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    Intelligence agencies covertly control "private" corporations so that no one will realize that they are violating the Bill of Rights (1) (2).

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    Mass shooters are typically C.I.A. mind-control subjects being used in conjuction with the C.I.A.-controlled mass media. The objective is to terrorize the public into eventually consenting to the surrender of privately‑owned firearms and other individual rights to the state. Details here.


    "no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark"  Rev 13:17


IMPORTANT NOTICE:  The publication of e-mails on this website does not mean that I endorse the author or their message in any way.    I only publish e-mails that I personally find interesting and when I think that doing so will be in the public interest.

Hi Jeff,

You mentioned the fact that the stalkers like TI's chatting on forums.  Why is that?

I think you are referring to the Jeremy's podcasts from AreYouTargeted.com which are on the front page of my website.   He said that, not me.    I think his idea was that the people responsible for abusing targets/subjects are intentionally playing them against each other.   Get people all riled up, making accusations against each other, paranoid, acting crazy.      That's why I stay away from all of the conference calls and other group activities.    There is no such thing as a "TI Community" -- just a lot of individual victims and a bunch of the abusers mixing themselves in pretending to be victims too.   It's a mess.  

Thanks to you, I am alot more chilled about what is going on around 24 hours a day,

Glad to hear it.

but my problem is when I am asleep.   Even when I wake up during the night.....do the handler have a break or the just change shifts.

I think you are dealing with people who are doing a job and working shifts.  They monitor and manipulate subjects remotely by means of high-tech implants in the subject's brain and body.  If they are subjecting to you sleep deprivation, you might try taking valerian and/or melatonin supplements which seem to help.

CAN I BE SO IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You don't have to be important to be subjected to this.  Many thousands of soldiers are KILLED in wars.  Does that mean they are "important" as individuals?  In the USA, there are millions of people in prison, many of whom are serving decades for non-violent drug "offenses."    Are they "important" in any meaningful way?   No, I don't think so.  Yet the government is willing to spend $40,000 - 50,000 a year, per head, to keep them incarcerated.   I'll bet you that the costs of managing an implanted population of citizen/subjects is far LESS since there are no buildings or real estate to maintain.  Just staff working remotely.

The government has virtually unlimited resources and can abuse whoever it wants with impunity if it chooses to.   You don't have to be "important" to be targeted.    Most targets/subjects/victims are probably just ordinary individuals.  In fact, choosing average nobodies to screw with makes it more likely that no one will pay attention.

I just received the e-mail quoted below, and am publishing it here because it is a typical example of the never-ending baloney currently being promoted on the internet that blames private actors for the atrocities being committed by out-of-control intelligence agencies, on an ongoing basis.

But this is really nothing new. Since the middle of the last century, they have been blaming "mental illness" for victim complaints. In the 1980s, they started blaming "alien abductions."  A few years ago, they added "gang stalking" to the list of false explanations.

Now in 2015, apparently, it's "collection agencies."  My only question is, "how retarded can you get?"

Also, take notice of the websites this writer is promoting; they include FFCHS and the "Covert Harassment Conference," which in my judgment are government-sponsored traps designed to help corral true victims and direct their energies into useless avenues. Likewise with ICAACT, which promotes "RF scanning" as a solution, and a website called "bibliotecapleyades" which promotes the common disinformation theme (see MC301) that mind control is accomplished using "scalar waves" (both are nonsense, see MC402).

Quoted message follows below.


On 10/31/2015 10:18 AM, Abhi <[email protected]> wrote:

 Collection agencies have access to a sophisticated, illegal technology network worldwide that uses the electromagnetic spectrum to extract, map and store private information (physical/physiological/speech/mental and online/telecom). They use this information and technology globally to continuously monitor, harass and attempt to manipulate targets as part of illegal collection practices in the 21st century.

 Illegal Collections may be a source of finance for the network.


 Some links with information on the tactics and technology used:







 This is a social problem which will need consumers and regulators to be informed of the potential abuses of technology in the 21st century and take the necessary steps towards reforming the legal standards of collection and otherc covert surveillance practices.

 Anything you can do to share this information with consumers/ regulators and/or law enforcement will be appreciated.

