be:

    Wouldn’t those who run the intelligence apparatus have figured this out, just as he has? If abductions are a threat to the degree that he claims, then abductions would be a matter of National Security.

    Wouldn’t the intelligence apparatus, using one of its working arms such as the military, have an interest in studying that threat? 

    If abductions are a question of National Security, wouldn’t abductees be a part of that same question?  How better to study this matter then to monitor, surveillance, and interrogate those involved?  While it may be very difficult to monitor, surveillance and interrogate the aliens… its not difficult to do so with the abductees!

          So… if Dave is correct, then of course the intelligence community/military are going to be interested in the experiences and the abductees. 

         The evidence for military involvement validates his theory!

         Budd Hopkins

         His warning:  “Still a small percentage of the cases”

          He remains cautious to get into the military involvement subject even though some of his star cases are people who have been very public about their military experiences.  He does not wish to confuse or further complicate the subject and feels that it is a small enough percentage of the total cases to not have to address it.

         He once said: “Abductions lay at the heart of the whole UFO scenario”

         He agrees there is a massive government cover-up of the UFO subject and was once a supporter of the Coalition for Honesty in Government (Bob Dean’s organization).

          If abductions lay at the heart of the UFO subject, and the UFO subject is being covered up, then wouldn’t abductions lay at the heart of the cover-up?  (Or, at the very least, play some sort of part?)

What Does This Tell Us About the Cover-up?

         The military is flying disks (or using disk tech.) that we built.

         The military is abducting individuals using alien technology.

         Human military personnel and aliens appear to be working together in these facilities.

         It is extremely disorganized with overly “need-to-know” compartmentalization.

         These seem to be desperation measures - this appears to be desperate men taking desperate measures.

         The military is searching for some answers - what are they looking for, why the rush, and why with the abductees?

Who Else Is Doing This Research?

         Helmut & Marion Lammer

        Author of a new book on this subject titled MILABS: Military Mind Control & Alien Abduction.

        Article in the MUFON Journal.  

          Helmut believes that cases in which an abductee reports that he/she was also abducted by the military are very important for two reasons:

1)   If the UFO community has evidence that a covert military/intelligence task force is involved in the UFO abduction phenomenon, we would then know that this phenomenon represents a matter of National Security.

2)       Military involvement could be evidence that they use abductees for mind control experiments, or that they monitor and kidnap abductees for information-gathering purposes during or after an abduction.

 MUFON Journal article on MILABs by Helmut Lammer

Quoting form the article:

“Recently, some UFO abductees have alleged that they were also being kidnapped by military/intelligence personnel and take to hospitals and/or underground military facilities.  Few of the popular books on the subject of UFO abductions mentioned these experiences.  Especially disconcerting is the fact that abductees recall seeing military/intelligence personnel working side by side with alien beings in these secret facilities.  The presence of human military and/or civilian personnel inhabiting the same physical reality as the alien beings exceeds both the mindsets of the skeptic and the open-minded researcher alike by several orders of magnitude.  The skeptics would rather believe that stories of aliens and military personnel in government underground facilities are fabrication, designed to elicit attention from conspiracy believers or hallucinations in general.  Researchers in the field of mind control suggest that these cases are evidence that whole UFO abduction Phenomenon is staged by the intelligence community as a cover for their illegal experiments.  The open-minded researchers who fight for a reputation in abduction research ignore these stories, since they represent only a minor fraction in their files. 

         Karla Turner & Katharina Wilson

         MUFON’s Abduction Transcription Project

        Dan Wright found that experiences, strikingly similar to those recalled by MILABs, were also in the Project, for example:

          A hangar with UFO-like craft(s).

          One or more cubicle-like rooms within a large underground facility.

          Military officers with name tags and other identifiers removed from their uniforms.

          The use of drugs to elicit responses from subjects.

          Berating subject to relate what he/she was told/shown by the aliens.

          Brainwashing the subject to believe the interrogation did not happen.

         Various books on this by researchers & experiencers (pictures of book covers)

What Are My Experiences?

