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Debra Poulsen Mr. Polachek:

My name is Debra Poulsen. I am one of the speakers at the Bioethics Commission featured on your website.

According to a FOIA request referenced in a Wired.com article 3/14/12 " Unknown Tech Company Defies FBI in Mystery Surveillance Case", hundreds of thousands of innocent Americans have been placed on the U.S. Governments' Domestic Ant-Terror Program which entails 24/7/365 surveillance by law enforcement as well as citizen volunteers for organizations such as Infraguard, Citizens Corp, CERTS and the DHS Fusion Center members who employ numerous harassment tactics to disrupt our lives.

A program designed and developed for the so called "sleeper cell terrorists" in reality is being used as a extra-judicial vendetta program against government whistle blowers, citizens who make complaints against federal, state or local government, and others for retribution purposes - simply for exercising their Constitutional Rights.

This harsh program is a continuation of two Federal Government programs that never ended after the Church Committee hearings in 1975: 1. COINTELPRO and 2. Mk-Ultra.

After the issuance of a National Security Letter filed in Washington D.C. and awarded no due process, innocent targeted Americans are being subjected to torture using electromagnetic pulse frequencies, radiation, lasers and 24/7 surveillance in their own homes, workplaces and communities as disclosed by the CIA inventor of this technology called "synthetic telepathy". This CIA scientist is Dr. Robert Duncan and he, along with former NASA scientist and inventor Dr. Fred Bell, have made it clear that the use of this technology, so called" Non Lethal Weapons", on civilian non combatants charged with no crimes, is torture. It causes a lot of pain and damage to the human body and mind.

Simultaneously, we are subjected to all the COINTELPRO tactics that were disclosed in the Congressional Oversight Committee hearings in the 1970's led by Senator Frank Church such as privacy invasion, character assassination in the community, vandalism to property, blacklisting in our professions and more. These two programs being run by the government, according to former FBI Officers, Mike German, Ted Gunderson and Bob Levin, among others, is not only Unconstitutional, it is criminal.

It is time to UNSEAL these National Security Letters that are filed in Washington, DC, and time for the Congressional Oversight Committee to review in detail these innocent American citizens who have been deemed a threat to National Security in the same manner as German civilians were targeted in Communist East Germany by the Stasi.

The ultra-secret national security letters that come with a gag order on the recipient are an unconstitutional impingement on free speech, a federal judge in California ruled in a decision released Friday, March 15, 2013. If a Federal judge deemed these letters unconstitutional, each and every effort and act to harass and torture the innocent American who have had these issued against them should be deemed a criminal, terrorist act against our Country and Americans.

I am one of those people and I want to know who issued this letter against me and why. I have done nothing wrong - except voice my outrage at local government officials...

Debra Poulsen
Kenosha, Wisconsin

Comment from Jeff:  

In addition to what Debra is saying, I would point out that the abuses occurring today are global in scope, transcend national boundaries, and completely disregard all conventional notions of due process and the rule of law.   It is not clear whether national security letters are even being issued in many American targeted individual cases, let alone in foreign countries where they would have no applicability to begin with.

Most importantly:

"Synthetic telepathy" is NOT the result of the conventional technologies described above, as is commonly mis-perceived due to deliberate disinformation campaigns.   Synthetic telepathy means the actual reading of a person's mind, or transmitting thoughts into their mind, and is made possible by classified neurotechnology.

Synthetic telepathy neurotechnology is completely different than -- and has nothing to do with -- "voice to skull" ("V2K") systems which are not only unclassified, but commercially available today, and make use of a far more mundane and conventional level of technology: focused sound waves or microwaves which can transmit audio directly to a target.