October 16, 2017 Update

During my web surfing this evening, I came across the following:

insurance disinfo

This variation is clever in that the author not only is attempting to deflect attention from the state security services, but also trying to cause victim readers to lay blame upon their immediate friends and families.   In other words, the author wants them to take steps to isolate themselves from those that they may ultimately need the most.  A targeted individual who is alone and without a strong support system is one that can be much more easily neutralized. Again, how retarded can you get?  These are rather lame attempts at cover stories, I think, and probably won't go too far.  Mental illness is, and will probably remain, the most plausible cover story for Zersetzung operations for quite some time.

I recevied the following e-mail today (Nov. 4, 2013) and publish it here with the express permission of its author. I have added paragraph spacing to improve presentation and readability. It is otherwise presented in its original, unedited form.   I do not know the author and cannot offer any insight into their statements, other than to say that it seems to fit the general pattern of MKULTRA abuse that I am aware of. JP

[Name:] <removed by request>
[E-mail:] <removed by request>
[May I publish your comments?] Yes‚ without my name or contact information
[Your Comments:]

2005 rape as a means of torture, possibly on the background of surveillance abuse or other intrigues, ..lots of "coincidences" and Information the perp had I didn´t give to him. 2007 hooked up by a machine, or the first one made more transparent.

Maybe someone tried to help me, later they tortured. They regressed in a Cameron-Style, induced pain, raped, made me dizzy, disrupted my sleep and induced dreams (nightmares), flashed visual Icons. It seams understandable that someone with a technology like this would never agree to give it up and rather declare anyone as evil or insane who talks about it or critisizes it. On the other hand the crimes commited by this maschine are grave enough that it would be more insane not to talk about it, or demented.

In the beginning it seemed like Trauma-therapy and there was a lot of "love-bombing", then they used the trauma-template to "program", feels like a Pavlovian dog. I don´t want to be programmed. It is against my dignity. Hence I protested, sometimes in public. I don´t work for the government, nor security sector, I don´t hold sensitive Information, I am not rich, I am not even very bright, so there is no gain from abusing me.

Traumas like these leave the Targets isolated, vulnerable and disturbed. I would like to see the people responsible for this in the ICC. I consider it as war crimes. Maybe this is another form of modern terrorism.

I went on hunger strike for some time, then I decided to leave the country. So far this has cost me 8 years of my life. This is not therapy. Unitl today I am more of a fugitive than a human being.

They used computerized rapid recorded voices, acoustic masks of voiced one knows, so to make them more acceptable, hypnosis, sleep deprivation, they tapped my vocal chords (wonder what I might mumble in my sleep?), they raped me electronically, they pulsed my heart as if to give a jolt, ..guess what: other people get smater, I get all dull and the duller the more keen on getting out of this hell. I wonder whether the radiation provokes Alzheimer, since the heating of brain tissue could lead to a misfolding of proteins, couldn´t it?

I made the decision to deconstruct the maschine after 3 weeks of encounter. This is still my choice. I don´t even know if it is government. I started my hypothesis with "destructive cult". On the other hand I read "destrucitve cult programming" was used by terrorists, so maybe I´ll work with this hypothesis as well.

I consider myself as partially handicapped due to the abuses, but I can work normally. One doesn´t see it. I never joined any cult or religion or political party. One looses ones capacity to hold on to something. I can remember they raped electronically on one X-mas eve. Ever since there is no God. I no longer volunteer or donate to charities.

Even when I plan to something will happen that will hamper the attempt, like a software. I have a whole list of questions they asked computerized. They even wanted to know bank details. I won´t have chilren after the abuses and this doesn´t come as too much of a shock since I simply wouldn´t like to see them being targeted.


The following is an e-mail I received in 2013 from Tania, a resident of Queensland, Australia.  Based on its contents, I am certain that Tania is the subject of a classified non-consensual mind control program.  The e-mail is presented with her express permission in its original, unedited form, with the following exceptions:

  1. I have added paragraph spacing to improve presentation and readability.
  2. I have added numbered footnotes at key points in the text, to which I refer in my commentary which follows the e-mail.  These are shown bold and in a different color than the original text.
  3. At Tania's request, I have deleted her last name from the text.
  4. On April 18, 2015, at Tania's request, I have changed the reference to her "forearms" (at footnote 9) to "shoulders."

