March 11, 2014
Jesse Margolis, Casting Director
Rachel Macy, Sr. Casting Director
Firecracker Films
3rd Floor
Design Centre East
Chelsea Harbour
London, SW10 0XF
Dear Jesse and Rachel:

I am writing to provide you with important background material for your documentary about "targeted individuals."

I have reason to believe that my father was the subject of advanced mind-invasive technology while an enlisted man in the army during World War II.   I am also certain that my half-brother was the subject of an MKULTRA type program involving the same type of technology. His life was destroyed and starting in his teenage years he was committed to psychiatric institutions. For these and other reasons, I have been extensively researching the subject of mind control programs for several years.

The technology is implanted into the brain and makes possible a wireless data interface with the human mind.  Verbal thoughts can be both read and introduced into the subject's mind.  This is one reason subjects may report "hearing voices."   Additionally, actual audio/video information can be both read from and written to the human mind.  This is why subjects report artificially controlled dreams.  The system also allows the operator to detect and control states of consciousness, and position of limbs and muscular movement.

Large numbers of people have been implanted without their knowledge or consent, including innocent women and children. Political dissidents are singled out for special treatment.  The existence of this program and state of affairs is classified.   In order to preserve secrecy, there is a psychological warfare campaign putting out a "smokescreen" of disinformation.   This includes operatives, posing as victims, posting fraudulent complaints all over the internet complaining about stalking by gangs and alleged abuses of unrelated and unclassified technologies such as directed energy weapons, voice to skull audio transmission, and RFID chips. As a result, both the public and victims themselves are deceived as to the nature of the actual programs. The actual victims in many cases are thus led to believe false explanations for the symptoms they experience, and in turn repeat these explanations in their own complaints.

Many victims of these programs have been fraudulently diagnosed with psychiatric disorders. Some have been involuntary institutionalized or drugged. These operations and the programs they conceal are all crimes against humanity and/or war crimes. It would appear from your e-mail that your documentary is designed to promote the very falsehoods that have helped to destroy the lives of countless innocent civilians, including my half-brother. If you want to make an honest documentary, I strong encourage you to review the mind control research on my website, beginning with the following two articles:


I am posting this letter on my website to document publicly that you were made aware of the above facts prior to producing your documentary series. If you now choose to aid and abet war crimes by using media of mass communication to disseminate disinformation, you do so knowingly.


Jeff Polachek



Firecracker Films and a Major Cable Network are seeking

Targeted Individuals to tell their story in an unprecedented

new documentary series.

Are you being targeted, harassed and/or gangstalked?

Are you taking measures to protect yourself and your family from

Electronic Harassment?

Do you suffer from side effects due to Directed Energy Weapons?

Are you a victim of Voice-to-Skull technology?

Implanted with an RFID chip?

Experts estimate that there are 300,000 Americans being

covertly and overtly harassed. Are you one of them?

Each episode will feature several stories of individuals who are currently

being targeted. Each victim will share their evidence and why they think

that they are subjected to this type of persecution. An investigative team

will see the evidence first-hand and work to help each individual

overcome what is happening to them and prove that they are not


If you or someone you know is a Targeted Individual and lives in the

United States, please contact us no later than March 14th, 2014. We

want to hear from you! Send an email with your contact information, a

brief paragraph of your story and a recent photo to:

Rachel Macy

Sr. Casting Director

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