As I have documented in the Special Exhibits: Mind Control section of my website, "synthetic telepathy" technology is currently widely deployed against civilians. In the first of those exhibits, I present as circumstantial evidence a film from 1966 which I have strong reason to believe was an intentional revelation of the technology being already known at that time. Assuming that is the case, technology which only today is receiving mass media coverage as currently being "experimental" was actually in existence 50 years ago.

However, I have a personal anecdote that I believe may actually indicate that the technology existed at least 22 years earlier than that. My father, who was a late in life parent with respect to me, was an enlisted man in the US Army during World War II. He had told me a story before his death back in the early 2000's about a strange experience he had while boarding a ship.

ss-paul-hamilton-explodingI forget his exact words, but the essence of the story was that while he was walking up a ramp to board the vessel, he had a strange vision or experience that suddenly all the other soldiers in line with him appeared to be walking dead, or skeletons, or something to that effect. Shortly thereafter, someone on land called him back and he was reassigned to a different vessel. The ship that he was supposed to be on originally was destroyed during its voyage. According to research by a family member, the vessel in question was probably the Liberty ship SS Paul Hamilton.

Some time after the war, my father became interested in horse racing, and went into business as the owner of several horses. At one point during this period of his life, he had another odd precognitive experience. This occurred as a "dream" one night in which he experienced being at a horse race and witnessing a specific horse win the race.

In the dream, he had "stood" at the final turn of the track.  He watched as one of the horses came around that turn in the last lap of the race and stared directly at him in an odd way that I think my dad described as having a "supernatural" feeling about it.  The horse was pulling forcefully towards him against the jockey's attempt to steer it along the curve of the track, only at the last minute straightening out and pulling ahead into first place to win the race.  My dad, in the dream, then distinctly heard an announcer's voice state that the name of the winning horse was "Direct Rhythm." 

A week or two later, a friend whom he had told about this odd dream called excitedly to tell my dad that a horse by that very name was in fact going to be racing at a nearby track.  My father, along with several acquaintances, attended that race and the events from his dream played out before his eyes, according to his account.  If I recall the story correctly, my dad didn't believe in strange stuff like that happening, so he didn't bet on the horse. Some of his friends apparently did, however, and left the racetrack that day with some money in their pockets.

My family never had an adequate explanation for these anomalous stories. However, I believe that Ockham's razor, the principle that "the simplest explanation is usually the correct one," may apply here. I suggest that the simplest explanation for my father's experiences might be that the synthetic telepathy technology that we now know to exist, the demonstrated capability of which is to make possible this exact type of experience, which by all accounts is presently deployed against an unknown but large number of civilians in numerous countries, and which my past research has already led me to believe was in existence no later than the mid-1960's, was actually already in use by US military forces during the second World War.    The very fact that one of my father's experiences in this regard occurred while he was serving in active duty combat strongly supports this hypothesis, in my view.

If I am correct, and based on my knowledge and experience I believe that I am, this advanced mind control technology, being of military significance, is only being revealed to the general public (and under a pretext of being "experimental" at that) no less than seventy years after it was first put into operation.   

The fact that it is now being covertly deployed against the general civilian population (not limited to internal enemies) for purposes of mass control is fertile ground for further discussion and action. 

Another notable aspect of my dad's military service was the fact that his army dog tags listed the wrong blood type, a fact that he only discovered much later.    If he had required a blood transfusion at any time, he would have been killed as a result of this error.    He suspected it was because he came from a Jewish family (even though he didn't follow the religion) because of anti-Jewish sentiments which existed even on the American side during the war.   I'm not sure if that was in fact the case, but it's another small anomaly that seems to fit into a larger pattern.  

As an aside, the above would also seem to imply that the Hamilton (or whatever ship my dad was actually referring to) was deliberately sacrificed. That may be an interesting subject to ponder, but it's not the sort of thing ever likely to be disclosed to the public even if true.

In short it appears that there are several generations of MKULTRA type of abuse in my family. See my separate article about my half-brother Ricky.


A historian provided this following information about my dad's service:

This MOS, 754, as stated, designates him ad a radio mechanic. (Most of the radio operators had a 757 MOS, which designates radio operator/gunner). Several things indicate to me he was in Italy the entire time the 485th Bomb Group was there. One is the number of campaign ribbons (Battles and campaigns) There are seven. This meant he was entitled to wear the European campaign ribbon with 6 stars. Thiis is the number of campaigns that occurred during the entire time the 485th was based at Venosa. It also mentions the Distinguished Unit Badge. This was awarded to all the men in the 485th Bomb Group who were in the group on June 26, 1944. 

I don't know if you have any of his ribbons. The Distinguished Unit ribbon was worn on the right side of the shirt/coat, above the pocket and was a solid blue ribbon. The European campaign ribbon is brown, green and a couple of other colors and would have been worn above the left pocket.

The date of departure listed indicates he was in the same convoy as the SS Paul Hamilton which exploded after a bomber attack in the evening of April 11. He may have been on the James Hoban, but I'm not sure. The ground echelon left their training base at Fairmont, Nebraska on 3/11/44.  They went by train to Hampton Roads Virgina.  They were there several days before they boarded troop ships to take them to Italy.  Many of the 485th personnel were on the Hoban, which was near the Hamilton when it was hit and received some damage in the attack. There's a photo somewhere of the Hamilton exploding. Your dad also returned home with the group. The ship they returned home on was the USS West Point. The dates of his overseas duty match up with the records I have of the West Point leaving Naples. It came into port at Newport News, Virginia. I was wrong when I said he wasn't with the group at the beginning. I based this on the fact that I couldn't find his name on the roster of those in the group on 6/26/44. His discharge papers show differently.

I wouldn't have any info about him flying combat missions.  Since he wasn't designated with a 757 MOS this wouldn't likely be on any records I have, since he wasn't shot down.  The accident he referenced occurred on either 11/1/44 or 11/5/44.  I think it was 11/1/44.  A plane took off enroute to either Rome or Naples, taking ground troops there for R&R and the plane crashed a few miles from the base.  This is likely the incident he mentioned, since it was the only aircraft accident where personnel were killed going on leave.  I believe there's a photo of the crash in the film about Venosa. 

Anyway, that's all I have for now.  At least it fills in a few gaps for you.  

For more information on this subject generally, please check out my Special Exhibits: Mind Control.