Hi Jeff,

You mentioned the fact that the stalkers like TI's chatting on forums.  Why is that?

I think you are referring to the Jeremy's podcasts from AreYouTargeted.com which are on the front page of my website.   He said that, not me.    I think his idea was that the people responsible for abusing targets/subjects are intentionally playing them against each other.   Get people all riled up, making accusations against each other, paranoid, acting crazy.      That's why I stay away from all of the conference calls and other group activities.    There is no such thing as a "TI Community" -- just a lot of individual victims and a bunch of the abusers mixing themselves in pretending to be victims too.   It's a mess.  

Thanks to you, I am alot more chilled about what is going on around 24 hours a day,

Glad to hear it.

but my problem is when I am asleep.   Even when I wake up during the night.....do the handler have a break or the just change shifts.

I think you are dealing with people who are doing a job and working shifts.  They monitor and manipulate subjects remotely by means of high-tech implants in the subject's brain and body.  If they are subjecting to you sleep deprivation, you might try taking valerian and/or melatonin supplements which seem to help.

CAN I BE SO IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You don't have to be important to be subjected to this.  Many thousands of soldiers are KILLED in wars.  Does that mean they are "important" as individuals?  In the USA, there are millions of people in prison, many of whom are serving decades for non-violent drug "offenses."    Are they "important" in any meaningful way?   No, I don't think so.  Yet the government is willing to spend $40,000 - 50,000 a year, per head, to keep them incarcerated.   I'll bet you that the costs of managing an implanted population of citizen/subjects is far LESS since there are no buildings or real estate to maintain.  Just staff working remotely.

The government has virtually unlimited resources and can abuse whoever it wants with impunity if it chooses to.   You don't have to be "important" to be targeted.    Most targets/subjects/victims are probably just ordinary individuals.  In fact, choosing average nobodies to screw with makes it more likely that no one will pay attention.

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For behold, the wicked bend the bow,

they make ready their arrow upon the string,

that they may in darkness shoot at the upright in heart. (Psalm 11:2)

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