         Basic “standard” & “normal” abductions experiences

         Military involvement experiences

        Harassment & surveillance experiences

          Recent helicopter incident, phone incidents and a possible threat

          Over the years and the evidence

        Military re-abductions and alien/military combined experiences

          July 27th, 1991 - Missing time while driving with 2 friends with aliens and man in Naval uniform monitoring the procedures

•          July 21st, 1993 - Medical procedures performed by humans in underground facility and in a Haz-Mat type of environment

          November 23rd, 1993 - Interrogation procedure, a triangle ship, miscommunication screw-up, drugs and technology questions asked

        Helmut’s use of my experience as a “programmed spy”:


Paraphrasing from a MUFON Journal article by Helmut:

In November of 1993 I was abducted, drugged, and taken by two men in camouflage to an underground facility.  In this experience I was also flown on a triangle shaped craft, and left standing alone in a large empty hanger.

I have done extensive hypnosis regressions concerning this event.  When I was discovered being alone in this hanger, by what appeared to be one of the pilots of the same triangle craft that flew me, he walked up to me and said; “you’re not supposed to be here”…“what are you still doing here?”… And then yelled at me; “why are you still here!!!”

This pilot then escorted me out of the hanger, which backed into an underground tunnel, and out into the tunnel, which appeared to be an underground road.   The pilot was cussing under his breath the entire time and looking around for someone who could explain why I was left alone after he dropped me off.  It appeared that someone was supposed to be there waiting for me and was not.  In the tunnel, we were met by 3 military guards, 2 guys in white lab coats and an older gentleman in a green full dress military uniform who came walking from down this road a ways.

According to Helmut, and I agree with him, this experience shows that not all the military personnel on this base had the “need to know” concerning what was going on.  And that there was some sort of communication breakdown that caused the confusion.  Or, it may have been made to appear that way.

After the pilot was rebuked and released, I was escorted into a room off the tunnel by the 3 guards, the man in full uniform and the 2 guys in lab coats.  Inside was a conference table and chairs.  One of the guards quickly grabbed one of the chairs, sliding it across the linoleum floor, swung it around, and very forcibly pointed for me to sit in it. The man in full uniform said, as if to apologize for the guard’s behavior, “please won’t you sit down.” Then he said something to the guards and he and the older of the 2 men in lab coats exited the room, turned immediately and entered a door to a room just adjacent to the one we had come in.

As I was sitting in the chair with the 3 guards standing “parade rest” around me, a red-hair man in khaki uniform entered the room from the other side.  He excused the guards, who were referring to him as Captain, and they then left and only he and the younger man in lab coat remained and he gave me a shot in the arm.  He also later had me drink a very bitter chalky tasting fluid. 

I was very frightened as this red-hair Captain started to accuse me of having done something wrong.  Like the screw-up I witnessed had somehow been my fault.  He pointed his finger at me and spoke very harshly.  He kept looking in my eyes like he was expecting to see them change from the drugs taking effect.  He turned to the guy in lab coat who nodded to him.  I could feel the drugs coming on.  When this red-haired Captain spoke, it was like he was speaking in slow motion.  When he moved his arms, I could see the movement of his arm.

I was having a hard time understanding what he was asking me... I was extremely confused and did know understand what he was accusing me of.  I did not know what it was I had done wrong.  I told him I didn’t do anything.  I kept telling him that I didn’t know what he wanted. He accused me further of being uncooperative and threatened me.  I pleaded with him to just ask me again. 

At this point he signaled to the guy in the lab coat, who then turned and opened the door to the room.  The guards came back in and grabbed me by the arms, causing me to stand, and escorted me out the door, across the tunnel, and into another door.  In a small dark room were standing a bunch of guards, big guys, which then pushed me around in what was a horrifying and frightening experience.  They made me think I was going to die.  I really thought they were going to kill me.  I feel back on the floor and started to kick and scream and push them away.  Eventually they picked me up; the door was opened, and in walked one of the previous guards who then escorted me back to the interrogation room where the red-haired captain and the guy in white lab coat were still waiting.

The red-haired man then asked me questions about the alien’s technology.  In his article, Helmut added that he does not believe that the alien/hybrids in military uniforms described by David Jacobs would be interested in the experiences of humans, which were allegedly done by the creators of the hybrids!  This, as he Helmut points out, would be very strange, since the alien/hybrids should know more about the motives and technology of the alleged alien abductors than the abductees would.

