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  • Cancer

    is curing patients a sustainable business model

    A World Without Cancer (G. Edward Griffin)

    The Science and Politics of Cancer (G. Edward Griffin)

  • The "AIDS" Hoax

    The following is a Original Presentation.

    Remember the whole "AIDS epidemic" which started in the early 1980s?  It's funny how we don't hear a whole lot about that anymore, isn't it?   There is a reason why. 

    Here are just a few of the very best resources that I'd recommend on the subject. For decades, the medical-pharmaceutical complex has been engaging in deception and mass murder.  

    Spend some time watching the documentaries and reviewing the materials shown below...

    ... and then you'll know why Magic is smiling.



    Magic Johnson is still alive!


    The two documentary videos that begin this page are required viewing for everyone:

    The Other Side of AIDS


     HIV = AIDS: Fact or Fraud?

    If video won't play, click here. You can also buy the full film on DVD here.

    fauci aids

    PCR Test Inventor Kary Mullis Says Dr. Fauci is a Quack

    Video running time: 2 minutes

    For background information about this video, see:

    The above video was shot sometime during the late 80s or early 90s in the context of a conversation regarding the false HIV=AIDS misinformation (watch the above documentaries to learn more about that). Fast forward over thirty years to 2021... some things never change:

    trump on fauci Jan 3 2021

    Voting will not remove them, even if your vote was counted honestly.





    The African genocide continues...



    Fear of a Black Planet




    Jeff says:

    I'm not surprised that a disease is found to be "cured" if it never existed in the first place!





    obama-laughing-at-the-jokeIn July of 2013, the AIDS hoax is still going strong.







    Something strange sure is going on...




    black AIDS Institute






    Additional Recommended Resources


    The Secret AIDS Genocide Plot by Alan Cantwell, M.D.

    Informative Websites "Information that raises questions about the accuracy of HIV tests, the safety and effectiveness of AIDS drug treatments, and the validity of most common assumptions about HIV and AIDS." To help you make better informed health decisions, this Web site archives evidence and opinions of scientists, journalists and others against the myths of AIDS. The site contains more than 1500 pages with over 1000 articles. Most of these articles have been published in (peer-reviewed) journals, magazines, and newspapers. Peter Duesberg's HIV/AIDS research web site. Peter H. Duesberg, Ph.D. is a professor of Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of California, Berkeley.

    AIDS Controversy A growing group of scientists challenge the idea that HIV is harmful or causes "AIDS."

I am of Jewish descent. Feel free to call me "anti-Semitic" if this slideshow offends you.

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For behold, the wicked bend the bow,

they make ready their arrow upon the string,

that they may in darkness shoot at the upright in heart. (Psalm 11:2)


if voting made any difference they wouldnt let us do it mark twain

goofball7we are votinggoofball3


john locke[W]henever the Legislators endeavour to take away, and destroy the Property of the People, or to reduce them to Slavery under Arbitrary Power, they put themselves into a state of War with the People, who are thereupon absolved from any farther Obedience." 

John Locke




Interesting social media links

Some of the most interesting, cutting-edge information and commentary that you can find today is being posted on the social media app "Telegram."  Most of the images shown in the above slide show were found there. A lot of the content gets censored by Google and Apple, but if you're using a PC or an Android phone, you can download an uncensored version of the app by going directly to Telegram's website (rather than your device's app store).

If you're easily offended by so-called "hate speech," a free environment where anyone and everyone can post their opinions (including, unfortunately, dedicated US and Israeli military "influence" operatives and AI systems, domestic collaborators, a fair number of jerks and immature kids, all of whom attempt to drown out to the message of the many really smart and insightful people who lead me to recommend these materials), or anything inconsistent with what the controlled mass media and politicians tell you, then this is probably not for you.  If, on the other hand, you're already familiar with my website (the one you're on now) and want to see more of the kind of content that I personally find interesting, then check out some of the links below. 

This is not an endorsement of the Telegram app itself (don't trust it) or any specific content or opinions that may be found on the platform, or even on the channels linked below. I'm just saying that I find this stuff interesting and that if you like my website, you might find it interesting too. That's it. Nothing more. Your mileage may vary.

I am of Jewish descent and judge people "based on the content of their character."

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Stop White South African Genocide

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