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Q & A with Karla Turner


Q) During your July Austin MUFON conference you mentioned your speculations about the connection of UFO encounters to the 60's counter culture-could you explain this more?

A) The 60s! Yes, I think that the psychedelics and more especially marijuana (given that our brains have a built-in receptor for its active ingredient) did introduce a lot of our generation and those following to new perceptions that might very well be serving us now in a beneficial manner. Whether this introduction was by design or by the chances of history, I don’t know, although I wouldn’t rule out the ‘design’ question. It could even be that these drugs sparked a transformational move in our evolution, at least in our psychic evolution, and that this transformation will bring into play new abilities. As if we suddenly had the optical capacity to perceive additional spectra, we may now be coming into a time when we can perceive additional energies of various sorts which were previously unnoticed. I haven’t developed these thoughts in any formal way yet, but instinctively I’ve felt this for years, ever since the first time a statement popped into my head back in the early 70s: "After us, the mutants."

Q) please expound upon your idea of an induced Virtual Reality Scenario.

A) An induced virtual reality scenario is fully presented in MASQUERADE OF ANGELS. I think that much of what we abductees have remembered and ‘experienced’ have probably been VRS, but without specific investigations all over again, it would be foolish for me to guess which reports are which. I also think the scenario I reported from my own experiences in TAKEN, the “Jacob and Esau” event, was VRS. I think they may function through alien implants which are in the brain stem and thus could control our entire range of perceptions and actions. You’d be surprised to find out all that the brain stem controls in the human body, and I believe this range of controls is the reason for the implants in this particular area of the body.

Q ) what speculative hypothesis do you personally feel best accounts for all the data you have investigated?

A) I discussed a very speculative hypothesis to explain the data as I know it with Greg Bishop, who included it in his recent interview with me printed in the latest issue of Excluded Middle. Basically, we are an important resource for the aliens, in a number of ways including our energy, our soul material, and our physical material. If there is indeed some imminent threat to our survival or that of the planet, then surely the aliens would be working furiously to somehow guarantee the survival of their stock. And if humans are indeed in the process of developing new perceptive abilities, which allow them to ‘see’ the alien activities more clearly than before, this would present the alien farmers with a disturbing situation on their hands and could push them into the frenzy of activity that we are seeing all around us, as the aliens try to bring us back into a state of non-perception. Barring that, they may have to settle for selling us a viable ‘cover story’ for what we’re now seeing, so that we wouldn’t be moved to outright resistance.

Q) what other psychic/anomalous/paranormal/metaphysical experiences have you experienced?

A) I’ve had several paranormal experiences that don’t seem definitely related to aliens. Among these are visions of events that later came to pass. The first vision occurred three times, in dreams three nights in a row, and it was fulfilled on the fourth day. It’s a very personal story I don’t want to detail, but there was another person in the vision, and when I talked to him on the fourth day, he related an almost identical vision on his part.

The second vision began at 4 a.m., as I sat down on my bed trying to decide if I should go to sleep at all, since I had to get up at 6 a.m. There was a knock at my door, and when I answered it, a young man was standing there. I didn’t recognize him, but he said his name was Jim and that he’d come to take me to India. This happened a month before I was actually planning to fly to India and get married to a man in the Peace Corps over there. Anyway, I went with him, and we flew on a plane to India. He then drove me in a Jeep out into the countryside and tooke me to a large village. He showed me my future house, and he explained how everything in the house functioned. It was nothing like American homes, believ me! No running water, no kitchen facilities, no plumbing, intermittent electricity for the lights, but no fridge, etc. Then Jim flew me back home.

The next thing I was aware of, it was 6 a.m. and I was still sitting on the bed. I thought I’d had a bizarre dream while sitting up! The following month, I took my young son and flew to India, planning to meet my fiance in Bangalore. When we arrived, however, my fiance wasn’t there. It took almost a whole day to find a place where Americans hung out, and eventually I met a guy who knew my fiance but didn’t know where he was at that time. He knew what village my fiance lived in, but he’d never been to his house. He offered to take my son and me home with him until we could locate my fiance. So I went with him, and he loaded my bags into his Jeep and drove off into the countryside. An hour or so later, I recognized the village we were approaching as the one I’d been shown in the dream. I directed this guy to drive to my house and actually found it right away. It was padlocked and no one answered the door, but I persuaded him to break in and we found photos of me inside, so it was the correct house. I stayed there for five days before my fiance showed up. He thought I was flying into Delhi and was up there waiting the whole time. If I hadn’t been shown how to operate the things in my house, it would have been very difficult for my son and me to survive in the interim.

Q) is it true that your next book is about angels?

A) My new book, MASQUERADE OF ANGELS, is the story of Ted Rice, a well-known southern psychic, and his UFO experiences that led to the discovery of the alien involvement in a number of other paranormal events he had witnessed. I think the title tells you a lot, about the deceptions the aliens employed with him, and the story should serve as a wake-up call to the rosy-view New Agers who gullibly buy all the BS that the aliens put out.

Karla Turner passed away some time ago. Her vigor and research continue to influence thought within the ufological / abduction communities. Dr Turner earned her B.A. from California State University, her M.A. from the University of Nottingham in England, and her Ph.D. in Old English Studies from the University of North Texas. She was a teaching fellow and instructor at a Texas university for over a decade. She is still missed.

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