In my interrogation, it appeared they were most interested in information about the UFO technology as well as motives of the aliens.  I was asked:  “What have they asked you? Tell my about their technology? Tell me about the drive system, the drive mechanism?  How do you know about it? How are you able to do it? Tell me about what they told you to do!  What did they tell you?  What did they ask you to do? Tell me, tell me, tell me.”  He ended here with: “You know, you are not theirs… you are ours!…”

This interrogation session was very traumatic for me since I cannot recall that I answered his questions.  My hypnotherapist calmed me down as I had begun crying due to that last remark by this red-haired guy.  As Helmut points out, after this interrogation I was then brainwashed by him:  “You couldn’t tell me now even if you want”, he said, “You can’t talk right now.  You couldn’t tell me even if you tried.  We fixed that.  Don’t try!  You won’t remember any of this, we fixed it!… You won’t remember this!  It’s a bad dream.  We are taking care of that.  You will not remember.  This will only be a dream to you.  You were never here… I don’t exist…none of this is happening”…   His final words to me were:  “And I will see you again”

As Helmut points out, I tried to resist the brainwashing procedure, although I was drugged.  Helmut also says that historic cases of mind-control experiments document procedures similar to my interrogation.

Helmut goes on to say in the MUFON article that it is typical in these scenarios is that the interrogated abductee can’t remember what he/she replies to the interrogator.  Most remember some of the questions, but not the answers.  He added that I found this experience very frustrating, and he’s right, I did!

Helmut adds from his extensive research into mind control practices: If MILAB abductees are programmed to spy for the military, the victim may switch between 2 personalities that have been created by the interrogators.  And that while one may understand some of the questions, it is the other one that would be giving them the answers.  Thus, as a consequence, the abductee would have these memory gaps.

Helmut has many cases of this kind of “programmed to spy” information retrieval process going on with the abductees.  As it turns out, to my total amazement, my experience was just an example of what many MILABs are experiencing.  It would appear that each of us is being used in some way to gather information during our abductions so that our interrogators can retrieve it at a later time.  I had no understanding of what had happened to me until reading Helmut’s article, and I had absolutely no idea that this bazaar line of questioning was like anything any other abductee had experienced. 

What Experiences Have Others Had?

         Christa Tilton

         Taken to an underground base

         Leah Haley

         Direct confrontation in airport

         Home under surveillance


         Betty Andreason Luca

         Helicopter and phone harassment

         Whitley Strieber

         Break-ins to his home and more

         Pam Hamilton

         Daytime break-in and taken to underground base

         Licia Davidson

         Extensive helicopter harassment & surveillance

         Medical report of being drugged

         Direct confrontations to her and to her roommate

         Electronic phone voice

         Karla Turner

         Phone voice breaking in and commenting on her & client’s conversation

         Cassie Turner


         Debbie Jordan Kauble

         Alien implant removed

         Diane Johnson

         Driven in van and saw installation she was being taken to

         Katharina Wilson

         Michael Bershad

         Kim Carlsberg

         Steve Neil

         Beth Collins

         Larry Warren

         Anna Jamerson

         Shelly Thompson

Plus my cases, Helmut’s cases and the cases of many other researchers

What Experiences Have Others Had?

From the MUFON Journal article and from an article for UFO Magazine, both by Helmut Lammer:

Abductee Leah Haley remembered being taken by a helicopter to a military base where she was interrogated concerning her alleged alien abduction experiences:

“…I was struggling with them as I was coming off the helicopter.  I don’t understand why they’re taking me in there.  I felt a sudden chill.  It’s cold.  There’s a man on each side of me holding my arms tightly.  They’re taking me into a building…I see men seated along the left side of a conference room table.  The man in the blue uniform is standing to my right.   A man decorated with military pins is standing at the opposite end of the table… somebody is giving me a shot in the right arm.  It feels like a tetanus shot. The guys in the in the uniform are still holding me tightly… They look like military people… real short hair… They don’t look familiar… They force me into a chair… I am just feeling dizzy… The man form the helicopter said: ‘here she is.  She’s a cocky little bitch.’  Then somebody on the other side of the room said; ‘Well, we’ll just take care of that!’… Somebody came up from behind me and put a jacket around my shoulders…”

Interestingly, Leah Haley recalled a similar brainwashing scenario as Melinda Leslie.  She also has no memory of what they asker her before. 