Below the e-mail and footnotes is a letter that Tania wrote to a psychiatrist to whom she had been involuntarily referred (under Australia's Mental Health Act) by the hospital where she was admitted. 

Tania's 2013 e-mail to Jeff

(Received October 8, 2013)

In November 2012 I had what I believed contact with spirit world. Seeing the clock at 11:11 twice a day for days on end (1), telepath (2) and many coincidences (3). I had similar experience over Easter 2011, however November 2012 was more intense. It felt like God had chosen me to save the world (4).

I had visions in which the following day I would be sent a picture of what my vision was on my facebook page from unknown people (5). These pictures showed planetary alignment (6) over Giza pyramids (7), full moon eclipse and the Mayan calendar end date (8). I had never heard of the Mayan calendar previously. These pictures were what I had seen in my visions.

I was absolutely certain the spirit world and God were contacting me. On 28 November a friend came over and she thought I was having a mental breakdown and called an ambulance. In the ambulance the officer placed what appeared to be beige coloured skin/medical patches on both my forearms shoulders (9). In the centre of the patches were metal rods of about 2 inches in height with rounded ends. I wanted to ask the officer what they were for but I was unable to speak. He called out to the driver that my blood pressure was normal. He had not used a blood pressure device to check it though. (10)

Once at the hospital several people who I assumed at the time were doctors and nurses asked me odd questions. I was asked if I had a uterus and if I knew where I had gotten the chemicals from that were in my body. I wasn't given the time to answer or ask questions, they walked away (11). I was given a quartz crystal by the nurse (12). I remember being wide awake and wanting to know what was going on.

The next thing I knew I was waking up and could not breathe (13). I then saw bits and pieces of my life as though I was seeing it on a large screen before completely waking up (14). A female came over and checked the patches on my forearms, pulled the blanket back over my shoulders and walked away. Two men in dark blue suits came and stood on each side of the doorway about 7 meters from me. One of them kept turning around smiling at me and telling me via telepathy that everything was okay (15).

I had not been pregnant but I then felt two babies being born, about 5 minutes between each one. It was not painful but I definitely felt the sensation of them coming out. I looked but could not see any babies (16). The lady returned and took the patches off my forearms.

I don't know how I got from being on a hospital bed to all of a sudden on a higher level of the hospital walking down a corridor with the 2 men in blue suits beside me. I then felt terrified. As soon as I felt this, the 2 men told me via telepathy not to be frightened (17). I was put into a room. It was after 11pm. I had arrived at the hospital about 10am.

I have about 13 hours of missing time (18). I felt fine in the morning and was about to eat breakfast on a balcony when a friends father who had passed away about 17 years prior came out and greeted me. I felt amazed to see him. He sat down, put his hand over mine and said I had been blowing him kisses all around the world. I shared my breakfast with him. I wanted to ask him so many questions but was unable to (19).

I was then discharged. I had not been assessed upon admission but I since received discharge papers that report I claimed to be the virgin Mary (20). They diagnosed me with bipolar! (21) I was not assessed! As I was being discharged a nurse gave me an injection in the buttock. She said it was vitamin B (22). My doctor does not believe I have bipolar and she is aware of mind control projects but said its too difficult to prove (23). Several weeks later I discovered the staff at the hospital that dealt with me and the ambulance officers are no longer employed (24).

I have conducted so much research since my experience in November. I am sure it was mind control. What are those patches they stuck on my forearms? I was going to message you months ago about my experience but felt you would think I was insane. It is constantly on my mind and I'm terrified of what could happen. Surely I'm not the only one they have done this to.

Thank you, Tania ,

After responding to Tania's above message, I received this follow-up e-mail from her the next day (October 9, 2013).

Hi Jeff

Thank you for your reply.

Please feel free to publish my story on your site. You may use my first name and location.

I believe the patches that were put on my forearms are some sort of very advanced medical device that were used to put me to sleep and give me the birthing sensation (25). I feel the patches may have even been used to download my memories as well, as when I was waking up I could see bits and pieces of my life (26). Perhaps they used my memory to 'create' my friends father who had passed away many years prior (27). I didn't know my friends father very well but I certainly knew what he looked like. He had been a freemason (28).

I never knew there was a conspiracy surrounding freemasonary let alone mind control. I guess like the majority of people, you only find out after it happens to you (29).


