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"Thanks Dean!   I really appreciate your support for my work.   I have been very satisfied with Mad Mimi's services, and I recommend Mimi to anyone looking for simple and powerful e-mail list management.   I was going to have to switch to a free service due to limited personal income, but your generous donation makes it possible for me to stick with you.  Cheers!"








Thank you for the kind words!  I don't consider myself as being on anyone's "side," though.  I just want to be free, and that motivates me to contribute my own piece towards creating a world where freedom is secured for everyone. That might be a pipe dream, but probably one worth pursuing nonetheless.

From: Thomas

Hello Jeff,

I wanted to say thank you for your website!

I don't like to say that I am a "targeted or victim" but for the lack of a better description, I am.  

This crime has impacted my life since 2005. Because of this, I haven't seen my son in over 2 years. His mother married a perp.

Long story short, I've learned grown closer to Yahuah and learned to forgive and love in spite of.  These two acts alone have put me in a place of peace.

Please let me know if I can be of any assistance with helping you help others.

Again, thank you for the site.



December 20, 2012

I just wanted to take a moment and email you to thank you for your web site and the memorial for Dr. Turner.


Unfortunately, I Never met her and have only viewed her on YouTube. As such, I was seeking out her books to read and was sadden by the used prices for the books online then went to local bookstore again no help as they are out of print.

In my life I have noticed that things seem to happen just so. Books and knowledge seems to find me and connections are made.

I have a sneaking feeling i may not like all that i learn, i have had strange things happen in life, time lapse, 3 green glowing orbs in my bedroom that moved toward husband and I -joined together then illuminated his watch face, i commented on this to him, then we both fell asleep instantly. Our actions were not logical, no fear, no questioning the strangeness of it, etc and more... I surely will enjoy reading Karla's legacy that she has left behind.

She was a force and we all were lucky to have her to help illuminate our way to understanding. I do feel blessed that you have so generously provided all her books and Barbara's as well and wanted to say THANK YOU !

All the Best,

<name removed by request>

[Name:] Luther R. Norman
[May I publish your comments?] Yes‚ including my name
[Your Comments:]


I hope you will feel free to share more of these experiences and messages with me as they become available. There are friends and acquaintances of mine that could benefit from knowing about some of these programs, so it takes an awareness for them to realize these do exist.

Still, I am stymied by the death of the late Jim Keith, who's work certainly opened my eyes and taught me to be more openly perceptive. There are so many things we are told to believe in school without many of these being factual. Education has lost its mark in modern society for pure indoctrination and social networks. Technology can be nice but it takes awareness to follow the results and practices learned.

Please keep up the good work, and please be careful as more about these agendas are revealed.

There is definitely an awakening and we are all needed to come together and defeat these as they unfurl!




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