Issue 3, Summer '95


Blind Abductees?

Dear Editor,

I’ve been involved in abduction research for several years, and during this time I have never come across a case of a blind person reporting an abduction. People with other physical problems, yes, but no one without vision. An intriguing comment from an abductee recently has prompted me to wonder if blind people have indeed been exempt from abduction activity, or if my statistics are merely an accident of limited information. We would gain important insights if we discover that human sight is necessary for a successful alien contact. If so, why might that be?
I would like to hear from your readers about any such cases at the address below, and all reports would be treated with complete confidentiality if requested.

Karla Turner / KELT Works
PO Box 32
Roland, AR 72135

Here in Austin, I know of three blind individuals who have had “sightings” of UFOs or related encounters. All three were born sighted, though, and most of their encounters would not generally be termed “abductions.” The one man witnessed several UFOs before loosing his sight to a form of diabetes. The other two women also had sightings prior to losing their sight. One encountered an entity/apparition while living at the Austin school for the blind which is a farely well known “ghost zone.” All of these experiencers have intriguing stories to tell that we hope to carry in future issues. In the mean time please help Karla Turner with this potentially insightful area of research.

- S Miles Lewis, Editor