Jeff's Footnotes

1. The so-called "11:11 phenomenon" is a combination false-flag / disinformation operation which relies on neurotechnology previously implanted in the brain of the subject. It is so widespread that numerous books have been written and countless websites dedicated to the "phenomenon." See:

2. The experience of "telepathy" is a signature symptom of MKULTRA neurotechnology subjects.  See:

3. The experience of unusually frequent coincidences is a sign of MKULTRA targeting. See:

4. The experience of feeling "chosen" and/or on a "mission" is another signature sign indicating one is an MKULTRA subject. This experience is widely reported, particularly by subjects in the "alien abduction" themed programs.  See:

new-age-magazine5. MKULTRA neurotechnology enables the operator to send video directly to the mind of the target, bypassing the physical eyes and ears. The mature technology which is in use against mind control subjects is classified; however, primitive versions of the technology are now being discussed in the open scientific literature. See:

6. Planetary alignments and astrology are a common disinformation theme and are often used to divert the attention of MKULTRA victims to "new age" beliefs. See:

7. Giza pyramids are a signature occult/masonic symbol. The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry uses an ancient Egyptian religious theme for its rituals.  The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry is also directly involved in MKULTRA psychiatric operations, according to the research of the late Jim Keith, who appears to have been murdered by medical personnel in a Reno, NV hospital.  See:

8. See Note 6.

9. Patches on forearms probably indicate that Tania was being drugged at this point, particularly in light of the fact that she found herself unable to speak.

10. False statement by ambulance attendant in this context demonstrates complicity.

11. Medical personnel's question about uterus unexplained but relates to Tanya's experience of giving birth later in the story. Medical personnel walking away without allowing Tania opportunity to answer question is anomalous. It is unclear what was going on here and this may further evidence that Tania was drugged by this point in the encounter.

12. Crystals feature prominently in "new age" disinformation directed at MKULTRA subjects.  See:

missing-time13. Waking up suddenly when the last recollection is of having been wide awake indicates Tanya was medically rendered unconscious. This is reported with great frequency by MKULTRA subjects both in conventional settings and in "alien/UFO" themed experiences.  In 1981, a book presenting purported "research" on the latter subject was titled Missing Time, alluding to the nearly universal (no pun intended) nature of this experience among mind control subjects.

14. See Note 5.

15. See Note 2.

16. Manipulation of reproductive functions of MKULTRA subjects is commonly reported. See:

    Further, the experience of A) giving birth, and B) having this experience while not necessarily having been previously aware of a pregnancy, are widely reported by MKULTRA subjects in the "UFO/alien" themed programs. See:

17. Another blackout (see Note 13). Another telepathic experience (see Note 2).

18. Another blackout (see Note 13).

19. The experience of meeting a deceased person personally known to the subject has been previously reported by MKULTRA subjects enrolled in "UFO/alien" themed programs.    Tania's inability to respond indicates she was under external control. See:

20. Discharge papers inconsistent with Tania's recollections indicates concealment.

21. In order to conceal the existence and deployment of classified mind control neurotechnology, complaints about telepathic experiences have been pre-emptively defined as "first-rank" symptoms of schizophrenia.  Diagnosis of mind control subjects with schizophrenia, bi-polar or other psychotic disorders as a cover story is the standard modus operandi of these operations.  See:

22. Unverifiable injections are commonly reported by subjects of non-consensual human "experimentation." See:

23. Tania's doctor is probably correct, in this author's opinion.

24. Disappearance of hospital and ambulance staff shortly after Tania's experience strongly evidences an MKULTRA operation.

25. I disagree. I believe these were two distinct aspects of Tania's experience. Compare with my Note 9 and Note 16.

26. I disagree. Compare with my Note 9 and Note 5.

27. This is entirely possible. MKULTRA "synthetic telepathy" neurotechnology makes your thoughts and memories available to the remote operator. In this case, however, it is unlikely that it would have been necessary to rely on Tania's memory to "reconstruct" an image or experience of an individual, when actual photos or videos were available. Tania's experience of meeting her friend's deceased father may have been an artificially-induced memory / dream. See Note 5 and Note 19. It is also possible that she was in fact caused to meet someone who appeared to be the deceased.

28. In the context of an MKULTRA abduction, the deceased father's masonic affiliation is a red-flag and highly relevant. See Note 7.

