Be aware! Mass shooters are typically C.I.A. mind-control subjects being used in conjuction with the C.I.A.-controlled mass media. The objective is to terrorize the public into eventually consenting to the surrender of privately‑owned firearms and other individual rights to the state. For further details, see this article.


March 11, 2014
Jesse Margolis, Casting Director
Rachel Macy, Sr. Casting Director
Firecracker Films
3rd Floor
Design Centre East
Chelsea Harbour
London, SW10 0XF
Dear Jesse and Rachel:

I am writing to provide you with important background material for your documentary about "targeted individuals."

I have reason to believe that my father was the subject of advanced mind-invasive technology while an enlisted man in the army during World War II.   I am also certain that my half-brother was the subject of an MKULTRA type program involving the same type of technology. His life was destroyed and starting in his teenage years he was committed to psychiatric institutions. For these and other reasons, I have been extensively researching the subject of mind control programs for several years.

The technology is implanted into the brain and makes possible a wireless data interface with the human mind.  Verbal thoughts can be both read and introduced into the subject's mind.  This is one reason subjects may report "hearing voices."   Additionally, actual audio/video information can be both read from and written to the human mind.  This is why subjects report artificially controlled dreams.  The system also allows the operator to detect and control states of consciousness, and position of limbs and muscular movement.

Large numbers of people have been implanted without their knowledge or consent, including innocent women and children. Political dissidents are singled out for special treatment.  The existence of this program and state of affairs is classified.   In order to preserve secrecy, there is a psychological warfare campaign putting out a "smokescreen" of disinformation.   This includes operatives, posing as victims, posting fraudulent complaints all over the internet complaining about stalking by gangs and alleged abuses of unrelated and unclassified technologies such as directed energy weapons, voice to skull audio transmission, and RFID chips. As a result, both the public and victims themselves are deceived as to the nature of the actual programs. The actual victims in many cases are thus led to believe false explanations for the symptoms they experience, and in turn repeat these explanations in their own complaints.

Many victims of these programs have been fraudulently diagnosed with psychiatric disorders. Some have been involuntary institutionalized or drugged. These operations and the programs they conceal are all crimes against humanity and/or war crimes. It would appear from your e-mail that your documentary is designed to promote the very falsehoods that have helped to destroy the lives of countless innocent civilians, including my half-brother. If you want to make an honest documentary, I strong encourage you to review the mind control research on my website, beginning with the following two articles:


I am posting this letter on my website to document publicly that you were made aware of the above facts prior to producing your documentary series. If you now choose to aid and abet war crimes by using media of mass communication to disseminate disinformation, you do so knowingly.


Jeff Polachek



Firecracker Films and a Major Cable Network are seeking

Targeted Individuals to tell their story in an unprecedented

new documentary series.

Are you being targeted, harassed and/or gangstalked?

Are you taking measures to protect yourself and your family from

Electronic Harassment?

Do you suffer from side effects due to Directed Energy Weapons?

Are you a victim of Voice-to-Skull technology?

Implanted with an RFID chip?

Experts estimate that there are 300,000 Americans being

covertly and overtly harassed. Are you one of them?

Each episode will feature several stories of individuals who are currently

being targeted. Each victim will share their evidence and why they think

that they are subjected to this type of persecution. An investigative team

will see the evidence first-hand and work to help each individual

overcome what is happening to them and prove that they are not


If you or someone you know is a Targeted Individual and lives in the

United States, please contact us no later than March 14th, 2014. We

want to hear from you! Send an email with your contact information, a

brief paragraph of your story and a recent photo to:

Rachel Macy

Sr. Casting Director

[email protected]

I recently became aware of the Homeschoolers Anonymous website. It contains a special section entitled "When Homeschoolers Turn Violent" which features profiles of numerous homeschooled individuals who have committed violent acts. My initial impression was that this was a blatant attempt to demonize homeschoolers. A cursory review of the "case studies" convinced me that this was in fact the case.

According to the profiles on the website, one of the case studies "began hearing voices" about a month before her violent episode. Readers familiar with my work will realize that this indicates the actor was an MKULTRA subject and not "mentally ill" as the website suggests.  Other persons profiled on the site include several that had direct links to the military and one whose father was an advisor to President Bush.

I don't have the time or inclination right now to investigate this further, but I am convinced that this is a covert military psychological operation to demonize homeschoolers.   It is an unofficial policy of the global power structure (i.e., most so-called "nation-states") to change society to such an extent that all people will be loyal only to the state. This involves elimination of all traditional notions of family, individual rights and liberty.  Mandatory public schooling allows the state to gain control of the minds of children at an early age for purposes of political indoctrination and in repressive regimes is used for the purpose of weakening the family unit.  Insider Aldous Huxley warned about this decades ago in his novel Brave New World.

I am sure that there are many more cases of homeschooled children that have grown up to be bad apples, just as there are many criminals who attended public schools.   The mere fact that someone acts in a criminal or otherwise unacceptable manner does not in and of itself imply anything about the form of primary education they received. As anyone who has taken a class in statistics knows, "correlation is not causation."