“…There’s a man talking to me.  He is telling me I haven’t seen anything.  He is not very nice.  I don’t see him because I’m so dizzy.  I’m leaning my head over.  First he was on the other side of the room, but now he comes close to me and sort of props himself up against the table.  He said; ‘You didn’t see a spaceship’… They are angry… ‘It’s none of your damned business… You hadn’t seen anything… You don’t know anything’. There is a lady with a blue uniform in the room.  She brought in a tape recorder.  She laid it on the end of the table at the other end of the room…”

The husband of the late Dr. Karla Turner, Casey Turner, also recalled an abduction where he was drugged, taken to a military underground facility and interrogated by a military officer.  Inside the underground area he saw large man-made storage tanks, with a building constructed into the side of the tunnel or a big cavern.  Casey was escorted by men through doors into a waiting area, where he saw lots of people.

Casey believes that they interrogated and drugged these people too.  He remembered the following:  “…They are all sitting there, sort of in a daze, like they’ve been drugged.  Just waiting for somebody to come and take them away… I keep getting the feeling that there’s a military officer who’s real angry… Real impatient… I don’t have a face to connect with it, but there’s a military officer that I’m not cooperating with… yeah, I am not cooperating and they’re real perplexed… I’m not cooperating with them… I’m not in the state of mind they want me to be in… I get the feeling they want to know, maybe there’re trying to find out what it is we know… I see a military dress uniform… Green military dress uniform… I can tell gray hair, clean-shaven… I’m escorted by the guard out of the room.  We turn left, we turn right and go for some distance.”

“…There are doors, they aren’t paneled, just steel doors… Now I’m in a small room where I see only three pieces of furniture, just a metal chair, straight-backed, and I’m sitting in the chair.  And a desk, plain military-type with nothing on top.  With an officer standing behind it.  He’s got a chair, but he’s not sitting in it.  The guard stands outside and shuts the door.  It’s just me and this officer guy.  Like he’s in charge.  And I don’t like him, so I won’t answer his questions… I’m fighting; I’m rebelling… I can her him yelling…’Tell me, Tell me…’ That’s all I can remember…”

Lisa (pseudonym for one of Helmut’s cases) was also interrogated by her military kidnappers.  In August of 1993, Lisa had an alien encounter, only to be followed the next night by a military kidnapping.  The first night Lisa had what she called a reality-like dream of traveling in a spaceship with a Grey alien.  The being was telepathically instructing her how to make the craft maneuver around objects.  The Grey told her that the craft could sense objects and maneuver around them.

The following night Lisa had a traumatic flashback that she experienced as:  “…I was being interrogated by the military and pushed around.  I was on the ground with my hands on the back of my head, with a gun pushing and holding me down.  Men in green military clothes were asking me questions.  While men in black military clothes were in the background by the military vehicles.  They kept saying over and over, to give them the knowledge, and they said at any cost… do you understand?  At any cost!”

After this Lisa’s memory ended, and she wrote in her journal that she couldn’t figure out what it was the military men wanted to know.  In December, she remembered lying on a stretcher and being pushed down a hallway that was lit with bright lights.  Something was inserted into her left ear, and she passed out.  She remembered also men wearing business suits.  One of these men caller her by her maiden name.

After some time she got more flashbacks of what occurred during this encounter:  “…all of a sudden I’m surrounded by men in black clothes and some military men dressed in green.”  Lisa was force to walk very quickly across the grounds of the installation…” the soldiers were rude to me… I told them to stop pushing on me.  I was very irritated by them.  Then we went into an office of some type…. A man was sitting behind the desk.  He was wearing solid green military type clothes, but had not nametag or medals on it.  He started asking me questions about what I felt about the aliens.  It seemed like he was wondering how to get the public prepared.  I told him that a lot of the public was already aware, and some would never accept it…”

During another interrogation, she met the same man as before.  He told her that she was the key to understanding.  “…He was saying it’s in my head and it had to be unlocked, and that I belong to the Government.  Also, men in green military clothes were standing beside me with guns, and I thought there were some men in black uniforms behind me.  I remember standing up and then being make to sit in an old wooden chair in a concrete-floored room.  He wore military clothes and kept tapping me with his fingers on the front and sides of my head, like he was frustrated with me…”

Again the sentence:  “It’s in your head, and it had to be unlocked,” points to a hypnoprogrammed courier or spy.  Helmut presents more evidence in his MILABs book of cases with such dissociative programming.

