An excerpt from a list of "support groups" provided by the FFCHS ("Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance") circus.  In addition to the 007 and other double-oh references, the observant reader will note frequent usage of the numeric identifiers 32 and 33 in the FFCHS contact lists, covertly signifying association with the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, which is directly connected to the financing of MKULTRA operations.  See the rest of the research section of this website for more on that.   Of course, the people who give themselves away so easily by public use of these codes likely rank among the lowest order of minions.

It seems to me that Nuremberg-style trials would be appropriate.  That was possible to do in World War II because there was an "Allied" force to invade and take out the Germans.   But now there is a single order of things (despite what the state-controlled media claims) which includes most western countries,1 so there is no longer any external power capable of intervening and putting a stop to this nightmare.  The whole planet is turning into a living hell. 

Meanwhile, the complicit assholes in America and other countries walk around with smirks on their faces because they feel like they've been selected for the "in crowd" and are somehow smarter than the common fools who haven't figured out what's going on.   But history shows us that in any dictatorship, the collaborators are the first to be eliminated when their usefulness has run out or any question arises as to their loyalty.  

Update - Nov. 2, 2014 11:21 AM

The above material was published at approximately 7:30PM last night. Note that the image above shows a portion of an e-mail sent by Derrick Robinson to his FFCHS mass mailing list.  I took a screen capture of a particular portion of the message in order to call attention to it here on my blog, with the above commentary.   After publishing this page, I sent a link out to my own mass e-mail list.

A few hours later, I received the e-mail correspondence reproduced below from one Nina Sidorova. She is apparently the leader of one of the "support groups" listed in Derrick's mass e-mail, apparently in the area of San Jose, California. Notice that her computer displays e-mail envelope information in the Russian language and she is using a Russian e-mail server.  Why is that? What is going on here?   More importantly, what is that bit about costing her any of her fingers?  This is some extremely bad stuff going on here. 

I have apparently touched a nerve somewhere.

An angry response from Nina Sidorova