This is an e-mail I received today 3/20/2013. I am not acquainted with the author and am unable to authenticate the content. I publish it here due to the seriousness of the subject matter. JP


[Name:] donna
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[Your Comments:] I am a mother who watched child institutional abused by the very people that are to take care of them. My daughter was a volunteered patient at a hospital in Ontario Windsor here she was chemically abused to an extent that she was blacking out, bleeding from the rectum and no longer having her menses, forgetfulness, her skin looked burned and her ability to stay awake was difficult, her systems including blurry vision and feeling as though her skin was burning from the inside, she would take more than 20 pills a day including parkinson drugs for the shaking. She was even forced to take the medications even though she was voluntary and locked up for more than 3 months without going outside for fresh air.My daughter wants to get back her life but at the age of 16 she was abused as though she was in a nazis camp. Her nervous system has been so damaged that she started to act oddly and seemed younger than her age. The list is countless and disgraceful that this is what
money would force professionals or so called professionals to succumb to. The doctor even told the Children Protection that I was psychotic and concern about me. I am baffled that such injustice is occurring  here in a democratic state but we are really in a communist fascist state. 
D. Davidson