How Does the Military Know Who’s Abducted?

         Leah Haley was picked up by the military in a field right after being dropped off there by aliens.  So...

         Obviously they must be monitoring the abductees and/or the aliens to know when the abductees have been taken.

        If you are public, lecture, have written a book, been on TV or speak about it on the phone then they might know you are an abductee… but, what if you’ve never told anybody, how then did they find out?  Is there a way they know that it has just happened?

        Some possible ways the military could know:

          The DSP spy satellite - The research of Ron Regehr.

          Space shuttle missions STS-48 and STS-80 - What they suggest might really be known.

Why Is the Military Doing This?

         3 Theories:

1)   My original 3 part theory

          Keeping up with the Jone’s

          Military has interaction with the aliens, but spies on them to keep them honest and learn what technology they may not be sharing.

          Or, the military does not have interaction so they spy on the aliens to learn everything they can about them.

2)   The Vance Davis theory - What they want to find out

          What are the limits to the alien’s technology?

          Do the aliens have control?

          Are the aliens capable of caring out their threats?

          Can we match and/or overcome their technology?

3)       The Quest for Mental Interface

         Psi + mc2 + R&D = MJ12  (The New Formula for Cover-up)

         Randy Kopang’s and my research as a result of interviews with individuals once involved in the government psi research program.

         Our research suggested that ufology may be a “closed information loop” due to a National Security pursuit of psi endeavors, such as remote viewing, interfacing with black project reverse engineering. 

         The result of this interface producing a possible control group which “answers to the highest level”, “plans and sets policy” for addressing the UFO issue, is associated with the UFO research community, and may be guiding the direction of cutting edge military-aerospace black project research & development.

          What is this group?  How does it help explain why a military interest in abductees?

The Quest for Mental Interface

         To better understand the relationship between, psi research, reverse engineering, and a desire for “mental interface”, let’s first go back to the abductees for a moment.

         In the military experiences, the interrogators always seem interested in the technology and propulsion of the aliens.  They want to know what the abductee was shown or told by the aliens about the technology; if they ever had any hands-on experience like navigating the ship or flying it and if the aliens described or showed them the crafts flight mechanisms.

         Also they have an interest in whether the abductee has demonstrated any psi ability, like remote viewing, and if this was used when shown the technology by the aliens.  Some abductees also report being tested for psi.

         Many abductees claim that when the aliens show them the technology, they seem to have to remote-view, visualize, and connect with it mentally or in an “energy” sense.

         For example:

        As quoted by one of my cases (who had no idea that what she was about to tell me was ever said by another abductee or had any idea about my research):

          “I drove a ship - I flew it”

          “The ships can be run by emotion”

          “The ship runs on belief”

          “All things on the ship are connected to one”

          “The technology of the ship is all mind over matter”

        And from one of Helmut Lammer’s cases:

          The being was telepathically instructing her how to maneuver around objects while navigating.  The Grey told her that the craft could “sense” objects and maneuver around them.

         Abductee’s experiences suggest that there’s a direct consciousness link or interface with the ship.

         Common in abduction experiences, abductees report that they also interface directly with the aliens, telepathically.

         New research has come out in the past few years on the Roswell crash that also supports this theory.  Witnesses, upon seeing the inside of the craft, claim that it appeared that there must have been a mental interface between the aliens and their ship due to the lack of certain controls.  Also due to the existence of unique headbands worn by the aliens, panels that seem to conform to the hands of the aliens, chairs that molded to the alien’s bodies, and other factors.

         Randy Kopang’s and my investigation led to the discovery that some of the main characters who were involved early-on with the development of the military’s psi and Remote Viewing program (these were very guys I interviewed) were also members of The Advance Theoretical Physics Working Group, which according to their own statements to me, was interested in UFO technology.

