Lammer's Shocker - First Book To Expose Military 'Alien' Abductions

MILABS - Military Mind Control and Alien Abduction
By Dr. Helmut and Marion Lammer
Foreword By Dr. Richard Sauder
Published By: IlluminetPress


This stunning new book shows that covert human military agencies are involved in the alien abduction phenomenon!

The book is supported with released government documents which permits everyone to can see that certain agencies had an interest in secret implant field studies...back to the 1960's.

Dr. Lammer's sensational book is packed with illustrations, photos, hypnosis transcripts of military interrogation sessions with alleged alien abductees, x-rays which clearly show implants and the medical statements which validate them.

After reading MILABs, the alien abduction phenomenon will never be viewed the same!

From the Foreword by Richard Sauder, PhD

"Marion and Helmut Lammer have written an important book, a book that is at once fascinating and troubling. It is fascinating, because the evidence and hypotheses the Lammers present represent a fresh and productive point of departure for what has become a very stale alien abduction debate in UFOlogy; at the same time, their book is troubling, because it raises the issue of clandestine United States military involvement in the so-called alien abduction phenomenon.

We are confronted with a strange and unsavory reality. The sheer weight of the accumulating evidence suggests that covert units within the military are up to something exceptionally strange and secret, hidden behind a criminal veil of kidnapping and narco-hypnotically induced mental screens. Somewhere in this tangled welter of stealthy abductions, secret underground bases, UFOs, aliens, covert mind control projects, clandestine biological experimentation and military black operations lies a very dark and occult agenda the true nature of which remains unknown. The truth is that something, or someone, is scuttling around in the darkness at the margins of our everyday reality -- and that something may not be nearly so "alien" as it wants us to believe that it is. We owe a debt of gratitude to Helmut and Marion Lammer for the vision and courage to pull back the veil from this tangled web of shadowy intrigue and deception, so that we may begin to understand what lies behind it."

Note - Author Jim Keith has also treated this topic extensively. For further data please refer to Jim's books: Saucers of the Illuminati (1993), Casebook on Alternative 3 (1994), Casebook on the Men in Black (1997), Mind Control, World Control (1997), and Black Helicopters II (1997).

MILABS: Military Mind Control and Alien Abduction

By Dr. Helmut Lammer And Marion Lammer

During the last years, more and more people who experienced alien abductions claimed that they were also harrassed by covert military agencies. Some of them, like Katharina Wilson, Leah Haley, Melinda Leslie, Dr. Karla Turner, etc. experienced traumatic flashbacks and recall kidnappings by unknown military personnel. Until now such cases were only reported in some books and journals of abductees, since most well known alien abduction researchers ignored these cases, although the know about them!

MILABS will be the first book which documents in detail that there is amazing evidence that covert human military agencies are involved in the alien abduction mystery.

The book reviews the former top secret US mind-control projects like ARTICHOKE, MKULTRA, etc., compares the experiences of mind-control victims and MILAB abductees -- alleged alien anductees who claim that they were also kidnapped, examined, interrogated, sometimes implanted with tiny foreign objects, human military personnel, men in white lab coats or men in bussiness suits.

The book addresses the following topics:

1. Documented History of Secret Mind- and Behaviour-Control Experiments

2. A Possible Purpose of MILABS

3. Activity of Dark Unmarked Helicopters in Connection with Alien Abductions

4. Alleged Kidnappings of Alien Abductees by Covert Military/Intelligence Personnel

5. Genetic Aspect of MILABS

6. Otherworldly Journeys and Military Underground Facilities

7. Creating an Imaginary Alien Abductee

8. Toward a Controlled Society: Terrestrial Implants and their Application to MILABS and Future Warfare

9. Military Interrogation Sessions with Alleged Alien Abductees

10. Guidelines for Future Research

In point 7 and 8 you will also read about the development of biological process control weapons, virtual reality brain implants, etc.

The book is well documented with references of official but not well known scientific and ilitary papers, photos, former top secret government documents, x-rays where everybody can see implants, statements of professional therapists, researchers, hypnosis transcripts of people who were interrogated on secret military underground research facilities, etc.

If you think you are quite familiar with the alien abduction phenomenon - Think again! After reading MILABS you will discover that there are much more sinister aspects involved!

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