I recently became aware of the Homeschoolers Anonymous website. It contains a special section entitled "When Homeschoolers Turn Violent" which features profiles of numerous homeschooled individuals who have committed violent acts. My initial impression was that this was a blatant attempt to demonize homeschoolers. A cursory review of the "case studies" convinced me that this was in fact the case.

According to the profiles on the website, one of the case studies "began hearing voices" about a month before her violent episode. Readers familiar with my work will realize that this indicates the actor was an MKULTRA subject and not "mentally ill" as the website suggests.  Other persons profiled on the site include several that had direct links to the military and one whose father was an advisor to President Bush.

I don't have the time or inclination right now to investigate this further, but I am convinced that this is a covert military psychological operation to demonize homeschoolers.   It is an unofficial policy of the global power structure (i.e., most so-called "nation-states") to change society to such an extent that all people will be loyal only to the state. This involves elimination of all traditional notions of family, individual rights and liberty.  Mandatory public schooling allows the state to gain control of the minds of children at an early age for purposes of political indoctrination and in repressive regimes is used for the purpose of weakening the family unit.  Insider Aldous Huxley warned about this decades ago in his novel Brave New World.

I am sure that there are many more cases of homeschooled children that have grown up to be bad apples, just as there are many criminals who attended public schools.   The mere fact that someone acts in a criminal or otherwise unacceptable manner does not in and of itself imply anything about the form of primary education they received. As anyone who has taken a class in statistics knows, "correlation is not causation."

The site also contains a graphic with text that reads simply "Homeschools Turn Violent."  This is in contrast to the title of the section of the website ("When Homeschoolers Turn Violent.") Why does the graphic omit the term "When?"  This usage is a form of subliminal suggestion designed to put the idea that "homeschoolers turn violent" into the subconscious mind of the reader for long-term storage without them being consciously aware that it is being done. 


This is related to the psychological concept of the "embedded command," whereby an order to do something can be incorporated into a sentence that has a meaning distinct from the command so that the listener is not consciously aware of the command itself, but an unobservable emphasis is placed on the command phrase only so that it acts as a subliminal. 

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