         Interestingly, Philip Corso was a member of this very same Working Group in its earlier years.

The Quest for Mental Interface and Col. Corso:

From Greg Bishop’s article for the August UFO Magazine:

The thesis of Colonel Philip Corso’s book The Day After Roswell is well known: The debris scattered in a field on July 3rd, 1947 was indeed extraterrestrial, and was used to seed technology at the highest level of private industry over the next few decades.  One aspect Corso emphasized was that the Roswell UFO was controlled by a non-physical interface between the craft and crew.

And from my research:

When questioned by his co-author Bill Birnes, on my behalf, Corso said that early on in the examination of the debris, they had questions about the alien technology; specifically, the headpiece the aliens had on in the Roswell ship.  They wanted to know if this helped the aliens interface with the ship.  Someone suggested that maybe the researchers at SRI (the remote viewers) might have some answers.  Corso was then sent to SRI and that’s how his involvement with remote viewers came about.

Some members of the Working Group told me their purpose was to plan and set policy on the UFO issue.  Corso said, “we were central to keeping a lid on this stuff”, “to remote view for technology interface information” and “it was to get all to play ball together.”  With Corso’s involvement there becomes a link suggesting that these people and groups became intertwined for the purpose of back-engineering the crash debris and understanding this “mental interface” component. 

Members of this working group ended up with leading positions in military and aerospace research and development, where many still are today.  And they just happen to be the same guys who started the psi program?

Again, from Greg Bishop’s article for UFO magazine and some research that I was unaware of:

Research scientist Ed May, who was with the SRI program from the early 1980s and later went on to do psi research for the Defense Intelligence agency, worked for Science Applications International Corporation from 1992 to 1994.  SAIC is a private corporation located in San Diego where remote viewing and parapsychology research was continued after SRI lost its government funding.  May issued a memo in 1995 that discussed SAIC programs on possible psychic remote control of technical systems.

Former Air Force Communications Officer, Dan Sherman’s book Above Black describes a training program along the same lines, with similar stated goals.  Sherman also claims to have had a telepathic relationship with a typical “grey”, which was involved in the project as well.

Also, it should be noted that Dan Sherman claims that his being recruited for this position also had something to do with his having a needed genetic component.  This also matches with the abductee’s claims of not only the aliens but also the military having an interest in their genetics.  This leads me to wonder if this is also one of the reasons the military is re-abducting us.  Are they are looking for a genetic component to this “mental interface” equation?

Bill Uhouse, who claims to have designed the electrical system for flight simulators at Area 51, for the purpose of training pilots how to fly disks, told me that he had been approached and questioned by some of the very same Working Group members that I interviewed.

They left him a paper he couldn’t understand, regarding remote viewing and other paranormal things.  He said they wanted to know about the pilot’s training on these simulators and their reaction time, their abilities while in that environment and their ability to control the flight mechanisms.

Bill told me that some pilots had gone through a certain amount of highly specialized and possibly paranormal training.  He, himself, had been in one of these simulators when it was on and found it very disorienting.  Bill told me that the pilot’s reaction time far exceeded his own.

Why Is the Military Doing This?

         Has the military figured out that this is where alien technology is at?  That it takes psi abilities in order to build, operate, or even navigate the ships?

         Anyone with a close contact, like those in Steven Greer’s CSETI, as well as abductees, have known there is a mental interface component all along.

         Its no wonder the military is interested in us.

        How are we able to do all that stuff the aliens have us do?

        What is it about us genetically that makes it work?

        How do we mentally interface with the technology?

         From researcher Helmut Lammer:

        If one speculates that the “core” of the alien abduction phenomenon is indeed real, the same people behind covert projects would have an interest in UFO technology, alien biology, alien genetics, alien Psi related projects and mind control procedures.

         I find it interesting that The Working Group seems to be interested in the same thing as those interrogating abductees.  Is the quest for mental interface THE current question in reverse engineering? 

        This would certainly explain why all the interest in abductees.

What Is the Evidence?

