I recevied the following e-mail today (Nov. 4, 2013) and publish it here with the express permission of its author. I have added paragraph spacing to improve presentation and readability. It is otherwise presented in its original, unedited form.   I do not know the author and cannot offer any insight into their statements, other than to say that it seems to fit the general pattern of MKULTRA abuse that I am aware of. JP

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2005 rape as a means of torture, possibly on the background of surveillance abuse or other intrigues, ..lots of "coincidences" and Information the perp had I didn´t give to him. 2007 hooked up by a machine, or the first one made more transparent.

Maybe someone tried to help me, later they tortured. They regressed in a Cameron-Style, induced pain, raped, made me dizzy, disrupted my sleep and induced dreams (nightmares), flashed visual Icons. It seams understandable that someone with a technology like this would never agree to give it up and rather declare anyone as evil or insane who talks about it or critisizes it. On the other hand the crimes commited by this maschine are grave enough that it would be more insane not to talk about it, or demented.

In the beginning it seemed like Trauma-therapy and there was a lot of "love-bombing", then they used the trauma-template to "program", feels like a Pavlovian dog. I don´t want to be programmed. It is against my dignity. Hence I protested, sometimes in public. I don´t work for the government, nor security sector, I don´t hold sensitive Information, I am not rich, I am not even very bright, so there is no gain from abusing me.

Traumas like these leave the Targets isolated, vulnerable and disturbed. I would like to see the people responsible for this in the ICC. I consider it as war crimes. Maybe this is another form of modern terrorism.

I went on hunger strike for some time, then I decided to leave the country. So far this has cost me 8 years of my life. This is not therapy. Unitl today I am more of a fugitive than a human being.

They used computerized rapid recorded voices, acoustic masks of voiced one knows, so to make them more acceptable, hypnosis, sleep deprivation, they tapped my vocal chords (wonder what I might mumble in my sleep?), they raped me electronically, they pulsed my heart as if to give a jolt, ..guess what: other people get smater, I get all dull and the duller the more keen on getting out of this hell. I wonder whether the radiation provokes Alzheimer, since the heating of brain tissue could lead to a misfolding of proteins, couldn´t it?

I made the decision to deconstruct the maschine after 3 weeks of encounter. This is still my choice. I don´t even know if it is government. I started my hypothesis with "destructive cult". On the other hand I read "destrucitve cult programming" was used by terrorists, so maybe I´ll work with this hypothesis as well.

I consider myself as partially handicapped due to the abuses, but I can work normally. One doesn´t see it. I never joined any cult or religion or political party. One looses ones capacity to hold on to something. I can remember they raped electronically on one X-mas eve. Ever since there is no God. I no longer volunteer or donate to charities.

Even when I plan to something will happen that will hamper the attempt, like a software. I have a whole list of questions they asked computerized. They even wanted to know bank details. I won´t have chilren after the abuses and this doesn´t come as too much of a shock since I simply wouldn´t like to see them being targeted.