29. Most people don't know, but (more importantly) they don't WANT to know. This stuff is too horrible for most people to want to deal with. They just hope that if they ignore it, they will somehow escape being affected. Unfortunately, they are not only wrong, but in many cases they and their loved ones are ALREADY affected without being aware of it. JP


[Name:] Debra Poulsen 
[E-mail:] [email protected]
[Phone:] 262-925-0423
[May I publish your comments?] Yes‚ including my name
[Your Comments:]

Debra Poulsen Mr. Polachek:

My name is Debra Poulsen. I am one of the speakers at the Bioethics Commission featured on your website.

According to a FOIA request referenced in a Wired.com article 3/14/12 " Unknown Tech Company Defies FBI in Mystery Surveillance Case", hundreds of thousands of innocent Americans have been placed on the U.S. Governments' Domestic Ant-Terror Program which entails 24/7/365 surveillance by law enforcement as well as citizen volunteers for organizations such as Infraguard, Citizens Corp, CERTS and the DHS Fusion Center members who employ numerous harassment tactics to disrupt our lives.

A program designed and developed for the so called "sleeper cell terrorists" in reality is being used as a extra-judicial vendetta program against government whistle blowers, citizens who make complaints against federal, state or local government, and others for retribution purposes - simply for exercising their Constitutional Rights.

This harsh program is a continuation of two Federal Government programs that never ended after the Church Committee hearings in 1975: 1. COINTELPRO and 2. Mk-Ultra.

After the issuance of a National Security Letter filed in Washington D.C. and awarded no due process, innocent targeted Americans are being subjected to torture using electromagnetic pulse frequencies, radiation, lasers and 24/7 surveillance in their own homes, workplaces and communities as disclosed by the CIA inventor of this technology called "synthetic telepathy". This CIA scientist is Dr. Robert Duncan and he, along with former NASA scientist and inventor Dr. Fred Bell, have made it clear that the use of this technology, so called" Non Lethal Weapons", on civilian non combatants charged with no crimes, is torture. It causes a lot of pain and damage to the human body and mind.

Simultaneously, we are subjected to all the COINTELPRO tactics that were disclosed in the Congressional Oversight Committee hearings in the 1970's led by Senator Frank Church such as privacy invasion, character assassination in the community, vandalism to property, blacklisting in our professions and more. These two programs being run by the government, according to former FBI Officers, Mike German, Ted Gunderson and Bob Levin, among others, is not only Unconstitutional, it is criminal.

It is time to UNSEAL these National Security Letters that are filed in Washington, DC, and time for the Congressional Oversight Committee to review in detail these innocent American citizens who have been deemed a threat to National Security in the same manner as German civilians were targeted in Communist East Germany by the Stasi.

The ultra-secret national security letters that come with a gag order on the recipient are an unconstitutional impingement on free speech, a federal judge in California ruled in a decision released Friday, March 15, 2013. If a Federal judge deemed these letters unconstitutional, each and every effort and act to harass and torture the innocent American who have had these issued against them should be deemed a criminal, terrorist act against our Country and Americans.

I am one of those people and I want to know who issued this letter against me and why. I have done nothing wrong - except voice my outrage at local government officials...

Debra Poulsen
Kenosha, Wisconsin

Comment from Jeff:  

In addition to what Debra is saying, I would point out that the abuses occurring today are global in scope, transcend national boundaries, and completely disregard all conventional notions of due process and the rule of law.   It is not clear whether national security letters are even being issued in many American targeted individual cases, let alone in foreign countries where they would have no applicability to begin with.

Most importantly:

"Synthetic telepathy" is NOT the result of the conventional technologies described above, as is commonly mis-perceived due to deliberate disinformation campaigns.   Synthetic telepathy means the actual reading of a person's mind, or transmitting thoughts into their mind, and is made possible by classified neurotechnology.

Synthetic telepathy neurotechnology is completely different than -- and has nothing to do with -- "voice to skull" ("V2K") systems which are not only unclassified, but commercially available today, and make use of a far more mundane and conventional level of technology: focused sound waves or microwaves which can transmit audio directly to a target.  



Please help spread the word about StopCensoringDoctors.com by printing out copies of this flyer and distributing them widely. Time is short.

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