The Evidence for Alien Abductions:

         Punctures to the skin



         Hair loss


         Needle Marks

         Scars that appear overnight

          Scoop marks & others

         Rashes in strange patterns

         Burn marks on body

         Implants removed



         Soil samples

         Burn marks on ground

         Landing traces

         Lie detector tests

         Documented missing time

         Witnesses to the experience

         Mass group abductions

         Correlating stories of experiencers

What Is the Evidence for Military Involvement?

         Externally Verifiable Evidence

         Bruises after experience

         Physical symptoms

         Telephone interruptions

         Mail tampering

         Followed in car

         Agents taking photos

         Break-ins with photos or documents missing

         Direct in person confrontations

         Eyewitnesses to re-abductions and harassment/surveillance

         Helicopter fly-bys - with photos

         Drugged with medical lab tests

         Being watched and/or followed


         Seeing installation location you were taken to and later verifying its existence

         (Available in the future?) Matching story to underground bases research as confirmation of where one was taken                    

         Hard to Verify Evidence

         Human military personnel



         Underground military bases and/or scientific installations

         Experiences supported or confirmed by “insiders”

         Aliens and humans working together

         Correlation between the accounts of the abductees

The Evidence for My Experiences:

         Vapor monitor verified

         Helicopters with witnesses

          Latest while online with another military abductee

         Phone interruptions

          Licia’s electronic voice and supporting information

From the book Big Secrets and chapter on “number stations”, the following ideas all match identically what I experienced on the phone with Licia Davidson.

·         “Numbers” or “spy” stations have been reported.

·         The announcer giving the series of numbers is usually a woman.

·         Most who hear these are convinced the woman is in fact a robot. 

·         This voice has a mechanical ring, sometimes with a click between each digit.

·         Typically there is a command followed by a two-digit number.

·         The example used in the book just happens to match exactly what we heard.

-         From the book “Atencion (Spanish)… 22…0” 

-         Is very similar to what we heard: “then numbers are 22.. 0”

-         Another example from the book:  “Grupo 22, grupo 22”… “Repito grupo 22” and “22…0”.

·         It is suspected that these first numbers are an identifier for the sender or even more likely, the receiver.

·         A number that is 1 through 0 always follows the first number.

·         The female robot voice doing the English-language broadcasts is often described as having an Oriental accent.

·         Number stations worldwide are most likely engaged in espionage

– Governmental or organizational communication with agents in the field.

·         These codes may signal agents reporting from in the field or are for signaling of agent locations.

Could Licia be intercepting some kind of code, whether meant for her to hear on some level, or not meant for her to hear, but signaling agents that may have her under surveillance as to her or their location?

         Red hair interrogator also seen by others

         Military uniforms seen later verified as existing

         Bruises with photos

         Equipment and technology seen later verified as existing

         Medical procedures performed verified as known procedures

         Location of base and its description verified

         Alpha-numeric insignia seen by others

         Gun seen verified

        Supported by 7 “insiders”

          Vance Davis - procedures, location seen, red hair guy and uniform details

          Bill Uhouse - specific technology seen that matches something he was briefed on that he says there is no way I could have known, except unless I had experienced it.

          Bob Dean - certain language used and procedures

          Bill Holden - specific location seen

          Un-named - procedures, location, weapon seen, red hair guy and technology

          Un-named - via a confrontation and threat, confirmed experiences of another military abductee as well as myself.

          Un-named - technology and procedures all standard


          Someone is interested in abductions and abductees besides the aliens, the researchers and the therapists.

         They are spending a lot of:





          And big money… all on this!

          The abductees have a right to know.

          The abductees were never asked.

          Talking about it is my way of doing something about it.

          If you have had any of these things happen to you:

         You are not crazy

         You are not alone

         I, and other researchers are very interested in hearing about your experiences.  Please come up to me after the talk.

          The purpose of this lecture was not to promote fear, but to draw attention to a growing problem, encourage other abductees with these experiences to come forward and to help them in knowing that they are not alone.

          This is an area rich in research possibilities - These guys are sloppy!

          The military involvement says something about not only the importance of abduction, but may be able tell us about its ultimate meaning.

          The military involvement completely validates the reality of UFO abductions.  If there is no such thing as abduction, then why is all this happening?

If Not… Then Why All This?

It is because the alien experiences are real that the military is interested in the abductees.

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