The site also contains a graphic with text that reads simply "Homeschools Turn Violent."  This is in contrast to the title of the section of the website ("When Homeschoolers Turn Violent.") Why does the graphic omit the term "When?"  This usage is a form of subliminal suggestion designed to put the idea that "homeschoolers turn violent" into the subconscious mind of the reader for long-term storage without them being consciously aware that it is being done. 


This is related to the psychological concept of the "embedded command," whereby an order to do something can be incorporated into a sentence that has a meaning distinct from the command so that the listener is not consciously aware of the command itself, but an unobservable emphasis is placed on the command phrase only so that it acts as a subliminal. 

Here is the link to the Homeschoolers Anonymous material discussed above:


Supreme Court Declines Romeike



Jeff's Comments:

FamilyFor decades, innocent citizens have been victimized by classified military operations which have included manipulation of human reproduction.   The so-called "alien" abduction cases (a cover story for MKULTRA operations of the late twentieth century) were full of cases of women experiencing abnormal pregnancies, disappearing fetuses, and the like.

If the woman in this story is a subject of such a program, then it would follow that whoever is running the program knows what is going to happen to her unborn children ahead of time because they have planned it that way.

Further, my research indicates that classified MKULTRA neurotechnology has been implanted in large numbers of civilians, including children.  This makes it possible to induce in the subject artificially created dreams and to control their speech.   The remote operators of the technology can "speak through" the subject.  In this case, the subject is the young child of the woman experimentee, and the source of the "psychic" information is the remote operator.

This hypothesis provides a rational explanation, based on technology known to exist,  for the unusual so-called "psychic" ability of the child.



Related disinformation in the form of popular entertainment:

Intruders (1992 Made for Television Movie)
Running time: 2 hrs 40 mins

Dear Reader:

I applaud your activism.   However, I invite you to consider the following:

The lawsuit is about the government snooping on phone records.  What I am talking about on my website is the government implanting people's brains and manipulating their thoughts, actions, dreams, etc. using extremely sophisticated clandestine technology.    The lawsuit does not go anywhere near those subjects.  What, then, is the overall effect, value, or purpose of the lawsuit?

My answer would be:

1)  to make the public think the problem is only a tiny fraction of what it actually is; and
2)  that "something is being done about it"
3)  through a properly functioning "legal system."  

As far as I am concerned, this is all pure theatrics designed for consumption by a population of human livestock who never seem to figure out that the mainstream "news" media is 100% state-controlled.  It represents yet another application of the  Hegelian dialectic.

The ACLU, Amnesty International, and other groups that put themselves out there as "human rights watchdogs" won't come near the real issues with a ten foot pole.   I would classify them in the same category as the media itself:  completely controlled and fraudulent.

Related: Pushing the Envelope in Controlled Media

Stay Informed Original Creative InspiredHere are some free e-mail lists that I think are worth subscribing to, because they provide interesting information you are not likely to find elsewhere.   The inclusion of any particular list here does NOT mean I endorse the owner, any particular contents, political or religious views, or anything else.   Some might be groups I vehemently disagree with and am paying attention to for that reason.  I am simply mentioning lists that I find INTERESTING, period.       

The following are listed in alphabetical order.   Feel free to let me know about any that you think are worthwhile but are not included on this list.  Consider using a dedicated e-mail account for this purpose, so as to avoid flooding your regular account(s).

Liberty and Justice

ABA Journal

Activist Post   (good material intermixed with disinformation)



Borderland Beat    "Reporting on the Mexican Cartel Drug War" 

CCHR International 

Center for Constitutional Rights

Chris Beat Cancer

Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

Convention of States

Daily Sheeple

Drug Policy Alliance

Electronic Frontier Foundation  

Families Against Mandatory Minimums

Free Thought Project

Free State Project

Fully Informed Jury Association

Future of Freedom Foundation

Gavin Seim's Liberty Letter

The Health Wyze Report

Henry Makow

Home School Legal Defense Association 

Homeschoolers Anonymous

Human Rights Coalition 

Innocence Project

International Society for Individual Liberty

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership  

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Law Project for Psychiatric Rights
---> Send an e-mail requesting to be added to the mailing list:  [email protected]

Learn Liberty

Lew Rockwell

Liberty Crier  

The Marshall Project  High quality journalism about the failings of the American criminal justice system.

Medical Kidnap


The New American

The (about your legal rights while driving)

Mad in America International Film Festival

My very own "No-Fly List" (the sign up box is on the right column of this page, just scroll down)

Prison Policy Initiative


Second Amendment Foundation 


Solitary Watch 

Sustainable Economies Law Center

Tenth Amendment Center

Truth Out

Unfiltered News Compiled by G. Edward Griffin

UN Watch

Laurence Vance

Vigilant Citizen


Max Raabe & Palast Orchester

Radio Dismuke

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